‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Adam Lind Reportedly Engaged to Girlfriend Stasia Huber

Perhaps he'll get married in a muscle tank instead of a tux?
Perhaps he’ll get married in a muscle tank instead of a tux?

Sorry ladies– Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind is reportedly off the market.

The Ashley will give all you ladies a second to recover from this “crushing” blow….

Anyway, it was rumored that Adam had proposed to his girlfriend, Stasia Huber, recently (and even confirmed by Radar Online in a story that was almost certainly sold to them by Adam or someone in his camp). While the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star hasn’t totally confirmed the engagement, Stasia seemed to do so in a recent Instagram post in which she showed off a diamond ring on her left hand.

She captioned the photo, “I love you Adam…a lifetime together isn’t long enough.”

Stasia showed off her ring in this recent Instagram photo...
Stasia showed off her ring in this recent Instagram photo…

Adam and Stasia began dating last summer, although Stasia has yet to appear on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ as she has said that she refuses to film. It’s unknown when Adam proposed, but Stasia posted a photo of herself wearing a “Wifey” T-shirt last month, which seems to hint they’ve been engaged at least a few weeks. (The Radar story states that the proposal happened a few months ago.)

Adam’s baby mamas, Chelsea Houska and Taylor Halbur, are also celebrating big milestones. Chelsea announced yesterday that she’s pregnant, while Taylor revealed earlier this week that she’s engaged.

For the record, Adam and Stasia haven’t made the engagement “Facebook official” yet, but it’s surely only a matter of time. Because Adam hasn’t officially confirmed the news, The Ashley is technically filing this story under “report” but… it’s safe to say that it’s legit.

Adam and Stasia are just the latest couple from the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise to get engaged. Currently, there are four other franchise couples planning to tie the knot–Chelsea and Cole DeBoerMaci Bookout and Taylor McKinneyJo Rivera and Vee Torres, and Amber Portwood and Matt Baier.

(Photo: Instagram)


  1. Do you guys think Adumb is the worst one? I guess Matt is probably the worst, but he isn’t a baby daddy to any of the kids on the show yet so I wasn’t counting him.

    But I’d seriously take almost any of them over Adumb, even The Nathan. Even Kieffaaaa!

  2. Wow look at all the downvotes. Adam must have gotten out the checkbook. I wonder what it cost. Well consider this comment another $20.

  3. For all the $$ adam claims to have it really is a tiny ring. Child support must be kicking him in the old junk bag.

  4. They are both gross and deserve each other. I just feel bad for the kids he pretends to care about.

  5. Anyone else think the last names of his serious girlfriends are a lot alike…Houska,Halbur, and Huber? I would wish them the best, but I’m sure this is some scheme on Adams part to piss off Chelsea, he’s a slimeball.

  6. I hope she realizes what she is getting herself into before she walks down the aisle. Anyone who can talk to his baby’s mother the way he did on 16 & pregnant is a slimeball.

  7. She looks EXACTLY like a store mannequin. I mean that. I’m not trying to insult her either-but DAMN

  8. You mean this bitch stole my man?! She better back off of my once in a lifetime catch right now, because I’m about to fill these streets with uppercut!

  9. So I checked out her Instragram and it’s so much of the same thing: I’m an angel who saw what a demon Adam was/is and saved him!” I feel like she is just setting herself up to be totally taken advantage of by him. I can feel the mental abuse from here. She is probably a very nice, sweet girl who is just super gullible. Run girl, RUN!

    1. If anyone saw him on 16 and pregnant and teen mom, I would think they would run for the hills. A tiger doesn’t change his stripes. Unless he is that good at manipulating women…..

    2. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

      Either that or she is a total idiot, just biding her time to get her 15 minutes of fame.

      Adumb is a douche…and there is no way in hell that chic has not watched the show.

      I can believe she never wateched it before she met him, but you bet your sweet ass that girl binge watched every episide after she new who he was. THERE.IS.NO.WAY!

    3. she saved him?? She more delusional than Leah is with that whole depression and anxiety excuse. Adam can’t be saved. He’s a total LOSER.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking too…clearly he certainly doesn’t have that many people who give a shit about him. So yes ITA paid up in full to have that many down votes…a slimeball is a slimeball is Adam!!

    2. I get $20 for every down vote that I give to commenters like you. Can’t live off it, but just some extra cash to put in my pocket.

  10. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    Wth is wrong with her teeth???

      1. that’s it! I knew she looked familiar. I hate to be mean to her. I mean, she’s engaged to icky Adam, but she may be a delight. It seems unfair to critique her appearance- especially based on that one picture. It really is ‘excellent’ though.

  11. I don’t understand why every comment here, which every one so far is hating on Adam, has so many downvotes.

    I thought we as a collective Ashley community despised Adam and his douschebaggery. Why so many downvotes?

  12. Damm she is so ugly and looks like a meth junkie. She must of forgot to use a beauty filter on that pic.

    1. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

      What is up with those teeth? Yes it does resemble Mr. Burns…ew

    2. I’m guessing that if any of you posted pictures of yourselves on here, most people would have a lot worse things to say about how ugly your looks are.

    3. My mother told me if they can’t fix what’s wrong in 5 mins don’t make fun. Teeth are EXPENSIVE and not everyone is blessed with perfect teeth, nor have the money to fix them. Make fun of her for something else.

      1. I’m going to remember that one Mo!
        I haven’t seen her smile on pictures before. She always looked really, really grumpy.
        So I guess she is happy with that ring. Maybe she needed to be Adam’s savior to feel good and confident about herself and we all know he needed someone to get him… well… sort of get his life together.
        Hope she has bigger plans for Adam. Lifting weights in basements is not exactly a long lived career. He probably uses those competitions to network and sell the sports powders and potions he sells but… meh…still not aiming very high.

  13. Of course he had to try and take away Chelsea’s thunder. It’s not a big secret that this guy is a piece of shit he knocked up and then dipped out on two girls now. What makes you think that he is going to do the same with you.

    1. Only reason he won’t do it to her is because I’m pretty sure he had a vasectomy.

  14. Remember people, he’s a big boy now, he bought a house and everything! I don’t know who’s creepier Amber’s stud of a menagerie, or this winner!!

  15. I love the classy ass “I love you Adam” text she slapped on, reminds me of myspace 10 years ago. how charming.

  16. Ofcourse they are. Adam could never let Chelsea have her moment in the sun. Who would be proud to be engaged to that tool? And I know it’s mean, so feel free to down vote, but Stasia looks like Mr. Burns (Homers boss from the Simpson).

    1. There’s hope yet! My midwife told me that a guy with a reversed vasectomy is generally not nearly as fertile as a guy with no vasectomy.

    2. Yes it can be but a vasectomy reversal is a wayyyyy more expensive procedure and is an actual surgical one where you have to be put under and the healing process is much more intense. Reversals are much more tricky and pricey than the vasectomies.

      1. With that said I don’t think Adam will ever get a reversal for one sole reason: money. Besides the expenses to reverse the procedure (that don’t always turn out 100% anyways) I think don’t he wants to pay out for another child. Besides ranting at how “bitchy” his baby mamas are the only other thing he gets on an online soapbox about is money and how he is getting “sooooo screwed”. So yeah, the ONLY thing I could ever possibly give kudos to Adam for is his decision to get a vasectomy so he can not produce anymore spawns.

        1. We only have Adams word that he had a vasectomy??? And he’s known not to be honest on many things he does

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