‘Sister Wives’: Will Any of the Brown Kids Live Polygamy Like Their Parents?

"Share my husband? That sounds like a whole lot of 'hell no.'"
“Share my husband? That sounds like a whole lot of ‘hell no.'”

Sister Wives star Mykelti Brown recently became the second of family patriarch Kody Brown‘s 18 children to make plans to tie the knot. (Daughter Maddie got hitched a few weeks ago.) In her engagement announcement interview with Us Weekly, Mykelti revealed that, like her sister, she will not be living plural marriage.

Maddie and Mykelti have sworn off having sister wives, and that seems to be the trend among the older Brown family children. Here’s what the other Brown children (who are old enough to discuss marriage, etc.) have said about whether or not they’ll live plural marriage.

Logan Brown (Age 22): NO! Logan is currently in a serious relationship with Michelle Petty, who he’s been dating for over a year. While the couple has talked seriously about getting engaged, they have agreed that they will not live polygamy.

Aspyn Brown (Age 21): NO! In an interview with Tamryn Hall last year, Aspyn revealed that she will not have a plural marriage, but felt “kind of bad” that she and her siblings would not be carrying on the family’s tradition.

Mariah Brown (Age 20): NO! Although Mariah was always the one Brown child who was adamant that she wanted to live plural marriage, she has apparently been giving that decision some more thought. On a recent episode, Mariah explained that attending college has made her think more critically about her religion and polygamy, and that she no longer agrees with the teachings of her old church. Watching the heartache her mother, Meri, has recently gone through partly because of her polygamous lifestyle may have contributed to that decision.

Madison Brown (Age 20): NO! Madison married Caleb Brush earlier this month, and the couple has sworn off polygamy. Madison has always been sure that she did not want sister wives.

“We had a good childhood and I’m sad that my kids will not have that, but I will never be able to share my husband and I don’t feel the calling,” she said in an on-camera interview last year.

Mykelti Brown (Age 20): NO! When she announced her engagement to Tony Padron, Mykelti made it clear that they would be in a monogamous relationship. Tony is a member of the LDS church (he converted from Catholicism in 2011). The mainstream Mormon Church rejects the idea of polygamy.

“I’m not going to live polygamy,” Mykelti said last year. “I don’t think it’s for me. I don’t think I could ever do what my parents have been able to do.”

Hunter Brown (Age 19): NO! Although Hunter has not shared his thoughts on living polygamy recently, he has always maintained that he is not interested in plural marriage.

“I don’t plan on having more than one wife — there’s too much drama,” he said a few years ago.

Garrison Brown (Age 18): NO! Garrison shares his siblings’ sentiments on plural marriage.

“One [wife] is enough for me!” he said last year in an on-camera interview.

Paedon Brown (Age 17): NO! Paedon admitted last year that he values the family’s religion (which includes the principle of plural marriage), but it seems that he’s made up his mind not to live that lifestyle.

"It would be great if we could marry one of the guys off to a few of those Duggar girls!"
“It would be great if we could marry one of the guys off to a few of those Duggar girls!”

“I believe in the religion, I believe in the faith, but I see how my dad does it and he does it amazingly,” he said last year. “He’s very strong and very powerful and I don’t think I could do that.”

Don’t fret Kody– you still have 11 other kids that may follow your lead into plural marriage!

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  1. All of the kids have a common answer wit something along the lines of its not my calling, I still believe in the faith, etc. Maybe the real reason is they’ve witnessed and expirenced the heart break, jealousy, and frustration their mothers have been through (Cody doesn’t count, he’s barely around) and don’t want that for themselves. I know that’s a hard thing to express, especially as a “public figure”. Also I thought Logan did want to live pluar?

  2. I think it speak volumes of how *great* plural marriage is when all of the adult kids don’t want anything to do with it

  3. This is OT but I hope The Ashley does a Father’s Day list of the top 5 or 10 most horrific reality dad moments. You can have Kody’s hormone kissing speech on there and his awkward engagement discussion with Caleb. You can probably fill all the spots on the list with Kody but to be fair we should also include Michael supporting Farrah’s p0rn and toy business. Let also not forget JimBob Duggars make out sesh with Michelle at Jessa’s wedding. Ok I’m starting to feel like I have no life.

  4. I hope Kody was kiddibg when suggested he wish some of his daughters were marrying Duggars!
    I can’t thing of a more misogynistic family

    1. Is this your first time reading this website? Did you not get that all of the captions under the pictures are made up by The Ashley?

  5. also the women are all monogamous. It’s Kody who commits adultery weekly, not the women. I hate when they assert that they are not monogamous when all the women are.

    1. You know that’s an interesting take! You are absolutely right, Kody is the one who has multiple wives. The women are each in a monogamous relationship with Kody.

  6. It’s fkn sick
    It’s just Another way of a man having power over women.
    Like the Muslims it’s oppression over females and that’s wrong

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