FYI Network Examines Teen Marriage in New Reality Show ‘Teenage Newlyweds’: Meet the Cast!

"I hope they have plenty of sparkling cider at the reception!"
“I hope they have plenty of sparkling cider at the reception!”

Back in 2007, MTV examined the topic of teens getting married on their hit show Engaged & Underage, and now, nearly a decade later, the FYI Network is once again revisiting young brides and grooms on the new show Teenage Newlyweds!

“’Teenage Newlyweds’ follows three young couples as they take a leap of love and transition from teen sweethearts to husband and wife,” the official show description reads. “The series captures their weddings and all the ups and downs of juggling family, school, career, finances and first homes, while still navigating life as a teenager.”

The network has not released the six stars’ ages; however, it appears that all of them are under the age of 21.

The eight-episode first season of ‘Teenage Newlyweds’ will introduce us to the following couples:

halie and george teenage newlywedsHalie & George:

After meeting on a mission trip, Halie and George, who are both members of the Mormon Church, only dated (mostly long distance) for four months before becoming engaged.

“We don’t really know each other that well,” Halie says of her and her future hubby in a show preview clip.

According to a recent story about the couple, Halie, who is from Mesa, Arizona, met George when he had dinner at her home during his mission trip. Halie and her family later invited George to dinner while they were vacationing in his home state of Utah. After becoming engaged, the couple was contacted by the show’s casting agents and Halie’s father, Robert Wind, says that the families debated if they should do the show.

“We spent a lot of time as a family fasting and praying if this is something we should be involved in,” Robert told “We felt a very strong impression that this would be an opportunity for the world to be exposed to how members of the LDS faith live their day to day lives, why we believe so strongly in eternal marriage and families, and how living a Christ-centered life is the key to happiness in today’s world.”

The couple was married in September 2015 and currently lives in Utah. George is in college, while Halie graduated from high school last year. She plans to go to college after she adjusts to married life in Utah.

emma joey teenage newlywedsEmma & Joey

According to the FYI Facebook page, Emma and Joey are high school sweethearts from a small town. The couple is “determined to make their marriage work,” despite the fact that they apparently have very different career aspirations.

According to the official show website, Emma is a full-time student who works part time at a restaurant. Joey works full-time at a retail store and is not in school currently, nor does he have plans to return.

The biggest obstacles this couple is facing is apparently lack of money and a lack of communication.

brenda and travis teenage newlywedsBrenda & Travis:

Set up on a blind date while in college, Brenda and Travis got hitched on July 18, 2015 at the ages of 19 and 20, respectively. Travis proposed to Brenda after less than a year of dating.

The Southern-California-based couple have “clashing values and beliefs,” according to the FYI Facebook page. Travis is a devout Christian, while Brenda was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. She left the religion and converted to Christianity after meeting Travis.

In addition, Brenda is very liberal, while Travis is very conservative.

Wanna watch their wedding video!? Of course you do!

The FYI Network already has a healthy stable of wedding- and marriage-centered shows, making it the perfect network for ‘Teenage Newlyweds,’ according to the network’s VP.

“FYI continues to create unique and entertaining content that spotlights the many faces of American marriage,” Gena McCarthy, Senior VP of programming and development for FYI, said in a statement. “’Teenage Newlyweds’ joins ‘Married at First Sight,’ ‘Arranged’ and ‘The Seven Year Switch’ as one of our latest relationship franchises that shares alternative paths to finding love.”

From what The Ashley hears, MTV is also developing a similar show about teen marriage!

Watch a trailer for ‘Teenage Newlyweds’ below. The show premieres on May 31 on FYI!

18 Responses

  1. Hailey what about the scripture that says a woman will leave her family and cleave to get husband grow up

  2. Halie needs to grow up. Her parents should help and stay out of it. She never should have married George. She needs to put her big girl pants on, and her family needs to stop being needy.
    Joey needs to grow up. Not everything needs to be fun, what are you 8 years old?
    He’s rediculous. Emma and George run for the hills.

  3. Halie’s mother is not helping the situation. I was married at 18 left my family because My husband was in the military.He was 20 years I left my identical twin sister also. We moved thousand miles away and I did not know anyone. The best thing Halie can do is get out of the house, even to the library or volunteer to help at school any place that will get her mind off herself. Stop texting everyday with her family. There are so many people who would trade places with her in a heart beat. Those who cannot get out of bed, those with illness, etc. Look at her blessings.
    I say this as I have walked in her shoes.George seems like a wonderful, caring husband. Quit blaming him for all of this.

  4. I LOVED Engaged & Underage since it was just about love and wanting to be together with fairly minimal drama (family reluctance aside).
    I wouldn’t call 19&20 “Teenage” Newlyweds though…

    Also “fasting & praying” sounds like a really dumb way to make an important decision. I am very rash when I am hangry.

  5. in general, people grow and change so much between the ages of 18 and 25+, it’s just not a god idea. don’t bother bombarding with how many are still together, the statistics speak for themselves. i’m well aware there are exceptions to every rule, and happy when young couples make it. i’m just saying, more than likely, they grow apart. i’m sure a camera and social media will help lol

    1. Well, to be fair, they’re discovering the same thing with people in older ages. As life expectancy rises, divorce is becoming more and more common among elderly couples. It may be more drastic among younger couples, but divorce is starting to become more common through out all ages. To each their own.

      1. Yes, but to be fair, someone who marries a little older at 25 is over 50 percent less likely to get divorced than is someone who weds at age 20.

        1. Absolutely. The statistical evidence is there. I’m just saying, people grow and change throughout all ages of life. Basing the decision to marry or not on age isn’t going to guarantee what type of marriage people will have. Maybe I’m just sensitive to this topic considering my husband and I married at 19 and 20 and we had complete strangers telling us we were idiots and would be divorced within the year. It just seems people give more unsolicited opinions (in my experience almost always negative) to younger couples based solely on age and not on the couple. All well. Like I said, to each their own.

  6. Oh dear god here we go making more stupid people famous

    Can no one make proper programs anymore ?

  7. Amanda and her husband are still together from engaged and underaged since I went to hs with her and still talk to her over Facebook. They have 2 kids, live in Arizona and both have great jobs.

  8. I loved engaged and underaged! I hope this show is as good and I wish MTV would do a follow-up too.

  9. I wish they would do that too! Loved the show when it was on and I’m very curious how many are still married.

    1. @Tay & Lauren! Click the hyperlink in the story for where it says “Engaged and Underage”- it will take you to my updates on the Engaged and Underage kids. It’s as of 2013 though. I should really update that! -The Ashley

  10. Honestly…I just wish MTV would do a ‘Where Are They Now’ on the Engaged and Underaged people. Because that aired in a time before social media became what it is today, updates on those kids are few and far in-between. I’ll give this show a chance…but meh.

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