‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Starring On a New Show? The Ashley Has All the Exclusive Details!

"I was telling the truth, guys!"
“I was telling the truth, guys!”

Please file this under ‘report’ until The Ashley can 100 percent confirm it….

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been known to “stretch the truth” when it comes to stories about her life, relationships, pregnancies, etc. So it’s no surprise that when the reality star tweeted that she was in talks to do a new show, many of Jenelle’s followers were skeptical.

“This was about a different show I’m appearing on… Nothing to do with MTV,” Jenelle tweeted earlier this week, in regard to a post she made that mentioned her possibly suing a TV network.

The Ashley has the scoop on what’s really on here…

The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle is telling the truth about the new show! She is also telling the truth about fighting with a network– but it’s not MTV!

From what The Ashley has heard, Jenelle is in talks to appear on a new show on WEtv. It is basically a carbon copy of VH1’s Family Therapy, and will feature a “celebrity” going to on-camera therapy with an estranged family member to work on their relationship. The Ashley doesn’t know the working title for the new show yet, but an industry source connected to the new show has confirmed that this show is happening, and will begin filming in October.

The Ashley’s WEtv sources tell her that Jenelle will be appearing with her mother, Barbara Evans, and will of course be dragging her boyfriend David Eason along too.

The Ashley’s MTV sources tell her that, surprisingly, MTV gave Jenelle the go-ahead to appear, despite the fact that WEtv is not part of the Viacom. (You may remember that Farrah Abraham was told that she could not film for Lifetime’s The Mother/Daughter Experiment, which caused her epic freak-out on Producer Larry Musnik. The Ashley is not sure why they Ok’d Jenelle’s new venture but not Farrah’s, but it may have something to do with filming schedules.)

"Even if Juh-nelle and her boooooyfriend can't be on the show, can I still come on?"
“Even if Juh-nelle and her boooooyfriend can’t be on the show, can I still come on?”

Anyway, here’s where it gets interesting and the threats of litigation come into play. Jenelle & Co. had already signed the contracts to appear on the WEtv family show, but now the network is hesitating to allow Jenelle to appear. The Ashley is not sure what the new hold-up is, but her WEtv source suggests that it may have something to do with Jenelle’s recent announcement that she’s pregnant. It does not have anything to do with MTV, though.

Jenelle is understandably upset, because she had planned to be away filming in October and everything for the new show was set. That’s why she and her new lawyer are discussing her contract (for WEtv, not MTV), and talking about suing.

UPDATE! (October 10, 2016): Farrah Abraham will be replacing Jenelle and starring on this show! Click here for the latest details!

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  1. Wow I may simply have to bow out of that mess. There is watching a story unfold and then there is rewarding bad behavior on a continual basis (which is kinda like being addicted to pain pills I guess nyuck nyuck).
    Jenelle has had a good run but her current stupidity should be saved for Intervention or World’s Dumbest… where Tonya Harding can first sympathize then jank on hers truly. Maybe Bad Girls Club but I would have to know that CPS already had a decent living situation lined up for the kids when she went into filming.

  2. It is so sad that she is choosing to be on another show, which will cause her to be away from her children. Although I guess it won’t be that different than what they are used to anyways. Jenelle doesn’t need therapy to learn how to get along with her mom, she just needs to learn how to not be a piece of crap of a person and she needs to learn how to treat people with courtesy and respect. And she needs to learn to put her children first… but I’m not sure if that can be taught.

  3. Just taking a quick glance into my crystal ball:

    the fighting with the new network will cause them to get mad at her and give her a bad edit and make her life look unstable and a complete disaster even though she’s STABLE and CLEAN. But don’t worry, she won’t care because she knows the truth and has never been so happy.

  4. Babs looks like the fuqing grinch in this picture. This can’t be unseen unfortunately. Chinelle, get a good look at you in 40 years. Surprisingly, a blog posted some throwback pics of Babs back in the day like 25-30 years ago and she was pretty good looking, looked nothing like Chinelle actually.

  5. Babs looks like the fuqing grinch in this picture. This can’t be unseen unfortunately. Chinelle, get a good look at you in 40 years.

  6. Well…if she is threatening to sure them I am sure they will jus be THRILLED to work with her…wonder what Babs thinks..hate that she is willing to go on another trashy show that will just end up hurting Jace

  7. Ugh. No more airtime for David UBT Eason, please, on any network.

    Gross. What does he have to do with any of this? He’s been around for a year.

  8. If contracts have already been signed and they’re hesitating because she’s pregnant then I feel like that might be a legitimate case against them..?
    Obviously I have no idea what these contracts state but isn’t it illegal to not hire someone based on the fact that they’re pregnant alone? Especially considering they were willing to work with her before the announcement..

  9. I do think the entire family needs help and therapy but I don’t think another reality show will help what so ever. And who is going to watch the gaggle of abandoned kiddos when babs, janelle, and uc are all off to “therapy”? Maybe Keefer will be the baby sitter he could probably use the cash and place to stay.

    1. Good point, who will be watching the little Goobers? I guess the same people who watch them now while Babs works and Chinelle and UBT rant and rave at each other

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