‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Matt Baier Responds to Son’s Claims That He’s a ‘Scumbag’: Drugs Made Him Do It!

"I'm not a scumbag! Honest!"
“I’m not a scumbag! Honest!”

UPDATE! The plot has just thickened. The author of the original Radar story, who interviewed Matt’s son, Chris, tells The Ashley exclusively that Matt’s interview was full of lies.

Matt claimed that his son, Chris, was “manipulated” by the author into saying bad things about Matt, and did so only because he was offered a lot of money.

The author tells The Ashley that this simply is not true.

“[Chris] was not paid a nickel [for the interview]. Chris was not paid and I sought him out, not the other way around,” the author, Donna Thomas, tells The Ashley. “Chris wasn’t manipulated. He wanted to warn Amber, he’s concerned for her, that’s all.”

Furthermore, Donna tells The Ashley that she conducted the interview with Chris in late May/early June (not six months ago as Matt says).

“Everything that Matt says is a lie,” Donna says. “I highly doubt he’s talking to [Chris’ mom and his ex-wife] Sarah… As of early this month, he hasn’t had any contact with her in decades!”

Donna says that Matt tried to paint his own son as a desparate drug user, which isn’t true.

“Chris hasn’t used in years!” Donna says. “He wasn’t paid a dime, and wasn’t looking for money, he’s a really nice kid…He’s has had some issues with drugs, but it’s the past, he has a good job, and a girlfriend and he’s on the right track, he doesn’t want Matt to destroy anyone else, that’s all!”

Matt issued a response to Real Mr. Housewife, in light of the new info.

“I just know what Chris told me and on our end it’s a dead issue  Chris and I are great.”

Read below for the original story containing Matt’s response to his son’s interview with Donna:


Yesterday, Radar Online posted a scathing interview they did with Chris Baier, the estranged son of Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier. In the interview (which you can read in full here), Chris talked about how Matt abandoned him and his mother Sarah after his birth, leaving them to struggle financially. He also discussed how Matt’s claims of being a recovering addict are reportedly untrue, and actually stem from Chris’ own substance abuse struggles.

Matt, who is still engaged to Amber Portwood, gave a rare interview today to Real Mr. Housewife in which he addressed his son’s claims that he is a “scumbag” and an “evil man,” among other things.

“Typically I don’t respond to articles about me and have kept silent on all the rumors and gossip that have been perpetuated about me; however, with this being about my son, I had to set the record straight on this,” Matt told the site. “On the surface, this seems like a scathing article, depicting a 25-year-old man who is really hurt and so forth,” Baier continued. “That’s actually not what happened.”

Matt stated that Chris was contacted numerous times by the media and offered money to do an interview. (The Ashley doesn’t doubt this at all.)

“[They] offered him money to say bad things about me,” Matt says. “Him and I talked about this and he contacted me about it.”

Matt says the interview took place about six month ago when Chris was “completely strung out” on drugs. (The Ashley is very familiar with Radar and can say with certainty that there is NO WAY that the site held this story for six months. No.Way.)

“He was in trouble with the law and in between places to live,” Matt said of Chris. “When you’re offered an amount of money by anybody when you’re in that situation it’s really tough to turn down. He called me and said ‘Dad, look. They’re offering me this money. I told them I don’t have anything bad to say towards you. I’m not going to talk to them.’ I told him at that point he can do whatever he wants.”

Matt claims that him and Amber are trying to help Chris.

“When this article came out [yesterday] his mother and I spoke. She said he actually spoke to the press while he was very, very high a few months ago, and the article that came out this morning was a result of his conversation when he was really strung out,” Matt said. “Thank goodness from what I understand now he’s clean and has a job and a new apartment.”

"Maybe he should come to our sober living house? There's room on the couch!"
“Maybe he should come to our sober living house? There’s room on the couch!”

While The Ashley can confirm that Chris has, indeed, struggled with addiction and has been in trouble with the law for years, she cannot confirm or deny that Matt is telling the truth about Chris being high and homeless when he did the interview.

Matt goes on to talk about the other articles that have been written about him, his alleged nine kids and his baby-mamas.

“All the stuff that you see written about me- he has 9 children- I’ve never responded to it due to who the people are that are making the comments,” Matt said. “It’s people who want their name in the press and people who want to get paid.”

(UM?! Because you haven’t paid child support to some of them in 18+ years, bro! It’s no wonder that they want some money!)

Matt did not deny that he has nine kids. He did, however, state that he loves his son and that he and Amber are trying to help Chris.

“This article doesn’t upset me, as it will pass and it won’t hurt me; rather, it upsets me he was in a vulnerable place in his life and manipulated,” he said. “The last conversation we had, he asked us to help him and his girlfriend get an apartment, as he wanted to start his life over. We were willing to help with this and we never heard back from him after that. Numerous phone calls and texts went unreturned. As a father, I was panicked, wondering what was going on with my son.”


To read Matt’s full interview with Real Mr. Housewife, click here!

