Post-Partum, Pregnancy & a Proposal: Watch the ‘Teen Mom’ Season 6 Trailer

She legit says, "It's about time" after Taylor asks her to marry him...
She legit says, “It’s about time” after Taylor asks her to marry him…

Get ready for what may be the most dramatic season of Teen Mom— EVER!

MTV has just released the first trailer for the upcoming sixth season of the show and the ‘OG’ girls–Maci BookoutAmber PortwoodFarrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell— will all be facing some major mishaps and milestones this season, according to these first clips.

The new ‘Teen Mom OG’ season will cover all of the major events that have happened since we last saw the girls– from Maci’s engagement to Taylor McKinney, to Catelynn’s trip to rehab to deal with her post-partum depression and anxiety issues.

These events were well-covered in the media, but it seems that Season 6 will also have stuff that we’ve never seen before, such as Farrah’s trip to see Couples Therapy star Dr. Jenn Mann. It appears that Farrah was trying to work through issues she was having with her on- and off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran. At this point we don’t know if it was just a normal therapy session, or if it was part of a reality show the couple may have been filming.

Season 6 will also cover the giant mess of baby mamas and illegitimate children that Amber’s fiance, Matt Baier, has been dealing with over the course of the last year. We will also get to see how Maci’s “oopsie” third pregnancy played out.

‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 premieres August 22 on MTV!

Watch the first full trailer below!

(Photo: MTV)

70 Responses

  1. Can we talk about Farrah’s sparkly jumpsuit in therapy? What an idiot.

    Also I love how catelynn always posts so much anti abortion stuff all the time and acts so high and mighty but now she has proved she isn’t fit to take care of either of her kids. She so judgemental to other people and their choices, I’m actually happy to see her taken down a peg or two

  2. OH FFS, Maci, whatever. I’m just over Maci and her pregnancies. It stopped being cute after her 2nd. This is just ridiculous now. OOOPSIES…get your tubes tied.
    Speaking of learning…SOFIA, the poor kid is still talking like a baby.
    She sounded a good 2 or 3 years younger than the rest of the cast.
    It means Farrah and her Mother still have not spoken with her properly her entire life. They BOTH speak to Sofia in that high-pitched, nasally voice, most of the time while Sofia is screaming some kind of demand. I would be shocked if she wasn’t teased for it in school. The poor kid, a Teddy Ruxbin could do more for her than both Farrah and “Granny”.

  3. Good lord Sophia DOES sound like a 3 year old. She is almost 8 years old and talks like a preschooler. That is horrible of them to allow her development to remain delayed like this. Does she not see a pediatrician? Is she not with a teacher who monitors this kind of language delay? So not only is she gonna end up bat sh/t like her family but she’ll be doing it while sounding like she’s 8 when she is 14. I hope Derrick haunts Ferret every night of her disease ridden life.

    1. My 3 year old has a better vocabulary than her. She is doomed with a prostitute like Farrah for a mother.

  4. Why does Maci have salt in her bathroom? Seriously look again, there’s salt in her bathroom. That’s so weird.

    1. I’ve used it as a scrub. Oily AF. But I would give it at least a 5% chance of it having been used to freshen up a margarita at some point.

    2. just a theory – i personally gargle with salt water every so often before bed (it’s good for throat infections and/or ulcers) , maybe somebody in their house does that too haha:)

      1. Salt baths are usually with epsom salts not table salt. Maci has table salt in here bathroom.

  5. What is different about Gary on this preview?? I can’t place my finger on it..something looks different about him.

    Simon…does he have the patience of a patron saint? Is he just a total pushover? Is his self esteem so poor that he tolerates that abuse? why would anyone put up with Farrah??

    1. The difference with Gary is that he has finally embraced his total Jabba nature and shaved all the gristly hair and dirt shadow off his full, Jabba’esque face.

      Gary the Hutt is saying to all you ladies out there in his native Huttese, “”Sa jah wah nopa na foonta?” (Is the reward not satisfactory?)

      And we’re responding with, “I do not deal with such scum!” (“Jee no hagwa bonta goo!”)

  6. Sophia doesn’t stand a chance with a mother like Farrah…and I think that Simon’s contract with Farrah must be running out here soon, you can tell he’s so over that situation.

    I hope Amber is ready for the all of the drama she’s about to endure when she marries that slime ball. Hopefully she’s smart enough to make him sign a prenup. I frealz dunno who’s dumber with men….Her or Jenelle.

