Duggars Celebrate Anna Duggar’s Birthday By Thanking Her for Cleaning Their Bathrooms

"Thanks for the, um, lovely video guys...geez..."
“Thanks for the, um, lovely video guys…geez…”

Anna Duggar is celebrating her 28th birthday today and, in true Duggar Family form, a few of the family members made and posted a video to wish her a happy birthday and thank her for all of the great things she does for the family…like doing their laundry and cleaning their toilets. No, seriously…

In what may be the saddest birthday video ever, Anna’s sisters-in-law, Joy Anna and Jana Duggar, wish Anna a great day, and then talk about all of the things they like about her.

Jana and Joy declared that they appreciate Anna’s “love for the Lord” and her “servant’s heart,” and then proceeded to list all of the chores they’re happy that Anna takes care of.

“Your servant’s heart is shown and your genuine love for others is shown by all that you,” Joy says.

“Taking the kids to the park, doing our dishes, laundry,” Jana adds. “Cleaning the bathrooms…”

“Doing the dirty work that no one wants to do,” Joy pipes in.

Jana told Anna that, in addition to admiring her abilities as the Duggar maid, she looks up to her for seeking the Lord during “good times and the hard times” (such as when your husband, grabby-hands Josh, reveals he cheated on you and was addicted to p0rno).

“You’re the best sister-in-law we could ever ask for, and we really love and appreciate you so much,” Jana says.

Happy birthday, Anna! Let’s hope she finds enough time after washing ol’ Jim Bob‘s shorts and tending to the litter to bake herself a birthday cake!

Watch Anna’s sad birthday video below:

(Photos: TLC, Facebook)

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  1. We did an “activity” at work where you said a single word about why you value others. It was the most shallow, disconnected, selfish thing I’d been a part of at work. Some people were hurt the same word came up over and over because they wanted to be more complex. I was annoyed MY VALUE came from the things others wanted from me. Sorry, I’m not a problem solver or over-achiever. I am a human being. And I don’t want a list of my values to be based on the crap work I do for others. My value is helping others, but I’m more than the benefits I bring you. (Or, on the flip, I’m not valueless if I don’t do anything for you.)

    Hopefully that makes sense. I feel like Anna is only important to the Duggar family because of the things she does (clean, have babies, watch babies, cook meals), rather than who she is.

  2. “not expecting anything else in return” that sums up Anna’s life. She was beaten down from babyhood to never expect real love, respect, autonomy, or success. And she has daughters who are now being taught and shown that women are not to expect anything, just to serve obediently and quietly no matter how much abuse they are subjected to. I still can’t see how anyone sees this family as wholesome and admirable.

  3. You are friggin kidding me !! Anna is a brainwashed dimwit exposing her kids to the heinous actions of her maggot husband !! Pimpbob and his stunned mullet should along with their maggot son be behind bars for enabling him ! What a blessing it would be if they all disappeared !!

  4. At first I felt sorry for this woman but now I dont. She is letting this family make a complete jackass of her!!!

  5. This is a very sad insight into the life of Anna. She sticks by creeper Josh and as a reward she lives in the big house and cleans toilets. We all pray she gets a life but she never will, she’s had too much of the kool-aid. They can’t even muster up anything to say, like how sweet she is or how much fun they have, just a list of chores. I can barely stand to listen to them talk thanks to their homeschool “education.”

  6. Absolutely ridiculous…This is an insult…And these two can’t even continue a conversation without using, “and,um,and,um…” Are you freaking kidding?! They are flipping getting stupider by the day…Vile, disrespectful, disgraced hypocrites…

  7. Sooooo…..she’s their maid? If my sister in law made a video for my birthday about how great I am at doing THEIR dishes and cleaning THEIR toilets just because they don’t want to, they could seriously kiss my ass.

  8. What a blessing to have such a loving family!! You’ll arent judging your sister in law and that’s a blessing. In reality only God can judge us not people. Keep up your love and support God is watching each of us good or bad.

    God bless each of you!

    1. Nope, people can judge you all they fucking want. Stop giving every infraction a pass because of ~God. You can and WILL be judged for being a complete fuck up, and no, God won’t forgive you, especially for sexual molestation of your OWN FAMILY MEMBERS!

