EXCLUSIVE! Matt Baier’s Son Now Living With Him & ‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood: Get the Juicy Details!

"That's my boy!"
“That’s my boy!”

File this under ‘report’ until The Ashley can completely confirm the entire story.

Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier is working to build a relationship with his adult son Chris Baier, and, according to The Ashley‘s sources, the father/son duo may have more in common than they ever could have imagined! 

It’s been a few months Chris told the tabloids that Matt was a ‘scumbag’ absentee dad, and Matt told the tabloids that his son was a liar who was on drugs. Since that time, though, The Ashley hears that Matt and Chris have bonded, so much so that Chris is reportedly living with Matt and his reality TV star fiance, Amber Portwood, in Indiana, despite the fact that Chris (allegedly) left a woman pregnant in South Dakota!

“Chris had been dating a woman in South Dakota for a long time and got her pregnant,” one source tells The Ashley. “Chris and the woman got into a fight and Chris called up Matt, and Matt figured it would be a chance for him to look good in the public eye and help his son. So he flew Chris out to Indiana, and Chris has been living with them ever since.”

The source tells The Ashley that Chris has allegedly cut off all contact with his baby-mama-to-be.

“Sounds an awful lot like what Matt did with most of his baby-mamas,” the source said. (The Ashley doesn’t have any additional info regarding Chris and this woman’s relationship or breakup.)

Anyway, The Ashley does not know if Chris will be filming alongside Amber and Matt for ‘Teen Mom OG,’ but her sources tell her it’s likely.

“They are really trying to improve Matt’s public image for the show,” another source tells The Ashley. “They don’t want him to be the ‘bad guy’ anymore. Having Chris appear on some episodes will show viewers that Matt is trying to right his wrongs of the past– well some of them–by being involved in Chris’ life. I won’t be surprised to see Chris appear.”

The Ashley will update this when she gets more info!

UPDATE: According to a new interview that Chris’ pregnant girlfriend, Madonna, did today, Chris went to live with Amber and Matt to get help with his drug addiction.

“Matt and Amber absolutely did not do this to ‘improve their public image’ as the articles have tried to say,” she told Real Mr. Housewife. “Christopher seriously needed help, he had a relationship with Matt and Amber, and he approached them during his time of need. They graciously opened up their home to him to help and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.”

(Photo: MTV)



  1. So it isnt enough that she is supporting this freeloader, now she is going to start supporting his loser drug addicted son and his girlfriend and baby ? WTH is the matter with this girl? Is she really THAT stupid?

    1. Appears to be that way…lol
      I am so happy that Gary and Kristina have custody of Leah. Ambers going to keep screwing around with junkies and she will either loose all parental rights or end up in jail..or both. With her parole can she be around drug users? And she wonders why Gary won’t let her have Leah back

  2. Never been a fan of Gary but he needs to keep Leah. Matt is already sketchy af. His son is probably worse.

  3. So, dumb and dumber brought in another drug addict? Great! Just what Leah needs to see/be around. Keep her forever, Gary!

  4. Amber and Matt are in no way able to help this kid with his drug addiction. Amber is not sober and numerous sources from Matt’s past have said he never even had a drug problem.

    And what’s worse is that Leah will be around this trio of disfunction.

  5. How, exactly, does it improve Matt’s image by bringing in a son who is following in his deadbeat footsteps? Ugh, Amber, wake up already!

  6. Now I understand why the druggie son went from calling his “father” out for the piece of crap he is and was to overly praising Matt and Amber on MTV! The whole time the son was talking I was thinking that he had to play his part and say wonderful things and if Matt and Amber felt he helped their image then they would pay him or compensate him. No surprise he’s moving in and leaving his long time pregnant gf! Gary PLEASE don’t let Leah go to that house and PLEASE don’t let Amber around Leah unsupervised!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. That poor boy, going trough all that trouble to step in his father’s footsteps to make him proud and hope he will finally accept and love him.
    He is just being used by MTV and Matt. Poor guy.

  8. Father and son dead beat dads. Nice job, Amber. Good luck shopping for a longer living room couch for the 3 of you to sit on while earning an MTV payout.

    Terrific role model you turned out to be…for your own daughter, Leah.


  9. Well…you’ve had drug problems no father figure and now your gf is pregnant but your absentee father calls up and says no worries boy come live with me you can make money sitting on a couch. We will be “sober” on alcohol.
    Can’t say I’m surprised. Amber is just as bad as matt, both think child support is optional and have 0 skills. Amber’s only talent is sitting on a couch for long periods of time. I hope the mtv money stops and these people get a reality check. I really hope gary keeps main custody and a very close eye on the men who are around leah.

  10. It’s funny that the only kid Matt has a relationship with is the adult one…with 0 responsibility attached…

    1. He only has a relationship with him now because of the interview his son gave a few months ago that basically confirmed what everyone already knew….that Matt’s a piece of shit.

  11. So, now there are 3 adults living in that home with no source of income except MTV. Way to go, Amber. You’ve “changed” so much since Leah was a baby…SMH….

  12. You can’t educate stupid.
    House full of dogs not including ratMatt, now his son she really is irresponsible and hasn’t changed at all.