  7. It’s probably already been said BUT if you have watched Farrah from the beginning and her relationship with her mom the cycle is going to repeat itself. I’m not defending her in any way but she took what little parenting (obviously BAD) she was given and is passing it along to her daughter.

  8. Maci’s “engagement” could not have been more fake. All she could muster was an absolutely unenthusiastic and subpar “No way babe, are you serious? FINALLY.”

    Holy shit at Sophia and what she looked like in that final scene. YUCK.

    And what the fuck Amber. How can you be so fucking stupid. He’s a total scam artist. Read between the lines. The 5,000 lines that are right in your face! Fuck this show, seriously. What do I keep watching?!

    1. Don’t know why you keep watching. But as long as you do keep watching, this will not be the last season.

  9. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    Ugh and it begins. Farrah making her daughter dress up like a “prosta tot”. Maci’s “surprise doctor visit” pregnancy bullshit and forced into proposal for her to say snotty “finally”. Amber’s “Janelle type” boyfriend. The only one that I am not rolling my eyes at the obvious bullshit is Catelynn where she has been straight up about. Looking forward to the recaps.

    1. ProstaTot Very clever.
      Farrah is unbelievable I see no redeeming qualitys in her at all, I hate her as much as I hate chinelle.

      All these kids with the named above as parents will be in for very expensive therapy when their older.

      1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

        Lol thanks I think I heard that term from dance moms.

  10. So we arent go I g to talk about how maci said she found out at the doctors office while trying to get BC. Yet it shows her and Taylor talking about possibly being preg then a preg test.. Get on mtv

  11. Amber’s whole “his crazy exes” bit is actually so cliché it’s embarrassing. She sounds like every other dumb woman who decided that rather than digging a little deeper and questioning the guy’s integrity after he’s shown himself to be sketchy, it makes more sense to conclude that he’s had MULTIPLE “crazy” exes. Sure, right, Amber. And tbh her face screams that SHE doesn’t even believe it. So I don’t know wtf she’s doing.

    1. His “crazy” exes, all nine of them. Who all just happen to have the exact same story on him. Yep, they’re the crazy ones! Matt is a total sweetheart!!

  12. Didn’t Debra and Farrah say that Sophia can wear makeup to school anytime she wants? I can’t believe Simon stuck around as long as he did. He had to have been paid or is a fame monger

  13. Farrah is making Sophia grow up too quick she should be playing with dolls and prams not adults make up sophia will follow farrahs steps and end up outrages when she’s older and be pregnant and drinking etc at a early age you can just see it , plus she is very childish for her age i cant understand why farrah doesn’t do something for the way she speaks she’s Luke a 2 year old. I couldn’t cope with Sophia as one of my own ! I am soon happy all my three were little angels compare to sophia they would never go on like that around me or my partner, AMBER:- You are making a big mistake with that leech of a bf all he’s wanting his fame and $$$$ amber you need to run i agree with kate^^^^ when Gary pulled her to see how many kids he had she said she new how many Gary asked her how many she said 2 and she said if he wasn’t honest that would be it then it come out she new he had 5 and she said again anything he’s not told her that would be it then it came out he had 7 kids and she’s still there, amber is most likely paying all the child support tbh i think she should end the marriage proposal (which i think is a joke) start fresh on her own and before moving a complete stranger off twitter who had tried to get with most of the cast before amber and when she does meet someone do a back ground check which you can do on anyone , he lied about his house when he moved in with amber and that was day 1 there should of been alarm bells ringing then … Amber do whats right for yourself and Leah !!

    1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

      It was disturbing one time I looked at Farrah’s Instagram there was a pic of her and some other girl and a g-string bent over boxed in by pics of Sophia I literally got sick to my stomach seeing that. This kid is bound of therapy. I could totally see Sophia go goth or very tomboy just to piss her mom off.

      1. Sophia going goth or tomboy are the best outcomes of her upbringing, if you’d ask me! I’m afraid it’s not so much her appearance but her behaviour that is going to be rebellious and shocking… When you’re being sexualized since you’re a 5-6 year old, I think it wouldn’t be out of the way to see her pregnant at 15-16 :/ Maybe even earlier! I can only hope someone gets that child out of her mother’s spotlights so she can grow up to me a normal child! Normal-ish, I think a lot of damage has already been done to be honest… :/

        1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

          I agree! But what I meant by that is with Farrah looks are everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if she already had Sophia on a diet. So I could see her making her appearance wacky for the sole reason to piss off her mom. She has got a lot come for her when Sophia hits her teenage angst years.

