‘Teen Mom OG’ to Return This Summer: Season 6 Premiere Date Announced


"It's either this or get real jobs so..."
“It’s either this or get real jobs so…”

Get ready for a summer packed with Farrah Abraham‘s ugly-cry faces because– Teen Mom OG is coming back!

The premiere date for the show’s upcoming sixth season was released yesterday. We can expect Butch Baltierra to be back on our TVs starting Monday, August 22. Oh, and Amber PortwoodCatelynn LowellMaci Bookout and Farrah will all be there too.

There was a lot of heavy-duty stuff going on in the moms’ lives during the filming of the new season. Let’s take a look at what we may see covered in Season 6:

For Catelynn, we will likely see the events that led up to her checking herself into a treatment center for anxiety and depression. It is unknown if an MTV camera crew followed Catelynn to the Arizona treatment center, but surely the trip will be addressed on the new season.

For Maci, we may get to see her planning her wedding to Taylor McKinney, as well as her baby shower, and (hopefully) the recent birth of their son, Maverick.

For Farrah, we will see her family trip to Hawaii, as well as her on/off again relationship with Simon Saran becoming more serious. Camera crews were spotted filming Farrah while she house shopped in Los Angeles, and MTV cameras were also rolling during Farrah’s recent 25th birthday party earlier this month. The opening of her new restaurant, which opened yesterday, was also filmed.

For Amber, we may see more on the (many) child support cases of her fiance, Matt Baier, and possibly even the tax issues Amber is currently facing. Amber and Matt recently took a trip to Matt’s home state of Massachusetts so that may be covered as well.

In the meantime, catch up on what happened last season on ‘Teen Mom OG’ by reading The Ashley‘s Season 5 recaps here!

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  1. Maci is a drunken liar.
    Farrah is a delusional liar.
    Amber is a dumb liar.
    Catelyn… exists,I guess.

    Who even watches that anymore?

    1. preach. why do they even make this show anymore? they’re no longer regular teen moms, they’re z-list celebrities. They should do a catch up show with the original 16 & Pregnant girls who didn’t get millions of $$ and who had to actually fend for themselves.

  2. I’m sorry I just don’t buy the Farrah & Simon story. For as much as Farrah says she has no time for drama, she keeps getting back together with this guy that she claims has issues. I see it as an either-or situation. Either Simon is on a mission from God to combat the devil incarnate (Farrah) or he is simply with Farrah to collect a paycheck and get publicity. As far as I know, they don’t seem to be together unless filming. I mean you would think we would hear something in the off season for as much as TMZ & rag mags report on her.

    1. He’s on the Abraham payroll!!!!

      No man in their right mind would put up with delusional Debra, miserable Mike, the devil child and fucked up Farrah, no one would stay and put up with this miss wit Bunch of narcissists.

      Simon is around for filming and red carpet events only, as a teen no guy wanted her, she’s an idiot.

      Not very articulate, not very bright no intelligence and she’s fucking grotesque.
      Their all nut jobs, Even Debra’s mom is a fruit loop.

  3. I’m so tired of this show its been on since I was was in grade 9. Can they please get rid of all forms of teen mom or at least 1&2 and do a new show with a whole new cast . The only thing that was ever really interesting was 16 and pregnant because people had real problems and real struggles. Now it’s just boring and unrealistic.

  4. Hopefuckly this season is filled with more scripted bs..bare footed producers..beer guzzling of the hipsters..sofia believing she is farrahs mother..liquid facelifts to look like a dead corpse..simon looking like he enjoys being pussy whipped..farrah being a usless POS…kristina greasing the doorway for gareee to exit the house…ambie’s daycare for the drunks….matt hopefully falling off a cliff..a girl could only dream

  5. So Maci is getting married oct 8….are they gonna be airing crap and filming at the same time? Or don’t tell me they will stretch this shit out another season??? Usually there’s a time lapse between filming and when it airs

  6. Maci and Catelynn are so boring. Everyone should admit they just watch the show for amber and farrah, because we love to hate them.

  7. Sorry this isn’t related to this post but will you be covering the current season of The Bachelorette with Jojo?

  8. Ashley! They came to Cape Cod and didn’t even see our daughter!! I totally would have driven her to see them- even though he hasn’t paid child support, but gas is on me!

