‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Avoids Answering Steve Harvey’s Questions About Her Alleged Drug Habit

"I ain't gotta tell you nothing, Mr. Steve!"
“I ain’t gotta tell you nothing, Mr. Steve!”

Who knew Leah Messer was such a great dancer!? In a preview clip of Monday’s episode of the Steve Harvey daytime talk show, the Teen Mom 2 star is seen dancing around the questions she’s asked about her alleged drug habit.

Leah, who has been repeatedly accused of having a drug problem by her ex-husbands and the media, has denied that she is/was dependent on the “Happy Tabs.” However, Steve Harvey wanted to get real answers from Leah regarding her 2015 stay in rehab. Unfortunately for Steve, though, Leah did her best to avoid answering his tough questions.

“You were in rehab, I understand,” Steve says to Leah. “Was it due to drugs…What was it?”

Leah, who was accompanied on the show by co-star Kail Lowry and Dr. Drew Pinsky, basically side-stepped the question and gave Steve an answer that had nothing to do with what he had asked her.

This was legit Steve's face as Leah was "answering" his question about rehab.
This was legit Steve’s face as Leah was “answering” his question about rehab.

“It took me quite some time to decide whether I was going to go [to rehab] or not,” Leah says.

(As The Ashley exclusively told you last year, MTV basically forced Leah to go to the ‘hab, and she bolted the first time she was set to go.)

“I’m from West Virginia and everyone that I was around didn’t quite support me going away,” Leah says. “They didn’t think it was good.”

During the sixth season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ Leah was shown heading to the Sierra Tucson rehab center in Arizona to deal with her anxiety and depression.

“I knew I was suffering from something but I didn’t know what it was, I just knew that I was suffering,” Leah says. “I needed help.”

Although Leah’s ex-husbands, Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms, as well as other people around her have stated that Leah was dealing with dependency issues, Leah has denied it.

The full segment of ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ featuring Leah, Kail and Dr. Drew airs Monday, April 18. (The show was taped last week.)

Watch the preview clip below:

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  1. Way to answer something completely irrelevant lieah

    She’ll never admit she has a drug problem and her far mom dawnial will keep enabling this MONKEY

  2. Its clear to see shes on HERION not anti depresion meds… She doesnt deserve those babies unless shes being SUPERVISED!!! if she wants to be a good MOTHER leave those babies where they BELONG with the fathers who do take care of them and put them first!! Before DRUGS AND DICK!!!!!!! GO GET HELP!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP

  3. Wow Dr Drew is speaking for her. Protect their assets. I think MTV starts stuff to make these girls a shit storm one way or another. Ebony even said that on her episode they would tell her that her BF said something or did something that he didn’t to rile her up. It got to the point that her mom kicked the camera crew out.

    Is it me or does Leah look way to skinny? She has always been tiny but she looks too skinny!!!!

      1. LOL…you obviously aren’t thin. Leah has always been the thinnest of all the girls, and NERVES will make you lose weight way faster than drugs will. I lost 20 pounds in 5 days from bad nerves…I have known a few people hooked on drugs and their weight fluctuated all the time. Try not to sound as if you live with Leah and have witnessed her doing drugs, you wont sound so ridiculous!

  4. I wonder how many of you have seen a drug addict? Or someone suffering from anxiety? Some signs are easy to get confused. Leah looks nervous and uncomftable. I dont think she danced around the question, she had a story that she wanted to share before she was cut off. Her response was longer than needed but at the end she said what she went to rehab for. I hope the best for leah and i hope she over comes whatever is going on. #nohate

  5. What a great evasion tactic. I’m gonna try it next time I’m on the spot. Question:”Have you been drinking”? Answer: “I have a cat”.

    1. You should, why continually give a piece of yourself away to the world who really doesn’t give a shit about you and just feed on hate. If you continually give a piece of yourself away just because the public asked for it, there wouldn’t be much of you left to tend to your life your trying so hard to stay focused on right? Let me ask you this, why does it matter so much to you to hear Leah say YES I HAD A DRUG PROBLEM more than once? She said it, she claimed the shame, if that isn’t enough for you, then your the one with issue.

