‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Kail Lowry Confirms Divorce Rumors Are True: Watch the Video

It's official...
It’s official…

Fans have been speculating for months that Teen Mom 2 stars Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin are divorcing, and many have been analyzing show footage and trying to decipher cryptic tweet-and-deletes posted by both stars to find out the truth. Today, however, Kail finally revealed that the divorce rumors are, indeed, true.

Daily Mail sent some paparazzi out to Kail’s hometown of Dover, Delaware, today, to confront the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star directly. In a video posted to the site, a reporter can be heard asking Kail, “So is it true? You guys really getting a divorce?”

Kail, who seems a little surprised to see the reporter, answered honestly.

“Yeah, it’s true,” she replies.

The reporter then brings up the rumors that Kail had something going on with her ex(es). Kail denied that there was any truth to those rumors.

Kail’s admission comes just days after her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Javi, posted some very telling tweets about his marriage and relationship with Kail. Last week, a fan brought a tweet to Javi’s attention where a male friend of Kail’s was complimenting her new, Dr. Miami-enhanced butt. Javi was livid. He said Kail had told him that guy was her “best friend.” When fans commented that maybe he was just a friend, Javi wasn’t having it.

“That’s being disrespected and all her friends laughing at me disrespecting us. No thanks.” He also tweeted, “Guy friends is fine. Not guys that don’t respect her marriage and expect me to shake hands with him.”

Javi’s Twitter account was later deleted, but he hopped on Instagram and stated that his Twitter was hacked and that’s why it was deleted. He also confirmed that everything he had tweeted previously about Kail was true.

Javi then created a new Twitter account and posted, “Now there are circumstances where you can get past infidelity. I’ve seen it but you have to be willing to acknowledge and be sorry…I’ll be damn if any of my kids talk about a married woman like that.”

When a fan asked if he would still remain close with his stepson Isaac Javi replied, “he’s tattooed on my body. Always.”

Kail, however, has stayed relatively quiet on social media about the whole ordeal. This is the first time she has confirmed that the marriage is officially over. Javi is currently deployed overseas so it is not yet known what will happen when he comes back to the United States.

“We’re trying to do the best we can for our kids because they are what really matters,” Kail told Daily Mail today.

The whole divorce drama will likely play out during the upcoming next season of ‘Teen Mom 2.’ The cast is already busy filming!

Click here to watch the video in which Kail confirms that the divorce is happening!

(Photo: MTV)



  1. They are both annoying as hell so good. I canNOT look at her face without picturing her cracking walnuts with those jaws and her constant use of “my kids” is just disrespectful. Along with whining about having to take care of the kids on her own on a paltry sum of $300K with “Mr. Macho” not even able to express emotion and merely being a meaty placeholder for a father figure and keeping the idiotic John Wayne male. I seriously do not want to see any more of them. They are boring, stupid, and ugly. Can’t believe she is going for a TV host job lol. Ya have a face for radio, honey 😛 Just sayin’

  2. @TheAshley: have read somewhere Javi’s friend Peach has written on Javi’s now deleted SMA that:
    – Kail slept with Sterlings husband.
    – Kail had an abortion cause she was pregnant with another man.

    Kail stopped following Sterling and Peach when a blind item appeared that Kail was having sex in the house and she tried to hide her lover but the production team knew, according to this rumor.
    Maybe there are screen shots from Peaches claims?

    Would have to change my opinion when this would be true. But then again, should we believe Peach?
    There have been more blind items, while they were still working on their marriage. Why would you do that to a friend? Hang out the dirty laundry while he is trying to save his marriage? Maybe he wasn’t?
    Either that divorce has been planned for months now, by Javi, or Peach and friend are trying to make some money.

    1. I heard this rumor too but my only thing is that – Kail and Sterling do still talk on Twitter so maybe it’s not true??? lol who knows…but it’s juicy and i LOVE Juicy gossip…

  3. Kail is the epitome of a Military spouse. Just saying. She acts just like most of my counterpart’s wives- bitch, bitch, bitch, and then treats her husband like cold crap while enjoying those benefits, but still whining that he’s deployed. Plus, they get to talk to each other all the damn time! Try going out to sea and losing comms for a few weeks then try complaining. Listening to his Air Force complaints was making my blood boil!