    1. Oh wow- do you have a child with Matt? How disgusting that he was near you and didn’t reach out to see his daughter…though not surprising. 🙁 Can you tell us a little about him? What is behind is repeated behavior of getting women pregnant and leaving them?! In all seriousness, do you think this is fetish-driven?

    2. Are you bs us???
      I can’t believe this comment as any decent person wouldn’t admit to getting knocked up by that looser

  9. Cate and Ty are lazy losers. His entitlement and tiny head and her lack of motivation and massive weight gain at such a young age disgusts me. Won’t be watching.

      1. I skip through Chelsea and farrahs intern mom og segments
        Can’t stand Chelseas baby voice and I can’t stand Farrah period

  10. Babs Home For Janelle's Abandoned Children With all of her Soulmates #justlikethenotebook says:

    SO more couch sitting by Amber,
    More loserness from Matt
    More Caitlyn lying in bed, and tyler telling her to work on herself. more off them dropping off Nova more than Maci with Mimi Jen.

    More Farrah being Farrah and More Miracle Maci’s Vagina spitting out more oops babies

      1. Babs Home For Janelle's Abandoned Children With all of her Soulmates #justlikethenotebook says:

        It makes me laugh!!

  11. Farrah looking at multimillion dallor houses is such a joke!! she can afford a big fancy house in Texas, but not in LA. she’s not fooling anyone that’s from LA and is familiar with the market.

    1. I’m from LA, I laughed hard during that episode. Especially Debra’s comments about Farrah needing newer, and bigger,construction.

      She’d have to make Porno’s near constant to float that bill.

      I did read she bought a condo for a few hundred thousand, I bet it’s in a dodgy area. Because that’s CHEAP.

  12. man this is gonna be a boring season… Catelynn and Amber sitting on a couch, Cate biting her nails, Amber comlaining about Gary. Maci pressuring the Eye of the Beerholder into marrying her, and Farrah… well, she’s just gonna be her usual horrible self.

  13. I’m sorry, but there is NO WAY that Farrah should be allowed back on this show after her behavior last season. It just proves that MTV will do anything for money. Not interested in Maci pretending she didn’t know she was pregnant for 5 months, Amber and Matt justify their lack of motivation and Catelynn and Tyler dumping Nova off with anyone who will take her. This group of girls lack motivation and it is sad to watch. I prefer the train wreck that is Teen Mom 2. You just can’t look away.

    1. I agree that Farrah shouldn’t be allowed back on the show. She treats the entire crew horribly on a regular basis and assaulting Larry crossed a major line. Funny how she screamed at Larry, “Go fuck yourself, and I will never work with you guys again.” Yet here she is, back again. She is a POS. Someone please toss her into her Porta-Potty where she belongs.

  14. So boring. I will read the recaps on here, but doubt I will watch this. Their stories are all snoozers.
    I can barely stand any of these girls, and I am one of the very few out there that think Catelynn and Tyler are lazy druggies who shouldn’t be lauded until the end of eternity for placing Carly. I mean, now they just dump Nova on Catelynn’s still drinking “former addict” mother because surprise, surprise, a baby has daily needs and also needs all day attention and care. If they hadn’t decided to chain themselves together for the fame, they individually would be no better off than Jenelle. They get a great edit.

    1. I hadn’t heard of C & T’s possible drug use… that makes me so sad 🙁
      I never thought the were saints for giving up Carly for adoption, but I thought (in the beginning) it was a good example for teens that there are options out there if you do become pregnant young. I haven’t watched the show in years, but from fans reactions to them having Nova, I feel like C & T romanticized the idea of a baby because of Carly. They didn’t do the real hard work, yet still felt like they could make demands on her/her parents. And usually her parents abliged, within reason, so they got visitation & photo ops when it was convienent for them. Well, babies need constant care & attention. I don’t think they were prepared at all for how hard a newborn/toddler can be.

    1. If they get rid of Farrah the entire show will tank. Why do you think they worked so hard to get her back after she quit despite her behavior? Because the first shows she was not on had some of the worst ratings of all time. I HATE her with a firey passion. I think she is a bad person..period. Never mind the fact she’s a blatant racist, and that’s ignored. But for some reason, a massive amount of people are tuning in because of her, and the craziness she brings. They need a Farrah or Jenelle to balance out the normalcy and boring aspects of the others. Most people don’t tune is to see how well they are doing.. they want trashy reality TV.

      1. Farrah want missed when she didn’t appear on this show, it was much better without her

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