‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Matt Baier Issues Statement About His Past & Relationship with Amber Portwood

"So I lied about having a bunch of kids. Everyone does that once in their life, right?"
“So I lied about having a bunch of kids. Everyone does that once in their life, right?”

Matt Baier is speaking out!

The fiance of Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood returned to his private Twitter account last night after a year-long absence to make a statement regarding some of things from his past. In the long statement, Matt finally admits that some of the media stories that have circulated about him– including the ones that accuse him of lying about the number of kids he has– are true.

This marks the first time that Matt has officially acknowledged that some of the stories about him are not just “made up by the media to make him look bad,” as he has stated in the past.

He also addresses some of the other rumors that have been circulating about him, including the one that states that he is not an actual addict, and only pretended to be in recovery to be more appealing to Amber, who is a recovering addict.

Below is Matt’s full tweeted statement:

Since everyone is asking, I’m posting this once and for all. Have I made mistakes? Yes, a million of them, but who hasn’t?

Do I have more kids than I admitted to on TV two years ago? Yes and I should have been upfront about it. However, you still don’t have all the facts based on what you’ve read in the tabloids or what you think you know.

Did I make terrible jokes at the expense of people a few years back on Twitter? Yes, and I’ve apologized for it and cleared it up with them, whether they act like I have or not.

Am I 19 years older than Amber? Yes. So what?

Am I a recovering addict? Yes. Why would I lie about that?

Am I a flawed person? Yes, but who is perfect?

In my life have I affected some people’s lives in a negative way? Yes, and I’m still doing my part to make that up.

Do I have regrets? Of course. Would I be human if I didn’t?

Have I learned from the million mistakes I have made in my life? Yes.

Are Amber and I very happy? Yes, sincerely.

Am I going to live the rest of my life dwelling on the past? No, and neither should you.

To catch up on all of the stories regarding Matt, click here!

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59 Responses

  1. The episode where they were riding horses, you could see Ambie starting to lift the veil of bullshit on Matt. She cancelled the wedding and was even entertaining a lucid moment of caring advice from Farrah – dump and run. I guess she worries about who will clean up the mess (i.e. shit and piss) from the pack of wild dogs, sit with her on the couch and reinforce her bad behavior because they are former addicts. Rise and shine Ambie…the new addiction is Matt – just as toxic as your pharmies! I mean, Matt makes Gary look like a better option even though he shaved off his eyebrows and can take the finish off of just about any surface with his sebum. #sigh

  2. He’s absolutely disgusting. He lied about how many children he had. Imagine your own father pretending you don’t exsist so he can mooch off a reality TV star. Imagine turning on the tv and seeing this motherf*ckers face knowing he’s your father while he sits there and has his young girlfriend defend everything while he gets to ride around in her brand new car while you and your mother struggle.

  3. Do I hate people who ask their self obvious questions instead of just saying what they are trying to say? Yes.
    Does it make you sound very insincere? Yes!

  4. Just when you think it’s not possible for him to look like any more of a douche… and totally random but it really irritates me seeing him driving around in Ambers brand new $80k escalade, probably thinking he’s the shit. Wake the fuck up, Amber!! Can you say: OPP-OR-TUN-IST?

    1. yupp even delusional Farrah sees him for what he is. If farrah sounds intelligent in comparison to you, you’re definitely doing something wrong

      1. Right? Was thinking that when they had their little phone convo.. I’m like damn, its pretty bad when FARRAH is the voice of reason.

        1. don’t forget….even JENELLE was the voice of reason at one point with that little twitter fight her and Amber had over Matt!

  5. You know I actually haven’t made a bunch of mistakes, hurt a lot of people and been completely irresponsible in my life. So no, Matt, not everyone has done those things.

  6. I am so tired of people thinking casue they are recovering addicts that they deserve some superhuman recognition. He is doing it, Jenelle is, and so is Amber. I don’t agree that people should get a pat on the back or that recovering addicts fell they deserve some trophy for now praticing good judgement. What about the people that never made bad judgement and never got addicted to anything in the first place? And NO addiction is NOT a disease! No recovering addict has overcome some disease by not doing drugs anymore. How do you know you have this so called disease if you never touch drugs. I love how he is all the past is the past but keeps on bringing up his past! And I can say all of this because I was once an addict!