(Photos: MTV)

41 Responses

  1. Lying about your son? This guy needs to be quarantined and get intensive therapy to learn how not to lie and empathize with others

  2. Matt said “WE are willing to help”
    What can he help with? He doesnt work, most of his teen mom money goes to back support. He doesnt own or rent a place, he lives off Amber. What can he help with?
    Fatherly advice? Because he has been such a great dad to all of the other kid?

  3. Matt is such a loser pathological liar he can’t even keep his stories straight. Why good Lord why can’t Amber see through his manipulative persona? From the beginning he’s been nothing but trouble. Lie after lie after lie….9 kids and counting and he failed to alert her to any of this. She’s been blinded by his Rico suave good looks and story telling, lol of course I’m kidding. She needs to buck up, get the hell off the couch, kick him to the curb and move on. Hopefully someone better than him, but her judgement is extremely clouded and I hope not by drugs and booze..just sayin

    1. I legit just thought you were serious for a second when I read “Rico Suave good looks” until I got to the next line haha! I was about to suggest you get your eyes checked, thank god I kept reading!

    2. ‘Rico Suave’ will be playing on a loop in my mind until something knocks it loose. I’m cool with that though. It’s been a while since I’ve really given Gerardo some space in my brain. That hair. Those jeans. I’m old.

  4. Amber is staying with him because she’s just as much of a loser as he is. She hasn’t done anything to turn her life around. She went to jail because “rehab was too hard”. She got out…and has done NOTHING. No school, no job, no paying child support. She’s a loser…so of course she’s marrying a loser.

    1. No. I don’t admire someone that is a con artist, a complete narcissist that abandoned all of his children.

      1. Amen.

        I might have mentioned this on previous posts about this guy, but I’ve had a psycho con artist succeed in marrying a very close family member, and it can seriously devastate a person’s life to go through their abuse. Matt Baier reminds me soo much of this prick, especially their styles of lying.

        You have to be really deranged to be able to make up such ridiculous lies and NOT feel stress or anxiety about being caught. You can tell Matt just spews out the bullshit because he’s done it before and probably rarely been held accountable.

  5. I do genuinely wonder if Amber, as she said before, feels if she kicks him out now, she’s admitting she failed, she was wrong all along. She has worked hard to be a better person and is possibly too proud to back out now.
    Whatever her reasons for staying, it’s a desperately sad situation for all involved.

    1. That’s just a load of bs. Amber hasn’t worked hard at jack to “do better”. Rehab alone doesn’t, and won’t. solve her issues. She has *always* been “too proud”, because that’s her attitude towards everything she’s ever done wrong. It’s never her fault, it’s always some outside force that makes her do bad, stupid and reckless things.
      While it makes for a nice excuse, it’s just that…another excuse.
      She’s a piss poor mom and at the rate she’s going will never do right by her own kid. Her happiness means more to her than that of anyone else, including her own daughter.
      Nope, this chick isn’t trying to “do better”, she doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

  6. Ummm didn’t Matt just say that he and his son were getting along great? Then he says he hasn’t heard from him after going MIA??? Ugh which is it Matt? Did anyone call him out on that?

    1. Why?
      Why bother calling out a pathological liar…why bother interviewing him
      He will just lie….shocker
      Matt, you said he was 25 but hes 26, thought you where close…yes we are but i didnt talk to him for 1 year so it doest count….i said i was close but haven’t talked to him, i meant close in spirit

  7. Even if it was true and the son made most of it up for money, if you are a dad who loves his child he wouldn’t tell all the details about that in an interview! You would just say something like “he’s in a hard place, he’s confused, I hope we reconcile in the future” not every little detail about his alleged drug abuse and corrupted heart 6 months ago! And major fail for not knowing how old his son is! Too bad Father’s Day has past, otherwise I would have advised Chris to send his dad a turd in a box.

    1. Lies or not, a good father (or just like…a regular one) would respond to his son- not the freaking press. I would think using a press release to touch base with your kid is a pretty good indication that you A) have no clue where the kid is
      B) have no clue what appropriate parent/child communication even is.

      It makes me sick the way he uses his “recovery” as a cop out for everything too. He obviously mixed up step 1 with sitting on the couch. Ugh. His voice makes my skin crawl. I bet he has a drawer full of jean shorts.

      1. Thank you! This is one of my biggest pet peeves about Matt. I sincerely doubt he was ever an addict and if he was he is certainly not in active healthy recovery. I say this not only because of his and Amber’s drinking but also because I have many loved ones in recovery and a crucial part of the process is cleaning up/rectifying the mistakes you made, apologizing to those you harmed, and taking responsibility. I know plenty of people who fell down big time on the responsibilities of being a good parent while in addiction but a huge part of true sobriety is taking responsibility for your past mistakes and doing everything you can to correct them. So if Matt truly was in recovery I would think since he got clean he would’ve immediately begun paying child support and tried to become a decent father. he certainly wouldn’t have left Boston where he has two minor children. He disgusts me because I feel like his actions discredit many people who work so hard every day to truly recover from addiction.

