BREAKING NEWS! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Chelsea Houska is Pregnant with Second Child

"We just couldn't wait!"
“We just couldn’t wait!”

Chelsea Houska is set to marry her fianceCole DeBoer in October, but the Teen Mom 2 star is celebrating some big news right now.

Chelsea just announced on her social media accounts that she is pregnant with her second child. She posted a photo of her daughter, Aubree, holding a sonogram photo, along with the caption, “And then there were four…”

In a post to her brand-new website, Chelsea, who has said that she wanted to have a baby as soon as she married Cole, discussed the pregnancy and announced that she is due on February 14, 2017.

“We are beyond excited for this journey and can’t wait to share it with you all!” Chelsea wrote. “Big sister Aubree is also extremely excited and it’s no secret that she is hoping for a girl haha.”

Chelsea posted a photo of three positive pregnancy tests to her website, along with the caption, “Had to take 3 because I couldn’t believe it!”

On her Twitter account, Chelsea said that she and Cole plan to find out the sex of the baby, and that they “pretty much” already have names chosen.

This will be the second child for Chelsea and the first for Cole. Chelsea’s pregnancy will certainly be addressed during the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ which is currently being filmed.

Check out the adorable pregnancy announcement:

And then there were four…

A photo posted by Chelsea Houska (@chelseahouska) on


  1. As much as I like Chelsea, she’s the more stable of the girls out of the whole series, I really wish she would’ve waited like she said she would, at least until her wedding night. Nobody is perfect and I know her and Cole planned this, but it would’ve just been nice to see at least one of them finally put their money where their mouth is an actually announce a pregnancy that happened after the nuptials. Either way, I’m happy though and hope for a safe pregnancy since she announced soooo early. Congrats Chels, after all she’s been through, she deserves happiness with her soon to be husband.

  2. Why is everyone is such a tizzy about this? They are practically married or I could see did a quick courthouse wedding and are doing thee ceremony later on. It happens all the time where when you are that close to getting married you aren’t trying to get pregnant but you aren’t really trying that hard to prevent it either. She said she wanted to have a baby right away after marriage and so she probably went off birth control a little early thinking she had a couple of months before it would be out of her system. Yes, they have been dating for only a year or so but sometimes you just know I married the love of my life after only dating about a year and that was ten years and three kids later and we are still as crazy about each other as we were 10 years ago. It won’t be all sunshine and rainbows like it is now with the stress of kids but they will be fine.

  3. So over the Randy supporting Chelsea BS..he helped his DAUGHTER for a horrible..get over it..he acted like any normal loving father that had the means to help his child.

    1. I don’t think he’s supported, financially, her for a long time. I do think he invests her MTV paychecks for her. I bet she’s the only who’s financially stable after the show ends. The rest are going to be lost, including Farrah.

  4. Bad enough you had a child without being married. Now you are pregnant again, different father, and still not married. This is showing all the teens out there that this is proper behavior. You are not a role model, you are a disgrace.

    1. Well… isn’t it a little bit different if she’s pregnant a few months before their wedding? They’d already decided to be married, it’s not like she’s having a baby with some rando lol. I’d say disgrace is a little harsh.

      1. Go cry to Jenelle what a disgrace she is, pregnant with baby daddy number 4 ( don’t forget her husbands babies she aborted) and not married. Still doesn’t have the first one seven years later…

    2. Chelsea has proven herself to be a good mother to Aubree. She has a seemingly nice, drama free relationship with Cole. She has training in the cosmetology field that means she can support her children when the MTV cameras are gone. She has a good family support system.

      Please tell me how she’s a disgrace. She’s probably the only TM girl who has any business having more kids at this point.

  5. I am not surprised but I don’t mean this in a bad way either. That happens all the time when people are so close to marriage their birth Control can get kind of lazy. I hope this pregnancy is a lot more exciting than the last one. But now that she is too good to do the show so no more paycheck me to sit on her ass so daddy randy will have to support them and the stress of a newborn and a seven year doesn’t put a crack in her fairly tale world.