      1. If she doesnt, as you put it, want to give pieces of herself away how about quitting making a spectacle of yourself on TM ? Quit the show , go back to a normal UNFILMED life and take care of your kids in private.

        And BTW she has never once admitted to a drug problem- anxiety, depression, narcolepsy-you name it- but never drugs.

    2. I’m using this. “Leah’s Mary Kay Business, why didn’t you come into work yesterday?” “I HAVE A GOLDFISH!”

  6. I wish I could watch this, but I absolutely can’t stand Steve Harvey. Like seriously, he gives me chills and makes me want to vomit. What a creep.

  7. Dr. Drew is a glorified babysitter and certainly no longer worthy of his profession. He’s just another in a long line of enablers that started with Leah’s family and continued with the MTV production crew. Leah’s antics make her a cash cow for MTV so of course they are looking to “protect” their investment. That is all she is to them-dollar signs. This wouldn’t bother me so much IF it was just Leah or Janelle. But the harm to the children…Sadly these moms are like MTV, they see their children as their mealtickets for income and celebrity.

    1. MTV isn’t protecting her, they are using her as you said, she is a cash cow and they could give 2 shits about her. Dr. drew sees all the tapes, everything we don’t. therefore he knows a little more than you and the rest of the haters do right…so maybe just maybe he is sincere, but go ahead and enjoy your cup of ” I know it all”

    2. I see him as MTV’s insurance. As long as he’s there, he can step in when someone is about to say something that makes MTV look bad.

  8. I’m sure longtime viewers of Teen Mom2 will remember that Jeremy certainly DID let Leah know well in advance what kind of work he did, and how he’d be spending long periods of time away from home. But more than that, viewers will also remember the episode while the two were newly dating, when Leah told her sister that she had taken out her Mirena — so she could become pregnant by him.

    And she did in fact get pregnant, but soon had a miscarriage. (Can’t be certain, but the rumor at the time was that her incessant smoking might have played a part in it.)

    So I agree with the others here who say that under the circumstances, for Leah not to know life would get harder after a quick second marriage, while ALREADY caring for two young girls, one with special needs — is just a bit much to be believed.

    1. Leah is just one of the millions of women out there that tell themselves they can handle it, that see life and love through rose colored glasses, Leah isn’t the first and she wont be the last to lie to herself…as far as knowing in advance that Jeremy would be gone a lot, yes she is guilty of that, she is guilty of believing love conquers all like many women do,but there was no Malice intentions behind her naivety, but what did Jeremy? Jeremy knew exactly what to look for..someone he could take advantage of, someone who looked through rose colored glasses…he knew any women in her right mind, level headed with no dreams of happily ever after, would put up with that way of life! So, whose the real asshole here, the man who preys and takes advantage of the naive, or the naive who believes in the one who preys and takes advantage of the weak?

    1. I don’t know if its more along the lines that she won’t. They probably can’t say anything. They are contracted when it comes to interviews. All of the girls used to seem real and now they all seem coached in all of their interviews. When Steve Harvey ask her the question Leah looked right at Dr. Drew. Kailyn seemed to have that “oh shit” look on her face. It seems like MTV has a outline of how the girls should act. I wouldn’t be surprised if they stew the pot for Chelsea a little bit. I cant wait til these girls are no longer gag ordered and her what really went on.

