Jenelle Evans Complains About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Editing: ‘Rethinking Ever Letting My Life Be Filmed’

"It's the editing, I tell ya!"
“It’s the editing, I tell ya!”

Jenelle Evans is fightin’ mad about how she’s being portrayed on Teen Mom 2 and seems to be hinting that she’s quitting the show…again.

Babs’ “bitch-of-a-daughta” is claiming that bad editing on the part of MTV is responsible for her and her boyfriend, David Eason, looking less-than-favorable on Monday’s Season 7 finale.

“Not watching once again. Highly disappointed and only caught a glimpse for 5 secs,” Jenelle tweeted. “Rethinking ever letting my life be filmed ever again.”

If you tuned into Monday’s episode, you saw Jenelle make some questioning parenting choices. First off, she got completely overwhelmed and angry that her one-year-old son Kaiser cried and got upset when they tried to sit him in a boat right next a motor. Jenelle huffed, “I can’t handle this!” and “Oh my god, dude!” as her boyfriend David told the baby he was a “whiny little bitch” like his father, Nathan Griffith.

"I'll just start my own show then!"
“I’ll just start my own show then!”

Later, Jenelle got into a fight with Barbara over having to drive Jace back home. After screaming, cussing, and crying in front of Jace and Kaiser, Jenelle then has a heart-to-heart with Jace, telling him that the reason she doesn’t have custody of him is because when he was a baby, a judge gave Barbara custody because Jenelle didn’t have a house for them to live in. (She conveniently forgot to mention the drugs, men and partying that led to her being unable to care for Jace when he was young.)

Anyway, Jenelle didn’t like the way she was portrayed in this episode, nor the episodes before it.  After last week’s episode, Jenelle took to Twitter to shame MTV for making her look bad.

“I’m pretty convinced MTV constantly wants to make me look like the most horrible mother ever,” she tweeted. “Doesn’t show a damn positive thing for my story.”

Jenelle claimed that the reason the “bad” footage is making it to air is because her director doesn’t like her. (Can you imagine anyone not liking Jenelle?!)

“And this season and this upcoming ones were supposed to be really nice and smooth towards the end but of course MTV hires a director that judges you, hates you and wants to make you look bad,” Jenelle tweeted. “They hold all the power in the edit room.”

Viewers were quick to respond to Jenelle’s tweets, pointing out that the show’s editors can’t edit in things that didn’t actually happen. Jenelle, however, claimed that the network never airs the mother/son bonding times she shares with Jace.

“You would think they would have shown by now how I’ve been trying to get Jace back for over a year, or how many great times we’ve had,” Jenelle tweeted.

While Jenelle hinted that she’ll just go over to YouTube and start her own show that makes her and her boyfriend look like stellar parents, we have yet to see any videos actually uploaded. This is likely because Jenelle is currently under contract with MTV, and she cannot profit from any sort of show (online or on-air) that features the filming of her life in a way that’s similar to what’s shown on ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Stay tuned for a recap of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 finale! In the meantime, check out The Ashley’s recaps of the previous episodes by clicking here!

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    1. This comment aged like a fine wine!

      She can’t say she wasn’t warned!

      Let’s be real, after what we’ve seen of trashbag swamp monsters in their post-MTV era, it is very evident that MTV editing DID THEM FAVORS!! Their own posts make them look worse than anything “MTV ever did”. (Hard to create abuse/neglect footage that doesn’t exist…but it sure does…in mass quantity!)

      She has been threatening her “own show” for a decade now…
      Still nada! Not even a slice of effort (story of her life).
      What is the current excuse (beyond all consuming laziness)?
      She was so braggy about being “free from MTV” (and the associated $400k+ income…not buying that one either!) because of all the “projects (she) has going on” but has yet to show anything tangible beyond cringeworthy TikTok blob videos (“dance” is an inappropriate stretch) which are not exactly projects/work to normal humans.

