‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 Episode 4 Recap: House-Hunting & Hiding the Coke

"Oh my gawd! I hope ya don't turn out like ya motha!"
“Oh my gawd! I hope ya don’t turn out like ya motha!”

Howdy, Roundupers! Before we go down the rabbit hole of chaos and condom-less adventure that is Teen Mom 2, The Ashley wants to apologize for being a “bitch of a recapper” and getting so behind in ‘Teen Mom 2’ recaps. You may have noticed that The Roundup got a spiffy new makeover earlier this week, so The Ashley was busy with that and didn’t have time to snark on Jenelle & Co. Plus, MTV was being a “bitch of a network” and threw two episodes back-to-back at The Ashley! That’s a whole lot of trainwreck to recap in one week!

"Well Juh-nelle, ya think ya could get ya soulmates to wear nametags? I can't keep 'em all straight!"
“Well Juh-nelle, ya think ya could get ya soulmates to wear nametags? I can’t keep ’em all straight!”

Anyway, let’s get started. The Ashley only missed one episode and already Jenelle has a new soulmate. Wait…what? Wasn’t she just chucking glassware at people’s heads because she was sad about missing Nathan? How can this be? The new dude is named David and I’m fairly certain he is the lovechild of Lurch from The Addams Family and Janet Reno.

We also missed a big verbal brawl (filmed via iPhone, naturally) between Jo and Kail, and Leah got the news that her pesky ex-husband (number 1), that dern Corey Tyler, has done taken her twins from her! Now who’s gonna eat all them Lunchables in the fridge that she bought for the girls’ lunches?


Oh, the struggles of a teen mom...
Oh, the struggles of a teen mom…

The new episode starts in South Dakota, where Chelsea pulls up in her big, shiny new white Mercedes to the grocery store. Other Chelsey and Aubree are shopping for necessities, such as lunch items and, hopefully, new glasses for Other Chelsey. Chelsea tells her friend that the measly money that Adam is currently paying her in child support wouldn’t even cover the food Aubree eats in a month. (Too bad his kid isn’t Ali or Aleeah; they are used to getting less food so they’d be a lot cheaper to feed!)

Next, we hope over to whatever humble abode Jenelle is dwelling in this week to see if she’s engaged and/or pregnant yet. (Hey– she’s got a new dude. We all know one or both of these things are coming.)

Jace is staying with Jenelle for the weekend, along with Lurch and his daughter. Jace is probably confused as to 1) who the hell this new dad-and-sister combo is 2) what happened to the dad-and-sister combo that was Nathan and his daughter and 3) what the hell is going on with David’s face. (We’re all wondering about that last one, no? It’s…interesting.)

"I've been watching my kids ALL NIGHT! I'm tired!"
“I’ve been watching my kids ALL NIGHT! BY MYSELF, dude!”

Apparently Lurch’s sister and her kid crashed at Jenelle’s pad last night, and they were all up late braiding each other’s hair and comparing rap sheets, so Jenelle is exhausted the next morning. Unfortunately, she wakes up and realizes she has two whole kids to care for BY HERSELF DUDE!

Barbara comes in and notices that her “bitch of a daughta” has a big ol’ gash on her chin. Jenelle claims that she “just fell” and Babs doesn’t even try to hide how grossed out she is.

"Taking kids is hard...and stuff..."
“Taking care of kids is hard…and stuff…”

Kaiser starts crying and Jenelle immediately starts to freak out, screaming that she can’t do this because she only had four hours of sleep.

“Why’d ya only have four howas of sleep, Juh-nelle?” Babs cackles.

Jenelle blames Coke for keeping her up all night. This time, though, she doesn’t mean the kind of Coke that goes up your nose. Instead, she’s talking about the soft drink Coke, which apparently Jace and the litter of kids that stayed at Jenelle’s place last night were guzzling soda until all hours.

"I've been tellin' ya for years to hide the coke!"
“I’ve been tellin’ ya for years to hide the coke!”

“When Jace comes, you’ve got to hide the Coke!” Babs says.