    2. She cant hold herself accountable for anything…you know that sounds so stupid I don’t think its worth commenting on. But screw it I’m on a roll! First of all, that Mother of twins held her shit together a long time before the human aspects took over, like the fact that having a child with a disability that would leave her completely cripple in just a matter of years didn’t make her want to go out and party with the girls, didn’t make her resent her challenging parental responsibilities she would have for the rest of her daughters most likely short life..Leah didn’t leave her kids with babysitters so she could use the money she made to go on trips, no..instead Leah got her kids into everything they wanted to be in, she was the one that took them to every practice! She didn’t ever put herself first, because she knew one of those little girls wasn’t going to be around to see and experience what most of us take advantage of..Leah didn’t pawn her kids off when things got so tough either when she was running on zero fuel, sleeping less and less because, lets not forget the emotional drainage a parent goes through when they go to bed at night and feel the gut wrenching reality that their baby girl they love so much will face so many challenges, the tears fall, your throat is in so much pain because your trying so hard not to feel the pain, from all that visual crap running through your head for hours, the sadness engulfing the mind until you finally pass out…only to wake up exhausted, but you cant wait to go to your girls and see their faces, your happy for that moment, then it hits you all over again when she doesn’t move with ease, everything she does is a reminder that her time here on earth is numbered and who knows when that will be!… But Leah knew she had to face the day, get moving even though her body said no its time to rest. Leah had to put all the worries, all the anxieties aside, and tell herself, my daughter is just like her sister and she is alive today! So Leah pushed herself to not only get moving, but to make herself forget the sad that she was drowning in every day and every night when she went to bed, she made herself put all the emotions that weakened her soul that took hope away aside, because she was determined to be the best mother she could! She gave her entire “life” every day, she stretched her limits and she did a hell of job, and maybe because HOPE played such a huge part of her survival… it made it easier to let herself Hope that Jeremy and a baby with him could only bring happiness. that he was Mr. Wonderful and she could handle the time he would be away, maybe its easier to lie to yourself when your so desperate for happiness to last for more than just moments at a time. My God People, where is the humanity? Leah knows more about Accountability than any of you haters! And she broke, her body gave out more and more, being alone with three kids kept her so busy that when the reality hit that having her man gone all the time wasnt what she wanted and surely not what she needed, she tries to get Jeremy to get that. She tried all the time to talk to him and he wasnt going to have it. ” You knew what my work schedule was”. And he wouldnt budge with out making her feel like she was ruining his life. No Jeremy was not the night in shining armor everyone thought he was, he was aware that Leah was exhausted, she pleaded for his help, and he said No every time. he wasnt accountable he wasnt a husband who makes the changes for his family that are necessary. What is Leah had Cancer, would he have been the kind of husband who would do everything she did daily to help her get the rest she needed after chemo, no! if your going to judge, then judge the right person!!

      1. Your down votes say different

        The girl is accountable for her actions, and people like you are making it easy for her to carry on playing the victim

        The only victims in all this are her 3 kids

      2. Wow you have gone on and on and on, your as boring as bull shutting Leah

        Change the fkn record Franny love your boring us

  9. I think she did have a dependency to “Happy Pills” aka Xanax or something similar to it. I think she was prescribed them. My sister was prescribed them when her daughter going through some health issues. So she feels that she isn’t in the addict category because she had a legal prescription for them. So in her mind she isn’t doing anything wrong and too in those places all that they do it shove the whole “you’re the victim” “addiction is a disease” crap down your throat so who knows. But, I do think some doc doped Leah up on meds as bad as “happy pills” are there I am not surprised.

    1. They do tell you that addiction is a disease, but they have a saying, “there are no victims, only volunteers.” I guarantee that Leah heard that in rehab. When she talks, she spouts out quasi recovery phrases, but clearly doesn’t understand the meaning. It’s glaringly obvious that she was in rehab rehab and that she got next to nothing accomplished. Accountability is a huge part of recovery. She obviously didn’t hear that though since Leah can’t hear anything that she doesn’t like.

      1. Exactly!!! Leah knows how to say things from rehab to manipulate people into believing she’s getting better but it’s really just Leah using what she learned in rehab to help cover for her addiction.

      2. I take it you 2 have sat down with Leah and watched her pop a pills? Yea I didn’t think so, but hey who am I to try and stop you from spreading rumors. Have at it, you said she is doing drugs…u MUST be right,..right?

        1. Jesus God, FRANCES MICHIAGN EXCLAMATION POINT. If you’re bummed out by speculation regarding the teen moms, you’re in the wrong place.
          Leah chose to broadcast her life on national television on a weekly basis. I’m choosing to speculate on those broadcasts. Choices, see?

          Leaving my view in the comment section of a story about Steve Harvey and his daytime talk show (who that that existed??) guests is far from spreading rumors.

          I don’t have to watch anyone pop pills to be able to recognize destructive addict behavior. I don’t have to sit next to someone and have a heart to heart about rehab to recognize another person that’s been.