  9. I think I need to talk to my sister in law about my new expectations.
    But doesn’t everyone get chores to do in the Duggar house? Think I saw once that the kids have to clean the bathroom daily cause so many people use it.
    Maybe doing the housework together is normal to them. Don’t know how much Anna is at their place. When my SIL was here a lot with sleep overs etc, I would appreciate it when she would help out a bit too.
    Maybe Anna just switches chores with the people that dislike doing the bathroom?

    1. I thought that Anna was living there now…unless she and Josh got a different place when he was released from his rehab program?

  10. You know what is really sad? That society thinks value is only found in someone working outside the home and accomplishing things for themselves, rather than serving their family by doing the simple and mundane, like cleaning toilets. You know, jobs that usually go unappreciated, but this family was taught to value. They learned to value every person’s contribution as well as the value of having a mother who is actually the one caring for the children she created! I have no doubt you find this family “close-minded” when in reality that is what this article was. I applaud Anna for being a wife, mother, and caretaker to her family and extended family!

    1. “…as the value of having a mother who is actually the one caring for the children she created!”

      If they truly placed emphasis on “a mother who is actually the one caring for the children”, then Michelle would actually care for her kids..not nurse them until them for a few months until she’s pregnant again and hand them off. No mother is able to care for NINETEEN children. Not even an ANIMAL (who’s offspring become self sufficient in mere months) could do this, which is why you don’t see dogs with 19 puppies in a litter. This is why a “buddy” system is in place…each older sister has a group of children to care for. The girls are caring for children that are not theirs, and their childhood and teenage years were robbed from them, which is so irresponsible and selfish. A true “caring” mother would place value on loving and fostering a relationship with each individual child (and knowing the number they can successfully do this with!)…not placing emphasis on the *number* of children she can create.

      1. Yes! The disconnection Michelle has towards her children is VERY apparent when it is any kid’s birthday. Jimbob & Michelle write some lines about how blessed they are that so&so has “a servant’s heart”, that “God loves you & has a plan for your life”, and some words about how well they know bible verses. It’s truly sad that the parents CANNOT just say “WE LOVE YOU!”. It’s ALWAYS “GOD loves you, You are always willing to take the trash out, remember when you memorized Matthew 17:20 when Jill tucked you into bed every night?”…OK, I made up the last part lol. It’s very telling when these parents say “God Loves You” instead of WE LOVE YOU for every kid’s bday…or can’t even list detailed personality traits, memories with the parent(s), and individual hobbies of each kid! That’s because household chores ARE the Duggar kids’ hobbies!

        Kelly JO Bates writes personal & sweet birthday posts to her children….cus she actually KNOWS them individually and actually spent time raising them. (All these Fundie families have older kids help raise the kids, so Mrs. Bates isn’t a total angel either lol)

        1. No Kelli jo is the same. Michella was the live in nanny for them. Did you notice that with her courtship no one was in a big rush to marry her off. So when she finally gets engaged after a year which is a lifetime for them in the courting aspect they didn’t seem very happy for her. During the wedding planning it seemed like they were trying to talk her out of it in their way. They were very “planning a wedding is stressful” to they were stressing that they were not going to give her much money to help. But then the other kids had pretty nice weddings. It seemed too her parents and younger sibling were guilt tripping her for leaving them.

          1. *Sigh*…My whole point is that at least Kelly Bates can actually write individual memories between each child & herself and knows every child’s individual characteristics and/or interests. Michelle (&JimBoob) write the exact same thing for every kid, just switch out the name for every birthday. Fundies families are like the Duggars & Bates….the eldest raise the younger ones. I’m not talking about marriages here lol.

    2. People should find value in themselves whether they work out of the home or are stay at home parents. Your value should never come from others. It’s clear however, Anna has no self value nor does anyone else value her outside of what she can so for them. She’s someone we should empathize with,not commend.

      Also, f-you, “a mother who is actually the one caring for the children she created!” Some mothers, such as myself, have to work outside the home. Some of us also want to have an identity outside of motherhood and that’s ok. I still care for my child as well as any SAHM.

  11. I don’t even know what to say. This is the saddest thing I’ve seen all day and I spend alot of time on Facebook.

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