‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Adam Lind Reflects on His Parenting & Financial Regrets, Says ‘Big Things’ Are Coming

"It's nice to not need my own parking spot at the courthouse anymore, though!"
“It’s nice to not need my own parking spot at the courthouse anymore, though!”

Adam Lind says he has big plans for the rest of the year, but before he could reveal what those plans are, he seemed to want to make amends with his past.

On Wednesday, Adam posted a long-winded confessional on his personal Facebook page that talked about his regrets about everything from what type of father he’s been to his kids, to the way he wasted his ‘Teen Mom 2’ earnings. He also praised his girlfriend, Stasia Huber, for the positive effect she’s had on his life, despite the fact that he admittedly hasn’t been a model boyfriend to her.

“[Stasia] has saved my life more than once … Mentally and yup … Physically too,” Adam wrote. (He did not, however, elaborate on his near-death experience). “For all the stupid mistakes I’ve done and caused I don’t even deserve her… I’ve cheated … I’ve lied … I’ve hid things from her that should’ve been told…”

Adam also revealed that he’s squandered a lot of the money he’s made during his time on MTV. (You may remember that a while back Adam revealed just how much he and the other cast members have made for appearing on the show…and it’s a lot!)

“I haven’t exactly lived a normal life from the age of 16-25,” Adam wrote. “I’ve been handed 100s of thousands of dollars and blown it. Could’ve been a better father and friend and man… But ya know what… It’s made me who I am today.”

The post (which The Ashley has condensed down), also included Adam’s plans for himself and his daughters, Aubree and Paislee.

“I don’t do much anymore but gym, work and focus on getting custody of Aubree so she can finally be with her sister and myself,” Adam wrote. “Stasia has been through it all with me. She loves my children and they love her. Big things coming in the rest of 2016 …”

We will get to see at least some of those “big things” play out on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ as it appears that Adam will be joining in on the upcoming season of the show, despite his past claims that he was leaving ‘Teen Mom 2.’

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  1. Could Adam please run a brush through paislee’s hair and put a clip in It to keep it out her eyes? She looks like a bedraggled

  2. Who gives a shit Adam. You made those mistakes and done so wrong with Chelsea and never once did u apologize to her or Aubree. You will never get full cusodity of her Chelsea is a great mother and has had her back from the beginning now that Aubree has Cole you want to step up. Lol. Aubree is the one that says all of the kind of father you are not Chelsea she’s better with Cole leave it alone u will only make a fool of urself like always.

  3. Adam’s constant lies used to be infuriating, now they’re just laughable. If there’s anyone that still believes his delusions, they need their head examined. He’s a straight-up loser.

  4. Adam just seems like an all around bad guy….from the very beginning he’s been all talk and no action. He swears up and down it’s MTV’s editing that’s making him look bad….it’s like no sweetheart. Nobody, not even MTV for ratings, would take time out of their day to edit YOU being a bad father outta allllll the dads on the show…just like MTV doesn’t edit cigarettes in Leah’s hand…you’re doing that all on your own. Adam has been a POS since he first popped up on our screens. He talks about how he wants to be in Aubrees life more, but has a problem with paying $150 a month in child support, called her a mistake, and when she is around he’s more concentrated on the gym so he dumps Aubree on her parents. Adam has been saying that he wants to be a better person/parent for YEARS and has never executed….we’ll see if this time is different, but we all know…it won’t be.

    1. More like a person with very bad character, bordering on serious mental issues. I know many will not agree with me, but someone who defaces their body with that many tattoo, has a severe mental problem. What the hell is trying to portray or hide behind with all that ink. Look at Kali … tattoo crazy and plastic surgery. She need loads of therapy.

      1. Adam is gross, with or without the tattoos. He’s king d-bag. Yes, Kail would probably benefit from therapy. You’re right about that. You’re also right that people likely wont agree with you using tattoos as some sort of measuring stick to keyboard diagnose people with mental illness. You understand, in general, the two things aren’t related, right?

        If you don’t like tattoos, that’s fine. If you don’t know much about mental health issues, that’s fine too. Asserting that tattoos and “bad character” are symptoms of “serious mental issues”- that’s not cool. It’s pretty lame to use that as some sort of insult. It does nothing but strengthen the stigma that surrounds people that are coping with mental health.

        Adam does have bad character. He’s awful. He’s colossal, world-class, self-centered, immature dick. I mean, some people just suck. There are a lot of really shitty people that are totally stable folks who have never dealt with any sort of mental whatever.

        Personally, I feel less than…and slightly defeated every time I hear someone say some variation of, “what a shit bag. he must have mental health issues.” (that’s basically what you said there). It chips away at you.

        Sorry to rant at you. That may have been building up in me for a while.

        1. Yes yes yes. Thank you for your well thought out comment.
          I definitely take issue with saying someone with a lot of tattoos has issues.

          Adam has issues of being a d-bag. I also think he got a lot of tattoos all at once because he thinks it makes him look cool (it doesn’t). But tattoos and severe mental problems don’t have anything to do with each other.

          1. I totally agree. I wonder how much all of that ink set him back. Unless you’ve got some sort of bartering system/longstanding friendship/homie owes you a favor kinda situation with your tattoo artist, it’s expensive. All that ink is just a visual representation of Adam’s priorities. Instead of putting some of that money toward his kids, he got tattoos.
            Those could have and should have waited.
            Especially since that whole looking like a cool guy thing didn’t really work out for him.
            UGH. Adam could get private cool lessons from FONZIE HIMSELF, but it wouldn’t make much difference. The guy’s d-bag levels are just too high. It’s simple science.

