Uncooperative Adam Lind Spotting Filming For Next Season of ‘Teen Mom 2’: Producers May Take Action

"Now if you guys wanna talk about bench-press, I'm all in!"
“Now if you guys wanna talk about bench-press, I’m all in!”

Adam Lind made it clear on the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 Reunion Special that he was “so done” with the show and would not be returning to film any more seasons. During his time on stage with Dr. Drew and his ex, Chelsea Houska, Adam stated that he desperately wanted out of his MTV contract. However, Adam has been spotted filming around his hometown recently, being filmed by an MTV crew.

The Ashley has confirmed that Adam was, indeed, filming for the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ last week. He attended his daughter Aubree’s softball game, which was being filmed, and according to The Ashley’s source, he “was rude to the film crew and producers.” However, the producers may take action against Adam’s tantrums! 

“He attended that game with his fiance, Stasia and daughter Paislee, and basically the whole time just whined that whatever he did on camera would be edited to make him look bad,” the source tells The Ashley. “The producer tried to assure Adam that wasn’t true, but he still caused quite the scene. Stasia was basically just standing there, silent, the whole time. She looked really uncomfortable.”

The Ashley has confirmed this with a second source, who backs up the first source’s story.

According to one of The Ashley’s production sources, Adam may be required to continue filming, as the next season is now officially Season 7B (rather than 8), so contracts were not renegotiated. (The Ashley can’t confirm that Adam is required to keep filming, however.)

Also…from The Ashley hears, the show’s bigwigs are not happy with Adam’s tantrums, as they are paying him insanely good money to film for the show. The Ashley’s source tells her that the producer may be already (or may start) withholding payment from Adam when he does not cooperate during filming.

“If he is not doing the job they are paying him to do, why should he keep getting paid? That’s their feelings on it,” the source tells The Ashley.

Another source tells The Ashley that Adam’s bills just went up, as he has just had an increase in what he pays his second baby-mama, Taylor Halbur, in child support, so he may need stay on-board the ‘Teen Mom 2’ money train for a while longer!

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  1. Why do they even let him continue on this show after how he acted with Dr. Drew? Seriously, who even wants to watch him? He is a boring, ignorant nobody who has nothing to do with the show and who is he same person he always was. They should axe him completely after how he has behaved

  2. Of course hell stay on. He needs all the money he can get since his “personal trainer” job is a joke & has to pay not one but two baby mommas. Hes a bullshitting loser and only makes himself look bad, just like Jenelle. Stop blaming MTV for your trashy ways. Those two should just date since they both like to blame others for their fuck ups in life. Losers!!!

  3. ADumb wont leave he needs the roids$$$ to much
    Besides someone’s gotta pay his kids way as he sure as shit doesn’t

  4. Did he ever hear of the phrase “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”? I think his tantrums are steroid induced. He’s a tool, if I was getting paid that well I’d do anything to keep that job. His life is ALMOST as big of a joke as Janelles.

  5. Didn’t read all the comments yet so sorry if this is redundant. So Adam is getting $ withheld because he is having tantrums, but Farrah can beat down and verbally degrade Larry (producer) and no consequences? That’s weird and kind of unfair. Don’t get me wrong I can’t stand Adam and his constant blame game, but I think consequences need to be the same across the board. Adam doesn’t have the storyline that a Farrah or a Jenelle has so they get a behavior pass. That’s wrong. Equal $ withholding across the board might help with the “celebrity” complexes these “stars” get.

    1. THIS EXACTLY! I actually was just about to post the same damn thing you just said!

      I am still waiting on karma to come back to Farrah and I hope that when it does it is going to be a big slap in the face.

  6. This dude is such a self-righteous A-Hole. I hope MTV does withhold his pay checks, I dunno who he thinks he is. It’s pitiful that he considers his behavior towards his children as acceptable. Adam is just a complete D-Bag…Has been since his episode of 16 and pregnant. If he doesn’t like their “editing” then he should stop acting like an douche to everyone, including his kids, on camera.

  7. What a joke. When Adam first started talking about getting his life on the right track for the sake of his kids, I didn’t automatically rule out the possibility it could happen. I actually sort-of-kind-of had hope for the guy. Obviously that was wishful thinking. Adam needs to stop pointing the fingers at Chelsea and the producers for making him look bad, and blaming everybody else for his failures – it is crystal clear that the only person making him fail and look bad is himself.

