Jinger Duggar Reveals Wedding Details & Plans to Move Away From the Duggar Family

"Hey, anything's better than being the Duggar family nanny and maid!"
“Hey, anything’s better than being the Duggar family nanny and maid!”

Jinger Duggar is planning to high-tail it out of her family’s Arkansas compound as soon as she gets hitched!

The newly engaged Counting On star recently told Us Weekly that as soon as she says “I do” to fiance Jeremy Vuolo, she will be leaving her family behind and moving to Laredo, Texas, where Jeremy works as a pastor.

“I’m so excited to be joining my best friend,” she told the magazine.

Fans have always speculated that Jinger would be the Duggar daughter to leave the Duggar compound (and typical pattern of Duggar woman of pumping out a baby every few years for the next 20 years or so), and see the world. (She had previously stated that she wanted to leave her tiny hometown in Arkansas and move to a big, busy city like New York.)

While Laredo, Texas, isn’t exactly a “big city,” moving to the Texas border town will allow Jinger to start her own life, away from the Duggar clan. Before that can happen, though, Jinger must get married. Jinger and Jeremy discussed their wedding with Us Weekly, stating that it will be very different from the giant, made-for-TV weddings that her sisters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald had.

“We’re trying to keep it intimate, between family and friends,” Jeremy said, adding that there is no official date for the wedding yet. “We want to be very intentional with who we invite.”

Jinger does plan to wait until her wedding day to have her first kiss, just as her sisters did.

"Oh you're moving to Texas? That's...awesome..."
“Oh you’re moving to Texas? That’s…awesome…”

While Jinger may be leaving the Duggar compound, she doesn’t seem to be leaving behind the family’s theory that it’s best to have as many babies as humanly possible.

“Well, I love kids,” Jinger said. “I’m excited for the future, when Jeremy and I are married, to start a family.”

“We haven’t talked about size, but I know we both love children,” Jeremy added. “They’re a joy. We’ll have to see what the Lord provides.”

As The Ashley previously told you, the upcoming season of Jill & Jessa: Counting On will focus on Jinger and Jeremy’s courtship. The new season premieres on August 23 on TLC. Watch the trailer by clicking here!

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  1. Ummm, I love that no one has entertained the idea that Jana the House Maid may not be interested in men…yep, I went there.

  2. Jinger, run girl! Run like the wind! Lol if I were her. I would get married and move far, far away from that family. If my husband turned out to be like them, I’d get away from him too.

  3. Interesting, if you go to the churich site, he is on it, but no where on it does it list the pastors. Which to me is odd. Plus it just looks like someone’s house with a sign.
    This guy seems like a grown man, I hope he doesn’t end up relying on the “family business “

  4. Jeremy does NOT have a job waiting for him in Laredo. He was replaced in his church because he wasn’t available, when he was needed. JimBoob picked another unemployed loser for his daughter. Just the way JimBoob likes it. All his kids, married or single, are totally dependent on him for their very existence. This is his way of keeping control. JimBoob lavishes in the realm of his “godly” kingdom. Him being the “god”, of course.

  5. I almost think it works out better for Jana the longer she holds out on getting married. We all know how Josh and Anna have worked out, Jessa got an unemployed teenager for a husband, Derrick seemed like he had some promise but now he’s gritting for money and unemployed. Living as an au pair for your siblings and having your parents rule everything as an adult may suck, but the longer she holds out the longer she avoids being a clown car breeder for an unemployed uneducated husband.
    Plus, you know she knows all the real good juicy stuff in the family and may actually have more power there than we think.

  6. I’m just glad to see that one of them is marrying a man with a JOB. Good for Jinger, it seems she hit the jackpot. A husband that’s an actual adult, has a paying job and is branching out away from the family. Go have your own life, and figure things out for yourself, Jinger!!

