EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8 is Happening: Get All the Details!

"Alright, alright! We'll do another one!"
“Alright, alright! We’ll do another one!”

The Ashley wanted to wait until she had official confirmation from multiple show sources before posting this but…she can now confirm that Teen Mom 2 Season 8 is officially happening!

According to The Ashley’s show sources, the cast is currently filming Season 8. In fact, they never stopped filming following the end of Season 7, so Season 8 will pick up right where Season 7 left off. (MTV may dub this new season “Season 7B” as they’ve done with other seasons in the past. The Ashley cannot confirm what it will be called. 

The Ashley is well aware of Internet rumors stating that certain girls have quit the show, but The Ashley can confirm that all four girls have signed on for Season 8, despite what you’ve read. The Ashley did tell you that one of the four girls was reluctant to sign on, but she eventually did agree to do another season for one simple reason: the money.

“It’s the same story every season,” one source tells The Ashley. “Someone says they are done with the show, but honestly, no one is going to turn down the money. [The girls] are used to making astronomical amounts of money, so it’s not like they can go back to a normal job and live the same lifestyle.”

When that Season 8 contract comes in and you're feeling like a boss...
When that Season 8 contract comes in and you’re feeling like a boss…

While the four main girls have all signed on, one of The Ashley’s sources tells her that Leah Messer‘s ex-husband Jeremy Calvert is still adamant about cutting ties to the show. (The Ashley told you that in March.) Chelsea Houska‘s ex, Adam Lind, has stated that he, too, is done with ‘Teen Mom 2,’ but we will have to wait and see if the men change their mind. After all, they are making a ton of money from their appearances on MTV, which is not easy to say goodbye to.

Anyway, Season 8 should be full of drama. It will likely cover Chelsea’s wedding to Cole DeBoer (although Chelsea will not be allowing MTV to film the actual wedding for the show). It will also cover Javi Marroquin‘s homecoming (although he is still on deployment for several more months), Jenelle‘s recent court drama and more!

The Ashley will keep you posted on all things related to Season 8. In the meantime, however, catch up on The Ashley’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 recaps by clicking here!

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  1. Chelsea has some good points but if you consider the other 3 Moms, of course she looks good. I think her relationship with her father is unhealthy; he’s more of a friend than a Dad. Also, she is really causing pain to Aubree by downgrading Adam. If she had Aubree’s best interest at heart, she would remain objective. Also, is the pig potty-trained? I still don’t understand why you live in South Dakota but gave a pig FLOWN IN from another part of the Midwest??

  2. I saw 16 & Pregnant w Leah today….her Mama’s trailer home and her used car I think it was a Dodge Intrepid. Corey chilling at McDonalds on Valentines Day etc. That’s the realness that all of the Teen Moms lack. I don’t know why MTV laid these trashy people all of this money. That’s really why Teen Mom 2 and OG are dull…sure u have some personal character flaws which is mildly entertaining, but the struggle isn’t there. The struggle added comedy but also gave other girls something to relate to and say, hey maybe I had a kid young but I sure am better then those crazy girls. Now, all of them constantly have airbrushed makeup and fake tans, bleached teeth and expensive a** cars, huge homes…there’s no drama now. At the end of the day, they bank in MTV $ so how upset can they really get?! MTV needs to cut their checks and see how can stay afloat and who follows in Farrah’s footsteps…lol.

  3. When are jo and his wife Vee getting a reality show? ?. They are so much fun to watch ♡♡♡

  4. So I guess they will be filming this show till they die,go for them I can’t wait for season 8

  5. I am beyond happy to hear there will be another season. I have been soaking up every second of every episode this season. I was really sad when I thought it would be their last. I never expected I would become this obsessed with a reality tv show. TM2 never fails to entertain me. What sort of shenanigans will these girls get up to over the next several months?

  6. The only person I see going anywhere is Jeremy…and POSSIBLY Corey if Miranda had a problem with filming…but other than that, they’re all blowing out hot hair whenever they say they’re going to quit…and if they do quit it’s only going to be for 1 season.

