‘Sister Wives’ Stars Discuss Aftermath of Meri Brown’s Affair in New Season 7 Trailer

"We're all back crying on the couch again!"
“We’re all back crying on the couch again!”

A new season of Sister Wives is coming our way next month and with it will come new babies, new family feuds and, of course, the aftermath of Meri Brown‘s online affair/catfish scandal. (You may remember that Meri fell in love with a man she met on Twitter, who turned out to be a creepy woman pretending to be a man.)

In the just-released first trailer for Season 7, it’s obvious that Meri’s affair has had lasting effects on all of the family, particurlary Mariah, Meri’s daughter with Kody Brown.

“My mom and I aren’t on super-great terms right now,” Mariah tells the camera during the trailer. “I’m kind of sensing that Mom wants to ask me these deep questions and I can’t handle it.”

Kody admits that he and Meri have “struggled for a very long time” in their marriage. His three other wives– ChristineRobyn and Janelle— all seem to be dealing with the aftermath of the affair differently.

“I see the manipulation all over it,” Janelle says.

“Robyn’s mad because she feels betrayed [by Meri], I’m sure,” Christine says.

Other big milestones that will be covered this season include the engagement of Kody and Janelle‘s daughter, Maddie. (As The Ashley exclusively told you, Maddie is getting hitched in June.)

Kody’s legal wife, Robyn, will yet again give birth on air. (In January, she and Kody welcomed their daughter, Ariella, who is Kody’s 18th child.)

The new season of ‘Sister Wives’ premieres May 8 on TLC. Watch the trailer below!

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  1. Meri is a single woman now and can do what she likes.
    It’s the as wipe excuse for a man that should be in prison fucking vile bigamist

  2. While I am not necessarily a Sister Wives die hard fan, I happened upon it with the Catfish publicity on the season finale last year. Since then, I’ve done a mountain of research out of curiosity. Several of my friends and I will be watching each Sunday as the story of the catfish from OK is talked about. We pick a new show each season to gather at alternating houses. Summer is Sister Wives. We are sincerely interested in the Catfish Jackie Overton and why she does this, the rest of the show subjects we will probably snark about.

    Strip away the show and you are left with another catfish victim, not just Meri Brown reality show personality. One of the gals in our group was catfished by similar tactics, a woman pretending to be a man, so it will be emotional for her. She really wanted this show to be our Summer pick, believe it or not! Our group is preparing by watching MTV catfish on our own (some have never seen it) and learning about the Meri’s catfish here: http://www.almostjackied.com/2016/04/sister-wives-season-7-premieres-may-8th-why-our-blogs-play-a-role/

  3. Meri’s trolls claim to want to protect people who are victims, yet none take the side of Meri when it comes to the Kody Brown types of abuse, while being double and triple agents and shape shifting at times. Meri got her bonus season, but at what cost to her and “others”? She calls them her trolls, but they don’t agree usually.

  4. silly family based on a made up religion. But to be fair all religions are man made, and based on fairy tales that can’t be proven in a court of law!

  5. Odd, a woman that was raised in oppressed religion that finally has an abundance of time all by herself, with her fancy wetbar, falls for the first person to show her attention. To be fair, at least it’s a more interesting storyline than yet ANOTHER kid with new wife. And when the hell is Janelle finally going to leave all these losers?

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