    This male diva should absolutely not be paid if he isn’t going to do the work. MTV is crazy for paying these people so much money to throw tantrums and complain. Cut the difficult cast members from both Teen Mom shows and be done with it. Then maybe they can combine the leftovers in to a new show about struggling young adult parents (continuing to call it Teen Mom is ridiculous at this point). Or cast a new show with actual teenage moms.

  8. Every single one of them relies on their “fame” yes even Chelsea. If she wasn’t on the show, I don’t think she’d have half the clients she has. Everyone goes so they can say Chelsea from TM2 gave them a facial. Kail is riding the fame train hoping to use her stardom to get a broadcasting job, but we’ll see how far that gets her with her RBF. Jenelle needs the show to find a man, and Leah needs the show so she can pay for her drugs

    1. Thank you I feel the same way about Chelsea and everyone thinks I am this terrible person. She acts like she is now better than the show but the show and daddy Randy’s bank account are why she has what she has now. I think Adam is just trying to again play the bad boy card. He needs the show for the money. I think that they need to shoot new girls for only one season. I rewatched the first season and that really showed the hardships of teen motherhood minus Chelsea.

      1. Exactly, Celsea had a different support system than most of the girls. The agony of the at least two seasons of her GED practice tests. [slowly rips out hair]
        But Farrah’s parents had money (albeit coupled with a bat-crap-crazy streak) and she turned out to be amess, and Maci’s parents were normal. Although until her binge-drinking through her recent pregnancy I’d always considered her a decent enough mother.

    2. LOL! “Jenelle needs the show so she can find a man”. You aren’t lying! I don’t think anyone would date Jenelle if it weren’t for that show. Here’s my thought process when it comes to these opportunist idiots.

      -These men weasel their way into her life, because they know she’ll bring them on the show.
      -When she does get them on the show, they impregnate her thinking it’ll ensure a check and that they stay on TV.
      -Jenelle thinks because she’s pregnant that the guy is going to stay so she turns into a stage 7 psycho on them.
      -The men quickly learn that she’s mentally unstable, and realize that being on TV and no amount of money is worth her crazy.
      -The guys get stuck lol

      It’s a vicious cycle, that these idiots don’t seem to learn since Jenelle is CONSTANTLY in a relationship.

  9. What an idiot. He doesn’t deserve to have the opportunity to be given all that money just to stand in front of a camera. Chelsea’s right. He hasn’t changed at all. He’s still the asshole he was when Chelsea received that unforgettable, nasty text from him on their “16 and Pregnant” episode.

  10. Like seriously, who does he think he is Adam Lind douchebag extraordinaire….he’s nothing to that show other than side note…if that!! If he never filmed again he’d be forgotten about like a bad habit. No one would speak of him again, except for Chelsea because she has to, hes nothing other than a piece of shit!! He’s a terrible father so if the big baby wants to whine I say MTV kick his ass off the show or penalize him where it hurts in the pocket!!! #NEVERADAM

    1. Adam is definitely the scum of the show! Please use the first opportunity you can to get rid of him! A 72 year old granny who has watched Teen Mom for 7 years!

  11. Oh please
    Production will do NOTHING!!
    Just like they did nothing to Farrah when she throws her tantrums.
    All of the drama queens of the show (the addicts, the ones that have a bunch of arrests & the conceded porn star) are the only ones that cry editing….production doesnt like me so they edited it to make me look bad.

  12. When he first started saying he had changed, I sort of felt sorry for him. But he is a giant a$$ and it broke my heart when Aubrey said her dad doesn’t play with her. It made me cry more than Chelsea was crying.
    And then I lost all respect when someone told me a picture of his motorcycle on Instagram shows a Nazi sticker…. LOSER

    But I agree – cancel Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. And get CPS involved with the cases it needs to involved in **cough Leah and Jenelle cough**

    1. Agreed but I think Chelsea is trying convince Aubree to just consider Cole as her dad and not Adam. That’s why I don’t agree with her wanting more child support. She is always asking who’s the better dad, who does more with you, etc. She wants more child support but she never wants Aubree to see him and just wants him to go away. I am not saying Adam is father of the year at all. But she claims she wants to be more private but when there is an opportunity to put Adam on blast she is all about filming it. If I was her I would of never allowed the whole “that mistake” scene to be filmed in fear that it might effect my child later on.