Why do I feel that this isn’t the first time Babs has uttered that exact sentence to her “paaaaarty gahl” daughter?

Hey, safety first!

Babs takes Jace to the car, but he’s being a bitch of a grandson. He’s super tired and is screaming, whining and being mean to Babs.

“I’m tiiiiired!” he cries, before screaming at Babs to shut up. Barb gets a frightened look on her face, because she’s surely realizing that this is how it all began with Jenelle…

"Does Jo think he's Jenny from the Block or....?"
“Does Jo think he’s Jenny from the Block or….?”

Next, we check in with Kail, who is preparing for Lincoln’s birthday. She is still waiting to hear if Javi is going to be deployed soon, so things are a bit tense in the house. To add to the tension, a sweatsuit-clad Jo arrives (looking like J-Lo circa 2002) to Kail’s house to drop off Isaac. He transfers the kid without even saying a word to Kail.

Finally, we go visit Leah to see what she’s up to. As per usual, she’s huddled under a blanket on the couch, sleeping off her “sleepiness.” She’s sans twins, so she only has “the other one” to parent.

When Ali finds out that she gets breakfast AND lunch-- all in the same day!
When Ali finds out that she gets breakfast AND lunch– all in the same day!

Meanwhile, Corey is tasked with getting the girls up and ready for school. They’re trying new and exciting things, like brushing their teeth and having their hair fixed! Hell, they’re even getting a breakfast and a lunch that doesn’t come from the back of Mel’s Fix ‘n’ Feed Gas Mart! The girlseses are living the high life, y’all! (So is Leah but….in a different way….See what I did there?)

The girls and Corey are out the door by 6:24. Seriously, what the hell time does school start in West Virginia? I hope they serve these kids espresso during recess because Jesus God (Leah) class starts early!

Seriously, is Leah using a Trapper Keeper to text or what?
Seriously, is Leah using a Trapper Keeper to text or what?

That afternoon, Leah picks up the twins from school and is sad to find out the girls missed her during the week they were at Corey’s. In between sending texts on her giant phone/tablet/notebook thing (what the hell is it?) Leah listens as Aleeah tattles on her sister. Apparently, Ali congratulated her Pops for getting them to school on time, unlike Leah who always makes them late.

Leah is angry that Ali “lied” to Corey about Leah getting them to school late. She tells the girls that they shouldn’t be discussing stuff like that.

“Y’all just need to school,” Leah says. (No seriously, she really does.)

"Y'all manage to get crazier every week somehow!"
“Y’all manage to get crazier every week somehow!”

Aleeah is sad because she missed her mother, and Leah looks upset by the whole scene. Meanwhile, Ali provides a slow clap for her sister and mother, which is kind of fitting.

Back in Carolina, Babs is quizzing Jace on how things went at Jenelle & Lurch’s Fun Factory this weekend. Jace says that Lurch is “good” but he admits that Jenelle always has a new dude hovering around her. He seems to consider it business as usual at this point.

"Just tell me what my new Daddy's name is. It changes every few months!"
“Just tell me what my new Daddy’s name is. It changes every few months!”

Jace says he likes to go over to see Jenelle, and he doesn’t mind that there’s always a large assortment of potential baby-daddies, random kids and assorted hoodlums hanging around her house. Barb, however, is worried about having Jace over at Jenelle’s place.

In West Virginia, Leah takes the twins to pick out pumpkins. Addie is nowhere to be found, but we can assume she’s spending time with her dad, Jeremy. Either that or she’s buried under a pile of coats in Leah’s car, so either way she’s relatively safe.

"Y'all should just go to night school. That'd be easier for your Mama!"
“Y’all should just go to night school. That’d be easier for your Mama!”

Later, the girls tell Leah that they don’t like staying at Corey’s during the week.

“I miss doing your hair every week before school,” Leah tells the girls.


The next morning, Leah gets the girls out the door on time, and drops them off at school. As soon as the girls are out of the car, she pulls out a mystery orange sprayer thingy, but seems to remember the cameras are on and thinks better of it. Now, some people are saying that those things can be used for sprayin’ “tired pills” into a nose, but surely it is just to help her with those ding-dang allergies!

