UPDATE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Welcomes Third Child! See the First Photos of Baby Maverick

"He's comin' y'all!"
“He’s here y’all!”

UPDATE: Baby Maverick Reed McKinney is here!

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout and her fiance Taylor McKinney welcomed their son on May 31 in Tennessee.

Maci tweeted to her fans after giving birth to let them know that the baby had arrived safely.

“Mr. Maverick Reed has officially made his debut & completed our family,” Maci wrote. “So much love, so many blessings!”

According to a video posted to MTV.com, Maverick was born at 12:35 a.m. and weight in at 7 lbs., 11 oz.

Welcome Maverick!
Welcome Maverick!

Last night Taylor updated his Instagram account to let fans know that he was at the hospital with Maci, “waiting on Maverick.” This will be the second child for Taylor, who is the father of Maci’s second child, Jayde, who celebrated her first birthday just two days before Maverick’s birth.

According to a post on The Blog Wire (which seems to have some sort of connection to Maci herself), an MTV camera crew was filming Maci, Taylor and their family for Jayde’s birthday, so it’s likely that Maverick’s birth will be filmed (at least in part) as well for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

Taylor, Maci and Maverick
Taylor, Maci and Maverick

It should also be noted that Maverick now shares a birthday with Maci’s on again/off again rival and ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star Farrah Abraham, who turned 25 on May 31.

Maci announced the “surprise” pregnancy in February, and has stated that Maverick will be her last baby because she plans to use some sort of “permanent” birth control to prevent any more “whoopsie babies!”

(Photo: MTV)


  1. Babs Home For Janelle's Abandoned Children With all of her Soulmates #justlikethenotebook says:

    Seriously, all Maci’s “miracle” babies and her BS oh I can’t get pregnant, that girl is a fertile myrtle.

    At least she got a ring with trap baby #2. He had no choice but put a ring on it after her knocked her miracle womb up again…..

  2. Caption of picture “I’ve pushed another baby out of my hooha y’all!”.
    (Maci was very proud she had “pushed a baby out of her hooha” after she had Bentley.)

  3. Congrats Maci and Taylor! I hope everyone is well! With as healthy as he looks and weighs, It seems to me that maybe they knew about him from the start of the pregnancy and posted photos of her with a drink (but never actually drinking one) to throw off all of the hate they would have received if they announced another pregnancy so soon after Jayde. I could be wrong but either way, I only have well wishes for them in a world so filled with hate.

    1. It’s not just photos- she was on video multiple times drinking, going out and partying with the other girls after they filmed specials in NYC, etc. There are fan pics on social media of people running into her at bars/clubs drinking–that would be one in-depth coverup. I don’t think it’s even debatable at this point if she was truly drinking or not. Going to the lengths to do a cover-up like that doesn’t make sense, because drinking while heavily pregnant (even if she didn’t know) looks much worse than just saying “I’m in a committed relationship and pregnant again”. Maybe she knew she was pregnant and continued drinking,,,maybe she’s being truthful and didn’t. But I think these conspiracy theories are pretty nonsensical when you break them down and think “What would she benefit from doing this”– trading a bad PR move for one much worse?

      1. No it’s Maci she is never wrong. She has an excuse for everything. Just like Farrah, and Chelsea. The spoiled rich brats of this show always have an excuse for everything. “Well I got pregnant becasue….” “I am irresponsible because…” “It wasn’t my fault because…” So if and I hope for the child’s sake not that this child has long term effects from his dumbass mama drinking I am sure that he has his problems because… And it wasn’t my fault because….

        1. It’s the long term effects that concerns me (and it should Maxi & Taylor) too. Learning disabilities, ADHD, behavior issues, etc. Stuff that will rear its head at school. Maci seems like the type that would attribute those to “boys will be boys” though… YMMV

          1. I know I hope that the baby is ok and there isn’t any effects of FAS which they won’t know until he reaches school age.

      2. Right? There are very few things I straight-up judge people on, but drinking while they KNOW they’re pregnant (and it’s a sliding scale starting at “sexually active, drinks, isn’t on birth control”) is about at the top of the “not actually a crime” list.
        And if she wanted to throw us guard and *not* get harshly judged in hindsight, pose on a trampoline with Bentley. Instagram some raw sushi. Mention how absolutely exhausting it is to have two kids. (Or would be, if Ryan’s mom weren’t such a pushover)

  4. Here’s to a healthy and happy baby! Obviously, people have concerns for the health of little Maverick, but I don’t understand what all this downvoting and negativity is about. It’s totally unnecessary.

