‘Teen Mom 3’ Star Mackenzie McKee is About to Give Birth to Third Child: Get Baby Details

'Member when Mackenzie didn't want to take birth control because she didn't want to get fat?
‘Member when Mackenzie didn’t want to take birth control because she didn’t want to get fat?

Mackenzie McKee is ready to pop!

The former Teen Mom 3 star, who is currently pregnant with her third child, recently shared baby details with her fans, as well as a few photos of her massive baby bump to her social media accounts.

Mackenzie, who announced her pregnancy in April, recently revealed she’s having a boy.

Mackenzie and her husband Josh McKee have gone through some hard times in recent years, but the couple seems to have their relationship back on track (which is a good thing, since Mackenzie will be shooting out another one of Josh’s babies in about a month).

Josh and Mackenzie are already the parents of two children–  Gannon, who’s almost five, and two-year-old Jaxie. Obviously, they enjoy choosing random names for their children, and Baby #3 will be um, blessed, with a unique name as well. The couple announced that their third child will be named…Broncs.

The entire McKee family on the 4th of July...
The entire McKee family on the 4th of July…

Obviously, the name could be a nod to Josh’s rodeo-ing, (i.e. “Broncs”/ “broncos”…get it? Yeah, me neither.) The name was previously used by Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz for their son, although they spelled it like the New York City borough, Bronx.

Mackenzie is stating that she will have no more children after this pregnancy. She hashtagged a family photo posted to her Instagram on the Fourth of July with “#LastMcKeeToBeMade.” She had once said that her doctor told her that her body would no longer be able to handle a pregnancy after she turned 21, although she never went into specific on that.

It’s no wonder she’s over being pregnant. Mackenzie has certainly had her share of pregnancies in her short 21 years. In addition to her pregnancies with Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs, she also suffered several miscarriages over the years. The first was a baby she was pregnant with before having Gannon (and before appearing on ’16 and Pregnant’) whom she and Josh had planned to name Oakley. She also suffered a miscarriage after Jaxie was born.

Mackenzie is in the small group of ’16 and Pregnant girls’ who have three children (or are pregnant with their third). In addition to Mackenzie, those girls include Season 1’s Ebony Jackson and Maci Bookout; Season 2’s Lori Wickelhaus and Leah Messer (who had twins) and Jenelle Evans (who’s pregnant with Baby #3); Season 3’s Jennifer Del Rio (who had twins); Season 4’s Sarah Roberts (who’s pregnant with Baby #3) and Kristina Head.

(Photos: Facebook, Snapchat)

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  1. I just dont get it,the show I thought was to make aware ot teen pregnancy and how hard it is but half theese gorls are continuing to have children.How is that setting a good axample?Its notits showing theese others teens do want you want have babies at young ages and some how some way a way will be made for you.It makes me sick and the show should be taken off the air

  2. Twit really sums up this idiot

    Mackenzie McKee ✔@DouthitKenzie
    I am now allowing my two friends @quinniepoobear and @ThayliaClara to join me in my marriage with Josh so we can be on TLC sister wives ?
    3:05 AM – 13 Apr 2016
    5 5 Retweets 77 77 likes

  3. First of all that dang nabit mumbler Josh is a weirdo….second of all, why after having two healthy babies do you go ahead and a have third being a brittle diabetic….thirdly I’m guessing it’s about time she gets that porno out that she’s been sitting on since her new boob job… because her so called teen mom 3 fame is dwindling….just sayin…

  4. I can see why she wanted to have her kids quick and early with her diabetes. But, should you really be popping out that many kids when you are still living with your parents? The first baby was a huge strain on her parents and her parents house was not that big either so now a minimum of seven people living there now? I don’t think that either of them really have jobs either. The name Broncs I am guessing has to do with his rodeo obsession. Last a bikini when you are that pregnant that looks kind of trashy.

      1. Yeah and I get that but I am entitled to my opinion. I personally don’t like when people hang their bare pregnant bellies out. It’s rare that a pregnant stomach looks like that. Smooth and no stretch marks. So maybe pregnant women might feel insecure about their own bodies by seeing that. Pregnant women are going through enough as it is emotionally and physically then they have to see this and feel even worse about themselves. Bring on the backlash!!!!

