‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Matt Baier’s Estranged Son Comes Forward, Calls His Dad ‘The Ultimate Con Artist’

"Do you think he'll stop talking to the media if I finally buy him a bike?"
“Do you think he’ll stop talking to the media if I finally buy him a bike?”

For the first time ever, one of the nine children reportedly fathered by Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier is coming forward to discuss the role that Matt played in his life…and, needless to say, the kid doesn’t have a lot of nice things to say about his dear ol’ dad.

Christopher Baier recently spoke to Radar Online about Matt, whom he called a “scumbag” and “the ultimate con artist.” (In her previous stories about Matt’s litter of kids, The Ashley chose not to reveal the names of Matt’s kids, to respect their privacy. Because Christopher has come forward on his own, though, she is printing his name. For reference, Chris is Child #4 on The Ashley’s list of kids whose mothers are taking legal action against Matt.)

Anyway, Chris talked to the site about how Matt, who is now engaged to Amber Portwood, left his mother Sarah (whom was married to Matt for a short time), right after his birth, and reportedly had little to do with him or Sarah afterward

“I had no father figure in my life,” Chris said. “I hate that man, for everything he is and isn’t.”

Chris, 26, bears a striking resemblance to his father, Matt.
Chris, 26, bears a striking resemblance to his father, Matt.

Chris claims that Matt never paid Sarah any child support (which is why she is attempting to obtain back child support from him in court), and that they struggled his whole life financially because of it.

“He owes us thousands and thousands of dollars, for 18 years of support,” Chris said “We struggled like dogs with money when I was growing up….I wanted a father, needed a father. I begged him to be my father the few times I talked to him on the phone. It was always a big fat nothing with him.”

As The Ashley previously hinted, Chris has been in trouble over the years, with arrests in 2010 for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, in 2011 for simple domestic assault and driving with a suspended license and no insurance, and in 2014 for use or possession of drug paraphernalia. While Chris admitted to struggling with substance abuse issues, he said that Matt never has, despite the story he told on ‘Teen Mom OG’ about being a recovering addict like Amber.

In fact, Chris claims that Matt retold stories that Chris told him about his drug use and Matt pretended that they were his own!

“He asked me to tell him all about my problems with drugs,” Chris said. “When I saw him on MTV, he was talking about all of my drug problems that I told him about, and made believe they were his problems. The truth of the matter is, he’s an evil, evil man, and when he did evil things, he was stone cold sober.”

As The Ashley exclusively told you (days for Radar, might she add), two of the child support cases currently against Matt will likely be dropped, but Sarah’s case, as well as several others, remain active.

Chris, who lives in South Dakota, seems to have tried to reach out to Amber, but has not been successful. He used the interview to warn her of what he says her fiance is capable of.

“All he does is use people and hurt them. He’s a horrible, nasty person, the ultimate con artist,” Chris said. “I hope I’m nothing like him, I would never do what he’s done.”

As The Ashley told you, many of Matt’s children are grown adults now, but he still has several under the age of 18, including a pre-teen daughter by Kelli Nunn, who told The Ashley back in March that she received her first child support check ever from Matt, thanks to the payment he recently began receiving for appearing on ‘Teen Mom OG.’

The new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ starts on August 22, but it’s unknown if Matt’s court cases will be covered on the show. Amber has not responded to Chris’ interview…yet.

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  1. I think it’s ironic that Chris’s wife or girlfriend looks a bit like Amber too, so maybe that is one of many reasons why Chris wanted to speak out and warn Amber. It also makes Matt look like he is trying to one up his own son by getting with a woman who looks like Chris’s significant other and then she is “famous” on top of it. Maybe I am looking to deep into this, but I wouldn’t put it past Matt to do this since he took Chris’s drug addictions and made them his own. For those who want to see,his fb page is easily found.

  2. I can’t believe this saga is being televised and this sperm donor is receiving a paycheck from MTV. What the hell is wrong with this picture?

  3. It is endlessly astounding to me that amber can be so willfully blind to this ugly, old POS con artist. I at this point believe that NOTHING anyone could come forward to tell her about this creep will change her mind. Its a mystery- she is a young woman with a decent amount of money, enough to take care of herself. Why she feels she has to settle for this obvious leech is puzzling. Its not like she needs the money and its not like she isnt capable , if she can find some self respect, of having a decent human being for a partner. This person is not only bringing nothing to the relationship, he is actually bringing loads of financial trouble with him. Does she think all that is going to disappear if she marries him? Because it isnt.

  4. None of this surprises me at all. I always thought he was sleaze. Using his sons stories of drug abuse as his own not surprised at all. He wanted to ride one of the girls coat tails and Janelle and Maci (I think it was her) didn’t buy into his bullshit. This kid was probably one of his first but the baby mamas that have younger kids with him I have no sympathy for. You knew he was a piece of shit and you still had a child with him than shock when he took off. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is trying to reach out to even bigger celebrities.