When you realize you'll be dealing with Leah's crap for the rest of your life...
When you realize you’ll be dealing with Leah’s crap for the rest of your life…

Meanwhile, Corey is talking to his dad about the girls adjusting to life at his house. He tells his dad that he expects Leah to try to overturn the court’s custody ruling. He says that Leah now wants 50/50 custody which is, ironically, what he says he’s been asking Leah for for years but she wouldn’t agree.

Corey feels bad that his daughters have had to deal with so much in their short lives.

Next, we go back to Chelsea, who isn’t much fun to cover these days, since all she does is be stable and happy. The nerve!

"Stick out one more season and we'll be able to basically buy the state of South Dakota!"
“Stick out one more season and we’ll be able to basically buy the state of South Dakota!”

Chelsea notices that a GIANT house is for sale nearby, so she, Cole and Aubree drive by to see it. Cole says that he wants to buy a house with Chelsea, which makes Chelsea feel happy that Cole’s ready for a such a big commitment.

Soon, they find a house that they both like and are considering purchasing together. They put in an offer for it. Chelsea is going to have to sell her giant cabin that she purchased on her own, but she’s excited to buy a cabin with Cole. He even mentions the word “wedding” which makes Chelsea spittle a little.

"You think Barbara would make some doughboys for my going away party?"
“You think Barbara would make some doughboys for my going away party?”

Back in Delaware, Kail and Javi discuss the chances of him being deployed for six months. Javi wants a going-away party, but Kail is reluctant to plan it because she doesn’t think he will actually get deployed.

The next day is Lincoln’s birthday party. (Does anyone else enjoy the fact that Lincoln answers every question he’s asked with “NO!”? He’s my kind of kid!)


The party is a great success, and all the kids seems to be having a great time. Javi decides to bum some people out with the news that he’s going to have to go away on deployment, but otherwise it goes off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is unable to get in touch with Babs. She is hoping to fetch Jace, but Barb has turned off her phone and is not answering Jenelle’s calls.


Lurch advises Jenelle that she really needs to get custody of Jace. “I don’t see any reason why he needs to live with her.”

"Hey Mom, I spelled out 'SOS' in my corn. I hope someone sees it!"
“Hey Mom, I spelled out ‘SOS’ in my corn. I hope someone sees it!”

As Lurch is saying this, Jenelle is literally freaking out because she can’t control the one child who does live with her. She plops Kaiser into his highchair and throws some sort of orange-colored swill into his highchair tray for him to graze on while Jenelle complains about Barbara.

“She did this to me for, like, two weeks!” Jenelle says of Barbara not picking up the phone. “When I was in St. Thomas! She wouldn’t let me see Jace before my trip.”

"Dude! She's so annoying dude!"
“Dude! She’s so annoying dude!”

How dare Barb be upset that you’re off having a “la-dee-dah time” with your new “boooooyfriend” in St. Thomas while she’s stuck taking care of your kid!

Jenelle vows to keep calling until Barbara answers her phone. Did it ever occur to these two knuckleheads that Barb can’t answer her phone because she’s at work? Employment is a novel idea to both, but it seems like that may be a possible reason. Either that or she just doesn’t want to have to take Jace to the Jenelle’s House of Chaos again.

"Like, who even works anymore?! Such a lame excuse!"
“Like, who even works anymore?! Such a lame excuse!”

Later that night, Jenelle gets a call from Barb who tells her daughter to stop blowing her phone. Barb tells Jenelle that she was working and couldn’t answer.

“I knew you’d make up some big excuse!” Jenelle says.


Jenelle ends up hanging up on her mother, which is par for the course at this point.

"Let's just keep this between you and me, Annie...er, I mean Addie."
“Next time throw one of them sugar packets at me so I know you are back there!”

