EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Bought Her First House

"I bought a house, y'all!"
“I bought a house, y’all!”

Leah Messer has made well over $1 million from appearing on Teen Mom 2, and now the reality TV star is putting some of that money to good use!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Leah just purchased her very first home! The house is located near Leah’s childhood hometown in West Virginia.

Leah recently hinted that she was in the process of trying to buy a home. When she read some negative stories about herself on Twitter, she tweeted that the media doesn’t focus on the positive things she’s been doing.

“Can we not find something better to discuss in the media, ya kno? Like how I’m buying my first home with MY DAUGHTERS!” she wrote.

It is not known if Leah’s boyfriend T.R. Dues will be living at Leah’s new place. (He was, however, living in the rental with her for a period of time.)

The home-purchasing process will likely be shown on the upcoming eighth season of ‘Teen Mom.’

UPDATE (July 2016): Leah has moved into her new home. Click here to see photos.

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Leah currently lives in my neighborhood. She is truly one of the most disgusting people. There is always enough trash outside for 30 homes, cars parked in the yard, and just a lot of people. I know that I speak for everyone in the neighborhood when I say that we cannot wait to see her go!!!! Please make sure you take alllllllllll your trash with you!!!!

    1. Is that house nice? I can never really tell from video in fact for the longest time I thought it was a Duplex where there’s two houses in one.
      Also does she speed? We see her text while she drives and never buckles up so I wondered if she speeds around in my namesake like a maniac.

  2. Now, we wait for TM2 to go right in the shitter, like it should, and for Leah to be unable to fulfill the terms of her mortgage.

    As the bank goes to repossess, Leah tries to sell to save her ass, and it comes out to the public that the house is a shit-show of horrors!

    Hoarders is called in to address the monstrous accumulation of cheesy poofs, kitten poop, hair weave, soda bottles with varied amounts of drink in them, ravaged and licked empty Chef Boyardee cans, and boxes upon boxes of crusty ass Mary Kay make-up and Tupperware.

    Good times ahead people, good times. Stay tuned.

    1. Now how could she continue to play the victim of she moved closer to the girls school! Leah is to selfish to do that, she’d rather move further afield and play the roll of victim as she normally does

  3. Okay, holy hell I am going to lose my mind watching this horrible mother every damn week! I’m sorry but if anyone wants to sit there and feel bad for or for God’s sake PRAISE her for DOING BETTER then they need their heads checked! She has been rolling in mtv money for what..6 years now and is JUST NOW buying a house..my husband and I bought our 1st home before we had our 1st child. And I’m sorry but she says she is “doing better” since going to the “hab” but the only thing that’s changed is that she is actually dressing herself & putting on makeup. she still feeds her kids crap (side note..WTF was she even thinking by asking “is it bad I’m gonna let addie eat icing..umm yeah u stupid bitch..do u sit at the table & eat icing from the tub..my guess is that even tho her mom is a pos she didn’t cuz if she did, she wouldn’t be asking that question), her daughter’s wheelchair was broke for how long & she didn’t try 2 get it fixed until it was free, she is late to everything, she doesn’t watch them (addie was on top of that jungle gym a good 6ft & could have easily fell & been seriously hurt or worse but it’s okay cuz she says “there was def.someone around”..her back doesn’t have eyes..& then her disabled child falls on her head & she acts like it’s nothing, addie wats sugar packets like it’s nothing..I could go on & on with this topic) she blames EVERYONE for all her problems, especially Corey who is a REAL parent that takes care of them properly, she texts & smokes with the kids in the car while driving..I mean SERIOUSLY!!! I am so sick that cps hasn’t stepped in & taken them kids away from her permanantly..and I think Jeremy needs to get a job where he is home they the week and take Addie and quick cuz she has no hope if she doesn’t get out of her care now! I feel so bad for those kids..my heart broke for Allie when Leah made her sit & watch her sister at cheer class and she couldn’t do it too..like Wtf, let her go to her dad’s that night so she doesn’t have to be hurt watching her sister do something she wants to do so badly but can’t because of her disease..who does that? She just had to have Thursdays to do cheer with THEM but it’s only 1 that can. Then she has the nerve to say she doesn’t care if Cory takes another breath because of what he is doing to her children…woah, take a step back & look at what YOU’RE DOING TO THEM…they’re on a fast track to diabetes, severe injuries, living in filth, respiratory problems from her smoking, car accident risk from driving & texting, foul mouth & talking badly about their dad in front of them..I can go on and on..Cory is the better parent & those girls NEED to be with him before it’s too late. And dear God Leah..just fess up to the bofriend already..nobody believes your lying ass and he must feel like shit that u hide him like u do & trust me, moving a boyfriend in would probably help u in court..at least there it’s possible there would be ONE decent, responsible adult in the house to watch & feed the girlses. She doesn’t deserve a pet let alone children! Sorry for the rant but she makes me so angry it’s insane!

