Farrah Abraham Hopes Dr. Drew Loses His ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion Hosting Job Over “Strangling” Comment

"I'd be OK with having him tarred and feathered too...just sayin'!"
“I’d be OK with having him tarred and feathered too…just sayin’!”

Farrah Abraham is still upset that Dr. Drew Pinsky joked that he wanted to “strangle” her—and she’s hoping that The Doc loses one of his longtime jobs over his comments!

Farrah sat down with People Now to discuss Dr. Drew’s comments about her. As The Ashley previously reported, Dr. Drew was asked on a podcast to reveal which of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast members he’d strangle, if he had to strangle someone. Naturally, he chose Farrah and naturally, Farrah was angry.

“I just don’t believe in joking about violence anymore,” Farrah said. (Mind you, this is the same girl who threatened to kill all of her Celebrity Big Brother housemates over a broken flip flop…as you do.)

Farrah stated that her on-air brawl with some of her ‘CBB’ cast mates has made her fail to see the humor in talk of violence.

“I think since my Celebrity Big Brother situation with Janice Dickinson…and as police and other things have gotten involved over there in the UK, I just don’t feel like joking around about violence in any sort of a way with someone who I work with, who I look at as a professional, and someone who I’ve shared a lot of my intimate feelings with. I don’t know. If you’re frustrated, you’re frustrated; leave it at that…no strangling or choking people.

"See, this is why I wanted to strangle you!"
“See, this is why I wanted to strangle you!”

“That made me not be able to look at him as a professional, as much as I did, or look up to him as much as I did. That’s just, where I feel about that,” she added.

Farrah said that she hasn’t spoken to Dr. Drew directly since he made the comments. However, she said that she may be open to accepting the invitation extended by The Doc’s wife, Susan Pinsky, to have Farrah on her podcast to clear the air.

When asked how she’ll feel seeing Dr. Drew at the upcoming ‘Teen Mom OG’ Reunion, Farrah made it clear that she’s not thrilled about the situation.

“I’m open to a new host for the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion,” she said.

Earlier this month, Farrah told Radar that she “will no longer have him around me for my health and safety due to his violent ‘strangle’ actioning [sic].”

She also insisted that Dr. Drew must want to have sex with her, and that he watches her “Backdoor” adult movie on the regular.

Dr. Drew has stayed silent throughout the “catfight.”

It’s unlikely that MTV will replace him as the host of the ‘Teen Mom’ reunions. After all, it’s a gig he’s held since 2010!

Watch Farrah’s full interview with People Now below:

(Photos: People, MTV)


36 Responses

  1. This girl. This girl. She is one hot mess and she can’t even see how delusional she is. She’s screwing up her own daughter because everything is all about Farrah. Now this. Granted it was unprofessional of Dr Drew but Farrah has bigger issues than “joking about violence”. She’s got a laundry list of transgressions in child rearing she should focus on correcting at the moment.

  2. How can she claim violence about Dr Drew talking about a joke yet she has a picture on snapchat of her daughter with a comprehension notebook stating “her first slambook”. I was class of 05 so it has been awhile but a slambook was a form of bullying.

  3. He wants to strangle her, she thinks her little girl needs to get her own life. I think if we find anyone who doesn’t want to strangle Farrah they should automatically be medicated (certain other teen moms need not apply for medication AHEM jenelle and Leah)

    1. I read your comment and got two comments down before the Jenelle and Leah thing hit me. LOL
      It’s a good thing as the Trashmobile already has to pray each time it passes a pole or tree as it does not want to be wrapped around it, the sound of Leah’s gigantic iPhone Wallet still ring-a-ding-dinging with incoming texts.

  4. When guys make that joke about the useless skin around the vagina, I always think of Farrah. Gal seriously has no redeemable qualities at this point. I think she is jelly that no one wants to buy the cow now that we have all seen the chocolate milk ;p
    “She is a physical representation of everything that is wrong with the current generation and a couple of past ones too. Stay dumb, overly consume name-brand goods, and always make the world revolve around you and your pooper with a dick in it…” couldn’t have said it better myself, Jen.

  5. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    “I don’t believe in violence anymore” seriously?! I think that question was meant to be which one frustrates you the most. She always has to make it out to be that she is the victim.

  6. Did he say “I’m GOING TO…” or “I WILL Strangle Farrah” ?
    He was asked a question & he answered it.
    It was not very professional of him, he is suppose to be impartial but he didnt threaten her, her life is not in danger…at least not from Dr Drew. She knows it but she has to keep her name out there.

  7. She just can’t take any form of criticism, she is unbalanced and Dr. Drew should know better than to stir the pot with someone like her.

  8. She will do anything to get attention. So one needs to call her out on her bs and for being a disrespectful brat she is. She is only making herself look bad. Why she feels the need to comment about everything makes it worse. She is raising another version of herself. One day she will be all alone because no one will want to be around her. People can’t stand stand her ass. I fast forward through her parts on the show because I don’t like or respect her.
    One day I would love to see her do better for herself and her daughter. But she will probably have to hit right bottom to get there. She almost acts like someone on drugs.
    If she did porn to support her daughter I wouldn’t say anything because she found a way to take care of her daughter. It’s her holy then God attitude I can’t stand. So I have no respect for her and thank God I am not her parent or no her. I would slap her for that mouth.

