Dr. Drew Reveals How He Really Feels About Farrah Abraham & Other ‘Teen Mom’ Cast Members

"Hey, I may want to strangle, but you're not completely awful..."
“Hey, it’s not really your fault that you’re so awful!”

Dr. Drew Pinsky has been dealing with the casts of Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG since they were kids (with kids) on 16 and Pregnant. Since then, the Doc has hosted all of the end-of-season reunions for both shows (and has taken a lot of crap for doing so, by the way). For the first time ever, Dr. Drew revealed how he feels about some of the casts’ most controversial characters– in particular, Farrah Abraham and Adam Lind.

During a recent appearance on the “Allegedly” podcast, Dr. Drew was asked which of the franchise’s cast members he’d most like to strangle. He didn’t even hesitate in his answer. In case you have been wondering, Dr. Drew wants to strangle Farrah just like the rest of us do.

“She’s not awful,” Dr. Drew told the show’s host. “She is frustrating… She suffers. Believe me, when people behave like that it is because they are suffering and I feel bad for her a lot. But, she can be very frustrating.”

Dr. Drew, who has been dealing with Farrah since she appeared on the first season of ’16 and Pregnant’ back in 2009, stated that despite wanting to strangle Farrah, he does like her.

“She’s a beautiful woman. And she’s a woman now, I dealt with them when they were teenagers,” Dr. Drew said, adding that it’s really not Farrah’s fault that she’s so fame-hungry.

“That’s her job,” he said. “She has embraced it and this is what she’s going to do and she doesn’t have other skills or training and she’s got a mom who encourages her to do that stuff and a dad that’s kind of really ambivalent about it and he’s having a tough time himself… And then she was led in by people she trusted and feels as though she was exploited and things weren’t the way she intended them. She’s trying to navigate through this crazy world she’s living in. I feel bad for her.”

"Just for the record, I'm not sexually attracted to any of you...or your back doors, OK?"
“Just for the record, I’m not sexually attracted to any of you…or your back doors, OK?”

While he does feel bad for the Backdoor Teen Mom, he does not feel any sort of attraction to her (or any of the other Teen Moms, for that matter!)

“Nooooooooo. It’s almost like you were saying that about your kids or something… I see them as who they are,” he said when asked by the host if he’s sexually attracted to any of the girls. “They are not objects of anything for me. They’re people who’ve been really struggling and good enough to share their lives with people… You don’t get pregnant at 16 and not have liabilities. That’s an at-risk youth by definition.”

Dr. Drew was then asked to reveal his feelings on Adam Lind, who infamously refused to answer any of Drew’s questions during the recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 7 reunion show.

“Oh, Adam the boyfriend… I have a deep affection for almost everyone on that show,” he said. (We can assume that Drew’s use of ‘almost everyone’ excludes his buddy Adam.) “My job as a clinician is always to empathize with people, see their point of view and just try to understand their pain and stuff. And I’ve been with these kids a long time and I do understand them.”

As The Ashley stated earlier, Dr. Drew has caught a lot of flak from the show’s fans for not addressing some of the serious mistakes the girls have made over the years, and for not using his skills as an addiction specialist to help the girls who are struggling with alleged substance abuse issues. On the podcast, Drew said that this is one of the things that he dislikes the most about being associated with the ‘Teen Mom’ shows.

“I can tell you what does frustrate me, is people expecting me to treat [the cast members],” he said. “I do a one-hour talk show with them where I explore their lives and I offer myself as a resource to them. They all have my phone number. At most I will guide them to someone [who can treat them]. I don’t treat them.”

(You may recall that Dr. Drew once did treat celebrities on-camera who were struggling with substance abuse issues. That didn’t exactly end well…)

H/T to Starcasm for finding this gem!

UPDATE: As expected, Farrah has responded to Dr. Drew’s comments about her. Click here to see what she had to say!

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  1. Abraham is yet another brainless, talentless piece of human garbage. She should hook up with any of the equally worthless Kardashian cunts.

  2. Wah, wah, wah, typical response…”it’s not her fault, she’s suffering, she’s a good person”. I call bs on all of that. She’s not a wonderful person, she’s not suffering, she was not “tricked” into anything or lead down false paths….none of it. Farrah has made her own bed, it was her own doing. She had every chance in the world to not end up the person she is. She made her own choices, no one made her do it. She’s not suffering, if anyone is suffering, it’s her daughter. Farrah has given her such a wonderfully lovely legacy to look back on. Ugh, girl’s so full of herself, and everyone around her just perpetuates her shitty choices and her shitty actions all because …”she’s suffering”. Don’t feed people shit, tell them it’s ice cream, and expect them to take a bit just on your word when all evidence suggests otherwise. If it smells like shit, odds are, it’s shit.