    1. Chelsea has been very wise with her money, Cole actually has a job & works & so does she. At the same spa she started at over 2 years ago. They’ll be just fine.

      1. No daddy Randy has been wise with her money. She wasn’t until he took over her finances. Remember when she gave Adam thousands of dollars for his car? Her spa job she worked two days a week and quit casue it was “too much”. She will have this baby the show will be over and she will have excuse after excuse as to why her dad has to pitch in with the bills and her high end lifestyle cause Cole’s paycheck alone isn’t cutting it. Let’s see how this pans out.

        1. If you actually paid attention this last season they showed her at work on an episode, and if you followed her on Twitter & snap you’d see her tweet or snap something/at work. I’ve seen the spa’s FB page still advertise her services, people leave high reviews & check in on FB getting something done by her. Worry about how Adumb is going to pay nearly $1000k a piece child support on Aubree & Paislee with no job & the show ends. Whether Chelsea works 1 day or 6, she still works there & can schedule as much or as little as she wants. She still has clientele & her foot in the door. Cole actually has a BS college degree & a good paying job. He’s not too good or lazy to have a job & work like Adumb. Adumb hasn’t had an actual job in over 2 years. However will he afford to lay his lazy ass on the couch taking selfies,pay his gym membership, party & tattoos if he quit the show?! You don’t see Chelsea gallivanting off on vacations & blowing money on unemployed losers like Jenelle. She’s had the least number of new cars of anyone on the show. Randy hasn’t helped her financially for years. Chelsea is the only one that waited until she found “the one” & was emotionally & financially ready to have another baby.

        2. Her father can spend his money any way he chooses. If he decides to financially support his adult children, that’s no business of yours.

          I’m pretty sure that Chelsea has a job and I know Cole does. They’re grown and seem capable of handling the stress of a 7 year old and an infant- both emotionally and financially.

          If Randy steps in and gives a little $$ help, so what? He earned that money. It’s not like she’s getting assistance out of your paycheck.

          I’m getting sick of people being so nasty about Randy providing help. My dad and I are incredibly close and I’m certain that if my dad could help me out that way, he’d do it. In fact, he’s definitely helped me as much as he could over the years. I appreciate that help and receiving it doesn’t make me lazy or spoiled. I still work hard. I still try to make good financial decisions. I still fuck up sometimes. It’s really a blessing to know I have my dad around to at the very least listen. I’m a grown ass adult, but I’m still his child. That doesn’t change.

          When I see someone that needs help and I’m in a position to offer some, I do. That’s how I was raised and I’m proud of it. I was also raised to work hard and take care of myself- and to ask for help/ accept offered help when I need it.

          UGH. So Chelsea seems to have had an easy life…isn’t that what our parents want for us? I don’t have much money and I’ve been working for more than half my life. I had to pay my own tuition for school. I’ve had to work full time since I was 17. Sometimes I feel jealous when I think about how hard I work and how little I have compared to how much Chelsea has. I’m assuming that’s where this hate seems to be coming from. Jealousy. Randy worked for that though. More power to him. You go Glenn Coco.

        3. I believe I have read that Randy helped all of his children with houses etc. Good for them.
          I had a co-worker who paid for her grandchildren’s daycare for two days a week and gave her daughter an allowance. But only under the condition that her daughter would work full time and worked really hard on her career and side income. Poor kids.
          MTV and maybe Randy allowe Chelsea to mostly raise her child herself while she is working part time. Chelsea and Aubrey both get the best of both worlds.
          Wich mother wouldn’t want that for their child?
          Maybe some people are just jealous.

  6. Good for her. I think she’s already married. A while ago Chelseas other sister (lives in Germany) visited her. It was rumoured that she might have come for the wedding.

    I wouldn’t be suprised if it turns out she is already married. I had no idea she had another sister by the way but apparently she does .