  4. Kail confirms it before the pap even finishes the question. She knew this was going to happen. I see everybody talking about how Javi is controlling and all that bull and I find it crazy. Javi has questioned Kails fidelity FROM. THE. BEGINNING. Javis only fault is marrying her in the first place if he had these concerns and staying this long. Let me be clear, Javi is no saint. I find him annoying and childish, but I didn’t fucking marry him. Kail buries her head in the sand and acts like she’s a perfect wife, a perfect mother and has everything figures out and when Javi doesn’t act like her puppet she makes him out to be ruining all her hard work. Javi works hard, and takes care of not only his child but a child that isn’t his. Perfect, no, but I don’t think I’m ever seen him flat out fly off the handle for no reason, like Kail always does!

    1. And I KNOW y’all are gonna hit me with that “he blamed her for the miscarriage/he was controlling” BS but let me stop you there because I remember I very grown up Javi telling kail he knew he was wrong for how he acted after her miscarriage and expressed how sorry he was now that he had time to reflect on it and him also saying he didn’t like how her “guy friends” spoke to her and we’re always texting her so he didn’t want her to have a password on her phone and she threw a fit. Again, Javi isn’t perfect but y’all are kissing Kails ass and idk what for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1. And Java hanging out with chicks while “overseas” isn’t him having chick friends that disrespect Kail? I don’t think either one of them is innocent. They both, together, killed their own relationship and their own marriage. They are equally responsible. I won’t kiss either one of their asses, but Javi has way more girl friends than Kail has guy friends, and I sure as hell would have a massive problem with that too, if my partner in life spent more time with the opposite sex than he/she did with me. All the whole he’s over there crying and boo hooing about being “stuck over here”, when he’s constantly out partying, living it up, going out drinking and nearly every single time, he’s with chicks, not guys. He has more time on his hands than anyone I have ever seen in the military…ever. They’ve likely both slept around, and been doing so, for quite a long time. They’re the perfect match for one another, neither one takes marriage seriously, neither one respects the other, or even themselves. Why anyone would defend either of them, is beyond me.

        1. Uhh Javi posts a picture of him and another woman standing in the sand on instagram and that’s grounds for divorce?… Javi isn’t club hoping lmao, sores said kail met that girl once and apprantly she works with javi. So they take a picture while out working and that’s her last straw?…mmmk. Now the tweet he put about snapchatting a girl a picture in his underwear is wrong, but I’m saying this shit was going downhill from the beginning and everybody wants to say poor kail when she put her hands in him and tons more. Javi isn’t innocent but kail sure as hell isn’t but she wants to act like it.

          1. Lmao and people wanna down vote that comment. Sources are saying Kail and Javi have been separated since December so anything Javi has done during his deployment (which I still believe he hasn’t done anything) doesn’t matter anyway. Even the snapchat was about 2 weeks ago so as far as I’m concerned he’s free to do that too. Face it guys, Javi isn’t a bad guy. He tried so hard to get along with Kail even after she put her hands on him and you guys still wanna defend her

  5. Okay, kids: The lesson here is that don’t marry someone with whom you have no chemistry and you assault/are assaulted by and like half the reason you’re together is military benefits.
    Nation’s six-year-olds: No f*cking shit.

  6. Javi should have left her when she hit him for the first time.

    They don’t seem to be compatible. I know everyone thinks Javi is bad for being controlling but I think he just expresses his love differently than Kail. He needs attention and to have it expressed more than she does. He obviously sent the flowers and stuff last episode because he was hoping to have it reciprocated. But Kail didn’t do that. Kail expresses her love just by taking on responsibilities and doing regular life stuff. And that’s not enough for Javi to feel loved and valued.

    If they want to make it work, they should really read about love languages and try to look at things from their partner’s perspective. My husband and I have worked on this and it really has made both of us feel happier.

