‘Little Women: LA’ Stars Terra Jole & Christy Gibel Fight Over Assault Charges During Live Interview

Hide the glassware! This is about to get ugly!
Hide the glassware! This is about to get ugly!

There’s nothing The Ashley loves more than a reality TV catfight– except, that is, for a live reality TV catfight.

Feuding Little Women: LA stars Terra Jole and Christy Gibel ended up on stage together on Wednesday during a live interview with KTLA and things got downright nasty! The interview, which also featured their co-star Tonya Banks, marked the first time the ladies had spoken on live TV about their epic glass-throwing bar brawl in January that allegedly left Christy hospitalized with brain contusions.

Although their brawl took place seven months ago, the ladies made it clear during their interview on Wednesday that they are still not getting along.

When the reporter asked Terra and Christy where things currently stand between them, and neither woman wanted to answer.

“That’s exactly where things stand,” Terra finally replied.

“[The fight] has definitely put a damper on our relationship,” Terra later added.

When the reporter asked about the charges that Christy allegedly pressed against Terra for the incident, all hell broke loose on stage!

"If she wants a contusion, I'll give her a contusion!"
“If she wants a contusion, I’ll give her a contusion!”

“I dropped them,” Christy said, to which Terra replied, “You didn’t drop them! It’s impossible for the DA…if you file a police report with a felony assault it’s impossible for the police to drop it. Ask any court judge!”

Christy protested that she hadn’t yet contacted the District Attorney’s office when she dropped the charges.

“See this is why [we don’t get along]!” Terra replied.

After the women were shown a clip of a scene in which the brawl and the charges were discussed, Terra talked about how the charges Christy filed against her have affected her life.

“I was affected by the police report,” Terra replied. “I was not innocent in this whole situation, but I didn’t deserve to be accused of assault with a deadly weapon. When that did happen, it became very real. It became a legal situation that my husband is very offended by…This was a stupid bar, throwing drinks fight, that’s it. For someone to act that stupid–”

“I don’t think it was stupid!” Christy piped in.

“It’s very hard to come back from that and not be offended by it on a regular basis,” Terra continued.

Finally, Tonya voiced her opinion on the incident.

“Christy, you did not get contusions, calm down!” she stated.

“No one has ever seen this report, no one has ever seen her proof,” Terra added.

Tonya then suggested that the two contusions Christy says she suffered from the glass-throwing brawl may have actually been the result of abuse Christy suffered from a previous relationship 10 years ago, an idea that Christy denied.

“Contusions don’t go away!” Tonya yelled. “It shows up! Doctors said that on the show!”

The reporter took the liberty of stopping the interview there, before someone picked up a chair, shoe or any available glassware and chucked it at their enemy.

Watch the clip of the catfight below!

11 Responses

  1. I’m glad Terra got charged! Nobody ever deserves a glass to be thrown at them. Besides she always has to start all the drama. As for Tonya fix your eye because it scares me! & for Christy I adore you girl! Xoxo!

  2. I wonder how much searching they had to do to find so many crazy little women ladies. That Tonya is a huge bully. I think it was pretty obvious in the footage of the original fight that the “glass” was really a plastic cup and just bounced of Christy’s big head. I can’t imagine living my life surrounded by so much drama all the time.

  3. I think Terra is a big mouth trouble making _itch!! She is constantly sticking her big mouth in everybody’s business. I don’t know if Christy had any serious injuries or not. if she did than she should show proof.

  4. I fully admit, I like this train wreck show. In the video, Tara threw liquid first, but Christy did throw her glass first. Tara just had better aim. They were both at fault. And Christy needs to stop playing victim like she did nothing.

  5. I can’t stand Christy. She was on the Peoples Court, driving without insurance, hit someone and was trying to blame the accident on the other driver when it was completely her fault. She was lying to the judge about everything.

  6. I’m confused….the article says this was the first time they’ve come in contact since the incident but they had to film together just a few months ago for their new season of LWLA?! ???

  7. I CANNOT stand Terra. Actually I can’t really stand any of them. But and it’s a big butt, where does Terra get off thinking it’s ok to throw tantrums and not face the music? You are a 30 year old, married, mother of 2 (almost) and your throwing drinks aND cups. And you try to justify it. Ugh. Just ugh. They give little people a bad name. All of the little women shows do.

    1. Barbara's Home for Abandoned children created with soulmate of the day #justlikethenotebook says:

      Between this show and the roloffs, it majes it look like all little people are assholes.

      Thank god there is the Little Couple. they are so cute, so good, so sicky sweet adorable, it gives me hope for the human race!!!

    2. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

      I agree they are acting like hoochies. They give little people a bad name. That’s why I don’t watch this show and instead I prefer the little couple casue they show that you can be successful without any reality show and have good morals. This show doesn’t do that. A lot of little people hate this show becasue of what a bad reputation it gives them.

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