          Leah may or may not be (I strongly believe that she is) abusing her prescription pillses (my guess is xanax), but she DEFINITELY refuses to be accountable for herself, her problems, and her life. Some things are outside of our control and some aren’t. We make choices and have to live with the consequences- good or bad- It can be really hard to suck it up and accept responsibility for bad choices, stupid actions, and the messes we make for ourselves. You can’t make any positive changes if you’re too damn busy playing the martyr or the victim or blaming every hardship in your life on anyone/thing and everyone/thing else. You can’t move forward if you don’t own your life. That means taking ownership over all of the good and bad that you’ve done. I see Leah living as a victim. I see her offing everything onto everyone else. It’s their fault. Everything is being done to her and it’s just so mean and unfair. It’s not real life. It’s not accepting any kind of accountability. It isn’t helpful. It isn’t healthy. It’s a self-centered and damaging way to live life.

          Calling someone an addict isn’t an insult. It’s an observation. It’s frustrating to see someone stuck where she is when I know that she has the potential to do more and to be better- for the girlses and ultimately for herself.

          I’m sorry you got so butt hurt, Frances Michiagn!

          As Dr. House said, “Speculation makes a speck out of you… and some guy named ‘Lation’.”

          I guess I’m a speck.

        2. Yes she is on drugs as it goes, so France’s put that in your pipe and smoke it

          Leah is a complete mess anyone with 1/2 a brain can see she’s on heroine

  10. At this point, if Leah admits her obvious drug use, it will make MTV look even worse to the general public than we all here think they are. They only care about ratings and money, that has been made abundantly clear throughout the past few seasons, especially. They care nothing about these women, men, or kids.

    Dr. Drew is there as a babysitter, to make sure Leah doesn’t admit anything damaging and that Kail doesn’t give away that she and Javi are most likely divorcing the moment he gets back. Money and ratings.

    The ratings are going down and I really think I am done with this shitshow. I will read recaps and whatnot, but it is not even fun to watch this tragedy of lives unfold anymore. There are real children being adversely affected by these idiots and a studio who exploits them.

    1. What a great evasion tactic. I’m gonna try it next time I’m on the spot. Question:”Have you been drinking”? Answer: “I have a cat”.

  11. When Leah was accepted to the University of Charleston she had the chance to get a degree and be the first mom of the 16 and Pregnant series to get a BA while raising a child/children. She chose to drop out so she could have a baby with Jeremy. Then she became an addict and lost her marriage and primary custody of at least 2/3 of her kids. I wonder if she regrets her decisions. I also wonder when she will have a baby with the new guy.

  12. I am appalled every time I see the obviously drugged, speech-slurring Leah Messer load her children in her vehicle and endanger their lives as a drug-impaired driver! This is irresponsible for Bravo-TV to continuously air this to its targeted audience of impressionable teens!