      1. You do realize that most of what you’re accusing her of, are things the *producers request of the show participants, right? Her putting Adam on blast and it being filmed, is a guaranteed setup. The participants don’t really get to choose what is and isn’t filmed, at all times. They might have some say, but certainly not most. We already know they are fed lines by the producers, as are their kids.
        She damn well does deserve more child support, Aubree deserves it. That has absolutely nothing to do with anything, other than Adam’s inability to accept responsibility. In fact, child support payments, and visitation are two separate issues altogether, for good reason. Chelsea never said she didn’t want Aubree to spend time with Adam, though I wouldn’t blame her for thinking that(I sure as hell wouldn’t want my kid around that creep, even if he was her father). It is ADAM that chooses not to spend time with his kids, not the mothers keeping their kids away from him. His financial obligations don’t disappear, if he doesn’t get visitation. That’s just not how these things work(or, rather, not how they are supposed to work).

        1. I am entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours. But just because I dont agree with yours you don’t see me bashing you or putting you down.

          1. Please explain where I “bashed” you or “put you down”. I did nothing of the sort, lol. Nice dramatic overreach there 😉

        2. I agree with Latica everyone can have their own opinion. You can hate your baby daddy all you want but bottom line you chose to risk getting pregnant with him, you chose to have a child with him, so don’t expect sympathy or be upset when he is being a POS. I hate when people have a child with someone but then complain when their baby daddy or baby mama isn’t up to par. If you have any doubt in your mind that person isn’t “parent material” then maybe you shouldn’t have a child with them. Like what Latica said I am entitled to my opinion just like you all are.

          1. I feel like you’re absolutely right about who to make babies with and who not to….but in Chelsea’s defense she was VERY young and extra dumb when she got pregnant. I feel like now she definitely regrets procreating with a POS like Adam, but what’s done is done…as far as the child support and things, I feel like Chelsea wants Aubree to have a relationship with Adam, and a solid father figure in her life, but Adam for the past 6 years, hasn’t provided that. He’ll say he wants Aubree, but then he’ll hand her off to his parents. From what’s shown on the show, Chelsea has never held Aubree from her father, she gives him visitation, but he doesn’t spend time with Aubree.

        3. I agree….I think if it were up to Chelsea, she wouldn’t mention Adam on the show at all. She would just act like he didn’t exist. You can hear it in her voice that he’s the last thing she wants to talk about. It’s the producers that tell her what to talk about and she obliges because she’s contracted to.

          1. Well then if she doesn’t want him around why request more child support? With her teen mom checks, her dad, Cole’s income, and her spa job she wouldn’t be suffering at all without his child support. She doesn’t want him around but she wants more money from him. That’s my issue with her.

          2. From what’s shown on the show, Chelsea seems to care less if he’s around her, but she wants him around Aubree. She invites him to events and he doesn’t show up. If she didn’t want him to spend time with Aubree, she wouldn’t have been crying when Aubree said that he dad doesn’t play with her. and why does the entire financial burden have to be on her? Adam helped make Aubree as well, so he needs to pay up.

          3. Because child support is also a LEGAL obligation to the *child*(or children). Whether or not a person gets to see his or her kids, child support is(rather, is supposed to be) mandatory. It’s not always about “needing” the money, so to speak. While I do agree that people need to make better life partner choices, I don’t think that absolves either party from their responsibilities in life. Just because one does not like, or rather no longer likes, the person he or she has chosen to have a child(or children) with, does not mean they should simply wash their hands of everything. Child support is for *the child*(whether or not it’s always used for that, is a different matter entirely) NOT for the custodial parent.
            She may well hate Adam, and she has every right to, the guy’s a total douchecanoe, but that doesn’t mean Aubrey isn’t entitled to support. Adam clearly can’t give actual physical support, he’s proven that, but he can damn well give financial support.

            As far as the courts are concerned, child support and visitation/custody are two separate matters, entirely.

