Farrah Abraham Responds to Dr. Drew’s Comment About Wanting to ‘Strangle’ Her

"You should have said Jenelle, Dr. Drew!"
“You should have said Jenelle, Dr. Drew!”

Earlier today, The Ashley reported that Dr. Drew Pinsky had made some less-than-favorable comments about Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, whom he’s known since she was 16 years old. During an appearance on the Allegedly podcast, Dr. Drew stated that if he had to pick a ‘Teen Mom’ cast member to strangle, it would be Farrah. (To read all of the juicy things that he had to say about the Backdoor Teen Mom, click here!)

The Ashley predicted that Farrah would come out swinging at Dr. Drew as soon as she read Drew’s comments, and that’s exactly what happened. Farrah is not happy with what Dr. Drew had to say about her.

In a statement to Radar Online, Farrah had some choice words for the Good Doctor. (It sounds like her statement came in the form of a poorly spelled email, which Radar left intact. Kudos to them for doing that for our enjoyment!)

“I know [sic] longer will credit Dr. Drew as a professional ethical Doctor,” she told the site.

"Who could ever want to strangle you, Farrah? You're, um...just delightful."
“Who could ever want to strangle you, Farrah? You’re, um…just delightful.”

In addition, Farrah is stating that she will no longer go near Dr. Drew because of the whole “strangling” comment.

“I will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning [sic],” she wrote.

Uh-oh…Does that mean MTV is going to have to find a replacement to interview Farrah for the upcoming ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion? Please, MTV, spare us from having to listen to Nessa interview Farrah about “dis season.”

“Dr. Drew clearly is frustrated by me as I don’t let him in my life and he has just proven why as he’s a wacko!” Farrah stated. “It’s disgusting when a Doctor who you think can empathize and understand you for many years says they want to strangle you & then call me beautiful & a women but then again acts like all I do is P*rn [sic]..”

Although Dr. Drew specifically stated in his original interview that he was not sexually attracted to Farrah or any of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls, Farrah seems to think otherwise.

“Ok Dr. Drew it sounds like you want to strangle me and f**k me, gross!” she wrote to Radar.

Farrah gave some advice to the other women out there who feel they have been personalized victimized by Dr. Drew.

“To the women out there: Never let any doctor or know-it-all man speak horribly about you or your future,” she wrote. “I only feel horrible for people like Dr. Drew who have to lie about hard-working positive and prospering people like myself to make them feel better and get attention from media since he’s so desperate for it.”

Grab your popcorn, y’all! This catfight is just getting started!

(Photos: MTV)

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  1. I don’t like farrah, at all. The way she talks to her parents is absolutely ridiculous. Her attitude is completely out of hand. She needs smacked in the face and took off of teen mom for good!

  2. How did she write a book??? I mean, I’m sure it’s awful and I’m certain she had help, but still… This woman can hardly string together a complete sentence- never mind a coherent one. She clearly didn’t understand the interview or the Doc’s responses. It seems like she has a difficult time processing information and lacks the kind of base level critical thinking skills that most adults have developed by her age. Honestly, it scares me to know that she’s responsible for the safety and well-being of a child.

    Farrah is eternally an asshole teenager. You know, when they’re absolutely convinced that they know it all and already possess the skills and experience of a seasoned veteran even though you KNOW their brains are still developing and they’re not fully capable of whatever it is they’re probably scream-whining about. Plus the inexplicable sense of entitlement? Yeah, that’s Farrah. Still.

  3. “violent strangle actioning”

    Looks like Michael and Debra failed to ask if the schools is good in their hometown before sending Farrah to them

  4. She is truly a waste of human effort. I really have not been able to find one redeemable quality to her personal character. Couple that with the fact that she has learned NOTHING from the whole (hole) experience, I will relish reading her obituary. There are so many young women that have to go thru this without a support net and $20K for several hours of “work”. Everyone feel free to mock that idiot on whatever social media you use until she cracks and opens a spot for the next psychopathic retard to shit a babbbby out of her cooter. Her and Janelle should be put into a rocket and sent to explore the surface of the Sun-ya know just to make sure it is as hot as we all hear about lol.

  5. Farrah is a sorry excuse for a human being. She has made her career based on sex toys and porno videos. She is delusional if she says otherwise. I feel sorry for Sophia. This is the message she is giving her daughter; sex sells! I predict in about 12 years Sophia will be writing a tell all book about “mommies dearest.”

  6. Although I’m no Farrah fan, it seemed really petty for Dr. Drew to start a fight.

    1. He didn’t start a fight, he answered a damn question, and he wasn’t even an ass about it. Hell he stood up for her sorry ass throughout the interview, and gave every excuse for her shit.

  7. This girl is going to be a train wreck in about 10 years. Once you hit 30 you are considered too old for the porn industry. Due to her attitude on tv and her career choices her chances of getting a job are going to be slim. She has a lot of money now but as you can see she is a compulsive spender. Didn’t she spend $500,000 on a car? So I wouldn’t be surprised in about 15 years she will be broke and Sophia will be estranged from her claiming her mom spend her MTV college fund on more plastic surgery or a bad business deal.

