Kitchen Nightmares? Gordon Ramsey Reveals What He Worries About When He Goes Out to Dinner

"Am I gonna end up in the loo all night after this meal?"
“Am I gonna end up in the loo all night after this meal?”

Gordon Ramsey has made a living out of critiquing restaurants and other chefs’ cooking, but even he takes a night off once in a while. The Kitchen Nightmares and MasterChef star recently did a Reddit AMA in which he revealed what usually happens when he goes out to dinner: basically, everyone freaks out, including Gordon!

“I love going to restaurants and I love going to enjoy myself without having to work at them,” he wrote last week.

“The first thing [the staff at the restaurant will] look at when they see me standing in reception, a) is there a camera crew behind him? b) did you book [a reservation]? and if you did book, did you book under your f**king name?!”

Gordon wrote that he gets nervous when he goes out to eat because he’s not sure who’s working back in the kitchen, and he doesn’t know how they feel about him.

“Sometimes, I’ve gone into restaurants where the chefs have been somewhat pissed off and disgruntled and nothing happens for 40 minutes,” Gordon wrote. “My worry is, is my food going through the dishwasher three or four times? Is some chef seeking revenge? But I can smell that s**it a mile away… Sometimes, I’ve sort of jumped to a one-course [meal], just to get the hell out of there because things aren’t going too well.”

Most of the time, according to Gordon, restaurants go out of their way to make him feel welcome. (Meanwhile, in the walk-in freezer, some chef is probably chucking every piece of meat with a bit of frostbite on it, though, just in case Gordon decides to take a tour of the kitchen.)

“I’m very lucky because the majority of the restaurants I go to, they go above and beyond,” he wrote. “It makes me a little bit embarrassed. I’m so grateful. First thing I want to do is go to the kitchen and say hi to the team. When I’ve had a great meal I give them as much love as I can on social media…Nine times, out of 10, it’s an exciting place to be in.”

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  1. NGL, if I had a restaurant, I’d absolutely crap myself if Chef Ramsey came waltzing in to be a customer! That would be so intimidating considering who he is. (Yeah, yeah, I know “it’s your job”… but still! That doesn’t mean you can’t get nervous sometimes.)

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