    Spray or Neuter your dogs, if I were Gary she’d never have unsupervised visits with Leah.

    Several major red flags with Matt and that’s without all this now.

    His son is now on mtv’s payroll, 3 stooges sitting on the couch, while the dogs piss n shit around her house, the smell must be overpowering

  13. So he encouraged his estranged leave his pregnant girlfriend to join the TMOG cast & this is suppose to improve his image? Wow..you can tell MTV is looking to appease their teenage watchers. No sane adult would think this was a good idea.

  14. You can’t educate stupid.
    House full of dogs not including ratMatt, now his son and there really is irresponsible and hasn’t changed at all.
    Spray or Neuter your dogs, if I were Gary she’d never have and supervised visits with Leah.

    Several major red flags with Matt and that’s without all this now.

  15. “Matt figured it would be a chance for him to look good in the public eye”…Day by day this guy becomes more and more despicable. If this guy cared about Amber at all, he wouldn’t invite his POS opportunist son into her house for his own personal gain. He would tell his kid to not make the same mistakes he did, and take care of his girlfriend and child….but Matt’s so desperate to manipulate the public, that he will use his sleaze ball son to look good…desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. Amber is just so gullible. She’s allowing this “fiancé” to use her, and now his scumbag son is infiltrating the house too. Amber will cut off her nose to spite her face. She’s holding on to this “relationship” because she can’t let Gary have the last laugh. She wants to prove that Matt’s this good “father” and great guy, and God forbid Gary be right about Matt and Amber look “dumb” on TV…She’s too dumb to realize Gary doesn’t have to make her look dumb…she’s making herself look dumb on her own.

    1. I know! He’s not even reaching out to his son out of the kindness of his heart. He’s doing it for selfish reasons. He wouldn’t even be on speaking terms with Chris right now if it wasn’t for that interview Chris did about Matt. This guy must really think everyone is as stupid as Amber and believe all his bullshit.

    2. Had Matt not come into the picture, I think Amber would have been just fine and doing well, or at least better off than now. I know what it’s like to see an ex move on and be happy, start a family, but you can’t just let any wacko in your life and start a relationship with to prove ppl wrong. This is gonna be bad. I can see Matt getting her pregnant eventually, leaving her, and taking HER to child support court. Afterall, she has the higher income.

  16. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

    I actually felt bad for this guy when he broke his story but he is just as big of a piece of shit as his dad. Like father like son!

  17. Suppose Amber sees me coming out of the shower and decides to come on to me. I’m looking good, got a luscious v of hair going through my chest pubes down to my ball fro. She takes one look at me and goes “Oh my god, I’ve had the old bull now I want the young calf” and grabs me by the weiner.

  18. why do I feel we will be watching Matt, Amber and Chris sit on cheap chairs while the audience chants “JERRY! JERRY! JERRY!” before long?!

    “I don’t know whether my baby is my fiancés or his sons”

  19. Matt should feel like a perv dating Amber. And he should feel like a perv being the guy at the TM reunions who is old enough to be any of these girls dad. Him being on the show makes him a royal creeper. It’s gross to see him just becoming at one with Amber’s couch.

    1. Right. They have zero chemistry whatsoever, it’s like two random strangers decided to live together and get married. They don’t even look like they love each other. It looks like two friends. He’s using her and she is forcing herself to make this look and feel like some amazing relationship. It’s sad. Amber may not still be the idiot she was 5 years ago but she is still not thinking about her daughter or herself by bringing some TM weirdo, loser, deadbeat dad stalker in her life and Leah’s. NOW his son is living there? Gary should be livid.

  20. Nothing or no one can improve that losers image!! Matts a pos, a liar of all liars!! He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the face!! Nor would Amber…keep on standing by your man and when the time comes I hope everyone tells you I TOLD YOU SO!!

  21. Let me just say that every single time I see a pic of this creep I can’t help but cringe! Amber, seriously?! You deserve so much better!!!

  22. Maybe Amber should just buy a huge house and move ALL of Matt’s kids in with him, then he won’t have to pay child support. Oh, wait, these kids have MOMS that care about them and have provided for them all their lives. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  23. Please oh please oh PLEASE Amber, fall in love with Chris. Not that it would be any better for you or Leah (because let’s face it, you don’t care about that anyway) but I need the white trash to fuel my cold, dead heart.

  24. I think Matt’s son is about the same age as Amber. Them all living together, just seems so strange. She needs to put her foot down.

  25. Sadly, Chris sounds like he’s following in his father’s footsteps…..those of which he was just criticizing recently….

  26. It’s also funny how Amber is willing to financially support Matt and his son but not willing to pay child support to Gary for her daughter.

    1. I agree which is why I feel like whatever happens with Amber now in terms of getting used by Matt for money or a place to stay is her own fault and that’s what she gets. She’s so hell bent on proving everyone wrong that she will never break up with him because she can’t control her temper long enough to be able to brush off all the I told you so’s and accept her mistake of trusting this loser.