  7. They won’t quit they all need the pay check.

    Randy the handy tooth puller can’t keep substating Chelseas life style,

    Leah the dope head needs to be able to pay her deskers.

    Chinelle needs Money to pay her lawyers.

    And kail needs to pay for decent hair cuts for issac

  8. Does anyone know if Kail and Javi are still together? Or planning on separating?? I know he’s deployed and all, but it’s been a long time since they instagrammed about one another, and no wedding rings have been seen in awhile…

      1. Me too 🙁 Isaac is such a sweetheart and seems very sensitive and attached to Javi. I haven’t seen most of this season yet (I save it up for binge watching) but from what I DID see of Javi, I would honestly be glad for Kail if she got out of it. And I’m no Kail fan.

        1. oh for sure. Javi completely changed my opinion of him this season….I dunno if he was acting out because he was going to be deployed or what….but he transformed into this controlling a hole this season. I hope that they can stick it out for the sake of the kids, because kids need their fathers…but I would understand if she decided to throw in the towel. I feel like him being deployed definitely helps with their fighting…distance makes the heart grow fonder. But this previous episode when he said that ISIS was out there, I was just like are you freal?! Why would you tell your wife that?! He’s always trying to get a reaction out of Kail, and that can’t be healthy.

    1. there are a lot of down voters out there today….when nobody saying anything negative…just asking questions and observing

      1. Right!? WTH people :p I was just legit wondering. No judgment. I know it’s kind of hilarious to base opinions on someones marriage from INSTAGRAM but that seems to be a main vehicle of communication for these people.

  9. Javi will be deployed several more months? I thought he was coming home in three weeks…

  10. Well I am happy that they are doing season 8 this is my favorite one out of all of them

  11. I thought Leah was quitting that fake ass show? Oh ya that’s right how else will she live the life of luxury. The new cars, the new homes, paying her drug dealer, paying TR Dues bills and so on…Jeremy has stated he’s not going to be filming I’ll believe that when I see it. Corey I think will bow out gracefully. We need to see Jenelle and Lurch get arrested for domestic violence or drugs. It seems like kailyn and Javi are ending their match made in heaven. But I love their little boys. Issac and Lincoln are too effin cute for words. Then there is Chelsea who needs to stay on so that other girls who feel like they can’t go on without their bad boys can brush themselves off and find their own Cole. And who doesn’t love Babs!! Let us see her find her soulmate, damn her show is too funny!

  12. I’m guessing it was Chelsea that was reluctant to continue because it’s obvious that she really wants to cut all ties with Adam and the producers make her talk about him to create drama for her story line. Without Adam, it’s just Chelsea talking in her baby voice to Cole, Aubree and Randilicious. Mtv knows that would be torture for the viewers. I honestly think they shouldn’t do another season though. I think it’s run it’s course and the girls are all pretty stable. It even looks like Jenelle is starting to get it together because it’s been awhile since she’s been handcuffed.

    1. Even Jenelle is starting to get it together? Are you serious? It hasn’t been that long since she’s been arrested for something. Give it time, I’m sure we’ll see another mug shot soon enough.

      And by the way, getting your sh*t together is not the same thing as simply not getting arrested.

      1. I didn’t say she had it completely together. I was just making a joke about her cutting down on the arrests.

    2. Given the chance, Chelsea would take Adam back, she loves the guy despite what she says, she’s just keeping her Pa happy as he runs her life.
      She can’t think or pay for her self, her Daddy funds her lifestyle and her kid

  13. They can’t go back to normal jobs? They are in their early 20s..please enlighten me on how they will support themselves after the show?

    And it sounds so Boring to be honest. This season has been so Boring – why continue the same shit, different season?