    1. plus i feel like addiction is self inflicted, so that’s why I have a hard time sympathizing…and I don’t believe for one second that Matt was an addict….addicted to making babies maybe, but that man was never addicted to drugs or alcohol. He made that up and is using it as a front so that he can blame all of his previous behavior on impaired judgement. I really wish that he would crawl back into whatever hole he escaped from.

  7. I don’t feel this is sincere and doesn’t seem he wrote it. Maybe a public relations person told him what to say to change people’s view of him. It sounds better when he explains it cut and dry like that….do I have more kids yes…instead of do I have 9 children I abandoned and never paid child support for as well as leaving their mothers high and dry yes. Amber already postponed their wedding because she is afraid of the publics opinion. But she’s going to be waiting a long time before he’s liked if ever. Your past tells people alot about you, it’s not like he had a few rough years in high school or something he had a 20 year streak of ruining women’s lives and procreation along the way. I don’t think he will change his ways, he is going to cling to amber as long as mtv is footing the bill, but I don’t think he will stick around once he will have to get a real job. He’s near 50 and has no job no plans nothing usually 50 year Olds are seriously planning for retirement not planning mtv weddings to teen mom’s. Sorry matt you can put a pig in a tux but it’s still a pig.

    1. If Amber is this stupid to think that he’s a completely changed person than she deserves him. After all this Teen Mom stuff is over and she isn’t relevant anymore, he’s probably to screw her over like he did to all of his other exes.

    2. His very first line:
      Since everyone is asking, I’m posting this once and for all. Have I made mistakes? Yes, a million of them, but who hasn’t?

      should have ended with yes, a million of them. It should have never included the part about who hasn’t. Right away he’s not taking accountability for himself…rather he’s making sure everyone else thinks they’re far from perfect too.

      He’s such a damn tool.

      1. Took the words right outta my mouth….I thought the same thing…no accountability. Even more evidence he’s truly a sociopath, he doesn’t seem to have a conscience.

      2. That’s a very cleaver point. And I wouldn’t exactly call making a bunch of children and abandoning them emotionally or financially a mistake. That is just plain cruelty.

  8. In typical Mouth Breather Matt fashion, that excuse was totally pathetic and Amber is absolutely pitiful for standing by her con-man. That’ll be the day when these 2 break up, and he will finally be off of our TV screens…but Amber has one of the worst track records with men in the franchise….she would probably find somebody worse than Matt.

  9. “Are Amber and I very happy? Yes, sincerely.” After reading this, I feel like Amber is basically under his thumb, 24/7, regardless if she thinks she’s in charge of her own life and maybe the relationship. It seems to me she NEVER has a moment away from him, where he isn’t part of EVERYTHING she’s doing, no matter what…when you spend 24/7 that way, you become brainwashed by the situation, you have no alone moments to really think anything out on your own. He inserts himself in every conversation, every visit with Leah; every MTV interview and MTV scene; they have no idea what will be chosen for the episodes, so I believe he IS by her side always especially when MTV is there, to be sure she doesn’t think for herself, the way he cut Amber off discussing her conversation with Farrah, saying NO they’re not discussing that, when obviously Amber would have, at least a little; he’s TOTALLY controlling Amber, and unfortunately, when you get that involved with someone, especially someone who’s purposely trying to keep you for their own selfish reasons (he’s getting bigger bucks here than ever before and he loves the fame; she is his gravy train; who’d give a hoot about him if he’s not with Amber?). He’s making it seem he’s invaluable concerning Leah, he’s spent more time with Leah than all of his children combined; I hope it’s as obvious to someone close to her who can gently start presenting these ideas to her, because i do believe they’re also facts. Amber needs to spend more time alone with Leah so that Leah doesn’t mistakenly associate her great love of her mom as a package deal loving Matt — it’s hard for children, they love family life, and Matt is being sure it is “matter-of-fact” that Matt and Mommy equal love and fun, all together. Sorry this is so long, but Matt’s really bothering me the more I see and hear of him. I’ve worked in the psychological field with adults and children individually, and I’ve seen these situations again and again, and the users are almost always sociopaths who can change their tune, their history, at the drop of a dime, EXACTLY as Matt has AND does.

  10. Holy crap. Dude, I have a past I’m not proud of. It is what it is. But when you have a shitty past you tend to learn those skeletons don’t stay securely in the closet and you work to get them out of there. Quit lying and making things harder for the people actually trying to straighten their lives out.

    Im surprised he hasn’t pulled a Jenelle and flaunted some random AA/NA chips on social media.

