Josh & Anna Duggar Speak Out About Their Marriage Post-Scandal: ‘Some Days are Very Difficult’

"No, I didn't dump it yet, guys!"
“No, I didn’t dump it yet, guys!”

It’s been a few months since Josh Duggar returned home from rehab, after spending months away from his wife Anna and their four kids. The disgraced 19 Kids & Counting star has done his best to keep a low profile since being sprung from the ‘hab, but yesterday Josh broke his silence by releasing a joint statement with Anna on the Duggar family website.

In the statement, Josh and Anna revealed that they are still struggling in their marriage, nearly a year after Josh admitted to being unfaithful to Anna. (He was caught trolling for chicks on dating sites and later admitted to having an addiction to p0rn.)

“It isn’t easy and some days are very difficult,” Josh and Anna wrote in a statement regarding their marriage. “It is a long road to rebuild trust and a truly healthy relationship. We are very thankful for God’s forgiveness, grace and help, as it is our strength and guide to rebuilding our lives. As the future unfolds, we are taking one day at a time and we are grateful for your continued prayers for both of us and our sweet children.”

Josh and Anna said that they are seeking professional help for their marriage. (They needed to call in the big guns to handle this mess! It’s good to know that Josh and Anna aren’t relying on just ol’ Jim Bob and Michelle to give them marriage advice!)

“Since the residential treatment program ended, we have been working with a professional marriage and family counselor to take important steps toward healing,” the couple’s statement reads.

At this point, it is not yet known what Josh’s next move will be. According to TLC, he will not be featured on his siblings’ new reality show, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, and he has not revealed what he will do for a living, now that he is no longer working for the Family Research Council. (He resigned in May 2015 after news of his molestation scandal broke.) He was, however, recently spotted selling a used car on the side of the road near the Duggar compound.

According to a recent In Touch Weekly story, though, life is very different for Josh, post-scandal(s).

"You really think I'm gonna let you have an iPhone? Boy, please!"
“You really think I’m gonna let you have an iPhone? Boy, please!”

“He isn’t allowed to have [a smartphone],” a source close to the Duggars reportedly told the magazine recently. “He has a little phone with a tiny screen and he can’t send or receive picture messages on it.”

Josh has not used his social media accounts since he has returned home from rehab.

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  1. In many religions being a “Martyr” is well looked upon. I think Anna is playing that angle. She will really get the religious freaks praising Jesus every time Josh falls off the wagon and she picks him up. Kind of reminds me of Loretta Lynn and Doo.

  2. I wish that people would please have the mercy to let this poor woman work through this with some semblance of dignity. She is in obvious pain.

  3. You all forget that Anna is very much in love with Josh. I suspect she believes the molestation happened when he was a young man and it never has happened again since then. The thing she is probably most concerned about is the porn & cheating. That is the current real problem. He has gone thru intensive rehab. I wish them the best of luck. I don’t think Josh still has a problem as a pedophile because that would have come out. So he only committed those acts when he was a young confused man. I don’t believe he would molest a child now. So I can see Anna forgiving Josh & saving her marriage. He has ruined the life they had & they will never have that again. I feel sorry for Anna & the kids but it was obvious on the show she loved him very much & that doesn’t just go away. I think she will try & but if he fails her again I think she will leave him then.

    1. Sad to say but no amount of good loving at home will keep a man from porn if he’s drawn to it. She could have sex with him 3-4 times a day and it still won’t satisfy the urges he has for porn. He craves what he can’t have. Sorry Anna, it’s not your job to fix him.

  4. I agree that Anna is crazy staying with him. But, you have to put yourself in her shoes. She comes from an environment where the word divorce is not a word. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was semi-blamed for this for not putting out for her husband enough. Which is messed up but that’s the way it is for them. Also, too think of this she has what a home schooled religious education so probably not put to par with what is needed to be known. I doubt she has a GED. She has no college education, no job skills or job history, and she has four young children to care for (and probably another on the way soon) so how would she survive? I am sure they are broke now cause all the TV money had to go to his rehab bill. A six month live in place that wasn’t cheap. Also everyone family and friends telling her to stay with him. It’s a no brainier that she is not going to leave his ass so I feel for her but I understand why she stayed with him: she is trapped.

  5. I am not surprised one bit by any of Josh’s behavior. I see this a lot in uber strict bible thumping Families like this. My sister works at a ore-school at a church and she said that a couple of these families they had as few situations with these kids doing things like that. There have been cases of kids as little as 4 from these families groping girls while they are napping. There was one case where one of them actually pulled down the pants of a boy when he was napping and he groped one of them. There was one boy that was doing it so much we had to tell the parents not to bring the boy back. The parents were in complete denial about it. There was only issues like this in those types of families like the Duggars which makes you wonder what is going on at home for this to happen. I think Josh was molested by someone for him to have this kind of behavior maybe not by family but someone.