  3. This is exactly why I objected to the reunion shows being labeled as their “check-up” with Dr. Drew. I’m sure they intended it to resemble the check-ups kids should have with their pediatricians, but his advice was always really irresponsible given the fact he clearly knew nothing about these girls. Way back even in Season 1 of TM, he was making excuses for Amber and apologizing for Ryan’s behavior. My bf at the time would watch the show with me and he was always infuriated at the shit that would come from Dr. Drew’s mouth. You can’t have it both ways, claiming you offer them guidance, as a doctor, but you aren’t treating them.

  4. i’ve watched these girls grow up too. I’m proud and sad for them all at the same time. I can tell you that Farrah and Janelle have the most problems and if they don’t change or get some help..they will never be happy. Those two use up all their energy trying to make themselves look good but don’t treat their real issues. I had a little hope for Janelle.. but i can see the bad girl coming out again. Why does she always have to have a man on her arm..?? good or bad .. she has to have one. Anyway.. Dr. Drew may not treat these girls… but give me 10 minutes with everyone of them.. I would love to talk to all of them. Especially Farrah and Janelle. I’d give them the advice they need. 🙂

  5. Just a head’s up that Farrah has responded and of course it is a typical Farrah response. She only seems to understand certain parts of a conversation and then goes off on that. She also claims that she has two degrees, but certificates are not degrees which is what she has from her culinary school. I also learned through a bit of digging that apparently the father of her child wanted to go to culinarily school and that all of a sudden once he died that’s what she wanted to do. Friends even commented that she never could cook and never showed any interest in it.

    1. Did you ever see Farrah and dr Phil? At one point it seemed like she was trying to convince him she shouldn’t have gotten a dwi because she was pulled over at the time lol umm yes you typically do pull over to receive a ticket

  6. I’m so sick of all these specialists claiming that Farrah suffers. The lady from the couples counseling show (I forgot her name) said the same thing. She even said that Farrah’s been through the worst type of abuse she’d ever seen as a doctor. If that’s the case why won’t Farrah tell us what it is? She’s not afraid to share her “back door” with everyone, and exploit her daughter. If she truly suffers then why doesn’t she share her true story, and use it to help others who are suffering? So she’s teaching all these young girls that if you suffer, you can treat anybody anyway you want. I’m so sick of that girl I wish people would stop giving her money. I call BS on the suffering she’s just a truly bad person!

    1. I know abuse isn’t something people want to talk about. However, if she TRULY wanted to help people she would share her abuse story to some extent. Many young girls watch this show and maybe they are or have been abused and are too scared to tell the story. Maybe if they hear it from her they will tnink ok it’s something I can come back from. It’s happened to others and I’m not the only one. But it’s Farrah….

  7. doesn’t have any other skills or training? she finished culinary school! the one attempt she made at getting a business loan was rejected due to the immature business plan she put together. her mother, who has done those things before, tried to tell her, the wording is not good etc, but of course, farrah got mad and berated her. she got turned down to open some type of fusion restaurant, that was another reason, no one thought it was good idea or combination of food. but since then, she’s made millions off the porn. so she has her own money to now open that restaurant and has opened a yogurt shop, we’ll see how that does, but she also just did another porn. now it’s not something she HAS to do or was tricked into doing, she has the money to open any type of business she chooses and she chooses not to be a chef because she thinks she’s above that kind of work now. sorry sweetie, you’re UNDER it. she could take 4 years and go back for anything she wanted to, if she’s grown away from wanting to be a chef. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THIS CUNT.

  8. No one’s asking him to treat the girls but he could be a little more forceful with them. Young teens watch this show and they don’t see the girls being call out on their nonsense, thus implying their actions are acceptable or normal. Someone needs to tell teens that these girls (with maybe the exception of Chelsea) are not people who you should look up to.

    1. Exactly! There’s a difference between treating and just calling them out on their bullshit. Hell I don’t baby my 8 year old as much as he does some of them. Yet when he does get “tough,” it’s on the ones where it’s unnecessary. Ex. Like instead of telling jenelle it’s wrong to keep a child from their parent because they dumped you and have a creepy boyfriend who thinks he’s the kid’s father, he’d get on to chelsea for saying she wishes aubree didn’t have to deal with adam or attack her for some other stupid reason. It’s irritating. It’s not hard to just ask about the bs. I’ve told plenty of people when they’re doing something stupid or wrong, it’s not that hard.

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