Pregnant ‘Little Women: LA’ Star Briana Renee Manson Released from Hospital

"I'm free!"
“I’m free!”

Briana Renee Manson is back at home after spending nearly a week in the hospital. The pregnant Little Women: LA star, who was hospitalized last week because she was experiencing early labor, called the hospitalization “the most terrifying life experience” on her Facebook page on Wednesday.

According to People, Briana is now back home, since her doctors were able to slow down labor and eliminate her contractions. She is currently six months pregnant.

Although Briana was in the middle of filming the upcoming season of ‘Little Women: LA,’ production had been halted while Briana was in the hospital.

Her husband, Matt Ericson, was reportedly closely monitoring who visited and spoke with Briana while she was in the hospital. According to Briana’s father, Matt had banned him and other members of Briana’s family from visiting her.

According to People‘s source, Briana will continue to be monitored and will remain on bed rest.

(Photo: Lifetime)



  1. I think Matt is purposely trying to get Briana to believe her family and friends are against her so that Briana feels like the only person she has is Matt. That way Briana has to forgive and take him back because now she feels the only person she has is Matt. That’s how abusive and controlling relationships work. Briana just wants a man to love her so bad that she can’t even see that ALL of Matt’s actions are screaming that he doesn’t love her. Matt is so disrespectful and disgusting. I honestly think he has a creepy vibe where he like’s Briana because she has a child like body. Makes me sick to even say that but someone said that he even said he, “like to watch old pen** go in young p****!” SICK SCUM!

  2. I’m sure poor matt was struggling hard with his nasty addiction, while she was in the hospital, and he showed his pen1$ to numerous women. All the while he was oblivious to what he is doing and often times blacking out. Poor matt, the struggle is real. Fktard

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