‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Corey Simms Got a Drastic Makeover!

"I went through two razors getting that beard off!"
“I went through two razors getting that beard off!”

Corey Simms, is that you!?

The Teen Mom 2 star is nearly unrecognizable in a new photo posted by his father, Jeff Simms, earlier today. Corey, who has had some sort of facial hair since we first met him on Leah Messer‘s episode of 16 and Pregnant back in 2010, bid his burly beard and mustache farewell recently, opting for a bare-faced, clean shaven look that we’ve never seen him sport.

The Ashley is aware that a man shaving isn’t exactly news but…Corey looks like a completely different person!

Jeff posted the photo to his Instagram account showing a bare-faced Corey coaching his daughters’ T-ball team. Many fans were questioning if the man in the photo was even Corey, due to how different he looked.

“What a difference without the beard!” one fan commented.

“He looks like Jeremy,” another wrote.

Corey, his wife Miranda (and his beard) in December 2015.
Corey, his wife Miranda (and his beard) in December 2015.

While most of the cast of Teen Mom 2 is in Los Angeles this weekend filming the Reunion special for Season 7, Corey opted to stay home. Leah’s other ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, also chose not to attend.

The Ashley’s source tells her that their reason for missing the reunion was simple.

“There was really no reason for Leah’s guys to go this time,” the source said. “Last time, Jeremy’s segments didn’t even air. It’s a huge effort to fly across country for them, since they are in West Virginia, arrange for child care, take off work, etc, just for a weekend of shooting. They don’t care about the free trip or anything at this point. They’d rather stay home.”

Corey (and his newly cleaned face) also kept his twin girls home from the Reunion this time.

“Bubbles and T ball are always more fun than LA trips,” Jeff explained.

(Photos: Instagram, Facebook)

57 Responses

    1. What’s that got to do with this topic???
      There’s another topic elsewhere about that skank

  1. I kind of liked him with the mustache and goatee only. But it’s his face, so whatever makes him happy(and comfortable), I guess.

  2. I completely understand why Corey & Jeremy don’t feel like wasting their time going to a reunion where everyone will act amazed at Leah’s recovery & strength. But I’m still sad that they aren’t going to sit together & call her out. They definitely won’t be returning for another season, which makes me sad. I love this show & I’ll be sad to see it go. Especially since I’m not sure about the new 16 & Pregnant format..

  3. He’s such a good dad. Hands down, the best dad to come out of the TM franchise. (Followed by Gary and Jo).

    1. Yea, he seems like he has his head screwed on correctly, but jeez, his dad has an Instagram, the man has to be pushing 50.

      1. Didn’t know there was an age limit for joining Instagram

        God what an idiot to post such a stupid a$$ comment

    2. GARY?
      The guy who sold visitation?
      Why wouldnt he give Amber 50/50 custody? Oh she is going to marry the creepiest guy but why did Gary suddenly change his mind as soon as Amber offered child support?

      1. He’s brought up that child why shouldn’t Amber pay child support, if it were the other way around he’d be cussed out for not paying child support

  4. Oh man without any of the guys there Leah won’t need monkey! She’ll just go on stage, shed some tears and tell everyone how Corey Tyler and Miranda are so mean to her.

  5. Looks better. Leah is a good mom she just needs to focus on the girls and her.corey needs to give a break. No ones perfect people make mistakes. But they both love the girls.but they need both of them.

    1. I think you only give people a break when they are not driving around so high they can’t keep their eyes open with three girlses in the back. She leaving out vape things, smoking in the car with not only three children but one with a severe disability that can impact her heart and lungs. She loves her girls but the addict has taken over and she is no longer a good mother.

    2. Is she a good mom when she smokes near her children, one that has respiratory problems? I she a good mom when she texts and drives? Is she a good mom when she doesn’t give them breakfast?

    3. Yeah ok Leah
      Mom of the year NOT!!!!

      If your not Leah then, You got to be a family member, only a hillbilly trailer trash would stand by Leah and her incompetent parenting

  6. The love he shows for all of his girls(es) and the sincere desire to provide a “normalcy” to their lives is sexy with or without the beard!

  7. I think he looks very handsome, but that comes from the love he has for his girls, not the status of his facial hair!
    He really has shown such maturity and growth and is sincere in his desire to provide a “normal” upbringing to his children! That is sexy with or without a beard!

  8. Why would the guys want to go to a reunion with Dr. Drew coddling those girls and telling them they can do no wrong? They always come out as the bad guy, or Leah spills secrets on national TV and then says “Monkey” when things get uncomfortably real about HER. I bet the dads are being told to stay quiet about the drug thing, since MTV is hell-bent on the anxiety/depression JOKE of a story. So yeah. I wouldn’t want to go to a reunion show either just so that druggie b$#*% can drag my name through the mud and then cry and make excuses about her s#$% parenting.

  9. I bet miranda made him do it. She’s so controlling and everything!! (Total sarcasm btw, I love miranda!)

  10. he looked like a dirty old man with that beard, it was gross, and he looked like he smelled bad. He looks much better without that mess!

  11. I don’t mind what sort of facial hair he sports, as long as he’s smiling with it ?? Leah done put him through some real crap so it’s nice to see him happier, enjoying the Girlses and their more settled life when with him. Good on you, Corey!

  12. Wow, he much younger without his beard. He looks great. It’s also very cute that he’s coaching his daughters’ T-ball team. He’s such a good father.

  13. I love how when men shave, they end up shaving years off… Corey now looks his age instead of at least 10 years older.

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