  9. Honestly, is this poor excuse for a human being still flapping her over filled lips? Every time she speaks she shows her ignorance. He was asked a question- he didn’t state he wanted to strangle her unprovoked, or say he would strangle her. I bet there are a lot of people who would pick her as the Teen Mom they’d want to “strangle.”

  10. Umm, I actually kind of agree with her. I don’t think it was a professional comment and having a professional working relationship it did seem inappropriate. I think she handled herself well in this situation. Surprising, but yeah.

    1. She can dish out all kinds of shit and vile comments but one little tongue in cheek comment and Farrah and idiots get all up in the air

      She’s said a lot worse threatening to kill others and assaulting those who gave her a career
      She’s a fucking bitch this needs taking down a peg or two

      A good slap in her over inflated lip would be a good start

    2. Don’t forget that she’s the one who pushed and hit her producer while verbally attacking him! She handled herself well?!? Seriously? She didn’t even understand what was said, instead she twisted it with her delusional pea brain!

    3. I didn’t watch the video because I can’t stand her voice, but I read her quotes above. I think those might be the most lucid, coherent thoughts she’s ever publicly shared. Because of this, I could actually understand the idea she was trying to get across. Yes, she took his comments WAY too literally. Yes, she’s choosing to blow it out of proportion. I think she may have problems discerning hyperbolic tone in just about any form. Anyway, she heard something she didn’t like (does she like anything anyone else says?) and instead of her normal reactionary blowup, she responded. With words that seem to make sense.

      So while I think that it’s pretty ridiculous for her to be upset by the comments- especially enough to make public statements about them, I think she’s handling it differently than she might have previously.

      Please note that my only research on this topic has been reading this article.

  11. I thought this was a picture of Wendy Williams when I scrolled by it on Facebook. My sincerest apologies to Wendy for mistaking her with this trashy a-hole.

  12. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

    As a “Doctor” it was highly unprofessional of him to say what he did.

    However, he is not a real DR so did we really expect anything more from him?

    A real dr would have had Leah and Janelle in rehab wayyy sooner, had Farrah committed since she is craycray, taken Leah away from Ambie the day she beat Gary, told Kail zhe is an abuser for headshaking Javi, etcecterc

  13. She’s truely pathetic. After all the threats and bad language she’s done in front of her child too. Get over it. You’re as annoying as all hell and think you’re above everyone else. He’s allowed an opinion whether you like it or not. And he’s human.

  14. Hope you paid the uk for the hospital treatment Farrah

    They hate you over the pond, mind you your hated by most people in most countries worldwide

  15. And you ya nasty vile bitch should loose everything you have including custody of your child

    Your mother and her mother to are enabling nut jobs
    Your child has turned in to a complete nightmare because of you

    I can imagine daddy Derrick turning in his grave at the way you’ve brought up that kid.
    Your a disgusting excuse for a human and should never ever have been brought back to the show
    Without them Farrah you’d be nothing another teen mom without a pot to piss in.

    You’ve bitten the hand that feeds you for far to long

  16. She’s a moron. He was ASKED the question, not like he just brought up strangulation on his own. I hate Dr. Drew but this is ridiculous. Farrah really needs help, or else she’s gonna be a “lone bird” her whole life. Oh and she needs to stoo getting plastic surgery. She looks awful, she ruined herself with it.

    1. I actually think she really needed it and aside from the circus tits she looks much better. Her nose was out of control.

  17. I’m sure MTV would be doing Dr. Drew a favor of they booted him from the Team Mom franchise. Also, does anyone know if there is going to be any more 16&P??

    1. It’s Farrah that needs booting off the show
      I’m no dr drew fan I think he’s an enabler.

      But Farrah can’t take any form of criticism yet she dishes it out to others, and when she’s confronted she called out that person as mean and rude!!!

      This Bitch tries to sound educated and uses big words( usually all in the wrong sentences and places) he’s an illiterate uneducated SLUT!!

      No man wanted her since she dated Derrick ( and he didn’t really want her either ) she’s unstable unbalanced and mentally disturbed.

      Even Simon is a paid extra as no one wants her, she has no friends ( so what does that say about Farrah?) she isn’t liked, her parents tolerate her as she’s their gravy train.

      Without 16 and pregnant, and teen mom, Farrah would be serving at Arby’s.

  18. I don’t think Farrah took Dr. Drew’s comment seriously. She just sees this as an opportunity for more social media attention. After all, things have been pretty quiet with her lately. This was the perfect way to draw attention to herself p, especially since she gets to play the victim here. Her favorite role by far.

    1. Exactly! How much mileage is she gonna get over this stupidity that happened weeks ago already? Move on!

  19. She knows they didn’t mean to strangle her literally right?

    But I’m sure she’s just fine with it and even requests it in the bedroom.

  20. Farrah, shut the fuck up. You’re only pissed because he said it about you. You don’t care about not “joking about violence,” you just can’t stand to be called out. Had it been directed at anyone else, you would be silent.

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