Caitlyn Jenner’s Reality Show ‘I Am Cait’ Cancelled After Two Seasons

So long Cait!
So long Cait!

Caitlyn Jenner‘s reality show, I Am Cait, just got the ax!

E! announced today that the show was not picked up for a third season. Caitlyn confirmed the news on her Twitter account.

“After 2 amazing seasons of ‘@IAmCait,’ it’s time for the next adventure,” she tweeted. “Thank you E! & thank you to the best girlfriends I could ask for!”

‘I Am Cait’ was highly anticipated when it premiered in July 2015. The first season dealt with Caitlyn’s transition and premiered to big ratings (a staggering 2.73 million, to be exact). The high ratings didn’t last long, and the show limped through its second season.

“We are incredibly proud of the two seasons of ‘I Am Cait,’ a groundbreaking docuseries that sparked an important and unprecedented global conversation about transgender people, their struggles and triumphs,” the network wrote in a statement. “Caitlyn and E! have mutually decided not to move forward with another season at this time.”

Although Caitlyn may be out of a job, she isn’t exactly unemployed. E! indicated in the statement released today that we may be seeing Caitlyn back on the network eventually.

“[Caitlyn] will always remain a part of the E! family, and we look forward to continue following her journey as she appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”

Back with the Kardashians? That’s a fate worse than cancellation!

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  1. When the dust settles at the end of the day it’s still Bruce Jenner in women’s clothing. God made him male and he will always be male no matter how he dresses.

  2. I watched a few episodes in the beginning but I was totally formed off by hearing that her “friends” were HIRED for the show!

  3. I’ve never watched the Kardashian shows but I watched a few episodes of Cait’s show here and there. Her trans friends were more interesting than her! One thing I couldn’t believe is that she is still a diehard republican. That fact alone probably turned a lot of LGBTQ people (and supporters) against her. Republicans are on the trans people’s side. Yeah, ok.

    1. I’m republican, and I’m very pro LGBTQ rights. I know more democrats that are anti LGBTQ than republicans. There are small minded people on both sides of the political spectrum

    2. That’s exactly what it is. Bruce is so delusional, and when he stated anything about politics, especially about supporting all of the views of the republican party and Trump, it turned off a lot of people in general.

      1. Hi. Biological female who wears a 12 (men’s 10, more or less men’s average). Please, come show me the chart of acceptable shoes by size. Because *finding* them is enough of a hassle.

        1. I know Payless used to carry up to women’s size 13 in some smaller stores. They used to have some cute shoes too.

      2. I honestly don’t think that he’s trans….I think he’s a cross dresser, and sick in the head. He’s so self absorbed and only cares about himself. He’s had all this surgery on his face, but still won’t touch his penis. True trans with that kind of money go through with the surgery. Just look at Chaz Bono, and I’m sure that Jazz chick is gonna go through with the surgery as well. Bruce is just a narcissistic POS that wants to play dress up.

  4. I was initially a supporter of Cait but soon grew tired of the over privileged act she is.

    Many transgender people can’t afford top notch plastic surgeons and have enough money to keep their friends around through the transition. It’s a hard life that Cait exploited and made look like some fairy tale.

  5. that’s the best news for the entire LGBT community. People tuned in at first because they were curious to see this former Olympic Champion, prancing around in a dress. Once they saw it was just a bunch of nonsense, and all made up for the cameras, including his causes, and his friends, they grew tired of his B.S. Bruce Jenner is a shameless fraud, and he should be ashamed of himself, I’m glad it was cancelled. Two seasons is two seasons too much!!!

      1. I’m not convinced that Bruce Jenner is simply not just a cross dresser. He has an ego even bigger than his other family members. So in other words anything for publicity which equals $$$. So until I see real proof not “reality TV proof”, Bruce Jenner is just a very sad lonely confused man!

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