  5. Good luck to Maci and baby Maverick! I hope everything goes alright and everyone is healthy.

    Those NICU rumors that have been flying around are messed up. Why would people wish pain on a little baby? I know Maci drank during the pregnancy and the risk of FAS is there but any decent person should be hoping for the best. Maverick did nothing wrong.

  6. I hope that the baby is ok and isn’t suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome. But as much as she drank during her “unknown” pregnancy I hope that the kid will be ok.

  7. It was some random chick on fb who started those rumours about Maverick. The tumblr blogs are just as grossed out by the rumours as everyone else is.

  8. You might just want to explain what she’s planning to do because ‘permanent birth control’ could be read as something that’s permanent in your body (so you don’t have to worry over the pill, or something like that), but still reversible. 😉

    1. How would she know the specific type of perma- birth control she’s planning on getting when Maci herself hasn’t even shared that info?

  9. Yea whoever made up those rumors about baby Mav being in the ICU is disgusting.. What a horrible thing to say about an innocent unborn child SMH.

    1. How is that horrible to say, FOR THE CHILD? That means that being in the ICU is something a child should be ashamed about? :’)

      The lying is horrible. The ICU not.

      1. The OP didn’t say ‘for the child’; they said ‘about the child’. Nor did they imply ICU is something to be ashamed about.
        I believe the OP is disgusted that people would be making up rumours about the health of a baby *at all*, and so seriously as to reference ICU (which may be rather insensitive for people who really have babies in ICU). Therefore the lie, and serious extent of it, is indeed what is horrible and not ICU in itself…you seem to share the same views as the OP so I’m not sure why you jumped on them.

    2. It was that damn tumblr! That’s what ppl on Reddit were saying! She’s the only one who had that fake screenshot and not ONE person could find the original comment or thread. She wanted page counts! Then she posts about how ppl spreading rumors are gross but she was the one posting it!!!

  10. Funny. We didn’t see Bentley’s birth on 16&P so this is interesting. Remember the pencil drawings of her labor faces? Lol.

    1. I miss those drawings of the girls who didn’t want to be filmed during labor. They were hilarious!

      1. Yes tf is wrong with people? I’ve migrated to this site more than teenmomjunkies.com bc anytime someone says something positive someone gets all defensive

        1. I used to love teenmomjunkies.com but can’t stand it anymore. You can say something like “I like the color of her hair.” and a thousand people with down vote you and make horrible comments. They are slightly more up to date on their recaps (until these past few weeks) than The Ashley but that’s the only good thing about them. The Ashley is always the first with the day to day stories and drama in these girls lives and even though her recaps are late they are better written and have twice as many details.

          1. The difference is the writers at Teen Mom Junkies are amateur writers and don’t get paid for their articles. They need to work, go to school or take care of families so I bet it’s harder to keep up with TM gossip and find that time to write. Even with different writers.

            As for the commenters, I do agree that they will jump you if you say say anything positive.

  11. Wow. A couple of the TeenMom Tumblr blogs said they have sources that confirmed Maci had the baby several days ago and he was born with serious problems (most likely from her drinking) and was in serious condition in the NICU. I’m SO glad to her this was bogus, but at the same time disgusted that those sites would even go so low to post rumors like that. Gotta get ‘those views! Thank you for keeping us updated with the real story.

    1. lol yeah and today they decided the baby hasnt been born yet and HOW DARE PEOPLE MAKE RUMORS UP ABOUT BABIES

      like uhhh what? you guys have been repeating them all week

      1. Disgusting. I really hope this makes ppl realize what crap gets spewed there. That tumblr should have NEVER posted that fake screenshot without real proof. You can make up anythjng you want on the Internet and she doesn’t even care she perpetuated that baseless disgusting rumor

      2. Not just repeating, Im pretty sure the LWOTM blogger created the damn rumor herself. Interesting how no one else could find the supposed comment on Maci’s facebook then suddenly the blogger flips and starts saying how whoever sent it in is some pathetic attention seeking troll and she’s so appaulled someone would start that rumor. She somehow completely missed the irony that she was the only site (to my knowledge) perpetuating said rumor. Attention seeking trolls? Pot meet kettle. I don’t know why I even check that tumblr anymore; she really makes me see red.

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