  6. I’ve never seen the show but this guy creeps me out in every picture I’ve seen of him. He just looks slimy.

    1. Yeah I always thought he let off a creepy vibe. What made me think of that was when Anna was giving birth to their first child and he is saying “push it baby” in a really strange tone of voice. I know its a strange reason but his tone was very I dunno. But. did anyone notice when Anna was pregnant with their first baby and they did the gender reveal and it was a girl you could see thing pissed off look on his face and the Duggar family didn’t seem all that thrilled about it either. Then when they found out they were having a boy Josh was all like “I love her but this is a SON!!” and then after they were always holding the boys and poor Mackenzie was in the background or barely on the show. The oldest girl just seems kind of pushed aside by Josh.

  7. God if there is one
    Would never condone or forgive child any child molesterer
    That is sick as is all animal abuse

    It’s scum like this that need to be in Laboratory is being tested on and experimented on instead of poor innocent animals

  8. I think it’s sad that Anna decided to stay with him. For what? A man who will never have a respectable or well paying job again. A man who she no longer respects or trusts. She let her religion and parental influence blind her. Now she has no education and four young children who have the last name “Duggar” that will follow them for the rest of their lives. She had the opportunity to get out, and she didn’t. Such a shame.

    1. Clearly, Anna doesn’t respect herself if she is staying with this serial pedo.

      Worse then not respecting herself though, as if that isn’t bad enough, is the fact that she let this pickle sucking slob back into the house with her 4 young children, fully aware of exactly what he is capable of. It is no longer down to “childhood bad judgement”. It’s that he is straight up a rotten, defunct piece of shit that has no place in proper society, let alone in a household with children… at least not a society that would let someone like him walk around with their nutsack still intact.

      If anything happens to those kids at his meaty, nasty, grubby hands, she should be held just as culpable as he would be.

  9. So now Anna sits next to him when he is using the internet after Michelle gives them the password?
    Or is Anna expected to look at porn together with Josh to fulfill his needs? After all, it was her fault for a large part, according to her MIL.

  10. Given the quality of the rehab treatment he apparently received (and their idea of counseling for Josh after he molested his sisters), I have some doubts about what “professional marriage and family counselor” means to the Duggars…

  11. Of course they’re “working on their marriage”.Anna is uneducated with no training or experience in anything AND saddled with a bunch of kids.
    She’s got nothing else to fall back on.

  12. I think Anna has no self-esteem and I think it has so much to do with how she was raised. She raised in the same Quiverfull cult as the Duggar children. I remember seeing a scene from their wedding episode after the scandal. Her dad said to her something along the lines of, “Josh is the boss of you now.” It made me sick.

    For me, it’s not even all about him cheating on her and his AM account. It’s also about the fact that he molested several of his sisters on multiple occasions, the youngest of which was 5 when the abuse happened. I don’t know how any woman and mother can be okay with a pedophile living in the same house as her young children.

    There have been many documented incidents of the hypocrisy of the Duggars. The one that really sticks out in my mind is the fact that Jim Bob, during his Senate campaign, advocated that rape and incest should be prosecuted as capital crimes and should be punishable by death. This was years after he knew his own son molested several of his daughters on multiple occasions.

    One thing that boggles my mind about the Duggars is how nonchalant they act about the whole molestation scandal; purposely miscontruing the facts and outright lying. However, since news of the cheating scandal broke, they act like cheating on a spouse is the worst thing a person can ever do.

    It is too bad that Anna’s brother could not convince her to leave Josh and that her parents pressured her so much to stay with him. I sincerely hope Josh never lays a hand on the children who have no choice but to live in that house with him.

    1. Yes!! They praise forgiveness but at the same time, resent sins. But to molest your sisters??!!? I wouldn’t trust him around his daughter. Who knows what he is capable of

      1. So very true, Jessica. How many times has the Duggar family, especially Jim Bob and Michelle, referred to gay and transgender men and women as sexual predators and pedophiles now? Hating and condemning the LGBT community for no reason while knowing full well the heinous crimes their son has committed? Unfortunately, I think we know exactly what Josh Duggar is capable of. If he is capable of molesting his own sisters, it’s not much of a stretch that he would be capable of molesting his own children.

    2. Lieah and Dawnial & Jessica-

      You both nailed it in regards to the Duggar parents. They give zero phucks about the girls in their home (as they’ve shown time and again- they’re raised to please and little care is given about their wants, dreams or feelings) and they obviously have such a narrow view of the world, it’s truly disturbing that TLC ever gave their madness a voice to begin with. I know people in the LGBT community that would out-parent the shit out of these people and never have to disparage the way someone else chooses to live their life, or their beliefs, in order to do it.

      Sad damn lot, the Duggars. Let’s hope they’re shown all the mercy in the after-life that they’ve shown others in this life.

      1. One thing I find so sad is that Michelle has a sister that is gay. I can’t imagine how awful it must be for her to hear her own family say such hateful things about her and the rest of the LGBT community. You know that the Duggars (and their supporters) would have a field day if people turned their hateful words against them by saying the exact same things they have and substituted the words ‘gay’ and ‘transgender’ with ‘Christian’. They would be screaming at the top of their lungs that their rights and religious freedom are being violated.

  13. Speaking from a women’s point of view – I just can’t understand why on earth Anna allowed Josh back in to hers and the children’s lives. Anna has some serious self – esteem problems. Religion or not…his crusty as# would NEVER darken my doorstep again!

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