Meet the Cast of “90 Day Fiance” Season 4 & Watch the Crazy New Trailer

season 4 90 day fianceThe new season of “90 Day Fiancé” is upon us and, judging from the just-released trailer, it’s going to be a trainwreck! From chair-throwing fiancés, to polygamist potential husbands, Season 4 could be the best season we’ve seen yet!

Each couple is made up of one American and one foreigner, and they must marry within 90 days of the foreigner entering the country, or the foreign mate must return home.

Let’s meet the new couples…

90 day fiance season 4The couple that’s perhaps the biggest mess this season is 28-year-old Olulowo and 36-year-old American Narkyia. The couple met in a Facebook group for “big beautiful women.” Olulowo (or “Lowo” as he is called) told Narkyia that he lived in Alabama, but that was a lie. Lowo was actually born in Nigeria, but was living in Vietnam at the time he met Narkyia.

“I got catfished by my own fiancé,” Narkyia says in the trailer, “but I want to marry him anyway!”

The catfishing is not the only thing that threw Narkyia for a loop: Lowo also comes from a polygamist family, a fact that worries Narkyia’s friends and family enough that they tell her not to marry this man. Watch out “Sister Wives,” Lowo and Narkyia are coming to town!

If the relationship works out, Lowo would become a stepdad to Narkyia’s 12-year-old son.

nicole 90 day fianceThe next couple we meet is Nicole and Azan. Nicole, an American from Florida, is so blinded by her attractive Moroccan man that she doesn’t see all of the flaming red flags that her friends and family see. They are concerned about the cultural differences between Nicole and Azan. Nicole has no clue where Morocco even is before she travels there to meet her fiancé. That trip marked the first time the couple ever met in person. Nicole gets upset when her fiancé isn’t acting very affectionate toward her.

The fact that Nicole has a 20-month-old daughter doesn’t seem to be slowing her down at all. (Because nothing bad could come from suddenly springing a new random daddy on a toddler right, Nicole?)

90 day fianceThe May-December couple of the group is Matt and Alla. Matt, an American, is a 42-year-old thrice-divorced single father who is courting a 30-year-old woman from the Ukraine. (As you do). She comes to America with her young son, Max, who will become Matt’s stepson if they get married.

This couple seems to have a lot of problems. At one point in the trailer, we see Alla heave a chair off of a rooftop deck. She throws it right at her fiancé who is begging her to stop.

“Now I’m happy!” Alla yells after throwing the chair.

jorge 90 day fianceOne of the most talked about couples of the season is Jorge and Anfisa. Jorge, a 25-year-old from Los Angeles, met 20-year-old Russian girl Anfisa and quickly became her sugar daddy. In the trailer, Jorge admits to spending $70,000 on vacations alone during his short courtship with Anfisa. His family is none-too-thrilled about his relationship with this alleged gold digger, because they feel that Anfisa is only marrying Jorge for his money.

“She’s a little brat,” Jorge says after a conversation with his fiance. “She cares about money more than our relationship.”

pedro and chantelThe last couple for Season 4 is Pedro and Chantel. Pedro is from the Dominican Republic, and he met Chantel, an American from Georgia, when one of Chantel’s former Spanish teachers showed her his Facebook and suggested that he help her learn Spanish.

The couple fell in love, but Chantel hasn’t told her parents that she plans to marry Pedro. They think he came to American on a student Visa, and have no idea that he is really here on a fiancé visa. They don’t know that the couple must marry within 90 days.

The fourth season of ’90 Day Fiance’ premieres on September 11 on TLC!

Watch the new trailer below:

(Photos: TLC)


  1. I still DO NOT understand Jorge!!! WTFman? She doesn’t care about you, just your money and she’s very vocal about it! I mean she says if you don’t like it too bad!! She is NOT PRETTY at all!! She’s so in love with her self she doesn’t want to be anywhere but on social media and she obviously wants to get into possibly porn from the way she dresses to what she’s willing to put out there for everyone to see!! Her one and only goal is to use you for the money and drop you the instant someone better looking and more money comes along!! Are you that desperate for love? Go back and look at other episodes and SEE what she is working up to! She doesn’t LIKE YOU MAN!! And she’s going to leave you broke and alone with all her debt and then she’s going to have another sugar daddy! She is the COLDEST FISH I’ve ever seen. You need to listen to that little voice in the back of your head that says get rid of this one!! Just saying what’s real dude!

  2. Wtf is wrong with “jorge” to be used by a scam like her?
    She’s so blunt to point she wants’s so lame how he doesn’t see it?
    God if he was my son I’d bitch slap her ass back to Russia so fast why is he accepting her treating him like that.she doesn’t car about him n never will
    She want his money. She’s fake ass from head to toe.

  3. This group of people coming to America leave something to be desired. There is no other way to describe Anfisa but gold digging slut and I’m curious if she got him to do her lips along with the $70,000.00 for vacations ? I don’t know what she thinks is so special about her and fear that Jorhe is very VERY delusional about her and her intentions. He keeps saying “she’s crazy” HELLO!!! Wake up man! those worries are trying to tell you to RUN!!! Because he believes she’s beautiful he’s willing to just give her EVERYTHING!! If she truly LOVED HIM she would be happy with JUST him! As far as Nicole and Azan, this girl is in tralalala land!! She’s so deluded thinking she loves this man it’s what he looks like that she’s in lust about and is the most NAIEVE individual I’ve ever seen! She doesn’t know about what love is. He just wants her to get him to America and it’s so simple but because of her idea of what is going on she’s not seeing ANY OF THE RED FLAGS!! He’s taking advantage of her innocence. Her family needs to intervene because of her daughter because she’s so love starved she is forgetting what she’s trying to bring to her daughter. I understand what wanting to be here has got to be like but they(the Americans) have to wonder because it’s only natural.

  4. Never commented on a Web page, love can’t be naive. You have to give your heart to someone that is not going to ripped apart.

    What to do, take time. Mask always fall off.

  5. Jorge is a complete idiot. Too young to know any better. She is a gold digger to the max. So sad….

    And bringing her over here is the worst thing he can do.

    All she wants is what she wants. He will learn the hard way unfortunately.

  6. @theashley, any way to get an update on last seasons trainwrecks? I can’t wait for this new season though!

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