    2. Amber has become a wasted pile of crap since getting together with this guy. Why anyone still cheers this addle-brained excuse for a mother on when she’s drinking (while on anti-depressants to to top that off, as you do when you’re an addict…not) while “supposedly” sober is beyond me. It gets to the point that you have to realize there is no “poor Amber!!” in any of this. She is a willing, complicit participant in Matt’s schemes to shirk his responsibility as a parent, or at the very least a financial provider to the spawn he is leaving across the country in his efforts to avoid acting like a real man, getting a job, being responsible and becoming an active tax paying member of society.

      Hell, Amber was slapped with a tax lien for $134,919.00 in May of this year that was still unpaid last it was reported on in July, yet she’s moving Smegma-Mouth Jr. in so he can follow in his deadbeat daddy’s footsteps and make another child grow up as rage filled as he was obviously was given his lovely interview a few months back.

      Yeah. Amber, do us all a favor, get your tubes tied if you intend to stay with Smegma Mouth Sr. While you’re at, get all those phucking dogs spayed and neutered too and get your couch and carpet cleaned, it looks like it smells like dog shit and piss in your house and I’m thankful “smell-e-vision” is a thing that doesn’t exist yet. Between your pets that are poorly trained and taken care of and your mouth breathing loser of a boyfriend, I’d undoubtedly vomit during your segments.

      Poor Leah. If I were Gary, I’d never let her in your house.

    3. Valid point. I had forgotten what a fuss she made over having to give Gary child support. Wait until the rest of his family get wind of the free ride at Ambers!! They’ll all be expecting 1st class air fare to Indiana and an MTV paycheck. Ambers brother needs to go over there and clean house!

    4. EXACTLY!!! She will willingly ruin her life, just because she can’t let Gary have 1 up on her. Not saying Gary is perfect, but Gary has the wife, the house, no criminal record, Leah, a new baby and a lot more common sense. We all saw how Amber reacted when Gary told her he was choosing Christina, and a few months later she let the cockroach move in because she didn’t want to be alone….and no matter what Matt does, or how many lies he gets caught in, Amber is going to stay, because she doesn’t want Gary to continue to have better and do better than her.

      1. Well, Gary’s reaction to Christina’s pregnancy was pretty awful. I think he was stringing them both along until Christina got knocked up. I think he was still hung up on Amber until smegma mouth rolled into town with his milk crate of vinal. After that he just gave up on Amber and hiself.

  27. Is this guy serious? Does he really think that people that have followed this story from the beginning will think this is genuine? He’s only taking to his son now because his son called out his ass out on being a lousy father. What joke this guy is. I feel bad for his son because Matt wouldn’t even be talking to him if it wasn’t for this show.

    1. Oh gosh! Do sorry! That was supposed to be an upvote, not a down. Stupid slippery fingers/phone. I need to lay of the fries.

      1. @ Puta, you can just hit the “thumbs up”, and it will change to an up vote.Just thought you may want to know, I always hit the wrong things. Lol.

  28. And Amber is paying for allllll of this. The minute this show ends she’ll be on Krystal’s front step with a duffle bag.

    1. Indeedy!

      I hope the door is promptly closed in her face.

      Crystal is no sweetheart in all this, but hot damn,, this cycle of shit needs to stop.

  29. Ambers brother needs to get these two bums out of HER house. I didn’t know Matt had a job to pay for an airplane ticket and to feed and house his “son”. Just another moocher whose going to enjoy the free ride courtesy of Amber and MTV.

    1. Matt’s making that Teen Mom money now! Not nearly what the girls get, but he’s on MTV payroll. Not that that makes any of this better because it’s still ridiculous.

  30. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there!!!! Of course he’ll be appearing on teen mom ( will be next season tho) gotta get that money before ( if ) Amber dumps Matt!!

    Maybe all of Matts baby mommas could drag their kids on teen mom… At least then their moms will get some child support cheques , courtesy of MTV

    1. A “great mom” puts their child first. A “great mom” sets a positive example for their child. A “great mom” doesn’t meet a (almost )fifty year old man off of Twitter, allow him to move in with her across the country on the second date, find out he has NINE children he has completely abandoned, a s*xual assault allegation, and more scams and lies that can fill a book— and not just STAY with the man, but allow him to primarily raise her daughter (while she’s sleeping) on the day a month she has her. That’s the opposite of a “great mom”, Sandy.

    2. That’s exactly her problem, she won’t listen to anyone and has no common sense of her own! She’s a great mom to that moocher mattt! What a sick relationship that is! You got it twisted

    3. Wrong site for loving on the bad mommies. Go to Duggar Official site if you feel the need to affirm really bad decisions. Ty- mic drop.

    4. A great mom
      would have custody of her child, and put the child first, Amber puts her mooching boyfriend and her hoards of dogs before her daughter, I pitty your kids if you have any, get your Tubes tied sandy, you talk as much shit as matt.

  31. I feel like this story took a weird twist and it’s just Amber and Matt pulling shit out of their asses to make him to saintly.

  32. So now basically Amber can support adult Matt and his adult son? He’s probably convinced her that it’s good for her somehow. Ugh. Whether it’s in a couple of months or in a couple of years, this is never going to work out and she’s going to feel so stupid.

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