          4. Chelsea having the ability to financially support Aubree w/o child support doesn’t absolve Adam of his responsibility or his obligation to his kid. It’s not him making payments to Chelsea for Chelsea. They’re payments for the care of his child. He is legally (and morally, but it’s Adam) obligated to contribute to the care of his daughter because she’s his daughter. You don’t provide for your kids only if you get something in return. That’s not how it works. Should he work to build an honest and lasting relationship with Aubree only because he pays x-amount a month in child support?

            If Aubree develops a healthy relationship with Cole and sees him as a father figure in her life, Adam still has both moral and legal obligations to provide for his kid in the form of a monthly child support check. He’s responsible for Aubree whether she calls him Dad or she calls him Douche or she doesn’t call him at all.

      2. I have to respectfully disagree with you (and all the other people who say Chelsea is wrong for “pushing” Cole as Aubrees dad)

        I don’t know you nor any of the other multitude of people who say this, but are any of you in this same position? Have any of you ever dealt with this kind of issue? Have any of you had to watch your child suffer the effects of having a parent like this?

        I have. Chelsea did make a stupid mistake as a teenager. As did I. She grew up though. She made better and better choices for herself. She saw her life get better. Yet Aubree was still (and will for a long time) being pulled down by what Adam is doing to her. Not to mention the behavior problems when she comes back.

        My son is now 12 years old and I am 28. Am I the best parent on earth? No, not even close. I am, however, a lot better than his papa. I am now in a loving relationship with a great man who has an excellent education and his priorities straight. We rarely argue, we work things out when we have a problem. We put my son first and do things as a family when we are together. We have been together for 3 years. I think my life is going really well and I don’t need other people to validate that (this is just here for context).

        Then I look over at my son and see that he is not happy. That his life is not full of joy like mine is. I see him come back after a weekend at his papas house and act like he has never heard a single rule in his life. I watched as his papa has progressively CHOSEN longer hours at the office (yes I do know this is a choice of his, he owns the company) and be late to pick up my son or just cancel on him altogether. I watched this past week as my ex chose to take a week long vacation with his girlfriend to a place that my son didn’t want to go (do you want to at 12 sit at a spa for a week), knowing full well that would be the only chance for a vacation that kid would have. Not evening trying for a family friendly option? My son was so upset. He has become withdrawn over the past months and lost interest in everything. The only change in his life? His papa acting like he is. (there a ton of other examples but this is getting long)

        My boyfriend has stepped in. He acts like a father as much as he can (we don’t live together), while trying to not undermine my ex. My son is his whole world the same way my son is to me. He put his whole life on hold (as much as he could) and took my son on a week long vacation this week, just the two of them. He listened to my suggestions of what things might need to be watched out for and what words the kid might need to hear from a father figure, but he took it all on himself to plan a trip and put my son first. You know what happened? I saw my son on skype bouncing around, smiling, laughing, his attitude is improving and he is gaining a small interest in the world again. Just from one week.

        So no, Chelsea is NOT doing anything wrong. She is with Aubree every single day. She has multitudes of time to think about these issues because when it is your kid NOTHING is more important than trying to figure this out. I have failed Uni exams because I have been so preoccupied with they trying to help my kid. Chelsea may not be going about it in the perfect way, but allowing Aubree the option of Cole being her dad and allowing her the option to recognize that there is something better and that she deserves it, will be better for Aubree in the long run than forcing her to believe that what you are given in life if what you deserve.

        TL;DR? I am a teen mom in a (n eerily) similar situation and Chelsea is making the right decision putting Cole in the role of father for Aubree.

        1. Which is fine if she wants Cole to be Aubrees dad over Adam. I did that with my daughters “sperm donor”. He was a deadbeat from the start and a few years later I met my husband who is a dad to my daughter. She can do that if she wants but don’t push Adam out but then demand more child support from him. I totally get where they are coming from. I just got that attitude of my “sperm donor” was ok fine you don’t want to be around fine she has a dad. I never spoke to him again or requested child support from him. Chelsea has more than enough money to support Aubree she always has. So if she doesn’t want him around and would rather have Cole be her dad fine, but then stop requesting more child support from Adam if you want him out of the picture. All or nothing at all.