      MTV was such a cushy gig. She literally did nothing but complain / refuse to film (aka WORK!) and magically a quality production on a major network came to fruition…THANKS TO MTV!
      Guess she didn’t realize that not only would her “own show” take more effort than she has cumulatively expended her entire existence on everything she’s ever done (like brushing her hair extensions) but finding a new gig (can’t morally call what she did a “job”) that pays $400k for zero effort (or ANY $400k gig for that matter…) is a pipe dream.

      Hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes of immature, egocentric fast living & spending which she literally has nothing to show for but a below average, squalor filled (indoor & outdoor) swamp and unrealistic delusional narcissism.

      Can’t wait to see all your mystery “projects” JE!
      Your eyebrow kit sales were your peak and unless you’re an ant, said “peak” is in no way substantial…

  2. This whole show is a trainwreck. These teen girls are to young and immature to be exploited like this. And then, you get the idiots that probably get pregnant on purpose because they want to be on this show. Sorry, but MTV should be ashamed of themselves for letting this continue.

  3. Jenelle has a good lifestyle thanks to MTV, she should not be biting the hand that has inexplicably fed her well for so long.

    Her lack of insight and self-awareness is remarkable. She is impulsive, going on multiple expensive vacations or out of town to score drugs. She should be socking away the money instead for when the Teen Mom checks run out.

    Her anger is out of control. She lashes out at Babs and MTV, the very figures who have helped her out the most. There is no reason to be so cruel to those who have helped you. I can picture telling my parents I was pregnant at 16. They would have told me to go get a job and get grinding. A real job – not being a reality TV princess.

  4. What a complete dumbass. Hope they take the kids and Babs gets child support from whatever is left from Janelle’s MTV paychecks (after paying off her dealers). “What is going on in that house?” Best question Babs ever asked 😉
    That David guy will probably end up back in jail if he continues to abuse steroids and rage out. He seems itching for a fight to prove his “manhood” which consists of truck tires and threatening to beat anyone over a third grade education. A real piece of shit. Who knows, could be a reasonable guy without that crazy putty Janelle always stirring up drama.
    I would honestly be fine if all of the girls of TM2 were cut after this season. They are clearly all moving on without having learned a damn thing from the experience (except that your stupid baby and purported money are interesting to people). Kailyn is simply not good looking enough for TV reporting. I always picture her cracking walnuts with those massive jaws. Not sure why she got the tummy tuck and Dr. Miami ass when she carries all of her weight in her face. Javi- the man without emotion from the 50s. Too macho to love lmao.
    Stop rewarding bad behavior and poor role models >:(
    MTV sure knows how to find drug addicted child-abusers and pay them lots of money.

  5. It annoyed me to read Jenelle thinks ‘having a good time’ with her son shows she is fit parent.
    Saying that is the first clue you haven’t got one when it comes to parenting.
    Sure, take your little brother to the zoo, the beach, a playground maybe but leave the real parenting to someone who is able and willing.

  6. I just really hope Jace has been and will continue to be sheltered from Jenelle’s criminal activity and arrests. My older sister’s dad (we’re step-sisters) has been out of her life since she was about five. He had her in the car when he got arrested one of many times. She didn’t know mom’s name or contact info so they couldn’t get her home for a while, and she watched them cuff her dad and haul him off, leaving her with strangers. To this day I think that has her traumatized. It’s just so selfish to try to be a crook and a parent at the same time.

    1. And poor Kaiser has double the chance to see one of his parents being arrested.
      Daddy got arrested again this weekend.
      Mommy’s new mug shot will be taken shortly after she went to court for Jace.She is on her toes now but something will happen after that court date. When she even makes it.