    1. Have you ever experienced exhaustion? I have had insomnia for over 20 years, Im talking 2 hours of sleep for days at a time and I wont even take a sleeping pill because they don’t work, so no drugs are a part of my life, and there are times my speech is slurred usually in the morning, and… I walk like Im drunk, I have bruises on my arms from hitting corners of walls and I had I shouldn’t have been driving, I fell asleep sometimes, sometimes I forget where I was going, many times I ran a stop sign or red light. And my eyes were always blood shot. So, are you going to tell me I am clearly a drug addict lying to everyone because you hear me sound speech impaired in the morning. The truth is Leah most likely developed insomnia due to severe anxieties about having a daughter she loved with a rare disease she knew was going to die…someday. Having to watch your child lose more and more mobility every day, perishing before your eyes would make anyone lose sleep dont you think? Then you have the public forgetting all the great things you did before you broke,and spending more time talking about you like your a waist of life, dont deserve respect and empathy for having the painful reality that your baby girl is slowly becoming a cripple, and will die in a matter of a few years, you have an ex that is doing everything everyone else is telling him to do forgetting the compassionate side of himself, and then there is the last one with no compassion, no consideration just selfish who allows the world to praise him for leaving the drug addict wife…when all he had to do was help,let the dollar bill go, put his wife who clearly begged him to listen to her pleas for help, to stay home and just help the exhaustion was just too much she couldn’t take it anymore, please please be a good husband to me and a good father to all them babies your blessed with. She had no help from Jeremy just resentment. Alone, what do I do I cant take it anymore Im losing it!? A friend tells her to go to a doctor, she cant even think straight anymore, so she does and is prescribes an addictive drug. So this wonderful mother who spent all of her children’s lives tending to their wants and needs, is now on drugs that have some of the worst side effects….is this when you all started to hate her? When you all stopped seeing what was really happening in her life….no empathy, no understanding. She goes to rehab…mother of the year candidate has to face that humiliation that she has failed and what happens the public jumps on it, they have a field day, enjoying the rumors flying around, and spreading them too…saying horrid thing about this once unbelievable mother as if everything she did and everything she had to go through before..alone, no one gave a shit to give a helping hand, especially her husband, so she coulkd read it in every social media outlet, it didnt matter that she was doing what everyone expected of her, what every good mother would do, no shes in rehab she a waist of a person now forever labeled by Americas finest reality show watchers! she gets out she has her head on straight she is ready to deal with the responsibilities alone again..but no sooner does she get out and her ex is trying to get custody of the same children he left all the responsibility of to her…what a slap in the face, then she is hit with divorce papers from her current husband…thats right after reading all the horrid stuff about her for the millionth time on facebook and twitter, she checks occasionally hoping there are more supporters she needs them now more then ever, but thats not the case, the cheesy magazine are making money at her expense with lies upon lies…what does she want to do…run…do drugs…kill herself? Oh shit, the insomnia is back, she cant sleep, its been days now since she had more than three hours of sleep, and all the anxieties are really building because she knows there is a good chance her ex can use her rehab to get better against her. so much for trying to do the right thing, so much for doing what is expected of you. She is being tapes again, she is exhausted and even sounds like she is drugged up at 5am in the morning while she gets her kids ready for school on no sleep at all, she dont care, she knows she is drug free thats all that matters right? Of course not, what matters to everyone is how much they can cripple this woman..lets see what I can write today to make that bitch want to just take a bottle of pills and kill herself…I know, I can have my paper write an article ” Leah is back on drugs loses custody to Corey”, yea that should start a frenzy..and make me a lot of money …the public will believe anything printed as long as its bad!, they will stomp on her when she is down, and hopefully she will brake completely!! You all have contributed to this womens misery, aren’t you proud of yourself.

      1. France’s fuck off woman
        Your starting to sound as fucked up as your druggy friend lieah
        You ramble on about pointless shit.
        You are as stupid as the messer family

      2. Omg
        In every Comment you’ve made, you’ve rambled on and on and on, about crap, you must be a relative of this drugged up lazy useless parent, Leah is how she herself was raised.

        Delta dawn was and is a useless parent and grandparent

  13. I wonder just how long she thinks she can get away with lying. I think the world judges her more for lying and would respect her more if she was honest.

  14. She didn’t side step the question. She answered it and because she didn’t say some tabloid gossip rumor is true everybody is saying its a lie. I wish everything I made up in my own head is true but it’s not so back off of her. She’s incredibly kind, giving and smart. She is driven and has a heart of gold.
    If you want the real story ask someone that knows her. Not someone who stands to gain anything from telling some bullshit story. This article is beneath your normal content on this site. Usually you are spot on…this one is filed under ridiculous.

    1. So you know her?
      Stop being an enabler. Stop destroying Leah’s life and that of her kids when you care so much about them.
      You really want us to ignore what we have seen, judges and statements made by both Jeremy as Corey?
      Sure, call dye in the monkeys hair.

      1. O Christ, do yourself a favor…just dont talk for starters, save us the misery of your stupidity…please!

    2. Yeah…
      Kind – kind of a drugged up lush (hey if it walks, looks and quacks like a duck…)
      Giving – always giving excuses for her irresponsible neglectful behaviour…
      Smart – being a smart a** trying to dodge Steve Harvey’s questions…
      Driven – yup, she has driven two husbands away…
      Heart of Gold – presuming you meant cold, sure…

      Ridiculous you say? – that she can barely get her kids to school on time, that she couldn’t keep her eyes open or head up most days, that her youngest daughter roamed the neighbourhood un-noticed…yes, indeed, everything associated with this person is utterly ridiculous!

      As the other reply said, stop being an enabler; that does not make for a real friend!

