Troubled “16 and Pregnant” Star Jordan Cashmyer in Rehab

jordan-16-and-pregnantSeason 5 star Jordan Cashmyer has hit rock bottom, according to a report by TMZ yesterday.

The 16 and Pregnant Season 5 star reportedly checking into a 30-day rehab program in Baltimore after she allegedly came home so drunk that she gave herself a black eye and a concussion.

“After a night of heavy drinking [Jordan] stumbled into her mother’s house and fell so hard, she smacked her head on the ground and suffered a concussion,” TMZ reported, adding that Jordan’s drinking habit has spiraled “out of control” lately. (Click here to see Jordan’s busted-up face, post-accident!)

Life after ’16 and Pregnant’ has not been easy for Jordan. After being featured on the show, she split with her baby’s father, Derek Taylor, and began working as an exotic dancer in a Baltimore strip club. In November 2014 (five months after her ’16 and Pregnant’ episode aired), Jordan was hospitalized after she attempted suicide. Jordan’s daughter, who is now two years old, has been living with relatives and Derek since she was very young.

As of recently, it seemed like Jordan was trying to get her life back in order. She had stopped working at the strip club and had taken a job at a gym. In a February blog post, Jordan admitted to heavy drug use, writing that, in the past, she had used everything from cocaine to heroin, and had been hospitalized several times for overdosing.

“I would take whatever else was offered to me,” she wrote. “Whether it was coke, Xanax, whatever, I would take it, which damn near could’ve killed me.”

According to TMZ, however, Jordan’s drinking resulted in her getting fired from the gym earlier this month.

A few days before the story was posted by TMZ, Derek took to Twitter to express his thoughts on his ex-girlfriend.

“…realistically it makes no difference because Jordan isn’t a mother and she never will be!” he tweeted. “Not to mention Genevieve doesn’t even know who Jordan is.”

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  1. Her face is super skinny in that pic. Bullshit she is off heroin. That bruise doesn’t look like a “I got drunk and ran into a door” bruise. That looks like a left hook bruise. The three on the side are equilivqnt to someone punching her. I am thinking a deal gone bad or she owed a dealer money and she got fucked up for non payment. Running into a blunt object doesn’t not have that type of bruising. My sister in law is a ER nurse so she sees a lot of black eyes and she said that the brushing pattern is that of a hook to the face not running into or falling on a blunt object. She also said that her face is super bony and eyes appear sunken in equilivqnt to an addict. She asked me if she was a heroin addict and all I didn’t was show her the pic she knew nothing about the girl and the backstory.

    1. I thought the same thing too! Like how did she get that bruised up and around her eyes from falling on the ground walking into her house? I thought maybe she got into a fight, jumped or something and then gave the old fell into a doorknob story

  2. This is why I don’t believe the first big about her getting clean. In my view you have one chance to make it right and if you fail you are doomed. The whole cold turkey off of heroin is a total bullshit lie. If she couldn’t get clean or not go down that path in the first place for the sake of her daughter she is full of shit. She keeps on blaming other things for her demise. She is blaming her job as a dancer for her drug use. Bullshit!!!! I know a lot of “dancers” and none of them ever done anything more than a drink or two. They were very rarely ever offered drugs. Strip clubs are so watched by the police they the clubs really crack down on drug use in the clubs. So I don’t believe her one bit and this won’t be her first time casue she is playing the victims card.
    So now before you go off and tell me I don’t know I don’t understand. Yes, I do!! I was a heroin addict for two years. No I don’t have kids , no I was never s “dancer”. But I was more of an addict than I think she ever was and I got clean and stayed clean for two years now. How? I took responsibility for my actions, I didn’t blame others, and I don’t feel like I deserve and reward for being a normal member to society by how long I have been clean. You can get clean and stay clean if you want to, and stop blaming everyone but your self for your demise. She didn’t realistically want to get clean casue she wouldn’t be acting like this. So bring on the “how dare you” replies. If anyone has right to say this I do becasue I am the example of this.

  3. I hope she gets better and is able to be a part of Genevieve’s life, it’s sad that she has been away from her since she has been like two months old, your kids are only this age once and you can’t get that time back. I remember when she wrote that essay the last time she got clean and I was thinking that it’s best to wait until you have a little more sober time and are in a better place before revealing so much to the world because you never know what is going to happen. Kind of like when Ashley Salazar wrote that essay about being an alcoholic after that fourth of July and now it’s like “just kidding”. I do agree with the comments of The Ashley on Twitter that she will likely need more than 30 days ( alot of people do like 30 to 90 days in a rehab setting then move to transitional living setting where you can learn to be sober when you have a little more freedom on your hands) but also rehab can be expensive and it can be hard to finance a long term stay unless you have family that are able to and willing to help you pay for it.

  4. The one thing you can say is she knows she is a mess and is not in and out of Evie’s life, unlike Jenelle. I hope this stay in rehab helps her and that she is able to develop a relationship with her daughter.

  5. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Check out Dereks instagram…he adores that little angel

  6. So sad this girl turned out this way. Glad at least Derek stepped up and us there for his kid

  7. This would have been Jenelle’s life if MTV wasn’t throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at her.

    1. Exactly! I’m curious to see where jenelle turns out after mtv money is gone. Jail most likely

  8. I would have NEVER pictured her life turning out like this. I always blamed Derek from all of their problems in their episode but apparently Jordan isn’t any better.

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