‘Teen Mom 2’ Stars & Families Affected by Devastating West Virginia Floods: How You Can Help

The West Virginia towns the 'Teen Mom 2' stars live in have been devastated by flooding...
The West Virginia towns that many of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars live in have been devastated by flooding…

The state of West Virginia has been devastated this week by extreme flooding, with the areas in which many Teen Mom 2 stars reside being some of the worst hit. The Kanawha County towns of Elkview, hometown of Leah Messer, as well as Clendenin, where Corey and Miranda Simms and many family members of Leah and Jeremy Calvert reside, were among the towns that saw the most devastation.

“The amount of rain that recently fell on parts of West Virginia and southern Virginia exceeded a once-in-a-century event for the specific area and resulted in catastrophic flooding in some communities,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski stated.

CNN reports that at least 26 people have already lost their lives in the flooding.

While all of the cast members are safe and accounted for, some of their families have faced devastation.

A source tells The Ashley that Jeremy’s grandparents, who live in Clendenin, lost everything they owned in the flood. Jeremy, who has been in South Dakota on an extended assignment for his job, flew home on Thursday as soon as he heard.

“They not only lost their home but also the contents inside and belongings that were priceless,” the source tells The Ashley. “Items that dated back a century.”

Jeremy has been working to help his grandparents, and will be letting them live in a home he owns.

The Ashley recently told you that Leah is in the process of moving into a new home, and it appears that her home is OK. However, Leah recently posted photos of her twins’ school, which appears to be halfway underwater.

Gary Shirley posted this photo he took while driving through Kanawha County on Thursday.
Gary Shirley posted this photo he took while driving through Kanawha County on Thursday.

Corey and Miranda Simms live near Clendenin as well, but it appears that their home is intact. In fact, Corey had several of the guys from Teen Mom OG and ‘Teen Mom 2’ over at his house last night for some reason. (The Ashley is working on finding out more about this.)

While it seems that Corey and Miranda are some of the lucky ones in Clendenin to still have their home, many of their neighbors have lost everything.

“My heart breaks for our community and the loss we are suffering from,” Miranda tweeted last night. “I have complete faith we can rise above this! #Prayers4WV”

Corey’s father, Jeff, told fans on Instagram that he and his family are safe, but they did lose a car to the floods.

“I can replace a car, thankful my family is all good,” he wrote.

The Ashley will update this story if more information becomes available. If you’d like to help the victims of the West Virginia floods–either by donating money or supplies– you can do so by clicking here.

(Photos: Facebook, Instagram, MTV)

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  1. I have been to Rainelle, West Virginia on Sunday to help my 3 Aunts with this mess that these floods have caused. One of them has lost everything they have. It is so hard to watch this as these people have worked so hard to have what they had and now to be gone. As I was driving through West Virginia I was thinking about the teen mom family and was worried and concerned. I keep thinking to my self if I only knew where they lived I would stop and help. But all I could do is pray from the Ohio boulder to my destination in Rainelle that everyone was going to be ok and that God is going to watch over them. God Bless you all and if you need anything please don’t hesitate to contact me. I live in Columbus and I will stop everything to be their. God Bless❤️???

  2. I am completely saddened by this and a big fan of the show.Thankful all family members r alive n well.My prayers r with u all in WV!

  3. So sad about Jeremy’s grandparents…they’ve literally lost everything….but it’s great that he’s helping them out as best he can, and letting them stay at one of his homes. Thankfully everyone is safe and healthy, all of the materialistic things can be replaced

  4. How awful, I hope everyone will get help and back on their feet soon. Loosing everything you own besides the clothes on your body, that must be devastating. Jeremy is a good grandson and guy to hop on a plane right away to help his family and friends.
    Could the TM dads have visited Corey to help people there? It would be awesome when they did.