          1. Are you talking to and agreeing with yourself on here using different names? It’s the same Avatar, but with different user names….Latica, Tayta, Lucy….

          2. Latica/Tayta/Lucy must all be sharing the same email address. I believe each individual avatar on this site is attached to particular email address. Like there are some users I have seen post on here eventually change up their username (when they think up of something new and clever) but the avatar always stays the same from what I have seen over the long time I have been an Ashley reader and fan.

            So with that said Latica/Tayta/Lucy is most likely one of these three things:

            1.) A singular person with multiple personality disorder and needs to post each individual persona’s opinion. =p

            2.) Siblings all sharing the same email. This scenario is highly doubtful in our day and age but is a very small and unlikely possibility.

            3.) A person who is desperate for attention and has to have someone agreeing with their opinions in fear of looking like a total dweeb on “t3h internetz.

            I am setting my vote on scenario number three! ;D

          3. Hey Ashley, could you fix it so someone can’t use multiple IDs, like this poster? Thanks.

          4. Would you like a gold star for choosing to not opt in for support for your child from her sperm donor? Here..have a gold star.
            Child support isn’t entirely about the money, and the fact that you can’t see this, is ridiculous.
            In the case of someone like douchecanoe Adam, that claims he does support his child, and claims he never gets to see her, because her mom keeps her away from him…child support is absolutely necessary. If he’s not willing to pay support, who in their right mind is going to believe he wants to offer any kind of physical support and care?
            Child support, and visitation/custody are two totally separate things, both in the eyes of the law, an in their very definitions. I don’t know how many times people can tell you this, before it sinks in, lol.

            So, you chose to wipe your hands completely. Maybe that’s not a choice everyone else wants to make. What is so difficult to understand here? Adam wants more visitation, but doesn’t want to pay. Chelsea is making certain that he DOES take responsibility for his choices. He chose to have a child too, after all.
            I am quite certain Chelsea doesn’t *need* the money, but that doesn’t mean Aubree isn’t entitled to it.

            My mom never went after my sperm donor for child support either. He also never sought to take responsibility for me or my sister. They both washed their hands of each other and went their separate ways. That was their choice. I respect that choice. She did, however, go after my younger siblings father, and he did, want to have visitation and not be removed from their lives. I respect that choice too. Neither is better, or worse, just different. Had my siblings’ father decided to simply walk away too, like mine did, my mo probably wouldn’t have sought out CS for them.
            You want to take part in your child(ren)’s life…you pay to play. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out, lol.

          5. Lucy/Tayta Whoever you are, I don’t think you understand the purpose of child support. Paying child support does not entitle the biological father to a relationship with the kid. Accepting the court ordered child support from the bio father does not mean that the child can have no other “father figure” in their life. Refusing the support for the child instead of allowing two dad types to provide love, support, and stability to your child is selfish, misguided, and immature. I really hope that this has just been a story to get your point across.

  13. he’s beyond irrelevant! they should just fire him. his little mini segments of saying the same old shit of how he’s “changed” should just be put on repeat from old seasons, and no one would know the difference since he’s such a broken record.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. How many segments of him saying “I have a job, a house, custody of Paislee” do they need? Just reuse footage

  14. The Ashley: you should rewrite your headline. I think you meant “spotted” and “may take”. Currently it doesn’t make sense. Still love reading your updates though! 🙂

    1. I was just about to comment this as well. It took me a couple times to figure out what the headline said.

  15. Ugh ….. Like he was ever going to leave in the first place !!!! Seriously how long is this show going to go on for ?!?!? They can’t even call it Teen Mom anymore ( I think they should rename it ‘ one bad decision follows another….’ ) Will MTV still film them when they are grandparents ????

    1. Yeah, the “Teen Mom” title is ridiculous at this point. MTV has not one, but TWO shows called “Teen Mom”, and out of all the cast members they’re paying – all the moms, dad, boyfriends, girlfriends, baby daddies, husbands, wives etc. there is not one single actual teenage parent. At this point, I can see MTV showing up with the camera crews documenting the children’s children. Maybe the show will come full circle and one or more of the kids will turn out to be teen parents themselves – then MTV can continue the franchise through generations.

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