In West Virginia, Leah and Corey are both attending Ali’s chorus practice. It’s the first time that Leah will be seeing Corey since he done took her kids away, so she’s nervous. Corey is sitting outside the practice and Leah arrives to watch but– OOPSIE!– she accidentally forgets that Addie is in the backseat! She heads into the church and then remembers that she has another dingdang kid and goes to fetch Addie. After she digs her out of a pile of trash in the back of the car, they head inside.


Leah arrives with Mama Dawn (who we haven’t seen enough of this season). It’s super awkward as Leah is sitting there next to Corey. Addie, meanwhile, is just happy to be allowed out of the car.

Ali is happy to see both of her parents at her practice, and Leah is sad that she can’t take Ali home with her.

"Oh that house is so cute, dontcha know!"
“Oh that house is so cute, dontcha know!”

Back in South Dakota, Chelsea tells her mom, South Dee-ko-tah Mary, about the house they are considering buying. Mary is pleased to hear that Cole is ready for a commitment, and that he’s not scared that Aubree calls him “Coley Daddy” now.

The realtor texts Chelsea to tell her hat she didn’t get the giant house. Chelsea is sad that she’s going to be stuck in her current giant cabin house for the time being.

She must have forgotten to buy him Lunchables or something.
She must have forgotten to buy him Lunchables or something.

Finally, we check in one last time with Kail. Lincoln is yelling obscene words in Spanish, and Javi drops a bombshell on Kail. He informs her that he’s for sure going to be deployed in a couple of weeks. It’s obvious that this isn’t the first time Kail has heard this news, but they’re doing their best to try to make it look like it’s a surprise.

Lincoln responds to the news by calling Javi a “dada puta.” (As you do.)

Kail is happy that she will at least be able to communicate with Javi, unlike when he was in basic training. They decide to tell Isaac, and he gets very emotional at the thought of Javi leaving.

The Ashley will try to get us all caught up on ‘Teen Mom 2’ recaps! Stay tuned!

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  1. Does anyone else feel that Chelsea isn’t always a “sweetheart” to Cole? She seems to order him around and is short with him (and Aubree for that matter, i.e. grocery shopping). They are a good match though, because Cole seems pretty easy going.

    1. Yes! She is rude to him sometimes about him eating and such…and I’m way tired of the baby voice…Aubree is 6 now, c’mon. Other than that I like Chelsea…

    1. I think he’s just uncomfortable on camera. To be honest my voice gets high pitched as well when I’m nervous.

  2. Love your take on the whole teen mom shows. To effin funny, before I found your site I thought of everything you post.. I just thought it was my way to critical bizarre way of thinking. Keep em coming Ashley….And I’ll keep on lmao. By far the best teen mom breakdown by episode. Next I hope to see a teen mom after show article Ty

  3. The whole scene with Leah interrogating the girlses and asking Ali why she “lied” made me cringe. The children have nothing to do with her relationship with Corey, SHE needs to keep them out of the drama. And telling them it’s Corey’s fault that things happen a certain way is just wrong. No matter how you feel or what’s going on Corey is their father. She can’t be so negative about him to the girls. It’s just more glaring proof how immature and petty she is. The girls shouldn’t have to choose or be worried about saying the wrong thing.

    1. Yes I was furious when she admitted she told the girlses it was corey’s fault. No its her fault that she cares more about drugs than her daughters and corey is trying to give them a good life.

      1. no problem! love both of them too! LOVE the Ashley! I read your blogs before I even watch the episodes! Makes it funnier when I actually watch them!

  4. Chelsea is probably the only one I can tolerate having that Mercedes.
    Another way of saying this is–out of all of them-it annoys me the least that she has it.

    1. Chelsea tweeted that it wasn’t her car but it was other Chelseys car. That “other Chelsey” is the one driving it in that scene. I couldn’t see it well enough to see who was driving but I do believe that it was Chelsea’s.

  5. I’m starting to think as the seasons go on that care companies or manufactures reach out to these girls and ask them if they would sport around in certain cars to advertise. Just an observation…

    I worked at Bentley/Rolls Royce for 3 years and we would give people demos all the time (anywhere between 6 months-2 years) to represent the brand and bring in certain customers. It’s an advertisement gimmick. So I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Mercedes reached out to Chelsea.