    1. Wow, u sound like ur really into it. Ur so knowledgeable in all things what’s good for her, what’s not, even a little porn.

      1. Are you friends with her or did you go to school with her? I’m just curious because it seems that both of you need to finish your education, especially in grammar and language arts.

        He made a very valid opinion about her and I’m sure all of that will happen. She is a horrific train wreck that is already derailing.

        1. How about both you go fuck yourself! I can gaurentee that I am a lot more educated than both of you combined. Oh and btw I am a she not a he.

          1. Tayta –

            MY REPLY was directed to MRS. MCNAUGHTON.

            Please read it a little more careful. I was saying that YOU had a valid opinions and that all will most likely happen. I was not saying anything about YOUR education. My education comment was directed at MRS. MCNAUGHTON due to their post. Also – I have three college degrees, so, I am very well educated.

            Sorry for calling you a “he”. It doesn’t show gender when people post.

            Have a great day!

  8. Ok, so the woman who assaulted her producer and was pretty awful to everyone in the CBB house, doesn’t want a Dr going anywhere near her as he answered a question about who he’d like to strangle, even though, in the rest of the interview, he corrected the loaded questions with kind responses about her. *confused

  9. Drama starting….. Please! Dr. Drew is a good guy and u know it. He was speaking hypothetically and that was obvious.

  10. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    While it waa totally wrong of “Doctor” Pensky to say what he did, she is legit crazy.

    Why the hell in 2016 is she illiterate??????

  11. First of all Farrah is delusional pathological narcissistic nut case. She’s the Jodi arias of teen moms. Her thinking that dr drew was insinuating that he wants to have sex with her, how delusional is that? He said nothing of the sort. He was just putting out there what she gives. As for dr drew I’m very disappointed in how he does the after shows. He doesn’t ask the right questions, he doesn’t get to the root of those girls problems. He just pats them on the back. However we really don’t know what kind of hold mtv has on his questions. With all that being said Farrah needs to get off her high horse and get some serious mental help. Or better yet isn’t it time for a new porn? Oh ya that’s right she’s not a porn star….ahem

  12. He was asked who he would like to strangle sometimes and he didn’t say: Farrah. His answer was that Farrah was a beautiful woman and a good girl but……
    Cuddle photo coming up I’m sure.

    Maybe the good dr is done with TM too, wants to vent things and hopes he will be sacked by MTV so he doesn’t have to do it anymore. MTV clearly restricts him.

    It would benefit Farrah’s health and safety when she would talk to somebody remotely educated in the field of psych that doesn’t take crap from her.
    Girl should take chill pills or get of the pills or powder she is abusing currently.

  13. This vapid bitch vibrated all the brains right out of her oddly shaped head years back while giving her products their test runs.

    Ignore her ramblings of delusion while she prepares her daughter for her next photoshoot with too much shit caked on her what, 7 year old face, so she can give the camera the proper bedroom eyes.

    Twisted mess of a bitch that Farrah is.

    1. Her products are probably cheap and fake too, that never lasts. Maybe they short circuit and break down really easily too.

      Any bets how long it will take before Farrah has to file for bankruptcy after MTV stops filming with her? I’m going for within two years.

  14. The way I read what Dr. Drew said didn’t actually sound all that offensive to me …. Severe overreaction from Farrah though … Man…

  15. My gosh! When will they get her off the show and stop giving her the media attention she is ALWAYS wanting? She is nothing but a REALITY MEDIA WHORE! All the report sites keep giving her what she wants. She needs to focus on getting the education she apparently didn’t finish and do something positive with that devil child she is raising.

  16. This sounds so much like a publicity stunt from both of them. They have been out of the news for a little while.

  17. I dislike Dr. Drew but from the earlier article it sounded like the question was posed to him, not like he just came up with wanting to strangle her out of the blue. Lol. More cognitive dissonance from Farrah.

  18. I think Farrah checks every box for diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Good lord, she is absolutely intolerable. Debra should have swallowed her.

  19. How on earth did she finish high school? Her grammar, spelling, etc are just atrocious. Actioning?

  20. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:


    Jesus God L3ah, this is horrible grammar!!!!

  21. It is amazing how illiterate she is…I think Dr. Drew speaks for everyone. We would all like to slap the s*** out of her!

  22. Ahhh…her response is everything I hoped it would be and more. If there’s one thing Farrah is it’s consistent at delivering the delusion.

  23. This is why it’s hard to take farrahs abuse claims seriously. She won’t be around him due to his violent remark? Get a grip. Then she makes it sexual? Get a grip farrah. I want to strangle you….and it’s Def not sexual

    1. I Always believe women, always. But I can’t with her. Like the time she said a cab driver “almost raped” her. But it turned out that she didn’t like the way he looked at her. Or this time on CBB she walked into a room and accused some guy of staying at her in an inappropriate way. Poor guy was just staring into space and she went off.

      She’s the queen of hyperbole and playing the victim. Nothing is ever her fault and everyone is out to attack her in every way.

      1. Staring*

        Also, the way she reacts takes away from actual victims. People like her are why women don’t get believed. She’s honestly the worst kind of person.

        1. Everything you said was spot on! Always the victim. Unfortunately, girls like her make it harder for girls that were actually assaulted or abused.

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