    1. Added: Kail values her independence while Javi wants to feel wanted and needed. Kail isn’t willing to be that vulnerable. She was in the beginning as a single mom, Teen Mom income not as high, etc. Now that she’s making huge money, she doesn’t need Javi and his military benefits and she just wants to be able to do as she pleases without thinking of him. He is really just what he can offer to her, she doesn’t just value him as a person/partner.

    2. The 5 Love Languages? That book was life changing for me!

      As far as Kail & Javier go, he always seemed like a quick replacement Jo & the military benefits (especially being able to move/take Issac away from Jo) helped immensely

    3. We just did the love languages like two weeks ago and it was amazing! I didn’t even realize what I was to know what I needed. I see Javi and a “needs kind words” person, and Kail as an “acts of service”. I think Javi needs a lot more talk & positivity in his life to be able to make it work.

    4. She was pretty awful to him. You can value independence without being cold. She is cold. I know she had a very very rough upbringing and attachment seems to be difficult for her. But it seems like she uses that as an excuse. Javi bears blame too but it seemed like he wanted to try to stay together.

  7. They should at least give it several months when Javi returns before deciding. Deployments are hard on relationships. It’s really Lincoln and Isaac who lose here.

    1. Deployment doesn’t make you publicly accuse your wife of infidelity again and again and grin when your child knows the word ‘puta’.
      When you support your wife swapping her nudes for free plastic surgery but freak out when a friend compliments her, there is something wrong with you.
      Kail doesn’t have to take this shit from him time and time again.
      My husband would be in serious trouble whe he would accuse me once, only a public apology would make me stay. Second time I would leave.
      When there is no trust and respect left, there is no healthy relationship or situation for kids to grow up in.

      1. “Deployment doesn’t make you accuse your wife of Infidelity again and again”. Oh honey, this is false. Deployments bring out the biggest insecurities in a relationship, and for good reason. I’m in the military, I know many men in my battalion that came home and found their bank account empty and another man playing daddy to their kids while they were at war. They were played- Jody got their wives and their combat pay. Likewise, I know men that have slept with other military personnel down range. My husband and I have a very strong marriage, but his most recent deployment was HARD on us financially, emotionally, etc. We never suspected each other of cheating, but those insecurities creep up and stay in your brain. That’s why I implore military couples to not divorce after a deployment, but ulilize military one source and make their marriage a priority when coming home.

        1. Thats ashame
          Any man/woman that will cheat & take advantage of their spouse who is overseas in the military (combat or not) is a sick person.
          But the same goes for the military personnel that cheats while they are deployed.

        2. My husband was one of those men. He caught his ex cheating while Skyping her! She moved the guy in, denied it and when he came home and walked into his home that he paid for because she was too lazy to get off the couch and do anything other than spend his check, he saw another soldier who left his wife for the ex and was telling the two year old to call him daddy. My husband didn’t have a single dime to his name, she made sure of that, and he had to sleep in a tent his first night home from the war. We had a good marriage when he deployed again, but it was always in the back of his mind that I’d run off with his money too.

          1. i am so sorry for your husband to go through that. 🙁 it’s awful and heartbreaking. That’s why when previous posters say “Deployment doesn’t make you accuse your wife of cheating” I just want them to spend an hour listening to stories of service men (and women) who came back home from deployment and found their life in ruins. Not just a marriage can get ruined, but children too. there’s a female in my unit who had joint custody with her ex husband. She deployed and her ex had their daughter for the entire year. As soon as she hit the ground in Afghanistan he refused to let her speak to their daughter on the phone. He “allowed” their daughter to write letters (but she was 4, so the letters weren’t quality). He didn’t get skype so this woman went a year without talking to her daughter. It’s deplorable how service members get treated. And unless you’ve witnessed it first hand, you don’t understand that lingering fear of coming home and being replaced.

        3. Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was referring to the fact that he already accused her Before he went on deployment. That he made such a huge deal about Jo coming over to talk and her class mate coming over.
          I still think it is not okay to accuse your wife publicly unless you have real proof. Maybe you shouldn’t do it even when you have proof and spare yourself the humiliation.