    1. Yeah I wouldn’t be surprised either. It’s obvious she doesn’t want everyone to know when and where she’ll get married, or maybe she just went to the courthouse and is married there already but still has her ‘big wedding’ (idk if it’ll be a churchwedding) Also sorry for any grammar mistakes, I’m Belgian so English isn’t my native language

  7. I’m so happy for them! They’re my favorite teen mom couple in the teen mom franchise…Chelsea deserves happiness to counteract that nightmare of a baby daddy she has……but I wonder what’s going to happen with Aubree’s last name now, because in that one episode, Chelsea went to the lawyer and he said it would be easier to hyphenate her name once Chelsea and Cole have children…I wonder if they’re gonna go through with it…AND is the wedding still on for October since she’s pregnant, or will they post pone it a few months?

    1. Chelsea responded that the wedding is still on as planned, she may have to take the stomach area out in her dress a little 🙂

    2. When I was in elementary school I was friends with a girl who hyphenated her last name with the last name of her stepfather. Her bio dad was pretty shitty, I remember her telling me how he had been mean to her and her mom, and it really affected her. She was very proud and happy to be able to share in her mom’s marriage in that way, because she was able to take on her new dad more “officially.” I think it’s definitely not for everyone, and I think years down the line her mom was divorced from her stepdad, which probably complicated things for her. But it can be a good thing if the kid accepts it and it isn’t forced upon him or her.

  8. I am great fan of you Chelsea and I am happy for you and your family you deserve to be happy because you are great mom and you are going be great wife to good luck I can’t wait to see you soon on teen mom 2

  9. Congrats chicka! You’ve been through so much in the past. I’m so proud of you and I admire you and your hubby to be. You guys are the cutest! Aubree is adorable. Best of luck to you guys! ❤️

  10. I’m so stupid, this makes me so happy for her. I cried lol. >_< It's just encouraging to see good things happening to her after she suffered from that horrible relationship with Adumb. Sometimes people get stuck in these patterns that characterize their relationships for the rest of their life, and it feels nice to be hopeful that you CAN make changes and have something better.

  11. very happy for them they make a nice couple and found a good man for her and her daughter wish them the best I do watch the show

  12. Omg! I am beyond happy for her!!!I feel like this is my relative that’s pregnant with as happy as I am for her!I love this little family even when the baby talk to each other!they deserve all the postie vibes and blessings coming their way!

  13. Well, if the Jenelle pregnancy rumors are true, this will be an interesting season of TM2, WITH 2 girls pregnant.

    Congrats to this family. Aubrey already has big sister experience, this will be great for her. This is by far the best, normal family of all the Teen Moms and 16 And Pregnant girls.

    And maybe Chelsea is “doing it right”, life is not one size fits all.

  14. Oh for fuck’s sake, she was the ONLY teen mom that managed to not get engaged, married, and knocked up again too soon. She’s what? 22? What’s the damn hurry? She’s got about 15 years of solid reproducing years, but she can’t even wait to get down the aisle? I think Cole seems like a great guy, and I wish them the best of luck, but she’s doing the exact same thing that usually ends up horribly for these girls. Rushing to get married and make babies. If this relationship is going to last (fingers crossed) there is NO reason to jump the gun like this. More bad decisions from teen moms shouldn’t surprise me, but I was kind of holding out hope for Chelsea. She’s clearly not the brightest bulb, but she has a good family and enough support that I thought she might be the one to learn from her past mistakes once she finally moved on from Adam.

    1. She was not the only Teen Mom to have not gotten engaged, married and pregnant again. Farrah hasn’t been (and still isn’t) engaged, married or pregnant. Amber is engaged but hasn’t had a second pregnancy.

      Anyways, her daughter is five or six years old. And by the time the baby is actually born, her daughter will be six or seven years apart. Some people don’t want huge gaps between their kids. She’s done school, financially stable, and in a committed relationship – and she wants to expand her family. What’s the problem?

      1. I don’t really know anything about the OG Teen Moms, I was referring to this shoe, Teen Mom 2. I should have specified.

        I’m surprised, frankly, that so many people are supportive of her decision to get pregnant again so young and so early in her relationship with Cole. Her kids are going to have a large age gap regardless, but I don’t see how preferring your kids be closer in age is justification for rushing into another pregnancy with a guy she’s been with for a year or two. That is the same logic that Leah used when marrying Jeremy and having another baby right away. I wish her the best of luck, but I think it is a bit reckless to rack up another baby daddy without even making it to her wedding. The statistics are certainly against her. Like I said, I think Cole seems like a great guy, but they are both still very young to be starting a family. I hope it works out, but waiting a few years would certainly be the more cautious and responsible approach.