  7. Random thoughts on Jace…I had a friend when I was growing up who was in a very similar situation as Jace. Her mom had her young and raised my friend in her childhood home with her mothers help. Only just like jenelle she was always focused on looking for a husband. The difference though we’re only a few. And very simple. But very important. 1 my friends mom never tried to take her away from her grandmother. She understood that was her home. 2 my friends mom also moved in and out with different men. But ONLY spent time with my friend at the grandmom house. Never at the house she shared with her boyfriend. 3 my friends mom always considered their family unit the 3 of them (my friend, mom, and grandmom)
    My childhood friend turned out amazing. We are in our kid 30s now. Her grandmom has passed but she has a great adult relationship with her mom. And she’s a fully functioning successful happy person. I don’t fault jenelle for giving up custody. I don’t fault her for not fighting to get it back. I don’t even fault her for not having that motherly bond- you develop that at birth and she wasn’t ready. I do fault her for everything she’s putting him through in the process and for using him on TV. If she can’t be a mother to him, she needs to work on being another important figure in his life. It is possible for jenelle to still turn this around for Jace. But I doubt she will :/

  8. LMAO!!!!! Seriously Teen Mom get some of these moms mental help quickly. The only was MTV can edit you to look bad is if you do it. Like when you let the SOB David call Kaiser a b***ch like his dad. I guess they are also making up all these things that are more important to you than your kids. If it wasn’t for teen mom you would be on the side of the road prostituting yourself out to be able to live. Look in the mirror and see what a real b*tch you are. Get rid of these losers in your life. Yes, David is a major loser and quit being a wh*re. So your gonna go over to youtube and make your own videos to make you look like great parents. That’s awesome when’s the casting call for actors to play your parts? You don’t deserve either of those kids and Barbara should of let Jace go to a loving family with 2 parents and cut you out of her life.

    1. Are you for fucking real??
      You and Jenelle haven’t a brain cell between you.

      This drugged up bitch will never ever get Jace back, she never had him to get back in the first place, her mom he that Child from day 1, the only decent thing she ever did was sign over custody.

      And pretty soon she’ll loose custody of Kaiser too.

      Only difference then is that he’ll be far away with a good family and she’ll never see him again.

      The same should have happened with Jace, he should have been given to a family who live him and treat him right.

      Your comment is as deluded as the very idiot your standing up for.

    2. He will secede with jenelle not Barbara. And let’s face it the only reason she didn’t have custody was because of living arrangements! It was not the pot, heroin, arrests, lack of interest in parenting, violent relationships, terrible men she brought around, crackhead roommates or inability to actually be a parent. After seeing how she lets that future star of how to catch a predator treat her kids it’s clear she is no mother at all.

  9. To anyone who says pervy Dave was referencing Nathan and NOT Kaiser with his comment
    – David said “he takes after his daddy (referring to Kaiser), then said “Yeah he’s a crying bitch (referring to Nathan). Using our powers of deduction, he is stating that Kaiser is a crybaby like his father.

      1. He did not say “he’s a crying bitch like his daddy”. He said “he takes after his daddy” (then referencing nathan) “yeah, he’s a crying bitch”.
        Either way, so many jenelle fans on social media keep reiterating that dave was insulting nathan and not Kaiser. He was insulting both of them.

  10. I’m no fan of Nathan, but when Lurch made that comment and with the way he treated Kai in general, I really felt pissed off for Nate and his man bun. I would love to see what he would say to Lurch in-person with regard to all of that. No doubt it would be “drammatical”. Although Nathan has NO way with words, David is as dumb as a stale slice of bread. Ding to the dignity dingity dang…what do y’all think their interaction would be like????

  11. One day I would like for her to humble herself and admit she is in the wrong, is ashamed for yelling and manipulating Jace. Admit her own responsibility for her actions. Instead of blaming editing and 100& defensive ALL the time…..but until she grows up and gets help. It will not happen. She is a overgrown brat. The world owes her and it’s everyone else’s fault.

  12. As soon as she quits, this gotta-have-a-man turd will be broke as a joke and back with Keiffer.

    But at least her kids will be a little safer, because as much of a drugged up loser as he was, I NEVER once saw Keiffer be anything but kind and playful toward Jace. David, on the other hand, comes off like a psychopathic nut ball who will choke the life out of her AND her kids as soon as they piss him off — or the cash stops rolling in.