  15. Of course dr. drew jumps in to help her with her lies and excuses. As always. And as adorable as Ali is, Leah is not the only parent in America with a special needs child. I have 3. Many of my friends have 1, 2, or 3. Many have disabilities worse than Ali. It’s not a competition, but the point is, being stressed out over Ali is not an excuse for all her lies and drugs and overspending and cheating. Her income is probably 20 times mine. She’s got neverending family and friends helping her with the girls. She doesn’t work outside the home. How many special needs parents have those luxuries? Are we stressed? Of course. It’s not easy. But it doesn’t mean you can use it as an excuse for cheating, lying, abusing drugs, screaming at your kids, having dozens of tardies at their school, not bringing them to therapies, not feeding them, swearing constantly in front of them, trash-talking their Dads in front of them, and so on. She’s got freaking MTV paying for one of the nicest top rehabs in the country. Tell the truth, accept the help, and be the mom your kids need. You’ve got all the opportunities in the world, get over yourself and take advantage.

    1. If I could up-vote you a thousand times, I so would! Great post full of solid points.

  16. If she would only realize that coming clean and being truthful about her dug problem would be a positive thing. I think she’s worried that everyone is going to judge her and shame her for it and I don’t think that would be the case. I think people would be supportive and applaud her for admitting she struggled with a problem that many, many people struggle with everyday. I get the feeling that Leah strives to be perfect and has problems owning up to what she does wrong. She needs to get over that if she’s ever going to have good relationships with people.

    1. I do agree that people’s attitudes may change toward her if she admitted her problem. I’m not going to say that I know 100% that she is a drug addict because I do not know her personally. I am only going by what we are shown by MTV and to me it would indicate drug use. So if that is her problem, I think admitting it would only gain her support. I mean look at Amber from OG, until the whole Matt thinks that is. People were, I felt, really rooting for her after she got out. If she hadn’t made the Matt mistake, I think they still would be. This is not to say that these girls can’t make mistakes; we all do. But it just seems like in Amber’s and Leah’s cases they are repeating big mistakes. Amber is ingnoring blatant red flags and Leah may be three-peating history with this TR Dues, who I believe was in the background of the girls’ b-day party.

  17. Someone’s been coaching her, everything she said sounded rehearsed.

    I’m not buying the “overwhelmed supermom” act for a second. She acts like this life is something that is happening to her and she has no power or control. The only thing she couldn’t control was Ali being born with developmental problems. Yet she married a man and had another child with him knowing this, and knowing that her husband works out of town and wouldn’t be around. She created this situation. She shouldn’t have jumped into another marriage, and she shouldn’t have had another child.

    I guess Leah wants everyone to forget the fact that she earns money from TM2. If she wasn’t spending her income on her addictions and stupid crap, this woman could hire a nanny, a maid, and a tutor. And money stretches farther in places like rural West Virginia. So even if she was overwhelmed (she isn’t, she’s irresponsible, selfish, and on drugs), she has plenty of help in the form of Corey and his family, Jeremy and his family, her own family, and money that could be spent on her daughters.

    But poor, poor innocent Leah!

    1. Even on the show when Leah and Jeremy first started dating, she acknowledged that it would be tough to have a family when he was working out of town all of the time. Now she wants to play the “I have no help and support” BS Leah! Grow up and take responsibility for your actions. She has been checked out from those girls for a long time.

    2. YES! literally their first date jeremy told her his hours and she goes, wow, it’d be hard to have a family like that! and he made it clear from the get go that he busted his ass to get where he was a supervisor and all and would not give it up. she had all the info to make a decision, at least marry him and hold off on a baby awhile, but noooo! what she said here also confirms to me that pretty much everyone we see around her who we thought were probably on drugs are. her brother, her cousin, her mom. they weren’t supportive cuz i’m sure she sends them to get them and buys them some too, or gives them out for watching the girls, picking them up, etc. i’ve seen it with young moms in my town, i know a couple pretty much entire families hooked, and the messers’ are just like them.

    1. Dr. Drew is only there to make sure they don’t say anything that would put MTV in a bad light. Why is he on there with them? He adds nothing to anything, he’s there to steer the conversation away from anything that resembles the truth!

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