        Chelsea is emotional and impulsive, and I can’t be shocked that the fact that she’s in love with Cole has led her straight into baby-making family mode. I know what it is like to be young and in love and feel like you want a perfect family and live happily ever after, but that isn’t how life works. A relationship is a hell of a lot more than the release of dopamine and serotonin that you feel in the beginning. Most relationships have the “in love” fluttery feeling last around 3 years. After that you settle into a deeper and more stable kind of relationship if you’re lucky, or starting to fall apart when the hormones stabilize. At this point in her relationship she can’t know which way it will go. The day to day living in a marriage is different than the early stages, and she hasn’t been with Cole long enough to tell how things will shake out. Having a child at this point is a huge gamble. One that she’s taken before and lost. There is a fairly high probability that she ends up a single mother again.

        1. I have to agree. Having Aubree is a heck of a lot different than having a newborn in the house, and a newborn changes a relationship drastically, especially if you don’t really know the person, and yeah they’ve been together for two years, but sometimes that’s not enough time to really get to know someone. And the Adam drama is going to test the relationship sometimes too. My husband and I have tense moments dealing with his ex-wife, and some days I wonder what life would be like without the baby mama drama, it wears you down.

          1. Oh it definitely changes…Just look at backpack gate with Leah, Ali, Miranda, and baby Remy. But with Chelsea I really hope it all works out. I love her and Cole together, and there hasn’t been any tremendous drama between them (that we know of), so hopefully everything falls in their favor and they’re happy and together forever.

        2. AMEN! I said almost the exact same thing on another site and basically got torn apart by Chelsea “fans”. ??

          1. I’ve gotten torn apart too. I said something about he seems too “perfect”, and people that perfect usually have a skeleton in the closet. Oh my Lord, you’d think I said Jenelle was Mother of the Year with the way some people reacted!

      2. Maybe wait to see if her marriage will last. I have a feeling Mr. Wonderful will not be so wonderful in a few years.

        1. How long is the appropriate amount of time to see if a marriage lasts? 5,10, 20 years before you have children? Please. Cole is definitely not the type of man that would anything like Adumb & turn out to be a deadbeat or loser.

          1. Thank you! I hate it when people say that! “Wait a few years and see if it’s going to work out”! What? If I didn’t think it was going to work out I wouldn’t marry the person in the first place!

  15. Congratulations to them, all of them. At least this baby will be a wanted, loved, well taken care of addition to her family.

  16. A huge congratulations to Chelsea. I genuinely like her and wish her nothing but the best!

  17. Get ready for Jenelle’s dramatic pregnancy announcement coming soon to a trashy tabloid magazine near you lol lol lol

    1. No kidding! It’ll be the website thing all over again, “I WAS PREGNANT FIRST, you’re stealing my idea!”

  18. Chelsea is actually the first one I am genuinely happy for. She has her shit together. More then the married ones…she is rocking. Love her

  19. Ju-nelly probably will probably give birth to a turd cause she’s a piece of shit with a bigger piece of shit

    1. Yeah I don’t get it either. I’m so surprised they didn’t wait another 4 months. Maybe it was a not trying, not protecting situation? Or even a happy accident? I’ve got nothing against pregnant brides or unmarried couples, I’m just surprised because I would have thought Chelsea would have wanted to have the picture perfect wedding first.

      1. I was about 3 months pregnant with my second child when I got married. With my first, it took my husband and I awhile to concieve. We were pretty surprised when I concieved fast the second time. It wasn’t a big deal to me because I wasn’t showing yet, and am not a big drinker to begin with. We still had a beautiful wedding and had a blast. I don’t regret being pregnant at the time at all 🙂

    2. I was thinking more the wedding. They’re super stressful and exhausting as it is, and then to be preggo on top of it. Not to mention no drinking.

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