  13. She wants her kid back but she’s on yet another vacation with David. What kind of “working” man gets unlimited vacation time from work? I can’t stand these 2.

  14. Let CPS know how you feel about “MTV’s editing” of Jenelle’s stellar parenting at (CPS Program Manager Wilmington NC) 9107983575.

    I lived in Orlando when Casey Anthony did. Speak up!

  15. Editing? Really? MTV can’t edit the way she screams at her mother, equipped with her veins bulging out of her head and neck. MTV can’t edit the evil and stupid things that come out of her, David, and Nathan’s mouths…They’re not filming her trying to get Jace back, because she’s NOT trying to get Jace back. They’re filming her scream about it, because that’s all she’s done and will do in an effort to get custody. They don’t show “great times” with Jace, because I’m pretty sure there are no great times in that house of horrors and abuse.

    1. Exactly, she has threatened to take her to court so many times, yet fails to do so. Then when she got called at by babs about it being 6 years, she belittles her for working at walmart. Ugh

    2. You’re right! The only time Jenelle spends with Jace she’s locked in her room or laying in bed while Jace entertains himself with a video or video game. That’s the only footage they have of Jenelle with Jace. That and driving in the car to drop him off. MTV is summing up what her days are like and I’m sure they have endless footage of her just looking at her phone and looking herself up on the Internet. Lol

  16. Jace and Kaiser should be adopted out to a decent kind loving family in a Normal stable environment.

    Jenelle will be dead before 30
    Lurch will do something bad if those kids are around them

    Cps really needs to step in asap

  17. The worst was when she said she “doesn’t have any help” taking care of Kaiser. You know, like every other mom has an ex, a mom, an ex’s sister who just take the kid any time they need a vacation

    1. By the time jace is old enough to have a job, Jenelle will be 6ft under, either by her lifestyle or by lurch

  18. When David made that comment about being a “screaming little bitch”, I thought he was referring to Nathan and not Kaiser. Either way, it’s distasteful. Both he and Jenelle have short fuses and zero patience. Yes, Kaiser was screaming…I wonder where he learned that from…??

    1. I was trying to give David the benefit of the doubt with that one, because I couldn’t believe that he would call a BABY a screaming little bitch…but I watched that part again, and think that he meant Kaiser was a screaming little bitch….but just a few episodes ago, David was calling Kaiser his kid. SMH…just when you think Jenelle cant do any worse

      1. I know! I was screaming at my T.V. “He’s a year old! What did you expect him to do?”

        I predict next season she’ll dump Kaiser off with anyone who will take him when she goes anywhere with Lurch…Oh wait! She already did that!

      2. Even jenelle was yelling at kaiser! He’s a baby! i get the stresses of being a mom but screaming at a small child does nothing but cause more screaming

  19. Lurch scares me and I’m on the other side of the TV watching his horse sh!t. I really feel bad for the boys. I cringe and I feel my blood pressure even go up when I saw this final episode. He carries the same characteristics my ex had….that is why he is an EX. No “woman” should ever allow her children be talked to in that manor. She should demand them babies be respected and loved. Ugh makes me ape shit crazy

  20. You’re just mad cuz YOU made YOU look like that. And we have your Instagram gems if we wanna see your fake “perfect family” schtick.

  21. As long as MTV is ponying up six-figure paychecks – none of these trainwrecks are quitting this show.

  22. I feel like all these girls are products of their own upbringing. I’m in no way making excuses for their behaviour, if anything a crappy childhood should encourage a parent to want different for their own child.

    Jenelle – It’s clear she obviously has mental health issues that need to be addressed before anything in her life improves. If she isn’t able to see that the yelling/screaming, different men coming and going from her life and all the other dysfunction Jace and Kaiser are growing up around, something is wrong. I feel like Barb does the best she can, but again she yells and screams too. This is what Jace and Kaiser are going to grow up thinking is ‘normal’ and so the cycle will continue..Neither Jenelle or her mom can have a conversation without it turning into screaming, swearing, police being called mess. Is this Jenelle’s ‘normal’ from her upbringing?