  5. Saige should be ashamed for the comments made! Not everyone is racist just saying obviously you are the ignorant racist. People have lost everything including their lives! You might’ve been there to help during hurricane Katrina but there were many more people besides you & you don’t know where they were from. Karma will get you for acting the way you are! This tragedy is far from ones color! Prayers going up for all involved in WV and obviously saige needs them as well

    1. You must be related to Leah to be this slow. Answer the question – Do you honestly think people in that town go out of their way to help others out of their state or out of their country?

      1. Real mature…. SMH As a matter of fact there is people that go out of their way to help others in other places. Although West Virginia may be one of the lowest poverity States we as West Virginians do have heart something you must not have & we will stick together in times of triumph.

        1. You need to look at some of the posts on FB and the news before you spout dirt like this! The residents of our proud state have raised millions of dollars to help the flood victims and gone down there not only to donate money or supplies but manpower and a strong back to help on the cleanup. These people lost EVERYTHING! Most of them don’t have flood insurance because they live in a flood zone so they will have to completely start over– do you understand what that means. Many older people who’ve paid off there mortgages will have to buy another house and start over because they cannot build on they old property now that it flooded. Banks won’t lend money for flood zone land. They’ll lose all of it! So many of my friends have helped. My husbands company is sending down a flatbead tractor trailer full of supplies tomorrow. You have no idea of the devastation and the stories the survivors and rescue workers have told. West Virginia is a state strong in spirit and pride but more importantly in the need to help our neighbors…

      2. Seriously? What a weird speculation to make. I’m sure some helped and some didn’t, which can be said about all communities. So no one deserves help unless they can prove they’ve helped others? What a weird tit for tat mentality you have.

  6. Prayers for all involved my entire family lives in Greenbrier county and they along with the people of Clendenin have lost alot some their lives. I pray for everyone affected! Love and prayers to all!

  7. My prayers go out to the families of west Virginia.I truly do know what it feels like .we had this same thing happen here in south Carolina..I pray that you all be ok .Just know that GOD well take care of you.

    1. Please explain why god will take care of them now when he clearly wasn’t watching out for them as the floods destroyed their families, friends, homes, and belongings? Just curious…

  8. Am I the only one who doesn’t feel sorry for any of these folks?.

    I picture it now – Hurrican Katrina came in at full force in 2005 and half the town Sat there complaining since half that town is racist to begin with (used to live there).

    You think any of those folks went out of their way for hurricane Katrina? You think any of them actually contribute outside their small country town?

    Thank god I got out of there. You don’t get far in an area such as that.

    1. I agree to some extent. I’m pretty sure the last event Leah advacated for had something to do with Shane and his death. But you’re right, did any of these people help out during Hurrican Sandy, the tornadoes in the Midwest or any overseas catastrophes? Doubt it.

    2. Good thinking. Let’s all assume that every flood victim didn’t and/or wouldn’t help another community hit by a natural disaster. I’m glad you got out of that town and became so compassionate towards others.

    3. AGAIN, you feel the need to spout off without facts-SMH. Not only did we raise money to help Katrina survivors but many displaced Katrina “refugees” were housed in WV. So please check your facts before belittling and disparaging the people of our state.

  9. I live in Dunbar an we are safe here, it just breaks my heart to see all the pictures that people’s posting, i really feel for those people, god bless everyone of you, I’m glad that Leah an the girls, an everyone else is safe and doing good. An it’s really great that Jeremy is helping his grandparents out, just goes to show how nice an kind he is, an goes to show that there are still real men in this world that would help out their grandparents in a time of need

  10. I live in Dunbar an we are safe here, it just breaks my heart to see all the pictures that people’s posting, i really feel for those people, god bless everyone of you, I’m glad that Leah an the girls, an everyone else is safe and doing good.

  11. I’m down here right now staying in a hotel in Summerville.My husband,myself and our 3 kids. came to visit my father in law which lives in clay county. My heart breaks for everyone down here. power has been out for days , food gone bad. Some can’t even take baths. #prayersforwv#

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