    1. spot on, and it might make you feel a little better to know jeremy did get a new job. he’s in town alot more now, perhaps he did it in preparation? corey bent over backwards trying to take care of those babies and make leah happy, and she’s done him wrong so many times, yet he’s never said anything like he wished she’s never take another breath. her girls would be devastated and she’s a pos saying it. my sister in law (who now lost custody) fed her kid nothing but junk, every time you saw her, her mouth was blue. and she developed type 2 diabetes. that shit is real, and she could’ve given addie a spoon to lick of it or something, a whole fucking can, just dig in? she fucks herself up, mtv’s editing probably saves her more than anything

    2. tell us how you really feel!! Honestly Leah is acting like people should be patting her on that back and praising her, because she just did the 1 thing that most responsible people/parents are supposed to do, and that’s buying a house for her kids and family. 7 years and over a $1 million bucks later she’s finally starting to provide security for her kids. It’s pitiful. She is very irresponsible and is so diluted that she thinks she’s always the victim. I feel like she’s going to be the first one of the moms that is going to end up completely broke and on welfare as soon as the show is over. She doesn’t save any money, and the only skills that she has are causing mayhem and being a cheating trollop.

    3. Oh gosh. This is the worst comment. Its like each sentence is worse then the one before it. The cheer thing is reaaaaly a poorly thought out thing. Seriously? It sucks that Ali can’t cheeer but you want her shuffled off and hidden away? Are they supposed to do that with everything in her life? How terrible! She needs to see that everyone has different abilities and find stuff she can do…might not be athletics…maybe some thing artistic. CALL CPS??? that’s so rediculous. How dare you trivialize what children truly suffering abuse and neglect by saying that so casually here? Now Leah really does come off like a dumdum sometimes because she talks like a hillbilly and she hasn’t been taught a lot…she doesn’t know any better…but her Mom prolly had the same upbringing…sheesh, she was a little girl that all of a sudden has twins and one wit special needs….and even if they get money…for a teen mom this TV show would be terribly stressful to be judged by the whole world….two divorces….my goodness…she buckled and got hookedon pills…..I can’t stand when people wanna knock others when they are down. And that wheelchair thing….she did not blow that off. I think uounare a mean sour person. I hope so much that you are 16 or 17 because if younare an adultnwith this immaturity…that’s worse then Leah…your rant…mean spirited condemning rant is borderline hysterical and boggling.

      1. She chose to put her life out there.
        She chose drugs.
        No one forced her.

        Just like Leah you need to go back to school, your English is appalling

      2. It is people like you that make the Teen Mom’s a bunch of delusional, self pitying narcissists. NOTHING is ever their fault and just because they MAKE A LIVING putting their lives on TV to be judged, we should all pretend they do now wrong and just need to be enabled. You disgust me.

  4. How do you make over $200k a year but go broke by the time filming for the next season starts? I can see Leah, dirty no extensions hair, no makeup, eye rolling when her daughters speak to her, biting her unkempt nails checking her bank account or the mailbox for that MTV money to suddenly appear. That’s why she always looks like shit at the beginning of each season, then she is suddenly pretty again by episode 4 or so. Pathetic. Her kids will suffer living in squalor and Ali won’t be able to use her wheelchair anyway because of all the junk on the floor.

  5. Let focus on the fact that she probably lost the security deposit on the place she rented.
    You should have been able to purchase a house a long time ago with those fat MTV checks.
    You dont get a prize or a pat on the back for buying a house. People do it everyday & tbey dont get BIG checks from MTV for nodding out on tv, they actually work for it.

  6. I know this seems like I believe Leah can’t do anything right because buying a house should be a positive thing, but I’m unimpressed with how she’s just now buying a house given how much she makes. The same goes with all the cast, really. Where is that $250k/year going? I also figured she bought the house close to where she is now, super far away from the girls’ schools and Corey, which would be really dumb.

  7. The sad thing about these show is that every guy that are on mtv show they all live from their women.Not one guy works.jenealle is the biggest loser.Especially nathan so concern of his son and not his daughter.All for t.v. money.