    Chelsea – She seems like she’s had a fairly stable childhood. I think she’s doing her best to try to give Aubree the same. I know she’s been bitched about for pushing Aubree and Cole together, but what mother doesn’t want better for her child? She sees Adam being a half assed father and Cole comes into their life offering all the qualities that Adam doesn’t. Adam has had sooo many chances and he has blown all of them. Id be doing the same. Cole will be someone Aubree can depend on as she grows up and gets older. Adam will always be the half assed father he has always been.

    Kailyn – I think she’s a survior. I feel like she does what she needs to do for herself and her kids, like marrying someone to provide stability. I don’t know if she ever loved Javi or if it was the fact she saw a man that was going to be a good father figure for Issac, he came from a nice family and he could help her financally. I dont think she always makes the best decisions, but I do believe she tries to be a good mother. I think she wants better for her children than what she had. As for the recent pics of her kissing her friend, I dont have any excuses for that, as I said she don’t think she doesn’t always make the best choices :/

    Leah – I feel like she’s one of the girls that can’t be alone. I feel with Corey she wasn’t over Robbie, so she strayed. Jeremy wasn’t around enough, so she strayed again. I think with the Jeremy thing, if it wasn’t Robbie, it would have been someone else. Maybe it’s the fact she gets married and has babies sooo quickly with guys, that while that’s all happening, her and guy are still in the ‘honeymoon’ period where everything is great, then reality sets in, its not the same and it becomes the start of the end. I think it’s when she’s alone all goes to crap, whether it be depression, loneliness or something else and that’s where the drug use comes in. She needs to learn to be strong, independent and content on her own, without a guy in her life.

    1. Several seasons ago didn’t Janelle say she was diagnosed bi-polar but she stopped taking her melds because she didn’t think she needed them?

    2. They are absolutely a product of their upbringing. Just work backward with everyone of the people listed. All the moms are children of divorce, and most of the parents of these girls are crackpots.

      Barbara is comical now, but twenty years ago I bet she was just like Jennell today, time has just mellowed her.

      Kali parents are complete wack jobs.

      Leah’s mom is a piece of work.

      Chelsea’s parents appear normal-ish, which could explain why she seems the most stable, but I think she is a child in a woman’s body.

      Farrah … just look at her parents, yikes.

      Tyler and Caitlyn … goods kids despite complete train wrecks for parents – I think they just sit around so much because there parents have worn them out.

  23. I don’t get where the get Jace “back” comes from because she never had him in the first place! To get something back it had to have been in your care and possession at some point. Barbara has had Jace since day one.

    1. I know right? Since her 16 and Pregnant episode, Babs has been taken care of him. She always wanted to go out with her friends instead of stay home with her child. She takes no responsibility for her actions just like Leah and Adam.

    2. I know right? Since her 16 and Pregnant episode, Babs has been taking care of him. She always wanted to go out with her friends instead of stay home with her child. She takes no responsibility for her actions just like Leah and Adam.

      1. Do you all remember Jenelle’s mantra from her 16&P episode? She always used to say “I make time for myself.” She said this anytime anyone accused her of shirking her responsibility. She made time for herself alright…6 years! Sad thing is that those 6 years were a waste because she accomplished nothing. 6 years and she accomplished what, 13 mugshots. I hate to say it but this may have been a case where an adoption (not by a family member) would have been best for the child. Imagine if Jace had been adopted by parents like Brandon & Teresa. What would he be like today?

        1. Agree, completely.
          Being away from all of the screaming and yelling, fearing his Mother’s soulmates, not being put in the middle of the only two adults (I put that lightly) that he has. Not having to hear some dumb cow claim she is going to get him back his entire life. Not being a pawn for the emotional roller coster of 2 people who will never get along. It would have been a dream for the kid.