    1. We all have done things in the past we’re not proud of. But most of us didn’t keep on repeating them over and over again.

      This guy never wanted to grow up and take responsibility for his choices. He always made others pay the price… theirs, and his.

  11. Remember when he went to visit Amber for the first time and was like surprise! I sold my house and everything I own. She should have seen through him then.

    1. This turd practically teleported to Indiana lol. Id have closed my door and changed my number. That’s some creepy Lifetime movie sh1t. That’s on her.

    2. He didn’t even have a house to sell. He said he “gave up” his apartment. And showed up with a bag of dirty clothes…

  12. Am I fugly? YES. Am I stupid? Well I prefer giant idiot. Do I have grey pubes? Yes. Do I like Chris Hansen? No, he caught me once eating a cookie and sweet tea that a 12 year old made but the charges were dropped.

  13. Hello Amber this is your wake up call. You don’t start a relationship on lies. What else is going to come out next????? If he tells one lie than he has to keep covering it up with more.⏱ wake up Amber

  14. This guy is such a loser! It is obvious why he is with Amber. Too bad she is in such denial. She was what, the third teen mom he tried to go after? Craziness. Run Amber! Run!

  15. I’m having a Lion King moment here. It doesn’t matter! It’s in the past!
    Right, sure Matt. I wish someone would smack Matt on the head.

    This is “Hey, I said I was sorry, now get over it.” Only sincere apologies and regret count, combined with actions that speak louder than words when you want to be forgiven.

  16. He forgot a few things….

    Was a a Teen Mom fanatic that obsessively tweeted about it and flirted with other cast members before Amber? Yes. But who hasn’t?

    Did I take advantage of Amber so I can get my 15 minutes of fame and a huge paycheck to help me pay for all the child support payments? Yes. But who hasn’t?

    This guys is a joke.

    1. Also more interesting:
      Do I have more kids than I admitted to Amber?

      Did I con people in my past?

      Do I owe child support?
      Am I paying people back? (No, I am not going to dwell on the past.)

      Would I ever have reconnected with some of my kids without all the media attention?

      Did I hurt or destroy anything or anyone after the wall incident?

      Who is the lady who made a statement to a gossip website, pretending to be my son’s girlfriend?

  17. I like how he basically justifies everything by saying everyone makes mistakes, as if we should all just brush it under the rug and pretend he’s a stand up guy. A person who truly feels regret, guilt, or a need to make things right doesn’t pass the buck and say he’s just a human! A sincere person will own up and accept the consequences without trying to rationalize anything away. I think this guy is so desperate to convince Amber and everyone else that he’s amazing so he just pulls things out of his ass. Not fooling anyone but Amber! Unfortunately being emotionally wrapped up in someone makes you blind to the obvious.

  18. “Am I an addict?” “Yes. Why would I lie about that?” Oh, I don’t know, maybe to make yourself seem more relatable to the girl with a drug addiction that just got out of “gel.”

    1. Hey now, gel was a looong time ago, she has changed sooo much since then. No, seriously, she has, I’m not kidding. She has learned to pronounce it as “jail”.

    2. Yupp. I feel extremely certain that he never had a drug issue.

      His only issue is being a massive loser and deadbeat dad.

      Amber is just someone to use to get him out of debt and provide money so he doesn’t have to work.

  19. I find it interesting that he said “Are Amber and I very happy? Yes, sincerely.” No mention of them being in love or even loving each other. They never show affection. Of course he’s happy with Amber. She’s basically his personal ATM and babysitter for the little time she has with Leah.

    1. I agree, I thought that was strange also! I don’t think they are in love, I think he sees a meal ticket and she’s so desperate to be with someone since Gary moved on and got with Kristina. She even cried when she found out he was having his daughter etc(and I’m think she might have been with Matt then – I’m not sure!)

      Also, side bar – I cannot stop laughing every time I see your name and picture!

    1. Anyone that can blame addiction & TRY to flip…because he’s human & we all make millions of mistakes & we all have a bunch of kids that we refused to support & lie about…yeah we all do that
      But it takes a real man to brush it off because everyone does it

  20. Oh my gosh he never ever apologized. All he did was basically say others have done what I have and worse. That is NOT taking responsibility for anything. Has the man never watched an episode of Dr. Phil??? He’d nail him.

  21. He didn’t answer any questions or address diddly squat. All he says was he’s human and not perfect And no one is, repeatedly. How is that helping matters? That doesn’t change anyone’s opinion of him at all.

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