          Sad to hear so many people serving are cheated on or conned while they are overseas. That is sick.
          I hear military families face many financial challenges, doesn’t seem fair.

          1. I think Javi has hit a point of I don’t care what anyone says anymore, and he doesn’t know how to handle it, because he still is really just a kid.
            And you’re right, military families are not rolling in cash by any means, especially lower enlisted. Kailyn and Javi would not be able to carry a mortgage on his pay and BAH, plus the leases on the cars they drive and all the trips. She is clearly living off of TM money, and it’s giving kids a false view on what life in the military is really like. My husband is a senior NCO with over 10 years of service, and there’s no way we’d be able to afford leases on Mercedes a new Tahoe and two mortgages.

      2. Emmy- I agree with you. My husband has been gone for more than half of our marriage. Not once have we accused the other of cheating. We know people who have cheated(TDY= Temp. Divorced for a Year) & who have been cheated on. I think it’s about 50/50 on soldier being the cheater vs the ‘victim’. A deployment doesn’t create distrust- it was there before. So many people got married so quickly, either to escape the barracks, get a bump in pay, try to cement a relationship before leaving, or move their partner with them. Not solid foundations. Kail and Javi had problems going on. Deployment did not cause them.

  8. i have HAD FAMILY MEMEBERS DEPLOYED AND unless this so called divorce was already in motion before he left i think thats one of the worst thinkgs a wife can do to a husband who is overseas…. already scared for his life and ALWAYS THINKING @WHATS HAPPENING HERE….. i just fell that kail made a huge mistake to do that while he is deployed…… but i guess NO ONE really knows the real circumstances and maybe it was agreed upon before he left?

    1. Exaaaaaactly!!! Kailyn Lowry is a cold-hearted b*tch that had no decency to at the very least, spare him that worry while he is AT WAR! He needs to be on his A game because he not only needs to watch his back, but also, he has to look at for his brothers and sisters in arms. He can’t be distracted by what is going on at home. Yes, we can all agree that he probably isn’t the best husband in the world, but sh*t(!), marriage is a partnership, a union that people need to learn how to do. Nobody is perfect! Plus, he is the father of her child, stepfather to her eldest son. Kailyn is stupid for pulling that crap, it’s so obvious that she didn’t give a damn about him in the first place. She is full of shit and just used him for her own personal gain and benefit. He was just a warm body to sleep by for awhile.

    2. I’m sorry, but Javi is not risking his life. When my husband spent over a year in Baghdad, Qatar is where they would send soldiers for a brief R&R. For all of his exaggerations, Javi is not in a combat situation. He goes to the mall & the beach!
      That’s not to say it’s easy- it isn’t. The year my hubby spent in Korea was incredibly difficult. It is hard on a family to be apart, even in a solid relationship. If you go into it with trust issues,&/or other problems,this is the likely outcome. We are one of 2 couples still together from my husband’s 2003 AIT graduating class.

    3. Javi wanted a divorce long before they deployed. They both screwed up their own relationship, together. Neither one is more responsible than the other. But, Javi is in absolutely ZERO danger where he is. He’s not putting his life in harm’s way. He’s not scared for his damn life. He’s living it up over there, going out partying, shopping, to the beach, and always with chicks. So, yeah, he’s not fearing for anything, lmao They’re perfectly compatible for one another, because they share the very same disrespect for one another and themselves.

  9. I think people’s perception of marriage is so sad. They think “if it doesn’t work out we will just get divorced”. Marriage is for better or worse, in sickness and health, till death do us part”. It is not easy and it takes a lot of work. It is easy to stay during the good times, but the true test is to stay and work things out during the bad times. My grandparents were married for 81 years. They were a true example of the sacrament of marriage. These girls just don’t take marriage seriously. I feel bad for Isaac and Lincoln. They are the ones who will be most affected by this.

    1. i completely disagree with this. if you are in a crappy marriage why should you stay together and be miserable forever? just to prove some point that you ‘work hard’ at it??

