Latest News: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Ryan Edwards Still Under Investigation, Claims He Lied About Killing Cats

"It was a joke. Um, yeah, that's it! Ha ha?"
“It was a joke. Um, yeah, that’s it! Ha ha?”

Ryan Edwards is back-pedaling on his story about his recent cat-killing escapades, but that hasn’t stopped local authorities and Chattanooga’s Humane Educational Society from pressing forward in their investigation against him!

As The Ashley reported earlier this week, Ryan is in hot water after posting disturbing photos of dead cats and bragging on social media that he’s been killing the animals on and around his…er…I mean, his parents’ Tennessee home. Last week, authorities obtained a search warrant to look for evidence that cat-luring and cat-killing occurred, which they found, according to the local news.

Now, Ryan is stating that the whole story was fictional, and claims that he never killed any cats.

“He’s saying he made it up and was just doing it to build hype … He didn’t think he’d get this much aggravation out of it,” Humane Educational Society Director Bob Citrullo told local news site on Monday.

Evidence found on Ryan’s parents’ property, however, seems to contradict Ryan’s latest statements, though. Bob Citrullo claims that authorities not only found animal remains on the property, but also cat food.

“If you have a cat problem, you don’t put food all over the place,” he told the site. (In a previous interview, he stated that it was evident that Ryan had allegedly been luring cats onto his property to kill them.)

As The Ashley previously told you, Ryan could be facing some serious consequences if he is charged and convicted of aggravated animal cruelty. The crime, which is a felony in Tennessee, could also get Ryan placed on the state’s animal cruelty registry. However, authorities are reportedly having some trouble in their investigation because the cats in question were likely feral.

“It’s very specific on companion animals and livestock, but feral cats are falling in between [the laws],” Bob told the site.

Ryan has not made a public statement about the investigation, and has been pretty quiet on his social media pages over the last week.

The Ashley will keep you posted on what happens next!

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20 Responses

  1. Well if this turns out to be then Ryan has just drop off from the list of TM dads that I like. Can’t stand anyone who abuses or kill innocent animals for no reason. That’s also a sign of being a psychopath.

  2. People who do this to animals are more likely to be abusive to humans. He has always frightened me a little with his flat affect and complete apathy.

    1. I totally agree. We have sadly had a large spree of people killing cats in the UK. The chief of police stated that a lot of serial killers began their killing cats xxx

    2. So, I knew the cat story, but I thought it was just him being stupid and shooting at feral cats because he’s stupid and didn’t realize killing cats is different than killing raccoons (and also too stupid to know it is illegal to kill any animals with a firearm in suburban neighborhood backyards).

      Luring the cats is a whole other enchilada. That is TEXTBOOK serial killer stuff. I always assumed Ryan was just so stupid he somehow developed attachment disorder despite having decent parents. MTV editing seems to neglected to include the fact that he might be a for realsies psychopath.

  3. I think Ryan could be upset that Mack is getting married soon, so he is trying to get attention focused on himself. He probably is killing cats, and it’s probably not new behavior, it’s just that now he feels the need to use it to get attention.

    1. That’s no excuse, you’ve only got to look st his eyes to see he’s bloody unhinged batshit crazy.
      His parents babied him all his life, and he’s turned in to a lazy work shy, reliant on mummy and daddy messed up pos.

  4. I hope he didn’t lure and kill his neighbors cats. I know I’d be pissed if my cat were missing and this ass had food all over his property to lure over it there specifically to kill it.

    He has some psychological problems, obviously.

    1. I think it is a feral cat community he is after. Not that it’s any better, but I was under the impression from one of the articles that a group of feral cats was destroying their property? Either way, contact the animal control department. They tend to stuff like that.

      1. He said it was a feral cat colony destroying their property. BUT this indicates that he was either lying to social media to justify in the moment OR it was even next level crazy where he was lying to his parents and *faking* a feral cat colony pest problem by luring them to the property so he could get away with openly killing them.

  5. If he did it and manages to not end up with charges, he is still a psychopath for killing innocent animals.

    1. An idiot that opens his big mouth then realizes he is in trouble so now he is lying & saying, oh well i was just kidding.
      He must have a pretty good lawyer & told him to say it was a lie to hype up Teen Mom

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