    1. Hmm how do you figure the more recent baby mommas knew about the previous ones? I’m sure Matt is not exactly forthcoming with the truth about his past.

  5. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Amber always makes shitty decisions.

    Drugs, men, jail, everything is more important than Leah.

    Remember that creep Ambie met at walmart then took him home and let him change Leah’s diaper while Ambie was high?

  6. Christopher you are already more of a man than that sperm donor of a sleaze ball Matt is. I’m sorry you suffered so much because of him. God bless you.

  7. The woman of the non-profit organization said Matt wrote a book about child abuse just to create a connection with her, now his son says Matt uses his son’s addict history to create a connection with Amber. The ex-fiancée called him a con artist, the son calls him a con artist. These stories match freakishly well for it not to be true. This man’s life goal is not to work another day of his life while living of women until they have 1)no more money, 2) get pregnant or 3) stop feeding his ego with (especially public) attention. If Amber is not going to get her head out of the sand and leave him, isn’t there a way to lock this man up in psych for the serious issues he has and the harm he is causing others with it?

    1. I am surprised he isn’t in jail a lot of states will lock you up for lack of child support payments.

      1. The reason he’s not in jail is because no one could find him for many years. There’s another interview with 2 of his baby mamas that say he essentially went off the grid to avoid having to pay support, going from state to state woman to woman, working under the table when he did work. One even hired a private investigator. But like a true narcissist, he had no problem going on national TV while lying all the way to the bank, which must have been a blessing for the mothers and children since they can finally get what is owed to them. Amber’s self esteem must be non existent to stay with and defend this criminal.

  8. I can totally see Matt getting Amber pregnant, leaving her, and going after HER for child support. Or “spousal” support whatever.

  9. This is really really sad. Matt seems to have so little regard for the children he creates or the women he leaves behind. I feel bad for Chris and I’ll bet he turned to drugs to fill that void of being abandoned by his father.

  10. He seriously gives me the creeps, I wish everyone of his kids would show up on Amber’s doorstep suitcases in hand, and say Dad I’m home, the narcissistic scum bag, he looks like something the cat drug in, Amber sure knows how to pick them, smdh

  11. So is this the right time to come forward and say I also have one of his kids! Kidding!!! Lol FYI I cringed writing that

  12. Have fun with that Amber! This is the male role model you are putting in Leah’s life. I am a little concerned that Gary isn’t more concerned either. I don’t get it. I think Amber has come leaps and bounds from her pill popping/gary beating days but she still needs to make good choices and this is just not a good one!

    1. I can’t believe I am defending Gary because he’s just as abusive as Amber, but I do think he is VERY concerned, and has done what he can legally. Unfortunately this is a case that is far too common in family courts across America, where the partner of one of the parents is deemed undesirable to be around the child by the other parent. Even when the partner in question is a registered sex offender, it can be a very long and difficult road to getting the child removed from the situation. If you recall Gary discussed with his attorney what he had discovered about Matt, so it’s not like he’s unaware or unconcerned. But at the end of the day he and his legal team can’t prohibit Amber from marrying this slimeball.

      1. but perhaps no alone time with Leah and Matt, I’m sure Gary can try to get his lawyer to do that??

        1. Supervised visits with Amber might not be far fetched since her issues with drugs/alcohol are pretty well known. Issue probably being unless Gary has probable cause for concern (like Leah not being fed, clean, clothed, etc) I don’t think the court or CPS can do much.

        2. The problem is that while he’s a deadbeat dad and a sleaze, Matt doesn’t pose an immediate threat to Leah’s wellbeing. Going for supervised visitation would likely be considered overkill in this case, as the man doesn’t pose a physical threat to the child.

        3. That’s precisely what Gary has tried to do, limit Matt’s contact with Leah, while not limiting Amber’s contact. It’s rather difficult when someone like Amber, who is hell bent on having this POS in her life(despite knowing his history, all of which she is quite aware). Until Matt is actually *proven* by a court of law, to be a danger to Leah, Gary is stuck.
          While I get why people don’t like him, and I sure as hell don’t like his past actions, Gary has done a hell of a lot to better his life, and create a better life for Leah. He gets mad props from me for that one. He has been both the mother and the father for Leah, her entire life. That doesn’t absolve past issues, but it certainly helps to overcome them-which is important. He has, clearly, changed in more ways than folks want to give him credit for. I get why, but I still think it sucks. Yeah, he was a shitty boyfriend, a shitty fiance and a shitty husband. But he’s a damn good father, and mother for that matter. One doesn’t negate the other, but, Amber will never be a good…anything.

    1. Uncle Dave. Hands down. Then Nathan. Then Matt. Then Adam. These guys make Ryan seem like Father of the Year material.

      1. I think Nathan a better father than Adam. He was Kai’s primary caregiver when he and Jenelle were together. Adam didn’t, and still doesn’t, do ANYTHING for Aubree.

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