  14. Does anybody know if Chelsea still works as an asthetician? I kept reading online that she was going to quit the show, because she is over it and doesn’t really need the money, but we haven’t really seen her work yet this season. I’m sure she doesn’t need the money as badly as the other girls, but she is dreaming of a bigger house and a bunch more kids and animals, so I’m sure another 200k will come in handy!

    1. Chelsea will probably be the only girl who will make out OK (financially) after the series ends, because her father is very rich, and has supported her.

      1. Isn’t a father financially supporting you when you’re married essentially the opposite of doing “ok” financially? Though I agree- Cole seems to have a decent job, and they could live an average life without the show. I see Chelsea having a couple more kids and not working.

        TheAshley– do you have any idea if the girls get royalties for reruns, or get a solid amount in their annual salary? And if not, will they be making royalties when she show ends?

          1. What’s does Cole do, hmmm?????
            Cole does what ever Chelsea tells him to do!!!

    2. she had a voiceover once right at the start of the season saying she was working ‘a few days a week’. i’ve got a couple friends who are estheticians and one has a spot at a salon and one has two young kids now, so she takes a few appts a week at home. you can make damn good money, esp at an upscale salon like the one where chelsea works. of course, she COULD do 5 days a week and have even more put up, but anyhoo lol. on another note, i can’t believe adam didn’t freakin’ show up to their mediation! well, i mean i can, idk why i’m surprised. it’s just he talked such a big game for so long, he had to know how stupid he’d look. chelsea said they upped his support from less than $200 a month to $1,000. she was actually pretty smart with it lol, up his support and watch him run.

    3. Well when daddy funds her and enables her to reliant on him, she won’t need mtv money will she!!! She will keep filming as it keeps Adam in her life just that little bit more, the girl loves him, stupid idiot, but to keep her fat pa happy she listens to what pa says

  15. Well dang. I was kinda hoping that our favorite s$&t was wrapping and we could all get on with Teen Mom-free lives, just periodically turning to the interwebs to see who had crashed and burned without MTV payin’ their way.

    Alas, the producers saw fit to stoke my addiction with a fresh vial of episodes. I’ll never get clean now! Bring on the recaps, dear Ashley, we’re gonna need ’em. Bad!

  16. Love your recaps. I cancelled my satelite a few months ago, but I still can keep up with the drama just as well through The Ashley!

  17. Eh Another Season of Jenelle being high as a kite while trying to make her “little family” look perfect, Leah also high as a kite blamming Corey for literally EVERYTHING, Kail being an ice queen, and Chelsea being normal but with horrible hair.

      1. Did anyone watch the tm2 funny online, and Chelsea was talking and Adam was like what’s up with that voice?! I was cracking up! Never in a million years did I think I would agree with or laugh at anything Adam Lind said.

  18. Well leah and jenelle have said they were quitting. But let’s be real, without mtv money, you got nothing (well leah has child support).

  19. Meh. While I’m a sucker for your recaps, I have completely stopped watching the show. It’s so manufactured and, frankly, boring. How many times can you recycle the same story lines? Especially when they don’t feel truthful (i.e. Leah’s narcolepsy, Jenelle’s “soulmate(s),” Kail’s lack of feeling). I at least appreciate Chelsea’s boredom, but it’s not enough to make me want to watch.

    1. Right?!? It seriously blows my mind that these girls see their lives, choices and actions replay year after year yet they have never learned from their mistakes and keep making such obviously horrible choices! They really don’t seem to see their wrong doings and they definitely don’t do anything to better themselves. One of the biggest things is that they still keep talking about the other parent or inappropriate things in front of their kids after years of people pointing it out and seeing how it affects the kids!

    2. My thoughts exactly! I stopped watching this show a LONG time ago, but I absolutely LOVE The Ashley’s recaps. They’re the best! If the actual show was a good as the Ashley’s recaps I’d still be watching. I knew it was time to stop when I fast forwarded through the whole show and only stopped to watch Chelsea’s segments. I think Jailnelle was on soulmate 14 back then, so it’s been a while!

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