‘Married at First Sight’ Season 2 Star Davina Kullar is Married Again! Get Details!

"I got hitched...again!"
“I got hitched…again!”

Wedding bells are once again ringing for Married at First Sight Season 2 star Davina Kullar. The former reality star got hitched again on Thursday, but this time around, she actually knew the guy standing at the end of the aisle!

Davina, who during ‘MAFS’ Season 2 married Sean Varricchio within minutes of meeting him at the alter (they later divorced), reported on her Instagram on Thursday night that she and her boyfriend had gotten married in Las Vegas.

Davina and her new husband showed off their wedding rings on Instagram...
Davina and her new husband showed off their wedding rings on Instagram…

The couple appeared in a video posted to Davina’s Instagram wearing wedding clothes and in a limo. She hashtagged the photo, “#MarriedToThisIncredibleMan” and later posted a photo of their hands wearing wedding bands.

Davina, who never told fans that she was even engaged, has not revealed much about her new husband…yet.

Sean confirmed on Twitter that he and Davina were officially divorced in March, although they had been split for much longer. Their relationship only lasted six weeks but their show contracts stated that they had to remain married for six months (while the show aired) before filing for divorce.

Sean has not commented on Davina’s wedding announcement, but it appears that he has moved on too. Back in February, he tweeted that was dating someone new.

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  1. she was so annoying on the show. it seemed to me that she was never satisfied with anything that he tried to do for her! all she did was complain! good luck to whatever guy is with her..they will need it

    1. it was revealed later that sean actually only spent like 3 or 4 nights with her. he belongs to a gay bowling league and refused to spend the night or have sex with her. they should’ve researched him better. everyone else in the league is gay but him? doubtful.

  2. im so happy for her she is a nice person and really tried married to shawn.shawn is like some of the other men who go into this saying they want a nice woman and want to be married etc but dont try very hard. i know six weeks isnt very long to really get ot know someone but these guys give up so quick.they hardly lived together the whole six weeks.he seemed very selfish while divina was such a good sport. im so happy for her that she has found someone and i hope they are very happy.

  3. Maybe she had the boyfriend all along and did the show for money to get married to who she actually wanted. Crazier things have happened.

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