‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment’ Episode 6 Recap: Cassie Cries & Courtney’s Creepy Husband Comes Calling

Raise your hand if you plan to creep everyone out tonight.
Raise your hand if you plan to creep everyone out tonight.

Get ready for a very special episode of The Mother/Daughter Experiment because this week there will be a special guest on set! Doug Hutchinson will be arriving to the ‘Mother/Daughter Experiment’ house! (Has someone informed Doug that this is a reality show about families, not an adult film meant to satisfy his fantasy that Krista was talking about last episode?) Just checking…

"Geez, you try to get with one son-in-law and no one ever lets you forget it!"
“Geez, you try to get with one son-in-law and no one ever lets you forget it!”

Doug, the husband of Courtney and the potential lover of Courtney’s mother Krista, is here to  verify if some of the things that Krista and Courtney have been saying about him are true. Did Krista really try to put the moves on Ol’ Doug? Is that why the mother/daughter relationship exploded? This should be good.

Before we can get to the good stuff, however, all the pairs go into the therapy room where we have to pretend to care about anyone else on this show…but let’s face it, we don’t.

"All y'all people are nuts!"
“All y’all people are nuts!”

Except Shar. Shar is awesome.

They discuss the argument that broke out between Natalie, Kimberly and Cassie the previous night. As always, Shar is always the voice of reason.

“All of this other stuff is stupid,” Shar says. “It is ridiculous and it is not why we’re here.”

Next, Dr. Debbie starts the individual therapy. Cassie is up first. Of course the first thing the therapist wants to bring up is the fact that Kevin Federline left Shar for Britney Spears when Cassie was younger.

“It wasn’t fair that I had to be happy all the time because I knew how sad you were,” Cassie said.

"My mom was dating Kevin FREAKING Federline. Hadn't I suffered enough?"
“My mom was dating Kevin FREAKING Federline. Hadn’t I suffered enough?”

Cassie also revealed that she was getting bullied at school every day during that time. (I guess when your Mom’s former boyfriend runs off with an aging hillbilly pop singer, you become the butt of the playground joke.) Cassie and Shar seem to make peace with their past.

It’s Courtney and Krazy Krista’s turn next. Courtney is dressed like bad Sandy from “Grease” for some reason.

Finally, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for— Creepy Doug shows up. Krazy Krista is pretending like she doesn’t want to see him, but we all know she’d bang him right there on the therapy couch if she could. Doug arrives with gifts and a tiny dog.

Even the dog is tired of this crap...
Even the dog is tired of this crap…

All of the other moms are giving him side eye. He sits down on the couch with them and starts telling his and Courtney’s love story.

“We basically fell for each other over two and a half months of emailing,” he says, while Shar is looking at him like he’s crazy. “After I found out Courtney’s age, I had a really frank talk with Krista.”

Our faces while Doug is explaining his relationship with Courtney in that creepy voice...
Our faces while Doug is explaining his relationship with Courtney in that creepy voice…

Um…you should have been having a “really frank talk” with Chris Hanson of To Catch a Predator, bro.

Doug said Krista told him that she thought he was a good person and she didn’t have any problem with this 50-year-old marrying her 16-year-old daughter. Shar’s looks just keep getting crazier and crazier. Doug tells them that Courtney was being “courted” by tons of men. (Is she a Duggar?)

He says Courtney was even being courted by sheikhs in the Middle East. Um…

“How are sheikhs  finding a 16-year-old?” Natalie asks.

"Now personally, I think you all belong in straight jackets, but that's just me..."
“Now personally, I think you all belong in straight jackets, but that’s just me…”

Finally, Doug walks into the lion’s den with Courtney and Krista. The doctor tries to get the truth, but it’s basically a he said, she said situation. He says Krista came on to him shortly after he married Courtney. Krista denies this. Doug denies having an emotional or physical affair with Krista. They basically resolve nothing.

Courtney and Doug go to her room to trash talk Krista. Krista goes out to trash talk them to the other moms.

"So does that mean the mother/daughter threesome isn't happening or...?"
“Is it safe to assume that mother/daughter threesome isn’t happening?”

They start talking about how Courtney and Doug met. Krista said they started communicating by email after Doug saw her modeling pics. Krista said she was monitoring the emails and then Cassie throws the best shade ever (she learned that from her mama).

“What in God’s name is the point of monitoring if it’s not going to stop 50-year-old men coming at your 16-year-old daughter?”


Krista said she didn’t know exactly how old he was.

“Yeah but you knew he was grown,” Shar says.

"Did someone say bath?! Hey guys let me back in!"
“Did someone say bath?! Hey guys let me back in!”

That night they all decide to get into their bikinis and get wasted. Afterward, Natalie, Josie, and Heidi decide to go take a bath together. (Anyone wanna bet that Ol’ Doug is peepin’ in the bathroom window and drooling while watching this go down?)

The group bath results in Heidi and Natalie getting extremely drunk (as per usual). Heidi is vomiting (as per usual). Karen and Natalie are in each other’s face and screaming (as per usual).

"Who cares who wanted to sleep with who! There's FREE alcohol here, people!"
“Who cares who wanted to sleep with who! There’s FREE alcohol here, people!”

Next week on the season finale, Natalie and Karen continue to fight and Kim gets taken away in an ambulance. Stay tuned!

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10 Responses

  1. i love shar! she’s so funny, and, judging by her awesome daughter, is an awesome mom. i hate to think she was sad so long over freakin’ federline lmao. after cassie’s panic attack, i really can’t believe she’s still with chris massey! she can’t even handle someone yelling in the same house, idk how she can deal with being pushed around, or worse. as mature as she is, she’s still young, so i hope she leaves him soon, she deserves a great guy. score one for kim for getting in natalie’s face lol, she’s so tiny and she didn’t give a damn, she got right in that big horse face. doug. oh, doug. that bit with the dog was too much, i was rolling!at least courtney hasn’t procreated with him yet, maybe she won’t. it’s really bad when a twit like her is more relatable than the mom. she needs to be done with her mom, nothing will fix…that. and please stop fucking with your face courtney, you’re so young, you won’t look like anything u used to if u keep up smh.

  2. I feel like Doug doesn’t have the mental capacity to cheat on Courtney. He seems like he’s such a push-over. Probably does everything for Courtney, and to keep her with him. I was dying the way he was fawning over their dog. But at the same time, it’s kind of shady that he doesn’t seem to care that much that his family just disowned him for marrying her. He says it so matter-of-factly.

  3. Courtney is downright terrifying looking. Girl needs to stay away from the surgeons office for like….forever. ?

  4. Hey Ashley, I think you may mean Sheikhs. Sikhs are people who belong to the religion of Sikhism,Sheikhs are the oil barons in the Middle East.

    If they mispronounced it themselves, apologies!

    1. @Jemmy On second listen they DID pronounce it correctly. I misheard and originally thought they said “Sikhs” which made it extra-funny. Changing now! My mistake! -The Ashley

  5. I know. Is it supplied in the house they are staying at? If so, that throws the whole “therapy aspect” out the window.

    Which probably got thrown out on day 1 lol

    1. I’m sure the show supplies the alcohol, trying to help keep the drama going… I know they’re probably not really interested in therapy, just keeping their 15 minutes or acting like it’s a free vacation. But some of those ladies really do need help.

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