  8. How lovely and what a great lesson for the teen viewers to learn from this. A drug addled, incompetent lazy mother gets rewarded a big paycheck for simply exposing her tacky life on TV.

  9. Didn’t she buy a trailer once?
    Think I remember now: she wanted to buy their own house and Corey wanted a new truck.
    Corey bought the truck but they did move to a bigger trailer so Ali could exercise and receive PT in the living room.
    I have to say I thought Corey was a bit stupid and selfish there.

    1. corey sold his truck and got an old one when she was pregnant so they could get their own place, no one ever seems to remember that smh. he also bought her a car. all he said was they needed to save and look for a good place, not just take what they found right off. her unreasonable ass decided to throw a fit and fuck robbie and file for divorce. THEN corey got a new truck. kudos to him for it.

      1. And don’t forget, the axle was going to snap, and I’ve had a car do that while driving. It’s extremely dangerous. He told Leah he needed a newer, safer truck if he was going to take the job she was begging him to take. He never said they couldn’t get a house, he said after he got a safer vehicle to travel to the better job THEN they’d be able to afford a house and not another trailer. And let’s not forget, Leah picked that trailer with the busted tub and all.

        1. exactly, he had a nice ass truck and he sold it to take care of her and his babies and got a beater. she just expected him to drive it til the wheels fall off, nevermind his safety and nevermind she found the house she bitched 24/7 about. these girls drive me insane. i gotta stop watching the teen mom 3 reruns too lol, i want to strangle katie. she’s so cool any other time but she just bitched nonstop at joey, and actually accused him of not doing shit for them, while he was getting ready for his job as a miner working 3rd! he got her an apartment that was $930 a freakin’ month and a new car, and she had the nerve to call him a deadbeat dad. like wtf! THIS is why the ‘teenage newlyweds’ thing is the worst idea ever lol, they’re just too young and immature to understand anything. (i know that was random lol but i had it on while i was getting ready for work so it’s fresh

  10. She wants people to focus on the positive but the only positive thing I’ve seen from her in a long time was vacuuming everything else people respond to what is shown! You have a two story home but Ali can’t walk does that make sense! We see you texting,smoking and driving, you are late everywhere you go when it comes to the kids, you lay on the couch all day, your house and car is dirty even though you don’t have a job. Get your stuff together and the positive comments will start coming and start owning your crap and stop blaming everyone else for your messed you life and problems

    1. All those things are Corey Tyler and Miranda’s fault. LOL! Couldn’t agree more. She is the constant victim.

  11. Please CLEAN this one, Leah. And use the new kitchen to cook the girlses a decent meal, instead of using the cabinet space for storing large cans of Chef Boyardee ravioli, Cheetos, and cake frosting from Costco.

    Onward, and best of luck to you.

    1. the crap she lets those girls ingest is ridiculous! All that canned food and candy, I seriously sit there and watch in absolute horror when I see those kids eat. I bet you she hasn’t cook a meal in a stove or given those girls vegetables in months…and WHO gives their toddler an entire tub of cake frosting?? I’m not even trying to be funny…she keeps giving Addie all that sugar, Addie’s going to be another kid misdiagnosed with ADHD, and Leah’s gonna have more doctor bills.

      1. they’ll develop type 2 diabetes. my sister in law, who has now lost custody, fed her kid nothing but junk and she got it. it’s sad and people act like it’s nitpicking and it’s fucking not, it’s so important! a spoonful to lick? sure, why not, lick a beater or the bowl, but a whole damn can? then she’s got a toddler climbing the walls and whining how hard life is smh

        1. and the fact that her mum didn’t say anything other than just make sure she stays at the table. Isn’t Dawn suppose to be a nurse? and wasn’t that Leah’s dream job once upon a time they both should know better.

          1. Dawn’s a lot of things, but nurse isn’t one of them. Lee isn’t either, although he claimed to be one, as well. I am an actual nurse, and know how to look up names on nurse verification sites (yes, their real names which are Franklin and Delta). Nope, neither are nursing license holders. Both are big huge liars.

        2. When I saw Leah asking her mom if she was a bad mom for giving her child frosting and Dawn said as long as she would eat it at the table, I thought “This must be how Leah was raised too, everything out of boxes and cans.” Also, kudos for Leah for at least questioning whether it’s good or not, is more than her momma does. Baby steps, maybe when they’re 17 they have their first fresh veggies.

        3. @Thea- As a fellow nurse, that seriously annoys me. Good nurses work their asses off to give their patients the best possible care they can and will continue to do so every single day of their careers. If someone wants the title of ‘nurse’ and the respect that comes with it, then they need to put in the years of hard it takes to earn it.