  8. At this point reading the crap Amber tweets, she reaps what she sows. No sympathy for a foolish little girl that has been warned many times now and chooses to ignore everyone. Wind up “married” and pregnant with this scum sweetie because when the mtv gravy train runs out of tracks you will be in the exact same position as the women that you are calling liars. Sorry, not sorry.

    1. On a very cynical level I don’t understand why Amber is straight up refusing to take the storyline that every other teen mom would kill for: victim. She could have pulled a book deal, a movie of the week, hell she could have pivoted to freaking lifetime so terrible its amazing star in your own biopic deal! Not only would she get a Dr. Phil episode, she probably could have been the go-to “my boyfriend was a psycho! expert.” At this point, it makes no sense.

      1. That is what I have wondered for a while. Amber is way far past low self esteem or delusion.I think she has either found a partner in crime who could care less if she pays taxes etc.or she is using again. If he is scum then he can’t judge her for her horrible decisions. And @Karey and kaisersEP, totally agree. He can’t keep his lies straight. And if his son really was knee deep in addiction 6 months ago, a decent father wouldn’t just have found out yesterday that his son is doing okay. Thank you @theashley for keeping this updated. Matt’s poor kids deserve some dignity and to have a voice not to be thrown under the bus by their narcissistic father.

  9. I generally believe “a little of column A & a little of column B”. As in, sure, Matt’s obviously a deadbeat liar & using Amber… But WHY is she allowing this?! We can all see, as well as MTV, why Matt would hook up with Amber, but why is Amber allowing this? I hate to say it, but I think she’s using again & her judgment is impaired.

    1. I have been thinking about the same thing. I’m afraid Amber is using again. That would be really sad but it would explain her behaviour and the huge weight loss. Last time she lost that much weight she was addicted too and denied it.
      Let’s hope someone gets trough to her before she looses everything. Maybe her mom and Gary know how she behaved when she was on pills before and intervene. Get that girl a drug test Gary.
      I do wonder, did the person who interviewed Chris ask Matt for his response? That would mean he knew about it. That would have given Matt time to spin a story for Amber and others to make his claims more credible now.
      He contradicts himself a lot, it doesn’t make sense.
      Why would his ex-wife, who took him to court to finally “get payed” decades of child support, be on speaking terms with Matt all of a sudden. Why would she tell him that their son “sold him out”?? Her case isn’t going very well it seems, why on earth would she warn the person she dislikes?
      Oh and why do you not call your son when you have agreed to help him staying sober and getting his life in order? A father who knows his son is finally getting back on the right track grasps that opportunity and calls, calls again and again. But Matt simply “did not hear from him again.” Means he didn’t care.

  10. His story, much like I bet his nasty mouth, seems totally rancid.

    Amber is a complete idiot who can’t even be thought of as in a stage of denial, but has to be delusional or straight up dumb to buy into this con, or part of the con itself. MTV is disgusting for feeding into their shit, just like they are with Leah and hers. In the end, it’s the kids that suffer. But hey, money talks, right? At least his wages are being garnished now, damn loser.

  11. Matt just disgusts me. And the more that comes out and the longer Amber stays, I definitely wonder if she isn’t just as big of a con artist as he is. Both have not paid child support, been evicted and are drunks who are sober???

  12. Hahaha Matt isn’t even a good liar but Amber is just totally in denial.

    He’s a scumbag, deadbeat dad and his son vented his pain and frustration.

    And Matt just further hurt and disrespected his son and mother of his child by lying about them.

    Amber is desperate and pathetic.

    1. I know right? The smart and courteous (if we could even call it that) would have been to keep his mouth shut, and attempt to reach out to his son privately.

      Instead he makes excuses. Urgh.

  13. Don’t buy matts story at all … You mean to tell me that some reporter sat on that interview for 6 months and just realeased the story now?!?! If that was the case., why not wait until TM starts airing ??? He’s assuming that we,the general public, are as guliiable as Amber is …. ….

      1. Thank you Ashley for updated this story …. Confirms what I figured all along … Matt is a liar !!!

      2. Matt is always a trip, but, even if you take overwhelming amount of public record proving him a liar out of the equation, the sheer number of linked delusions required to think that *he* is newsworthy enough for ANY media outlet would devote six months of research to a story with no video, no pictures and resulting in less than 100 shares on social media is completely bananas.

      3. And he’s acting like his son got paid in gold bullions! He just couldn’t resist the money. I know the reporter is saying he didn’t get paid (though if he did they most likely wouldn’t be broadcasting it)…but even if he DID receive compensation, it wouldn’t have been much considering it’s a story about a second string non-baby-daddy on a slowly failing MTV show. I was contacted by Radar (and several other rags) once to sell a story and set of photos from a pretty big event I attended after they came across them on social media. I was offered $150.00 for 10 photos and the ‘inside details’ (and this was for a pretty big event that involved a bunch of celebs in attendance). I negotiated, and the most they would go up to was $300. I ended up deciding it would be a really crappy thing to do and declined. But what I’m trying to say is there’s no way this guy was paid thousands for a story like this, and I highly doubt it was purely money motivated like Matt’s trying to claim. A couple hundred bucks doesn’t go too far…

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