This Week in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Rumors: What’s True & What’s False?

Who's divorcing? Who's pregnant? Find out...
Who’s divorcing? Who’s pregnant? Find out…

The Ashley has decided it’s about time again for her to break down some of the recent rumors about the stars of Teen Mom 2! It’s been a while since The Ashley’s last installment of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Rumor Patrol but the fake stories seem to be popping up all over this week, so it’s a great time to clear some stuff up.

As faithful readers know, The Ashley holds off on reporting on most ‘Teen Mom’ stories until she can personally confirm or deny their legitimacy. (Otherwise, she will let you know to file it under “rumor.”)

Let’s get started!

Rumor #1: Corey and Miranda Simms are getting a divorce.

FALSE! This rumor has been circulating the ‘Teen Mom’ world for weeks, and from what The Ashley can gather it stems from a couple of posts made to a fake Corey Simms Facebook page.

“Single dad. Never thought I would do this again,” the fake Corey wrote on Facebook.

The Ashley can confirm that Miranda and Corey are NOT divorcing. In fact, they celebrated their third wedding anniversary earlier this month. Corey’s father Jeff Simms recently posted about the couple’s relationship.

“Corey and Miranda complement each other as a married couple should. Each is better as a result,” Jeff tweeted. “They are not getting a divorce. Solid relationship between those two. Our family is awesome!”

According to one of The Ashley’s sources, “Corey and Miranda barely use Facebook. They have one joint one, and if either of them were ever going to talk publicly about their relationship, it would not be within a Facebook post. That story is ridiculous.”

Rumor #2: Jeremy Calvert’s girlfriend Brooke Wehr is pregnant.

FALSE! This rumor started when Jeremy posted a photo of Brooke to his Instagram account yesterday, along with a caption that in part read, “Hopefully we get great news today babe.”

Naturally, fans jumped to the conclusion that Jeremy and Brooke are expecting, but The Ashley can confirm this is not the case. Brooke is not currently pregnant.

Somewhere in West Virginia, Leah Messer is letting out a big sigh of relief….

Rumor #3: Kail Lowry is writing a tell-all novel about all her lesbian love affairs, and her (soon-to-be-ex) husband Javi Marroquin is writing a tell-all book about Kail.

FALSE! While Kail is currently working on her third book, Hustle and Heart, which is due out this November, the book is NOT a salacious tell-all about Kail’s lesbian love affairs, as Radar Online posted earlier this month.

The book is actually about surviving tough situations– whether it be marital trouble, new motherhood, career challenges, etc. It may include information about Kail’s past relationships with both males and females, but it not a lesbian love affair tell-all by any means.

Also… Javi is not currently writing a tell-all wife to expose Kail’s “deepest, darkest secrets,” as Life & Style Weekly recently reported.

“He knows her deepest, darkest secrets, including the plastic surgery she’s had and what she’s planning on having in the future,” the magazine reported. “And he could dish on how she really feels about the ‘Teen Mom’ cast.”

The Ashley’s source says that Kail is not “petrified” that Javi’s going to “dish dirt” on her, as the magazine says.

“It’s simply not true at all,” one source told The Ashley. “Kail would probably end up telling people herself before Javi would write a tell-all.”

Javi is still under contract for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ so he would not be able to do any on-the-record interviews to “expose” Kail until he is no longer under contract.

That’s all for today! And for those of you who have been asking The Ashley on social media whether or not she still stands by her story that revealed that ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans is pregnant— the answer is YES! As far as The Ashley knows, Jenelle is currently about three months pregnant.

Got a ‘Teen Mom 2’ rumor you want The Ashley to clear up? Leave it in the comments below!

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25 Responses

    1. How do you know this information? And do you know if Jenelle is really pregnant and keeping as a secret to reveal in season 7b premiere?

  1. I am so upset janelle is pregnant. Another innocent child has to suffer hearing screaming yelling and fighting his whole life. She is such an unfit mother, why doesn’t nathan use mtv footage in court? Also even if she was on bc, just know that i got pregnant with an iud guys, bc is never 100% effective.

  2. Janelle wants a girl, when she wants something she doesn’t care about the consequences.

    I’m not sure how many of you caught this but when rumors spread that she was pregnant for the second time around, there was a really small period where she was posting and pinning baby items on her social media accounts.

    All of it however was baby GIRL items. Really sweet things, it was very evident that yes she was pregnant and was having a girl.

    Then she took it all down and announced she was pregnant and Kaiser Roll was on the way. She must’ve been excited about her gender scan and all she thought about was girl stuff. There was no parade of little boy items like that.

    So in my opinion she doesn’t care if she gets pregnant because all she cares is that she has a shot of having a girl.

  3. I keep hoping you are wrong about Jenelle being pregnant. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is, but damn it, that idiot and her abusive boyfriend do not need another child. It’s hard enough seeing the ones they already have suffer.

  4. Still waiting on a recap of the sit down with doctor Drew. I don’t watch the episodes till I read the recap. I used to do vice versa but when I would read your recaps I would see how I missed something hilarious when I has watched it before. Still waiting for the recap so I can finally watch it.

  5. There are rumors Kail cheated on Javi.
    There are rumors they are back together now and both unfriended their friend Peach cause she was the cause of trouble between them.

    I also saw a rumor that Jenelle was part of some kind of scheme in which Nate got arrested in Myrtle beach?

  6. She’s been off her implant on for awhile now and when she was on the doctors for her mystery illness and they told her it was a combination from her birth control pills and with drawling from weed.

  7. Oh Jeremy, please get off social media, no one cares about you. You’re a no name wannabe celebrity who trys to stir the pot.

  8. Oh dear lord…Jeremy is such an attention whore…

    I literally give that relationship max of 5 years….he too has a history similar to Leah

  9. How stupid are these girls? And guys? I’m not even in the public eye in a huge way and I make all the people I date sign an NDA. It prevents them from ever opening their mouth about our relationship, my relationships with other people and anything else that is not “public knowledge”. My business, my finances, my health, etc. Etc.

    1. Yeah, because normal people do that…whatever you’re on, I want some of it lady!

    2. When you are not joking, you must have a lot to hide or you think you are more interesting to people than you are in fact.
      The dates that do sign are not really into you hun.

    3. Just in case you haven’t already figured it out, the guys that are actually signing that thing are simply trying to bang you. They are not interested in any long term relationships.

  10. If Jenelle is indeed pregnant, I sure hope that CPS takes custody of the poor baby as soon as it is born.

    1. She hasn’t been on bc in a while now. I don’t honestly believe she’s ever really been on it(she clearly has no idea how it even works). Don’t forget, her bc is just one contributing factor in her unexplained, debilitating, lethal disease that is slowly killing her without actually presenting any amount of real symptoms. You know, that old fake plague chestnut.

      1. She had SWEATY LEGS. You monster! How DARE you not understand the plight of the sweaty-legged!
        Unless you’ve SOMEHOW been outside in hot weather. Or like, gone on a run. Or have the heater kick in after you’ve put on like three blankets because the house was freezing. Or menopause, I guess, depending on the woman.
        Or, for those of you Jenelle fans on here, withdrawn from opiates or amphetamines.
        Anyways, it’s a debilitating condition and a not at all hilarious symptom for her to fixate on.

    2. No birth control is 100% effective and can fail. I doubt Janelle was ever on BC though.

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