          He didn’t even need a Mother and a Father. Just ONE singular stable person who is fully responsible for him while loving him with all he or she had in ways the boy has never seen. It would have been so much better for him. Far better than all of these morons who can’t put him first no matter what he is forced to go through.

          While I applaud Barb for taking him in and caring for him to the best of her abilities, she uses him and throws him on Janelle when she should be protecting him. He really needed at least one person in this world who would love him more than they loved themselves.

  24. Oh my lawd this girl is thick as shit. I seriously think she has lied so freaking much in her life she doesn’t know what the truth is. I wish she would move to one of those islands she is constantly vacationing on, with lurch, Keifa, nathan, Gary, wtf eva Jace’s sperm donors name is, and any other fk tard that stuck his slimey weenie in her, and leave us all the FK ALONE!

  25. On a more serious note, couldn’t Barb have picked up the phone and called the cops to let them know that a criminal and another criminal have refused to bring the child she has legal custody of back? She didn’t have to get in the car and do what David said. They had essentially kidnapped him by refusing to bring him back and make their own demands about who will have him, when and where. Barb really needs to stop putting up with this and start using the law if she really cares about Jace. That’s the only thing that can make any impact anymore. She would do it to Barb in a heartbeat if she had the chance.

    1. I agree. Babs didn’t have to do anything David said. David is a tyrant and a bully. Just like he called the cops on her, she should have at least threatened to call the cops on him….but I think poor Babs probably doesn’t want to be verbally abused anymore by Jenelle and she’s probably afraid David would hit her, so just to keep the peace in heated situations like that, she probably finds it best to just oblige by them. Unfortunately.

    2. That probably would’ve left Jace traumatized. How many times has this kid seen the cops called and seen someone he loved taken away in handcuffs? He’s 6, he probably wouldn’t fully understand that he wasn’t under arrest and that the police are there to take him back to his grandmother. Not to mention that his mom would now be facing major charges. Kidnapping is not taken lightly. Babs still loves Jenelle and she’s not going to screw her over like that.

  26. Um Jenelle, you have been filming with MTV since high school so this is not your first time at the rodeo so to speak. For all your bluster I doubt you would walk away, MTV is your only real source of income.

  27. Wow MTV, putting some serious cash into the Teen Mom budget with all of these ‘Special Effects’. Creating a ‘Graphics David’ who belittled Jace for screaming like a girl, then had him slam an innocent 1yr old baby and his father. I was totally fooled! Especially when they made a ‘Graphics Janelle’ who didn’t stop him at any time and even got her to lose her mind because her 2 children were acting like…children. Brilliant! I was totally duped when ‘Graphics Janelle’ also had that most inappropriate conversation where she lies to her son then has a screaming match with her Mother with Jace sitting just inches from her in the back seat. MTV is going to start winning awards and be among the greats like Jurassic Park and such for these most important special effects and editing. Poor Jenelle, the whole world being against her. Where will she get her Nourishment!

  28. Sure you are, you “piece of fudge”. Sure you are.

    Please do, then you’ll have to do something you’ve never done before… get a J*O*B*…

  29. Yeah because “editing” is the reason why you were screaming at your baby, the reason why your boyfriend called him a whiny little bitch, and the reason why, after 6 years, you still don’t have your son back. You go ahead honey and quit. Then when you are broke and no one gives a crap about you, you can crawl back to MTV.

  30. So she regrets the editing and filling but nothing else? Really? I’m sorry but no editing can make calling a 1 year old baby a little bitch or whipping him around like a rag doll okay. Yes I am sure Jace probably tells her and that lunati she’s dating that he wants to stay there just like he did with Nathan. If jace was honest and said nope I’m happy at home God only know what she would do

    1. Oh definitely, Jace can never be honest with these two, he’d get hurt for it. I feel like at least Nathan seemed pretty nice to Jace, but David is psycho. Can Maryssa, Jace and Kaiser get some nice new foster parents??