          1. Respect to you for the job you do.

            Delta dim should be ashamed of herself

          2. @SweetNLowAddie’sADHD- Thank you! Your kind words are very much appreciated.

      2. I feel so bad for Addie. At least the twins get real, nutritious food at Corey’s. With Jeremy’s work schedule, most of the time she has no one who cares enough about her health to make sure she is getting all of the nutrients kids need. Given what the girls have been shown eating on a regular basis for years, I wouldn’t be surprised if a blood test were to show that they are malnourished. They are the ones who are going to pay the price later on in life.

      3. Hang on @Thea, Dawn is really really actually DELTA DAWN? I though that was a joke or something. I’m so happy right now.

  12. I wonder if she paid the house in full?…because once those MTV checks stop coming in, I highly doubt she’ll be able to keep up with any mortgage. She blows through money faster than Addie sucks down sweet n low packets.

    1. Highly doubt it…I’d bet we’re looking in the price of at least 150-250K, possibly even more. With whats been shown about her spending (remember the mary kay 1 grand a week episode?), I can’t imagine she’s have that kind of cash saved up. Not to mention her daughters wheelchair was broken for months…didn’t get it fixed because couldn’t afford it or was just sheer lazy?

      If I’m wrong I’d fully admit it, but I’ll bet she’s got a mortgage.

      1. Leah is completely lazy and clearly terrible with money, but the the chair thing isn’t entirely her fault. If insurance is covering any of the repairs there are like a zillion hoops that have to be jumped through- for everyone involved (ya know, everyone but the insurance company). The insured, the specialist M.D., the PT, and the licensed equipment tech all have to submit different things in order to prove medical necessity. That usually requires multiple appointments over a period of time and once insurance has everything, it can be months before work is approved. Unfortunately, it can be even harder to get approval on the first request when a kid has even partial mobility like Ali. Even when everybody does everything they’re supposed to do in a timely manner, the process can get held up for the DUMBEST non reason reasons. It’s ridiculous and frustrating.

        Leah is also ridiculous and frustrating.

        Sorry for the long, boring post.

  13. i was looking up damon dash on celeb net worth yesterday cuz he’s been on family therapy and i wanted to know his backstory. anyhoo, farrah popped up and it went into how she got a million for the porn and gets huge royalty checks from it. then it had chelsea, jenelle and kailyn’s net worth (this was in 2015 fyi). chelsea led at $60,000, then leah at 30 and kail and jenelle both around $25,000. these girls ALL blow through it as fast as they get it, apparently. i’d like to think i’d have a home, a degree (or be in my last years) and some in the bank. i thought chelsea would have more but then getting your hair dyed is $65-$100 a pop, hair and nails and clothes, always the cutest, coolest baby stuff for aubree. and kail CANNOT afford yeezy’s for her freakin’ 2 year old. he’s 2, he’s just going to outgrow them really soon, or destroy them. if they were millionaires, ok, but they’re not. that $350,000 from least season just came in, see how long it can last girls, it’s wrapping up soon.

    1. The Net worth site is not very accurate. And if it is dated 2015 than they are compiling the net worth of them in 2013, if it is the least bit true (submit 2013 salary in 2014 taxes then they have to compile the data)
      Kail wrote a couple books so im sure she is just fine. Jenelle is busy buying/supporting boyfriends.

      And you dont get a prize for buying a house, people do everyday & they dont get a fat check for being high on MTV, they work hard.

      1. Low, but not that far off. Figure that they all come to the show broke – earn a million or less to date, pay round about 40% in taxes and blow half of the net, if not more. 200k – 300k tops, unless they have something else coming in aside from the MTV checks, which I few of them do.

  14. I hope it’s close to Robbies house, there is going to be a gas price increase this summer.

  15. Well good for her…hope it will teach her a bit more responsibility in her life. Pay it off quick girl before the teen mom paychecks stop, because you know we are dwindling down. This show can’t go on forever and at least 2 of these moms are going to be in a world of hurt without that paycheck. THATS when things will get a heck of a lot more interesting in Jenelle and Leahs lives…

  16. Way to go Leah. Congratulations on your new house. I think u are a fantastic mom who has too much on your plate but somehow I always seem to get it all done and I applause I got that. Don’t let Corey bring u down. Its all about control with him and I have to just keep moving ahead in a positive direction and love those girls the way I always do. Kudos to you for all u do.


      Can you elaborate? What does she get done? How is Corey in control of Leah? How is she fantastic?