      1. No what I am saying is they should look at marriage as a true commitment and not just jump to divorce. Kali married Javi for benefits…it seems like she was not taking it seriously from the beginning. Leah jumps from bed to bed while married. Jenelle has been engaged 7 times. I am just saying that these moms do not take it seriously and they can be too quick to jump to divorce, not try to earnestly work through their problems.

        1. I agree with tvaddict.

          people expect a fairytale and throw in the towel when they hit a rough patch. There are a lot of unrealistic expectations regarding marriage being perfect. Marriage is a lot of work, it’s not all romance and fun. All of the work has made me love and value my husband more, seeing him work on us is amazing.

          But each has to compromise and work to make things better. Kail just saying she isn’t emotional doesn’t cut it, Javi has been screaming out for more and she just won’t budge even after he sent flowers and stuff to show his love and appreciation.

        2. Honestly, this only works if the couple goes INTO a marriage with the attitude that it is actually forever. Beginning sincerely with that attitude makes divorce a non issue and makes the couple work very hard through problems, whatever it takes.
          Most marriages are impulsive or “because we have been together for so long anyway”. Very few people actually discern what the hell they are doing or look at it in any way other than a contract that an be broken at any time for any reason.

      2. pretty much everyone is going to be miserable in their marriage at some point or another. every one has it’s ups and downs and it seems like people break up at the first down they experience. kail chose to marry him without knowing him very well and encouraged her young son to bond with javi and call him dad. now isaac is SO attached, not to mention he was told over and over javi would be home. this WILL create issues for him. IMO they owe it to those boys to try harder before throwing in the towel

  10. I don’t think Kail swings the male way…I wont be shocked if her next romance is with a woman.

    1. Wasn’t there a rumor that she did have a girlfriend between like, Jordan and Javi maybe? I could have sworn a photo surfaced of her and a girl taking a selfie together in bed… Am I crazy?

  11. We all knew it

    Kail only married him for the medical benefits as lazy joe wouldn’t pay for issacs, and with javi in the military it would cover both Kail and Isaac ( that’s why she married him.
    And she cheated on Javi hence his behavioural change

  12. Here’s the problem…she answers very simply, “yeah it’s true” about the divorce. When asked about her ex(s), she says “no, not true and definitely not”…while retreating to her vehicle, turning her back. You don’t have to be an fbi analyst pro to know that over exaggeration and eye avoidance are telling signs of a lie being told.
    Javi I imagine is only tweeting immaturely and out in the open from some MTV nudging (setting up the next season’s storyline).

  13. It’s about time she actually acknowledges what we already know. Send that reporter to Wilmington next. Maybe with those skills, he can get Jenelle to admit that she is pregnant.

    Speaking of Jenelle, I just thought of this theory today. What if the whole “mystery illness” is a big setup for a Maci “I didn’t know I was pregnant” scheme. She can say she knew something was off, but didn’t realize it was that. She stopped smoking pot in December is what she told the Doctors TV show. It is now May, and she looks about 5 months pregnant…

    1. That is a great theory, but from the pictures she posted recently at Farrah’s birthday party she didn’t look pregnant anymore. So maybe you are right, but she couldn’t handle all the backlash of her having ANOTHER baby with ANOTHER man and had ANOTHER abortion.

  14. So Kail finally found a gossip rag willing to buy her “exclusively lame absolutely predictable divorce story”? Guess she held out for so long because the offers didn’t come streaming in for her post-body-transplant reveal photos.

  15. Seems like a jerk move to divorce someone while they are serving our country…

    1. It seems to me like he’s pushing for divorce more than she is. But my perception might be inaccurate.

    2. They both made crap moves, their entire relationship. Javi wanted a divorce, and asked for one, long before he ever got deployed. He’s living the good life over there, he’s not in a combat zone, he;s not even remotely in danger of ever going TO one, either. Why do people think folks in the military are automatically protected from the stupid shit that happens in life? Kail and Javi are both responsible, equally, for their failures. He’s living it up with chicks over there, and she’s here with two kids, hanging out with guys. They’ve both likely cheated on each other at this point, and neither one has any respect for themselves or each other.