        1. You’re entitled to your opinion but your original statement wasn’t in support of the feelings of pregnant women, you stated that wearing a bikini while pregnant is trashy. It’s not, but anyways, now you’re saying something else. As for that, I’m sorry if you’re having body image issues. However, quite frankly it’s totally unreasonable to expect a pregnant woman not to wear a bikini and ensure her stomach’s covered up, on hot summer days, just because you say you’re feeling insecure.! I’m not trying to dismiss your feelings, I struggle with body image issues too – even when I’m not pregnant lol. Many of us do; it happens. But telling a young mom to cover up in a Fourth of July family photo for example, just to make you (and potentially other pregnant women who feel badly about themselves) feel better, is ridiculous. Would you be fine with it if the mom had a wrinkly, stretched, discoloured, flabby, bulging belly? Should only the “unattractive” members of society be allowed to wear certain bathing suits in the summer, in order to boost the self esteem of others? I’m no fan of Mackenzie, but c’mon. Everybody’s baby belly is different and just because one person’s looks smoother than the others doesn’t mean they should have to hide it away. For all we know, maybe the woman with the perfect body and smooth belly still feels just as insecure as the rest of us.

        2. Okay thinking its trashy I can understand as an opinion. But she should cover up because she might make someone feel insecure or sad? Thats ridiculous to hold that against her, she doesn’t get dressed everyday with that in mind.

    1. Yes, moms can wear bikinis! Pregnant moms don’t have to cover up on hot summer days just because they are pregnant. it is not trashy. It is no different than a non-pregnant woman wearing a bikini, except the belly is just bigger – but so what? There’s a baby in there! It’s to be expected. It’s not like she’s parading the streets of down town – it’s a Fourth of July family photo. Looks like she’s trying to keep cool on a hot afternoon. Any pregnant woman should feel free to do the same without your judgement.

  5. Hey guys, I just read on Macks IG that she is booked in for a c-section the second week of August and they are also doing a tubal ligation! So maybe this really will actually be the last McKee!

  6. Why spell it Broncs instead of Bronx? It just looks like you didn’t know how to spell the word or that you were trying to be unique for the sake of being unique.

  7. What I saw on the show (first season of TM3?) Josh had no personality, completely avoided Mack & any responsibility. I’m honestly shocked they’re still together, but given how weird/awful its been… I just really hope she stops having kids for her own health & future sanity.

  8. She’ll have more kids. She has no idea how to use birth control. 5 pregnancies that we know about and she’s how old?

  9. Lorrdddddd. Her parents should’ve been slipping bc pills into her sugar free oj. This whole situation is terrible. The names, their marriage, the diabetes. Just everything.

    1. Why is this oh so terrible?If there both okay with the hole situation,who are you to judge?Even if she want 10 children,it is her choice,she is an adult and so is Josh.

      1. The situation would probably be ok if their marriage wasn’t off and on the whole time. They were spilt up when she got pregnant. Also there’s the fact they are living at her parents house, with all these kids. So. I’m sure her parents aren’t exactly tickled pink with this situation.

          1. Hi Mother Theresa i love it that you’re still stalking me after all those month’s.But i feel honored.Always nice to have my personal fan.LOL 🙂

          2. Celine….practice what you preach. You criticize others yet when others do it, they are wrong. First, learn proper english. Then, grow up.

          3. Actually I forgot about that, I just know whenever you comment it’s always to criticize others. Don’t flatter yourself. Pathetic. I see you have one thumbs up, way to thumbs up yourself lol.

      2. It’s whole, not hole!

        Hole= a hole in the ground
        Whole= the whole pie

        Don’t give me “it’s the internet, I was typing fast, or who cares it’s the internet.

        It just makes you look uneducated and it’s annoying to read. Like when people use the wrong spelling for there, they’re and their/ too, to and two/ its or it’s / then or than/ which or witch.

        These are all things any native English speaker should have learned by 12.
        I’m sorry if this makes me seem like a bitch but this is a particular pet peeve of mine. If you’re going to condemn people for judging, at least do it correctly.

    2. I think on her episode of 16 & P she wanted to get on birth control after having Gannon because she didn’t think she could abstain. If I remember correctly her mother discouraged her from getting on the pill for religious reasons and told her it’s better to practice abstainance. Her mother completely ignored MacKenzie’s feelings on the topic.

    1. Not sure how much truth there is to this but I read somewhere that she was being filmed for 16&P when she was pregnant with Oakley but miscarried, Then when she got pregnant again they just started filming her again like nothing ever happened.

      Is there a way to look into this and see how much weight it holds?

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