      If by fantastic you mean so high she can barely function and properly feed her children, you hit the nail on the coffin!

    2. Was this written with sarcasm?
      This girl should have bought a house years ago; if she didn’t pay cash, she’s never going to be able to sustain a mortgage on her own.

    3. How is Corey bringing her down?? You fucking fool.

      He works hard he feeds clothes and cares for his kids.

      He doesn’t sit in squalor, whilst nodding out and letting a baby wander outside the house for 2 hours! If s cop hadn’t found orphanAddie, god knows what would have happened, Corey doesn’t txt/smoke whilst driving his kids around, she’s brought poor Corey down though.

      You really are a deluded stupid idiotic ass wipe

    4. Is that sarcasm or are you a family member, all her family members are as dumb as they come

  17. Good for her, hopefully it’s a step forward and she can leave the negative behind.A fresh start is maby what she needs.

    1. She gets a “fresh start” once every few months, I can’t see it helping so far

  18. The real question is how long she will be able to keep this house, especially with Grace’s medical expenses.

    1. She got pregnant at 16, she was young and made a mistake, everyone makes mistakes. Had she had one typical child it would have been hard enough but to be that young and have to deal with two babies, one with a significant disability, two failed marriages…I can’t imagine how she wouldn’t be depressed! She loves her daughter’s and is doing her best. I think people are too quick to judge others. As they say, until you’ve walked in that person’s shoes, you really shouldn’t pass judgement! Congratulations on the purchase of your first home Leah, I hope you and your daughter’s Will be very happy there!

      1. She made those situations for herself. I am tired of hearing she has a special needs child. A lot of people do, including me. However I (and most parents) focus on things we can do to improve their health. Healthy meals, not smoking in the car, buckling our kids into car seats, setting bed times to make sure they get enough sleep, etc. Leah is lucky to have MTV and Corey. She doesn’t have to work and can focus on taking care of her kids. Instead all she does is sit around and bitch about how Corey and Miranda are mean to her.

    2. Grace’s medical expenses are of no concern to her. Between the insurance Corey pays for and medicaid, Grace is 100% covered(people like to think otherwise, but they’d be wrong) Leah likes to *claim she has high medical bills, but she actually doesn’t. Corey is the one that covers anything medicaid doesn’t cover, not Leah. Leah has never paid her own bills.

      1. Isn’t it the other child who’s disabled, Gracie isn’t the one with MD, it’s Ali who is the disabled child

        1. @CAS you are absolutely right health care legislation has an individual out of pocket cap of just under $7,000. If she’s making $250k a year that’s nothing and it’s not as if you pay it all at once it’s over the entire calendar year.

      2. Not necessarily…most of it is based on income. Now if they have a disability, they can qualify, but there is like a 10 year waiting list.

        1. I worked in the “mobility” industry (chairs etc. for kids) with my dad for a lot of years. I worked with the ins companies. Almost every single patient we worked with had Medicaid. Many had private insurance as well and used Medicaid to supplement the difference- these are families from just about every financial background on the spectrum.

    1. How did jo afford his home since he’s to lazy to go and work!!! Oh yeah Mtv paid for it

  19. Bless her heart, I hope she keeps it cleaner than her previous, homes, cars, etc. I’m surprised she not lost a child or cat under all the debris,

      1. Part of me wants to laugh, because it boggles my mind that she can be that stupid and irresponsible. If I knew people were going to be watching me in TV my dogs would be hitting the groomer once a week, my kids would be bathed 3x a day, and I’d have nothing but organic everything in my house, and it would he spotless! I would be mortified if a cameraman saw a used paper towel on my floor, let alone a used tampon!

  20. I would congratulate her if she went to a job everyday like the rest of us. Buying a home off MTV money doesn’t impress me.

  21. Now who’s going to help her clean out the garage at the rental?

    ‘That dern Corey Tyler won’t let me borrow his ding-dang truck to move! It’s for the girlses!’

    1. Is this a table specifically for the consumption of frosting or a table made entirely of frosting??? Both seem plausible in Leahville and honestly, I doubt I’d be surprised to see one (or both!) in the living room of her new trash heap. Addie could just lie down and lick the legs of that frosting table at her leisure. Of course, that means that frosting table will collapse at some point. Dang.

  22. I thought her and Jeremy bought a house together that’s why they were in such a rush to get married?

  23. just for space for them girlses to eat cheetos off the floor and tubs of frosting!

    1. What about Sweet’nLow? The human body needs copious amounts of saccharine to survive!

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