  16. If Kail did cheat, think I missed it. Either way, I’m sorry she’s living in a fish bowl, I know it was her choice, but it still saddens me. Since we’ve come to “know” her, have we seen examples of people around her modeling healthy relationships? The Kail that I see, I believe, will always put her kids first. And I think it will be to the detriment of herself.

  17. I can relate to her, when my husband gets deployed I go through stages. First it’s sadness, then acceptance, then you get on and wonder why you even need him. It’s a defense mechanism to keep going. After so long it just feels normal to do it on your own, and then dealing with them again becomes agitating because you’ve made sacrifices but they often think of their sacrifices. It’s hard to relate to one another because she’s never been deployed, and he’s never stayed with the kids alone for extended periods of time. When he comes back it’s super tough, probably the hardest part of all, to try and get back to normal what isn’t normal anymore. It always takes us months and hard work to get back to a good place. I honestly can see why people leave when their spouse is deployed, especially when it wasn’t great to begin with. It’s like a trial card for being single to see how it works out while still being supported by the other person. IF she didn’t cheat, I think they will work things out. If she did, I hope they’re done, because every deployment will get worse and worse for them.

    Just my experience and my opinion, but I see the same tendencies in her that I go through myself.

    1. When you have to work THAT hard, there is something seriously wrong with your marriage. Sure it’s hard work, and deployments can be hard too, but they are not THAT hard(not to where it would take months to fix something). If it takes you months on end to fix something, your marriage isn’t all that strong to begin with and you need to figure that out. And yes, I have been there, so I do understand the difficulties, but they are not that damn hard. Being deployed doesn’t magically make things that much worse, especially when you’re deployed to an area of the world that isn’t even remotely in a combat zone. Life just isn’t that damn stressful when you’re in the kind of job Javi has, it’s really not. It’s an important job, sure, but no more stressful than any other 9-5 office job. (hell, those are worse!)
      Neither one of these two has any idea what a partnership or marriage really is. He’s not overseas fighting for freedom, or protecting squat, he’s living the good life. His life over there isn’t stressful. He’s busy hanging out with chicks, partying, shopping, drinking, going to the beach(all on a DAILY basis), he’s not suffering. She’s over here hanging out with guys, partying when she wants to, and taking care of kids. Her stress level is higher, by default, she has more responsibility than he does. But that doesn’t make her, or him, more responsible for the shit their marriage has gone through. They’re equally to blame for going downhill. If she cheated, it’s just as likely that he did too. Why does everyone assume he can be friends with chicks and keep his dick in his pants, but she can’t be friends with guys and keep their dicks in their pants? Marriage is a two way street, and they’ve both put barriers up, so now no one can get through.

  18. I really hope they can work this out, It is really hard when in 2 different countries but you all should remember why you fell in love , any relationship will have it’s issues and the same issues you have with each other you ill both have down the road with someone new. separating and finding someone new is not always the answer. Trust me when I say the grass is not always greener on the other side. I am divorced twice and unless you both have given 100 % see what you can do to fix it. Especially with 2 kiddos involved.

  19. so Kail called daily mail and told them to send paps, right? no photographer is hanging around DOVER DELAWARE waiting to catch a glimpse of kail

    1. oh for sure! that was my first though, ain’t no paps in delaware especially for Kail

  20. Saw this coming…but it’s probably for the best for everybody. Javi clearly has a lot of insecurities, which made him come off as very controlling and mean. The whole Jo thing seems like it was a big strain. Then Kail went off and got all of that plastic surgery, and that didn’t help relationship at all. Javi clearly wanted more kids, and Kail clearly didn’t since she had all that work done. It probably also made Javi feel like she was going to leave him since she has this new body….but Kail is no angel either, she needs to get that temper under control. It was just a toxic relationship all around. Just feel so bad for the kids. Isaac especially. The next guy is going to be his 3rd father figure in less than a decade. Hopefully the next man she marries it’ll actually last.

