EXCLUSIVE! Update on Child Support Cases of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Matt Baier

"All this court stuff makes me tired! I need a nap!"
“All this court stuff makes me tired! I need a nap!”

Matt Baier has been dealing with his many child support cases in court for months, but it looks like the fiance of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood may be getting out of from some of the pending child support cases against him!

The Ashley previously told you that Matt has at least five child support cases filed against him in Indiana alone for at least seven children. (You can get more info on those cases and those children by clicking here.) The cases were moved from the various states they originated in to Indiana after Matt moved to the state to be with Amber. 

Yesterday, five hearings were scheduled (one for each woman who petitioned support) to enforce and/or modify those support orders. (The hearings had been cancelled several times before June 23.) Let’s see what happened with each case…shall we?

Case #1: Mother of (approximately) six-year-old boy living in Massachusetts: 

The state of Indiana has filed a motion to have the case dismissed, and the hearing was cancelled. A clerk of the court in Indiana tells The Ashley that it was the state of Massachusetts that requested the case be closed, not Matt, etc.

According to the clerk, a case like this can be dismissed for various reasons, including payment of support, a deal reached by both parties, etc., but the reason was not provided. While the motion to vacate (dismiss) the case has not been approved yet, it most likely will be soon.

Case #2: Mother of teen daughter and son living in Massachusetts, both of whom Matt acknowledged:

As with Case #2, the state of Massachusetts requested that this case be closed as well. The hearing was cancelled yesterday, and a motion was filed to have the case dismissed. That motion is still pending but will likely be approved.

Case #3: Mother of two girls in their early twenties living in Minnesota. (Both girls are married with kids of their own now.)

This hearing was cancelled for reasons unknown; and yet another request for a continuance was filed. It seems that Matt’s lawyer did appear. This case is still open and pending.

Case #4: Mother of a boy in his mid-twenties living in South Dakota. She was once married to Matt.

This hearing was cancelled for reasons unknown, and a request for a continuance was filed. Matt’s lawyer appeared on behalf of Matt, from what The Ashley can tell. This case is still open and pending.

Case #5: Mother of a (approximately) 20-year-old girl living in North Dakota. 

As with the cases above, the hearing was cancelled and a request for a continuance was filed. This case is still open and pending as well.

As The Ashley told you previously, another woman has filed for child support against Matt for an eight-year-old daughter. (Read all about that story here!) In March, that woman got a $500 check, the first child support check she has ever received from Matt. That money came after the Department of Revenue was informed that Matt would be receiving a large check from Viacom (MTV’s parent company).

“They are withholding 65 percent of his checks and dividing it up among the moms, from what I have heard,” the mother told The Ashley in March.

The Ashley will continue to keep you posted on Matt’s pending cases. The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ starts on August 22, but it’s unknown if Matt’s court cases will be covered on the show.

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  1. If Amber still wants to play dumb and take care of this 40 something year old loser, then so be it. She deserves everything that’s coming to her. I cant stand stupid females like her.

  2. Well, looks like Matty will be rushing Ambien to the alter to ensure the MTV cheques continue to flow in for his 99 mini-me’s.

  3. Amber is so stupid to take care of a grown man and all his 18 kids and counting Matt is laughing at 23 year old Amber Everytime they head to the bank. She is crazy if she doesn’t see the using

    1. he’s going to bleed her bank account dry, because when this show is over, Amber is not going to be making even a fraction of what she makes now. Amber is a complete idiot

  4. Gary should go for full custody with Amber loosing her rights. She probably paid off all these baby mommas. Once again she chooses a looser. He makes my skin crawl. I had hoped that Ambers brother would of run this creep off by now

  5. I can’t believe Amber is still dating that loser. I guess she deserves what’s coming to her.

  6. Sadly, I can totally see Amber going to court in a few years to get child support from Matt, yelling “I’m done!”

  7. While the cases may have been cancelled, you can bet your bottom dollar he’s not getting out of them. What most likely happened is his lawyer is just finalizing the deals outside of court, to avoid the PR. I’m sure child support agreements were in fact drafted (which Matt will have to abide by, or else he will be back in a legal mess). It’s very common to do child support outside of court as long as both parties agree. The lawyers will calculate the same amount a judge would, as it’s pretty standard based on income and state. I’m glad that he’s finally paying up, but still disgusted Amber would choose to be in a relationship with someone so low. It’s a ticking time bomb.

    1. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

      Amber always picks the losers though

        1. You’re right Heather, he might be fat, and kinda lazy, but he’s always been there and supported his child. Let’s not forget that CPS, and the recent court case brought by Amber, gave him sole custody without restrictions, something most men don’t receive. So he must be doing something right.

        2. Hmm, he and his mom did step up and take care of Leah, which is great, but I wouldn’t say he isn’t a loser… He’s kind of gross, and I don’t mean physically.

          He led Amber on while she was in prison and was still trying to hook up with her while he was with Christina. He also knows exactly how to push all Amber’s buttons and get a reaction out of her. Amber needs to control herself better, for sure, but Gary pushes her to the limit.

          1. Not only that. I remember her 16 and pregnant episode where Gary seemed not responsible and the first season of teen mom he’d be hanging on the couch with friends picking at Amber who seemed to be the one working the hardest with Leah. My oh my did things switch.

        3. Gary is wonderful
          He sold his daughter…great guy
          He wouldn’t give Amber partial custody until she offered to pay him child support.
          So he didnt give Amber custody because she is bad & dating bad man (ok that is true) but as soon as he sees money he decides they arent so bad?

      1. Well, think it might be case of Amber being the biggest “loser” of all. Treats her kid like crap for drugs and “men”, beats the father of her child on TV and in front of child, picks prison over child, pick deadbeats dad over paying her OWN child support, can’t find figure out why courts, or child’s father won’t give her custody…hmmm. Again, she’s the biggest POS in the equation.

        1. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

          Very true. Gary was a shit boyfriend but a good dad. He stepped up.

          Amber has been and still is a loser.

      2. Between her and Jenelle, I honestly don’t know who has worst taste, or who is the bigger idiot. Matt got caught lying on national TV about how many kids he had, and Dave called Kaiser a whiney little bitch on TV.

    2. all are reprehensible, except for baby talk Chelsea. Look at the body work, over the years from Amber, Kali, Jennell, Farrah and Leah. Maci is on a slower burn, but expect her to go the route of Kali, Jennell and Leah … single mom with kids from different men (… boys)

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