‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment’ Star Dr. Debbie Magids Reveals Info About Show’s Missing Season Finale

Waiting to find out when the show's finale will air? We've got some bad news for you...
Waiting to find out when the show’s finale will air? We’ve got some bad news for you…

What the heck happened to The Mother/Daughter Experiment?

Fans of the Lifetime reality show, which starred “celebs” such as Heidi Montag and Courtney Stodden and their estranged mothers, were left hanging last month when the show was abruptly yanked from the network’s lineup.

Although the season was supposed to contain at least eight episodes, only seven episodes aired, leaving fans to wonder when they would get to see the rest of Courtney & Co.’s therapy hi-jinks.

“What happened to the ‘Mother/Daughter Experiment!’ Where are the rest of the shows!?” one fan tweeted recently.

“When will the final episode of ‘Mother/Daughter Experiment’ air? Been waiting forever! Can’t wait to see what happens next!” another tweeted to the network.

Today, the show’s star, Dr. Debbie Magids, announced that the show’s season finale will never see the light of day.

“My apologies, the finale of ‘The Mother/Daughter Experiment’ will not be airing. I appreciate you watching and supporting me,” Dr. Debbie tweeted.

When The Ashley asked why the network had chosen not to air the finale, Dr. Debbie stated that she was not informed of the reason.

“I wish I knew,” she told The Ashley in a tweet. “I’m definitely bummed about it too!”

Recently, the show’s producer, SallyAnn Salsano, had been tweeting fans to let them know that she, too, is unsure why the network hadn’t aired the show’s last episode.

“As soon as I know I will tell you! Sorry I’m as nuts over it as you are!” she tweeted on May 12.

While we may never know the real reason the show disappeared, it may have something to do with one of the stars threatening to sue the show. Krista Keller, who is the estranged mother of Courtney Stodden, has stated that she feels she was not portrayed fairly on the show.

In March, her lawyers reportedly sent a cease and desist letter to Lifetime, as well as the show’s production company, 495 Productions, in an effort to prevent episodes from airing. She was particularly upset about the parts of the show in which she was accused of using Courtney “as bait to lure teenage boys for herself.”

Krista’s lawyers felt that Courtney and Courtney’s husband, Doug Hutchison, worked with the show’s producers to “manipulate, edit, and delete statements to alter the actual statements made on the set and to knowingly air the untruths, lies, and distortions of statements given to you by Krista Keller in good faith for this show,” according to FOX411.

It has not, however, been confirmed that Krista’s threats of a lawsuit had anything to do with the network choosing to not air the finale. At this time, Lifetime has not announced if there will be additional new seasons of the show.

If you’re jonesing for more ‘Mother/Daughter Experiment,’ click here to read our recaps of the first six episodes!

UPDATE! Both Dr. Debbie and SallyAnn Salsano have updated their stances on the finale. Both tweeted late Thursday night to let fans know that the finale may air after all, but there is no date at this time.

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  1. Please keep me posted when you get a new episode for the last season finale and please keep me posted when you have new people of the new season thanks and i would like to come i have some promblems with my mother

  2. The it’s bull____. I thought that finally something positive will come out of reality shows, I love all couples therapy and marriage boot camp but this was a much needed mothers\daughters experiment and I was also left wishing it had continued on for more seasons. It comes to little surprise that once something comes to help women become better, more mature, deeper and self aware and they pull the plug, but shows that offer little insight or educational value enjoyed more seasons, once again they let us down and to help ourselves with our nails and not professionally and Ina deeper and meaningful manner….that showed us a light into how to change the other daughters circle of destruction dinamic.
    I am tired of shows about women writing by men, I love to see women, doctors and specialist hosting this shows and being more real about our needs.

  3. So upset. Wish I hadn’t even started watching it. Who shows a whole season of a show and then cancels the season finale? I agree with the previous post, makes me want to not watch the station anymore

  4. This is a total ripoff! Very unhappy about not seeing the end. It makes me wonder if I should not waste my time on this station anymore. I would hate to get invested in another show I will miss the end of!

  5. I have been wondering about this episode for ages and glad I found this page! Do you have any more updates? thank you.

  6. Thank you! This FINALLY answered my questions. I have been trying to find the last episode cause it was not showing on anything, anywhere….not the website, not comcast, not on anywhere. Thank you again! 😀

  7. Can’t anyone make decent TV programs anymore??? This stupid reality shit is pathetic making stupid people famous for acting like idiot losers, the world is fucked ip enough already without these Twonks

  8. Thanks for the update. Of course with Courtney announcing her pregnancy and not telling Krista who should have at least heard it from the folks she was selling stories to, oh wait…

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