  5. What a C u**t you are
    Dumped your daughter at her dance, already you’ve proved what a liar and a deadbeat dad you are.

    If I were Chelsea id never have let my child take your last name or let you within 500 yards of my child after you called Aubree a mistake and wanted to sign off on your parental responsibilities when she was born, that is something I would never ever forgive, you should never of been in the child’s life after saying that.
    Aubree will see this when she’s older, she hate you for that.
    On your conscience be it!
    You’re a disgrace and full of bullshit

  6. He is selling protein shakes and such now.
    When you Google that company you don’t find a lot of praise. Long hours, little money. OT is not payed, neither are expenses.
    But at least he is working and this way he can get back up the ladder hopefully, I have to give him that.
    His GF, I don’t know, something is different about her, can’t put my finger to it. She looks younger and thin, does she have a condition?
    Thinks she hates being photographed, looks grumpy a lot but that could be her eyebrows too.
    She seems to be around for a while now, that’s an improvement too.

    Hope that Adam will put his money where his mouth is this time.
    He should ditch the people that bring him down.

  7. Most people have a capacity to grow and change…..I really hope he means it; Aubree and Paislee can do nothing but benefit IF he truly makes an effort.

  8. Nice speech
    I will be impressed if he actually smartens up & because a real dad.
    Aubree is always saying that he doesnt play with her or hardly sees her, she is usually with his parents, not talking about 5 years ago, we are talking about less then a year ago.

  9. Any updates on Jenelles pregnancy? The post here earlier made it sound like she’s 100% pregnant but she’s been posting bikini pics on Instagram and she doesn’t look pregnant…

    1. They could be old pics. Idk…Jenelle is a wild card. Pregnant or not, I’m sure something will come up soon whether it’s another arrest or some kind of boyfriend/ex-boyfriend drama.

  10. The Ashley – can you look into the claims that Maci took her wedding photographer from another paying bride. There is screenshots going around that suggest Maci has the same wedding day, and got the photographer to do her wedding instead.

      1. I mean, it’s shitty of her, but isn’t the photographer the ultimate c-bag? Unless Maci used some sort of scary blackmail or legit threats of physical violence, that’s all on the photog. Not a professional move.

  11. This ass-nugget is a real piece of work. He says he is going to “focus on getting custody of Aubree so she can finally be with her sister and myself”, and I literally guffaw over his stupidity. He acts as if she’s [Aubree] been in a 3rd world country and he’s been saving to bring her over. Get in the now, phuckwad. Aubree has a stable home, where she has parents that have time for her ALL the time, not just when a new season of Show Me The Money is being offered up for renewal and you want your piece of it.

    Take your creepy, beady weasel eyes, your skank of the week and have several seats. You’ll never get custody of that child.

  12. All I see is too much talky talky and not enough walky walky. Adam has said similar things in the past about becoming a better person and while he did get a house and doesn’t seem to make headlines quite like he used to, I just seem to doubt he is all of a sudden going to become faithful and father of the year!

  13. he talks a good game but didn’t even show up to the mediation he talked about for months. if you’re just gym, work (which is in the gym, or or filming, neither would keep him from a court mediation) and aubree, what’s the excuse? you overslept? stasia didn’t get you up? if he spent half as much time actually being a good dad as he did trying to make it look that way, he’d be doing much better

    1. And the funny thing is you don’t even have to physically show up for those, I live in the same county as them and my ex idiot called in and the referee was fine with that….Adam couldn’t do that??

  14. Wow….he didn’t blame Chelsea and MTV editing and actually took responsibility for his actions. I’m shocked.

  15. This is surprising actually. This is the first time Adam has actually admitted to his faults and is taking responsibility for his mistakes. This actually a really huge step for someone like adam. Good for him. Stasia is a strong woman to be able to stick by him after everything he says he’s put her through while he’s working on himself. I’ve seen improvement. Progress is progress and I hope he keeps it up…

    As for big things coming… lol well she can’t be pregnant he has a vasectomy… she’s already moved in with him. Maybe he’s just saying he’ll prove himself more? Maybe he’s going to get married. Who knows.

    1. a strong woman doesn’t stay with someone who continually lies and cheats. not strong at all in my opinion. she sounds very weak.

  16. I have a feeling those”big things” include baby #3, I don’t know why. Something about the wording “Stasia has been through it all with me. She loves my children and they love her. Big things coming in the rest of 2016 …”

    However, the optimistic side of me does hope this is serious and Adam has finally realized he’s been a giant a-hole to Chelsea/ terrible parent to Aubree.

    1. Yeah, baby or he’s getting engaged. Or both. I hope he becomes a better person too, but if he’s making statements about this publicly he’s probably not yet. People who are really changing or have changed have the confidence to let people see that and don’t need to hear themselves say it.

    2. I could be wrong but I think he told Dr Drew a while ago that he’s had a vasectomy. He claimed girls were trying to get pregnant by him. Must be after they saw his amazing parenting skills on TM2!

    3. I can’t believe I know this, but he’s had a vasectomy! If his big plans do involve a child there will be some considerable hurdles to clear (although not impossible).

      1. IF he’s had the snip? then that’s the best thing he’s ever, because he’s done nothing else productive

  17. Hopefully he follows thru. Its a good sign he’s admitting these things, but its another thing to do it. Also if you want to just throw away money, Adam, feel free to throw it my way.

  18. He’s an assmaster. This turd has no capacity for true introspection, and will never really change when it comes down to it. He is mean spirited, and thinks Chelsea is just “out to get him.” No. She’s trying to be a good, stable parent.

  19. I hope he means it, for his kids sake. Those girls are amazing and he needs to cherish the time with them, because it goes by so fast.

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