Courtney Stodden’s Mother Krista Keller is Writing a Tell-All Book About Her Daughter

"I'm gonna tell all! Woot Woot!"
“I’m gonna tell all! Woot Woot!”

Courtney Stodden’s estranged mother, Krista Keller, is ready to tell all: in the form of an upcoming book!

As we learned from watching them on The Mother/Daughter Experiment, Krista and Courtney have a very strained relationship, thanks to Krista marrying off her then- 16-year-old daughter off to a much older man and then allegedly trying to steal him away from Courtney.

In an interview with Radar Online, Krista says her book with explain why she has a terrible relationship with Courtney.

“I am writing a tell-all,” Krista told the site. “I’m going to tell the complete story so that people will understand why this happened and how it happened. Courtney had a wonderful childhood. If I’m guilty of anything it’s guilty of spoiling her. We all spoiled her. Courtney was the youngest child, there is an 8-10-year age difference between my two older children and Courtney. I was 34 when I had her. She was a baby we never really thought we would have. Courtney was over-indulged. Sometimes when you over-indulge, people mistake that for a bad childhood.”

Krista said she chose the title Too Much! For her book because she gave Courtney too much in life.

“When I was a child, I didn’t have all the things Courtney had, and I wanted to make sure that she had the things I didn’t have,” Krista said. “I overreacted. I gave her too much, but, I did everything with love.”

We learned on the therapy show that Krista had an “emotional affair” with Courtney’s husband, actor Doug Hutchison. Doug also claims that Krista came on to him sexually. Krista denies the advances but admitted on ‘Mother/Daughter’ to having a “connection” with Doug. The show ended with Courtney hating her mother more than when she started the ‘Experiment.’

Krista also claimed that the apology she made to Courtney on ‘Mother/Daughter Experiment’ for trying to steal Doug was edited.

“When I apologized to Courtney for having an emotional tie to Doug, I was saying I had no right to be his confidant,” Krista tried to explain. “I really should have turned that over to someone else.”

She said that she, “apologized for anything that I could have done wrong. It was taken out of context.”

Krista says that her upcoming tell-all book will set the record straight on her relationship with Courtney, as well as her ‘relationship’ with Doug. Even though Courtney, who is currently pregnant with her first child, seems to have no interest in making amends with her mom, Krista told Radar that she still cares for her daughter.

“I want her to have a happy life and I want her to have a happy healthy child. If I have to love this child from afar, then I will,” she said.

Writing a tell-all book about your daughter probably won’t improve your relationship with her…just sayin’…

No release date has been given for Krista’s book, but we will probably wait until it hits the clearance rack to buy it. If Courtney decides to retaliate by writing a tell-all about her mother, though, that’s a book we’d pre-order as soon as possible!

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  1. She gave her “Too Much?” Well, she didn’t have long. It sounds like her childhood ended at 12 or perhaps earlier. Children need to be ‘spoiled’ with love and love does not = stuff….Or older MEN when they are still children, for that matter. How about the title “Too Much Abuse?” That sounds more appropriate….

  2. She used Courtney her entire life. She used her at like 12 to pull in guys and then try to take them for herself and then and she used Her for fame. I find it disgusting how she justified flirting with Her 12 year old daughters 17 year old boyfriend. Umm if your daughter is 12 and her boyfriend is 17 maybe you should be kicking his ass instead of trying to sneak of peek lf it.

  3. Who would the audience be for this book? Besides being the child bride of an older d-list actor, neither of these people are celebrities. It’s one thing to watch a reality TV show or read an article on here but those are both free. Who would spend $15+ on a book? Who cares why these people are why they are? Again, I’m seriously asking.

  4. She’s a vile woman, who has always been so desperate for fame and money that she got her daughter to marry a D list actor( who is old enough to be her grandfather) so that she could make headlines. Krista tried to live vicariously through her daughter, and now that it’s backfired so she’s trying to exploit her in another way. Pathetic.

  5. What a wicked bitch. She literally has no sense of loyalty to her daughter. You know it’s not going to just be about her “wonderful” childhood. In all likelihood this woman is going to put in the most scandalous shit she can and try to make her daughter look bad. I can’t imagine how humiliating it would be to have your mom air your dirty laundry for the world – mothers are supposed to be the one person you can always count on when you are in trouble or scared or make a mistake. What a horrible, horrible bitch. I don’t even follow these people beyond the occasional stuff I see on here, but I feel so bad for Courtney. I hope she’s capable of being a better mom to her kid.

    1. And if the mother/daughter exp is examplary for her style of story-telling: a lot of “hidden” messages about her company instead of actually adressing issues from the past. Basically, it will be a “I’m a wonderful mother and career woman with a succesful business in blablabla with clients such as bluhbluhbluh and whose business had great reviews/ was mentioned by blooblapblaaa…” I wish I could have some veto power to get that woman off the tv screen, I would use my single veto right for that woman!

  6. No “normal” 15/16 year old girl signs up to marriage to someone old enough to be their father. An no “normal” parent allows that crap.

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