EXCLUSIVE! Why ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dads Adam Lind & Jeremy Calvert Are Still Filming, Despite Quitting the Show

"Would YOU want to be on a show called 'Teen Mom' when you're a 20-something guy?!"
“Would YOU want to be on a show called ‘Teen Mom’ when you’re a 20-something guy?!”

Jeremy Calvert and Adam Lind have been vocal about their desires to leave their Teen Mom 2 days behind– but both dads have been spotted filming in recent weeks for the upcoming new season of the show. Fans have been quick to speculate that Adam and Jeremy rejoined the cast, even after declaring that they were through with filming, but The Ashley has discovered that this is not exactly the case…

Adam was seen filming for ‘Teen Mom 2’ a few weeks ago, and, as The Ashley told you, was being rude to the producers and crew. Jeremy has also been spotted filming in recent weeks. The Ashley’s sources tell her that, although the guys both want to be done with the show, they are not able to stop filming right now.

This is due to MTV exercising its option to extend their existing contract for the show.

“Both guys signed on for Season 7, and wanted out while filming last season,” the source tells The Ashley. “Neither planned to do any more episodes after that, but MTV kind of pulled a fast one on them and simply extended the season. Instead of the new season being Season 8, it is now Season 7B, which means there were no new contracts signed.”

"Dear MTV...I really don't think it's nice that I have to film. I don't want to film. I need time for bench pressing. Thanks, Adam."
“Dear MTV…I really don’t think it’s nice that I have to film. I don’t want to film. I need time for bench pressing. Thanks, Adam.”

After the completion of 7B, the cast will have to sign a brand-new contract for Season 8 (if there is a Season 8).

Until then, though, the guys are stuck filming through the end of 7B.

“It’s unavoidable,” the source added. “They can’t get out of it because they already signed, knowing that it was a possibility that the season would be extended. It happened once before to the cast.”

The standard ‘Teen Mom 2’ season contains 12 regular episodes. Back in 2014, the fifth season of the show was extended to include a “B” season, doubling the amount of regular episodes. It will be a similar situation for Season 7 and 7B.

Over the weekend, Jeremy ranted on Instagram about ‘Teen Mom 2,’ writing that the show has “ruined his life” and that he regrets ever signing on to appear on-camera.

“Jeremy is so done,” another source tells The Ashley. “There’s no way he’ll sign on for Season 8. MTV keeps trying to throw money at him, but he isn’t taking it. He just wants away from all the craziness that being on the show brings. Unfortunately, he has to honor the full Season 7 contract that he signed before he can be done.”

The source tells The Ashley that the guys do get paid an additional rate for the “B” seasons; however it is not a full payment (like the regular seasons.)

“Sort of like a ‘pro-rated’ version [of a salary],” the source added. “When they renegotiate the contracts for Season 8, that’s when the pay will go up for the cast members who sign on.”

The Ashley has no clue right now if there will even be a Season 8, but…let’s just say that she’s planning on doing ‘Teen Mom 2’ recaps well into 2017…

(Photos: Instagram, MTV)


  1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    Blah blah blah I don’t need this show blah blah it’s not about the money blah blah. This has been a broken record for a few years now.

  2. Has anyone noticed that nobody from the 1st teen mom complains about the show anymore? They’ll say things but they don’t really complain about editing (except for Farrah, but she doesn’t count)…I think they got a dose of what it’s like post teen mom and post MTV checks, and saw that it gets really dark and lonely, so now they’re on their best behaviors. I bet you if Adam or Jeremy do quit for 1 season (Adam especially), they’d eventually come back.

  3. These 2 are the most melodramatic diva’s on the show, and they aren’t even main characters. They bitch more than a teenage girl during PMS week.

  4. I really thought TM was going to end after 7b but MTV has said they would be crazy to stop the show and that they plan to continue TM.
    Curious to see who will and who won’t sign.

  5. If they get new contracts for next season and can block to have addy and Aubrey and her half sister to be on the show??

    1. Jeremy maybe could.

      Adam, no. That would require more than supervise visitation. He has zero custody of Aubree. I’m not even sure if he has any, or enough, custody to block Paisley…

  6. I guess they could just continue to be boring then their segments won’t make the cut. We really didn’t see too much of Adam last season and even less of Jeremy in his last season.

  7. Yeah right, it’s not like they can’t just sit watching TV or something, or be “busy”, during filming. If you don’t give them anything to film, they won’t want you.

  8. blah blah blah, my prediction is, as long as they are offered contracts, they will sign them, no matter what they say!

    1. Adam yeah, but I don’t think Jeremy will? The guy gets paid a lot on his ‘regular’ job, so he doesn’t really need it (idk why he signed for season 7 to start with but okay) Anyway, only time will tell.

      1. very true…but my thing is he’s starting this “t-shirt” line, and I’m sure someone will convince him that it’ll be good exposure for his “brand”

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