Jill Dillard Comments on Husband Derick’s Health; Says She’s Coming Back to USA

"We're doing great down here in the jungle...honest...."
“We’re doing great down here in the jungle…honest….”

Jill Dillard is assuring her fans that she and her (very sick-looking) husband, Derick, are doing just fine down in the jungles of Central America…sort of.

The 19 Kids & Counting caused fans to worry last week when she posted an Instagram photo of Derick looking drastically different (and frankly unwell). Fans worried that Derick was sick, and over 500 people left comments on the photo about Derick’s health.

Although Jill didn’t directly address any of those comments, she did post a new blog post to her family’s website in which she assured everyone that neither she nor Derick are sick. The couple has been living in Central America with their son, Israel, for a year, in an area that has been hit heavily with the Zika virus.

“Health is something we don’t take for granted, especially on the mission field in another country in an environment we’re not used to,” Jill wrote. “Derick and I are generally very healthy people, but when you’re eating, drinking and living in a different place than the one you grew up in, it’s not uncommon to come down with the “traveler’s stuff” or other bacteria/viruses in the local jungle area.”

Jill stated that no one in her family has come down with Zika…at least, she doesn’t think so…

“No, we haven’t had Zika that we know of, but both of us have been laid out for a few days here and there, thankfully not both at the same time though,” Jill wrote. “Israel was sick last week with what we initially thought was a virus (may have been a 24hr. bug), only to find out that he had just cut 2 of his first 4 molars and the others look as though they’ll pop through any day now!”

While life in the jungle hasn’t been all pickles and denim skirts for Jill, she has been given a few luxuries. She wrote that she and Derick were given special privileges to celebrate their recent two-year wedding anniversary: a stay in a hotel room and hot showers!

“We celebrated our second wedding anniversary June 21st and were given a getaway gift to a hotel for a night,” she wrote. “It was a special time to relax and enjoy the pool, wifi and warm showers!”

"Did someone say hot shower?!"
“Did someone say hot shower?!”

Jill, Derick and Israel have more hot water in their future: Jill mentioned that they will soon be coming home to Arkansas, at least temporarily.

“We plan to return home for a little while,” she wrote. “It will have been over a year since we began working in Central America and about 10 months since we’ve been in the States. We are looking forward to being home with family (and Chick-fil-A) and plan to take some Bible classes and be involved in local ministry while we’re there.”

(Last, year, Derick and Jill were criticized for taking frequent trips back to the United States to attend family events and weddings.)

Unfortunately for curious fans, Jill did not reveal what has caused her husband’s looks to drastically change over the past 10 months. However, she and the rest of her siblings are filming the next season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, so perhaps Derick’s health will be addressed on Season 2.

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  1. For all the rumors in circulation that he is addicted to drug, come on you know that’s not true. These people barely even take aspirin so saying he is addicted to drugs is ridiculous. I get that he does look that way but I think the combination of his jaw surgery and his body not being used to a bacteria is the casue of all of this. I hope he doesn’t have Zika.

  2. I must say I was wrong about Jill. I thought she’d have her third bun in the oven by her second wedding anniversary. I am impressed that she’s putting the well-being of her children first by not risking transmission of the Zika virus. Perhaps she is smarter than her parents. Way to go Jill and Derick!

  3. I don’t understand the point of their mission. Central America has one of the highest Catholic populations in the world, they don’t need people to teach them about Jesus. Do they build schools or hospitals or something? I don’t know anyone who’s ever been on a mission, so I’m genuinely asking.

    1. They need to learn how to worship Jesus *correctly.* Which means no praying to Mary or any saints.

  4. While I don’t care for this family, didn’t he have jaw surgery awhile back? I’m sure that made eating hard and he might’ve lost a little weight. But my issue is why would they risk raising their baby in that type of atmosphere? And the duggar family doesn’t believe in bc so went would they risk getting pregnant in a country with zika running rampant? I just don’t understand any of that family’s thinking when it comes to life in general.

    1. They don’t believe in BC but that does not mean they aren’t practicing abstinence… Just a thought as to how they may not have ended up with baby number two by now. And as for raising Israel there I don’t think it makes them bad parents. They are taking care of their child while doing what they believe they have been called to do… Much better parents than Leah (love your name) OR a lot of those reality TV parents. Because honestly they could just be sitting at home being filmed… At least they are trying to do good in this world while parenting their child. Just my opinion.

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