  7. What I don’t understand is WHY is the oldest Duggar daughter still at home? Why hasn’t she got hitched yet? Is she planning on being an old maid? Or can’t she find anyone? How is it so easy for all the younger ones to get fiance and not her? Is something wrong with her?

    1. She’s 26.
      Also, if she left that would be sooo much work for Joy and Hannie. *blatant side-eye to Michelle*

    2. The fuck kind of comment is this? She doesn’t want to be someone’s maid and doesn’t want to pump kids out of her ass, so there’s something wrong with her? This is 2016, not 1816. Not being married at 27 doesn’t mean she’s an old maid. It makes me like her even more honestly. Her twin brother is living his ~bachelor life sans any prospects, but you didn’t bring him up, of course, because he’s a ~man.

    3. Have you ever considered the possibility that she HAS figured things out for herself? Maybe, just maybe, she’s right where she wants to be, for now, for good reason(likely, numerous reasons). Why the hell anyone thinks women “need to be married”, or “need to be in a relationship” at some undisclosed arbitrary age, is beyond me. Do you feel the same way about men, who are 26/27 and not married?
      Maybe, just maybe, she’s still there because she knows those other kids need *her*, since clearly mom and pop don’t really give two shits about any of them…unless they can manage making money from it.

      1. I’m pretty sure these girls have guys banging down the door to court them. I’m glad to see that one of them has waited, she seems a bit more mature than the others. They just Jessa and Jill just seem like immature child brides and their husbands just don’t seem to have a clue either. Jan seems more mature and reserved. Even with the way then others talk they just seem like teenagers.

    4. Yes, Martha, she’s destined to be an old maid. It’s just shocking that a woman wouldn’t be married at the old age of twenty six. I mean, she’s practically elderly. Why can’t this woman find a man?! Something must be wrong with her indeed!!

      /Sarcasm. Maybe you live in a small town or something, but it’s perfectly normal to not be married in your twenties. She just turned twenty six this year. As of 2013, the average age of marriage in the USA for women is actually twenty seven (twenty nine for men). And that’s 2013. It looks like the average age is only going up as time goes on, so it might be even higher now. And that’s just the average – there are plenty of people who wait even longer. I happen to know many people who weren’t married until their thirties, and there was nothing “wrong” with them whatsoever. In Canada the average age is twenty nine for women, and thirty one for men. Btw, speaking of men, why do you only mention Jana? What about her twin brother, John-David? Are you equally concerned about his ability to find a fiancé? I find it interesting there’s such concern for Jana not running to the alter but no mention of the young men in the family.

    5. Jana has had tons of guys go to her father asking to court her, but word has it her Dad hasn’t approved of any of them except a couple, and those 2 weren’t what Jana was interested in. There was one guy Jana really really liked but her Dad put the kibosh on it. Which is really sad. Horrible. I know it’s their religion and beliefs but it’s still sad.

  8. Farrah’s Anit-Christ Attitude: Of course she is marrying to get outta there, wouldn’t you? Any sane person would do whatever necessary to get away from that cult compound.

    1. lmfaoo I still love that line after all these years. “Anti-Christ Attitude” Oh man they need to make those into bumper stickers and T-Shirts sold on the Jersey Shore lol

  9. I think they are already married and TLC has the whole thing on tape already. Another media site is talking about Jeremy buying the ring. We KNOW she already has the ring, so this is something that TLC probably plans on showing in the new episodes. So, maybe the wedding already took place too. Who knows? JimBoob lays awake at night trying to think of ways to keep the interest going for the few fans this cult has left.

  10. I hope for her sake she gets the wedding she wants. As far as moving to Laredo, I’ll believe it when I see it. Hate to be cynical but I can just imagine these two suddenly “receiving a call from God” that he should be placed in a ministry position in Northwest Arkansas, and being under Jim Boob’s umbrella forever.

  11. Getting away from that compound is the best thing she can do for herself! Good for her! I hope she is truly happy and not just marrying to get outta there!

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