      1. Nathan had the presence of a total moron but as far as the kids were concerned a non violent moron. This guy has the presence of someone who uses intimidation and violence. He treats Kaiser terribly and that’s on screen. I can only imagine what happens off. Kaiser is just a baby. David felt threatened by Barbara when she was yelling because they were locked in a bedroom while the kids played alone outside but Jenelle is such a terrible mother she doesn’t realize he’s awful to her children

    2. It’s clear as day that Jace is terrified of Lurch, just like he was Nathan. Kids his age already have a tendency to tell people what they think they want to hear, even if it means lying. You add fear on top of that and a kid is going to feel like they can never be honest about how they feel.

    3. I would give this statement 100 thumbs up if I could:

      So she regrets the editing and filling but nothing else? …What a great point. Obviously, we know that Jenelle is basically never responsible for her own actions or the consequences of those actions- but I guess I go to the place of how great it would be if she could have understood that she felt so bad seeing the truth of what played out, felt ashamed, and knew she was sorry for it and said THAT …and it was motivation to change. Imagine if any of us had a reel of whatever aspects of our lives and could make changes because we could finally see. I feel so bad for these kids and all the kids we were in tough spots and all the kids not on tv today who go through experiences that shape them like this.

    4. I was pretty disgusted with the way Jenelle was trying to manipulate Jace…when she was telling Jace that Barb was yelling at her. Jace is 6…why are you telling him that you and your mother, two adults, are fighting?? Then how she tried to play victim and down play why she lost custody of him in the first place…Then the way that David was texting Barb, yelling at Kaiser and Jace… You can see it on Jace’s face that when he’s around Jenelle and David that he’s terrified to say the wrong thing because they’re both ticking time bombs, and he has seen first hand what either of them are capable of. If what we see is as bad as it is, I can only imagine what goes on when the cameras aren’t rolling!

  31. So what exactly is she mad about? The fact that she’s trash and so isn’t her boyfriend and ex. And that people are calling her out on it? Let’s face facts. She’s a terrible mom. David is a terrible guy. She’s upset because mtv doesn’t show her taking jace to the zoo once or to the beach? That doesn’t make you a good mom. And mtv can’t edit david to say what he did about kaiser. She’s not going anywhere. That’s easy money and free vacations.

    1. If jace ever says he wants to go there it’s probably because of that random beach or zoo trip. It’s easy to be a parent when you don’t have to deal with school or actual parent stuff. Poor Kaiser was sick and tori had to tell her to take him to the doctor.

        1. That’s true lol she’s too busy working to feed him, dress him, keep him in a nice safe home and being a parent to him ( and it seems like Gabriel) to play video games lol

  32. It’s the same old tune with her and leah. They just suck as parents and can never take responsibility for their actions, therefore blame mtv. Didn’t jenelle already quit like 6 months ago with a tweet and delete? She will stick as long as the drug money keeps coming. I couldn’t even watch her segments anymore.

  33. The saddest part is that Janelle has so little idea of what makes a good parent that even if she was to make a show that portrayed as a stellar parent (in her view) she’d still be a terrible parent.

    Poor kids, poor Babs.

  34. Dude you won’t leave, none if you trash bags will, you all need the paychecks, because your all to lazy to get proper jobs.

  35. Bahahahaha…. She’s not leaving!!!! Where else in the world would she get $250 k to do absolutely nothing ….

        1. Hospitals generally do at least a drug test before they hire someone. If Jenelle knows this in advanced, she can stop doing drugs long enough to pass a drug test. However, more and more hospitals are doing random drug tests. The hospital I work at uses a computer program to select employees at random every month to drug test. If someone refuses the random drug test, it is grounds for dismissal. Also, if anyone reports that they suspect someone is using, that person is asked to submit to blood and urine drug tests. If they refuse, it is, again, grounds for dismissal. Protocols vary from hospital to hospital, but this has become a fairly standard protocol. Although, MAs can also be hired in doctors’ offices outside of hospitals. Since I’ve only worked in hospitals, I’m not sure what protocols doctors’ offices have and if they are different from hospitals.

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