  6. Thank you, [the] Ashley! I’ve decided to save myself the time and forego actually watching the episodes. All I need are your re-caps. Plus, this way I can get my fix without supporting the show’s ratings. Win/win! I just can’t watch the Leah and Jenelle train wrecks anymore–those poor children. Though, as long as the show is still on, I can’t resist hearing what was shown from a snarky point of view. I suppose it takes some of the sadness out of it.

    1. i look at it like this, the kids are going to be in that situation regardless (apparently) so at least this way, they’ll have trust funds set up. maybe having a better adulthood would help some to make up for the shitty childhood they’re having. they’ll have money for college and therapy. alot probably wouldn’t have college funds otherwise.

  7. I got mad when leah asked Ali why she lied? Umm she didn’t lie. Great parenting leah. I wish that girl would own up to something once in her life. The woe is me is getting old. We see you drugged uo, taking the girlses to school late, smoking in the car, texting and driving, and we know you live with TR! Stop the bs lady.
    Jenelle, you will never fight for custody of jace because your D of the month always comes first. And when you lose custody of Kaiser, it will be the same excuse. I hate to see kaiser given no love. She gets so frustrated bc he acts like a normal baby! Then she throws him in the crib and says night night so snuggly I wanna punch her in her chin! Poor kaiser. I hope she doesn’t decide to have number 3 with dave. Another child to ignore 🙁

    1. Leah is the worst. She manipulates those girls to feel sorry for her too. Then blames corey for it when he is simply trying to step up as a parent.

    2. I loved Jeff’s response on Twitter to Lieah calling Ali a liar–“There are many words to describe Aliannah Hope, none of them are ‘liar.’ #sweet #intelligent #beautiful #inspiring #honest #blessing #loving.” He is such a kind man and has always had the tact to speak his mind without completely disrespecting Lieah. It’s a stark contrast to how Lieah’s family talks about Corey

  8. so glad corey’s showing her what a real parent looks like in the morning. he didn’t come dragging in bitching about how tired he was and he handled his business. and he had to go to work all day after that! that voiceover with leah the other week killed me lol ‘i got the girls to school on time and it was really hard, and now i’m exhausted’. r u fucking kidding me? then she shoots herself in the foot and gives the kid left sugar packets to down so no nap this afternoon. she does this shit to herself, all of it. i hate how babs et all question the kids every time they come to and from. kids will tell u shit at random, just playing in the tub and bam! no need to question, it does more harm than good. idk y babs asked if it’d bother jace not to go to jenelle’s if she didn’t care if he said yes.

    1. I meant to thumbs up you, sorry!! I wish we could change our vote! But yes, totally agree about corey. He is just happy to give them a stable life while leah cares about pillses and the D. I wonder if babs questions because she is concerned. Given jenelles past men, I would be questioning what goes on and how jace feels being there. Maybe jace did tell her it bothered him at one point and it wasn’t filmed!

      1. it’s all good lol. and like the person below says, it may be mtv prompted. i would just think jace probably tells stuff on his own and i also know i have friends who went thru that (being questioned all the time) and it made them mad later. it also prompts a kid, i’ve noticed, to start to use that to manipulate, the way amber’s leah and gracie do. they know they’ll get a response so they tell things they know one parent won’t like (or will, since it makes them happy to hear the other bashed)and it just makes shit worse. then babs pissed me off when jace said yeah it would bother him not to go, and she said, well, I’LL have to make that decision. i’m not a huge babs fan, i think people give her a pass cuz she’s funny and has an accent. she raised 3 kids and none of them are doing well in adulthood and now jace’s future isn’t looking great. i wish he’d been adopted by someone else entirely. she also cusses way too much around him. sorry, lil rant lol

    2. Re. the questioning – I agree with you that kids do talk quite freely without having to be prompted, and I agree with Jessica that at a home like Jenelle’s; one would indeed have concerns to actively question a child about what and who they’re exposed to. I would only add that those sorts of questions are probably prompted by MTV so they can capture the child’s response on camera, as a plot device; just like on 16&P when friends awkwardly ask the pregnant girl how she felt when she found out, was she using birth control etc; we know those conversations happened naturally off-camera already.