    1. I definitely agree that Javi has a lot of insecurity issues. Kail seems like a social butterfly and has a lot of friends. He obviously doesn’t like that but you can’t go into a marriage thinking you are going to change the other person. If he had an issue with her having a lot of friends than he shouldn’t have married her. Sadly, I think Javi and Kail are just another couple that proved that rushing into marriage and having kids doesn’t make a relationship last. It just makes the break up process more difficult.

  21. Good for Javi. It’s unfortunate he ever married and had a child with someone that physically abused him, possibly more than once. If anyone ever puts their hands on you-male or female, it’s over, there is nowhere to go from there, and you’re dealing with a highly disordered individual. It’s easier and better for people if they figure this out early on, rather than trying to untangle the mess of their lives from someone like that, but getting away from them is a positive thing.

  22. She thinks she is a hot number now. So she will join the ranks with Farrah, Amber and Janelle and hook up with some shady, unemployed dude who is with her only because he wants to be on TV.

  23. We all knew it was over, but having her just flat out confirm it wasn’t something I expected. I thought she’d pull the “we’re fine” schtick for a bit longer.

  24. Not surprising but she sounds sarcastic in the video like she is just trying to appease everyone so they will stop asking her about it

  25. “I am so shocked!” said no.one.ever. Of course my heart goes out to the kids, Isaac especially. He is already a sensative kid and so attached to Javi. Now yet again another major life change for such a young kid. I wish them the best though because we all know Kailyn is not the best at co-parenting. Something tells me this court battlw may be even more explosive than the one she had with Jo.

    Also has it been stated or confirmed if the divorce was initiated before or during his deployment? I know MTV’s timeline can be a bit off.

  26. Karl looked too well put together to have been totally caught off guard by those paps she tipped off.

    1. major outlets are obviously flying photographers to hang out in bumf-ck delaware just to snap pics of kailyn!

  27. If it turns out to be true that Kail cheated on Javi when he was deployed then I’ve lost all respect for her. That is so low to cheat on your spouse when they are deployed, regardless of the troubles in the relationship prior. She made a promise to him to be there. It really makes me sick, shame on you Kail if these allegations are true.

    1. Shame on Kail? Why not shame on Javi for blaming Kail she had a miscarriage? Those are not allegations, he has said it himself. Also, he made a promise to Kail too to always stand by her, yet he turned on her when they both lost a child. If it were me, I would’ve left a man who would blame me for a miscarriage immediately!

    2. It seems like it is true based on how she answered the question about her ex’s. I’ve been with one or more liars and they answer like she did, restating her answer,over exaggerating… smh. And it seems they were talking divorce before that deployment ever happened..

    3. supposedly her friends peach and kim told javi about her cheating, hence their twitter argument and those three not being friends anymore. kim and peach are taking javi’s side. sounds like they feel betrayed cuz they were the ones defending kail’s right to privacy and time with friends and she cheats. on the flip side, javi was posting so many pics with a very hot girl early in his deployment, something he’d FREAK if kail did, so whose to say he didn’t cheat too/first? i just feel awful for the kids:(

      1. I wouldn’t be surprised if javi posted them because he was feeling neglected and just wanted to get a reaction from Kail, honestly.

      2. Maybe Kail has been accused of cheating so many times that actually doing it made sense to her in her relationship stress fried brain.
        Especially when you have been unhappy in your marriage for a while and have that ‘whatever Lola wants, Lola gets’ mindset.
        Very stupid choice, now his accusations are correct and nobody will believe her anymore, even her own friends.
        Grow up.
        And this is why you should take marriage very, very seriously. Once you have swapped rings and especially after you had kids or raised kids together, there is no easy way out anymore.
        People should fill out questionnaires before obtaining a marriage license about their ideas about marriage and happiness, their ideas about finances, children, the hard times, etc. etc.

  28. Is anyone truely surprised? This has been in the makings for a long time.

  29. I wonder if this is true or if Kailyn was just being sarcastic to the reporter, I guess we shall see on the next season

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