      2. Sophia’s upbringing scares me and makes me wonder about her safety. Don’t be surprised if Sophia admits years down the road that she was sexually abused by someone her mom brought around her. She is gonna be just like Farrah but worse. Sophia has the burden of being on tv, a porn star mom, dead dad, bat sh/t grandparents. That is the perfect recipe for disaster. Maybe she and Chinelle’s kids can write a tell all together.

  14. I can’t believe Maci says “finally” after Taylor proposed. How stinking rude of her, that probably completely ruined the moment for him. She’s such a brat.

    1. Eh, she’s his moneymaker, he probably wasn’t too bothered. Gritting dem teeth and thinking about all those sweet, sweet Bud Lights paid by MTV money they’d drink that evening.

  15. Tyler and caitlyn are sad to watch they’ve had all the opportunity but seemed to stay exactly where they started. Amber just stop. Farrah is a mess she needs help and her child is going to be just like her. Maci got the good edit for years and now I can’t stand to watch her pretend to have another miracle spawn and drink budweisser like it’s water. Let the show end they’ve all messed up and seem to be making worse choices as time goes on.

    1. Tyler and Cate ahold have quit after getting married. They were the only ones who stood a chance at being normal.

    1. To be fair, she probably just assumed her metabolism was slowing down, and she was getting a gut from all the drinking

  16. I seriously can’t stand Catelynn and Tyler. Why have another kid when you’re struggling emotionally and mentally?

    1. Exactly. And they haven’t done a single thing they said they would since placing Carly for adoption.

      1. yet they’re so damn proud of themselves! it’s like yeah, u got the big house and you’re not druggies, but that’s about all you can say and i’m not 100% on that. tyler admitted smoking weed and cate DID go to rehab, who knows if it really was just for anxiety etc? there was a blind item by enty lawyer, and he never reveals who it is unless he can prove it in court. and he said, this teen mom, who you wouldn’t think as she’s always gotten a good edit, would rather dump her kid off on whoever will take her and go out partying at night. it was revealed to be catelynn. they’ve both got addiction on both sides and better be careful with that. they got the house but they won’t keep it when mtv is gone because they laid around not going to school these past few years. they need to wake up and start NOW.

        1. speaking of blind items, was it ever figured out who the teen mom was that got pregnant and was beaten? Jenelle?

          1. yes, if i remember correctly, it was revealed to be amber. i can’t believe amber is not only staying with him, now she’s allowing herself to be beaten?! if it’s true, she can’t be sober. matt must have some huge dirt and evidence on her keeping her quiet. sad, hope not.

    1. I came on to comment that. First off, those lips?!? I don’t believe it’s kids dress up makeup. Second, she is speaking like that of a 3 to 4 year old. And the questions?!?! Omg. Poor sophia.

  17. i feel bad for catelynn and i so hope she’s happier now that she got help. i think she’s realizing now exactly what all goes into being a mom. i wonder if she and tyler look back now on the times they said things like, we’re carly’s parents, and if we only had carly we’d be better. no, it would’ve been worse. brandon and teresa are the ones who got up every two hours and took her for shots and bought everything she’s ever had, loved her. THEY are her parents. catelynn tripped me out last season when she said, i’m the one up every day at 7am! like, seriously? u SHOULD be up then, unless you’re going to night school or working 2nd shift because you are only 23, 24 years old! u need purpose and a child isn’t it. tyler said he just gets in a rut of get up, drink coffee, read paper, then what? monotony all day. it’s no wonder they’re depressed and dwelling on things. maybe they’ll tell carly’s parents something i think they’d love to hear: i had no idea what i was talking about when i said those things. you are her parents and thank you for taking good care of my biological daughter. i pray they start school, jobs, gym, something to gain purpose and be happy. ytf is farrah back? thought she was over it all. zero respect for amber. she said if she found out he lied, he’s done. he lied and then some. now, instead of listening and cutting her losses, she’s digging in, bound and determined to prove everyone else wrong. it’s only going to hurt herself and i hate that.

    1. Don’t feel bad for Catelynn, feel bad for that poor child who they only had to fill the imaginary void left by Carly.

    2. I absolutely love your comment and have said the same exact things about Cate and Ty. It’s almost as if they look at Brandon and T as babysitters who are taking care of Carly until they figure out whatever it is they want to do with their lives. It’s as if they didn’t want the responsibility of taking care of her but expect Carly to be there and they be there for every milestone, dont work that way. Did that adoption lady not explain anything to them about boundaries? They are habitual line crossers. I hope Brandon and T close the adoption very soon and let Carly decide when she is older whether she wants to deal with them.

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