  9. The Mercedes isn’t Chelsea’s! Her dad and her both said on Twitter it was her step moms because something was getting fixed on her car. Not that it matters because her keep probably costs more than the Mercedes but still, its interesting to see how the girls each use their money and I don’t blame her at all for wanting a nice car. Her whole life is on tv, why not?!

  10. Chelsea is complaining about how much child support Adam doesn’t give her but she is driving around in a White Mercedes SUV (the white ones are more expensive and start at about $40,000) and looking into a bigger house. Seriously!!!! I wonder who payed for that and your upcoming wedding that you don’t want MTV to have no part of? Yes she is the most normal of the bunch but not the best role model there. They seriously need to only have one season of a group of girls cause that’s before the checks come rolling in and shows them actually struggling. Then move on to a new batch.

    1. Adam still gets paid a lot for doing this show so he should be paying way more than $170 a month. It doesn’t matter how much money the mom has or what she spends it on he still needs to contribute to his daughter’s expenses because Chelsea pays for everything for Aubrey. Like she said what Adam pays now wouldn’t even cover groceries for a month.

    2. If I made around the same amount as my dead beat baby daddy (apparently they both earn more than $200,000 a season – wtf) I’d be asking for way more than $170 dollars a month in child support. That’s outrageous. I don’t think Chelsea is saying that she’s struggling at all, but it’s pretty unfair that Adam has paid the least amount possible for her entire life.

      1. he doesn’t make that Chelsea does not him, the fathers don’t make what the mothers do, right Ashley?

        1. According to Adam, the fathers (original ones…Jo, Adam, Corey) do make almost the same amount as the mothers.

    3. Ok, you are either some random idiot or Adam himself. It doesn’t matter how much money Chelsea has. That is not the point. Aubree is half his so he should have half the financial responsibility. He probably doesn’t think he should pay more because Chelsea won’t give him more custody but he has nobody to blame but himself for that. He should’ve been a father all those years instead of drinking, getting arrested and knocking other chicks up.

      1. I don’t think Tayta is suggesting Chelsea shouldn’t moan about the lack of contribution from Adam and that he should be cut slack because she’s wealthy. I took Tayta’s comment to mean that the continuing seasons and big bucks the girls get, makes it hard to show the true struggle of being a teen parent, and instead is glamourizing it because they (not just Chelsea) are buying homes and cars most could only dream of. The situation with Adam’s financial support should be the reality of her struggle and a deterrent for young viewers, as far as the show is concerned, but that kind of becomes a non-issue because it’s overshadowed by her MTV wealth – not Chelsea’s fault, of course, it’s MTV that keeps it going because (when it comes to TM, not 16&P) they would rather exploit drama than prevent pregnancies. All that being said – I’m glad Chelsea is doing well and not struggling, as she’s a lovely girl, and she’s at least used the opportunity to set her life up, not had more kids with various men and done hard drugs etc – but I do agree Adam should be paying decently toward Aubree’s living costs regardless of how much Chelsea has.

        1. No, I agree with that. I think the show definitely is an unrealistic portrayal of a teen parent because of the financial stability the girls have from their Mtv checks. I think the first two seasons were realistic but after that it was obvious that they had their big pay day. But just because Chelsea makes a lot of money from the show, doesn’t mean Adam can slack off on child support. Adam doesn’t take responsibility for anything and blames Chelsea for dwelling on the past and blames Mtv for making him look bad when he should just shut up, be a man and be a good father to Aubree.

          1. Totally – if he had any basic self respect and pride, especially as a man; he would want to pay toward his daughter even if it was a ‘drop in the ocean’ of what the other parent has in their bank (or what their new partner may have), on principal he should want to show he really did his bit. If it were me I would feel ashamed putting money into trucks/cars/tatts and only breaking off a pittance (or nothing) for someone to raise my child, utterly ashamed. He’s a total joke!

