‘The Challenge’ Star Tony Raines Has Impregnated Yet Another One of His Ex-Girlfriends

"I'm trying to start my own girl's softball team!"
“I’m trying to start my own girl’s softball team!”




One things for sure: MTV reality star Tony Raines certainly has no fertility problems!

Tony, who we first met on The Real World: Skeletons and will see on the upcoming season of The Challenge: Rivals III, has announced that he is about to become a father again, just months after welcoming a baby daughter with his ‘Real World’ ex, Madison Walls

This time around, his baby-momma is Alyssa Giacone, his high school sweetheart and one of the two ex-girlfriends who appeared as Tony’s “skeletons” on ‘The Real World.’

Tony posted a photo of him and Alyssa holding sonograms of their baby, along with the caption, “11 years in the making.”

In another post, Tony showed off photos from the recent diaper party his friends threw him. Surprisingly, Madison and Harper (her daughter with Tony) were shown in one of the photos. Madison seems to have no problem with her ex becoming a father again. In fact, she seems downright excited about it!

Yesterday she posted a photo of her, Alyssa and Baby Harper.

“In this life I believe that everything happens for a reason,” the photo’s caption read. “Harper will be blessed to have a sibling in her life! Congratulations guys!”

Tony with Madison, during her pregnancy with Harper...
Tony with Madison, during her pregnancy with Harper…

Tony’s brother Shane, who appeared with Tony on ‘The Challenge: Battle of the Bloodlines,’ revealed that Tony’s frequent impregnation of his exes has actually brought everyone involved closer together.

“We are all happy that we are adding one more to the family and we all love each other,” Shane wrote on Instagram yesterday. “This in a weird way brought everyone together better than I would’ve ever expected. So please just respect this crazy beautiful journey that’s taken place. It’s all a blessing.”

Although he’s about to be a father of two, Tony apparently hasn’t tamed his party boy ways. Earlier this month, he was arrested for being drunk in public in South Carolina.

Let’s hope he wins ‘The Challenge: Rivals III’– he could certainly use the diaper money!

(Photos: Instagram)


  1. Dear tony and Alyssa

    I thought you two were done I’m really mad that you and bubbles are done I think Alyssa so rude Madison should’ve never hooked up with him he just wanted her so he could cuddle with her BS I hope it was worth it tony

  2. Honestly though this looks so bad. Madison should of never dated him in the first place because he never respected her. But if you wanted the show she is too nice & naive. He was probably messing with Alyssa the entire time he was with madison. I’m convinced Alyssa got pregnant because she was jealous (yes she’s that dumb and pathetic) because Madison did. He wasnt even visiting Harper a month before that diaper party Bs. God bless those children.

  3. What is the matter with these girls, he was so disrespectful to these two during the show (+ the one that haven’t been pregnant by him…YET) and they still cannot resist him??? He was talking smack behind Alyssa’s back (but not away from the cameras), convincing Maddison that she will be his one and only then as soon as she appeared, Maddison was forgotten, Not for long thou, since she became his first baby-mama after the show. And now that one let him in her bed (or maybe on the back of a truck, i don’t know where she’s from tbh)
    And then Shane goes off talking about respecting them? As ignorant as it may come off, how can I respect people, who have no self respect?

    PS. MTV should start their own version of Sister Wives, only without the “wife” part, since I doubt Tony is into the “long-term-commitment” of marriage.

    1. How can a woman with any respect for herself let a man that called her a a psycho stalker on national tv LET a man impregnate her? MTV has a knack for finding people with absolutely zero self respect and self worth, it’s truly a gift they have.

  4. And that’s how The Tony Rule was added to our fantasy The Challenge league… points if a contestant has to take a pregnancy test, extra points if it is positive. In other words, there’s a good chance Tony gets someone pregnant on The Challenge Rivals 3 because that dude seems to really not know how to use condoms.

  5. I’m actually so sad for these kids. Eventually they are going to add it up & be like “WTF” & also I really think it’s sad that he has a daughter & treats women like this?! He apparently hooks up with someone else in the new challenge too. ?

  6. madison probably knows now he’ll never settle down with her, so go ahead and you can have visitation. alyssa is delusional, batshit crazy, so she’s probably not accepted it. either she plans to look the other way, or tony will end up dead/dismembered. one of the two.

  7. The baby Louis mentioned during his diaper party posts is actually the son of his friend… The baby isn’t due till November so they don’t even know the sex of the baby yet

      1. oh for sure…he’s so tainted now…having that much unprotected sex and impregnating these 2 dingbats so close together…YUCK. I wouldn’t touch him with a 10 ft pole!

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