        2. Thank you that’s where I was going with that. That they preach up and down that this show is all about showing the harsh realities of being a teen mom. Look at that girls lifestyle now that is NOT the struggle of being a teen mom. Girls crying into their smartphones, with their always manicured nails, while driving their brand new SUVs in their Pink track suits, to their new houses or Condos is NOT the struggle of a teen mom. I think it glamorizes it a little.

    4. The amount of child support a parent pays has nothing to do with how much money the other parent has. It’s about paying for half of his child’s needs-whether or not the other parent can afford to make up the difference.

  11. $10 says that Addie would still be in that car if a producer didn’t ‘remind’ Leah that she left her kid behind. She is a damn mess and this show is hard evidence of how she straight up neglects those girls. I feel so sad for those kids.

    The caption about her texting from her Trapper Keeper almost made me pee my pants. God, I love The Ashley.

    Side note: Lurch was from The Addams Family. Not The Munsters 🙂

  12. Ali had such a classic “This bitch!” look on her face as she looked over at Gracie “tattling” on her. I love that kid.

    Leah texts while smoking with her kids in the car and her minions still think she is mother of the year. It is astounding. I hope she gets pulled over for texting while driving, maybe they will find her pill stash in the car, too.

    Pushing aside the obvious drug abuse going on, do these people not remember Ali’s MD doc talking about Ali’s breathing and diminishing lung capacity due to her MD? But Leah thinks it’s perfectly fine for the child to breathe in cigarette smoke on the daily. WTF. What a great mother. She truly is worse than Jenelle.
    I bet those kids smell like a dirty ashtray every day they come back from Leah’s.

    Great job looking out for these kids, MTV.

    1. I absolutely agree! She is so selfish. Aren’t some states making it illegal to smoke with kids in the car? She is just a bad mother, hands down. And she can’t blame corey for that one. Her and jenelle just need to stop reproducing. But leah is just becoming worse and worse.

      1. For me, Jenelle has just been consistently horrible throughout her “career” while Leah progressively gets worse and worse. I don’t know which is better.

        1. Leah is Jenelle. There is no difference. Both are actively killing the innocent souls of their children by using drugs, moving different men in and out of their lives, not doing anything to improve themselves for when the MTV paychecks stop, but most especially alienating their children from their fathers.

          1. And it’s not even like you’re not allowed to date if you have kids. But how hard is it to be straight-up with someone and tell them, “Look, I have kids and they come first. If we’re going to hang out, it’s going to be when I can find someone to watch them. If you want to meet them, you have to prove to me over time that you’re serious about me because it’s not fair to them for me to introduce them to somebody who’s not going to stay in their lives.”

            But no, these people will meet someone and two weeks later they’ve moved in and they’re all a “family.” How are those children supposed to learn what a healthy relationship looks like if their parents are continuously modeling the exact opposite?

  13. Love the recaps! I have to say this season of TM2 is turning into the best/worst one yet, depending how you look at it! One thing that constantly surprises me is just how much child support these people get. Even Adam’s minimum payments are more than I get in the UK from my kids dad who has a full time job! The other thing that surprises me is just how sweet Isaac is bless him. He’s so lovely to everyone and such a sweetheart it’s hard to believe Jo and Kail made him lol

  14. Great recap! Did it seem to anyone else like Aleeah was more upset over being ignored by her twin in the hallway than actually missing Leah ? I think Corey seems like he’s doing a great job with the girlses so far. Poor Kaiser roll is just dropped from his high chair to his crib over and over through the day! Jenelle has yet another boyfriend assuring her that she needs to get custody of Jace umm hello do you not realize she can’t handle the one she already has living with her.

  15. I adore Corey so much. That scene when he brought Ali to choir practice was so sweet. And the Leah comes in with psycho Dawn and just darkens the mood.

      1. I was surprised Dawn didn’t pull Addie away from looking at him. That’s just the sort of spiteful immature thing she would do these days.

    1. That was so adorable to watch! It’s so important for little girls to feel the love of their dads.

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