‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 6 Episode 3 Recap: Announcing a Pregnancy & the Annual ‘Daddy Derek’ Visit

When you have to pretend like you didn't notice your giant baby bump...and you feel like a damn fool....
When you have to pretend like you didn’t notice your giant baby bump…and you feel like a damn fool….

It’s Teen Mom OG time! Guzzle down a few Bud Lights because, if you’re anything like Maci and Taylor, you’re going to need a crapload of alcohol to get through this!

On the last episode of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ we learned that Maci had not been visiting ItsYourSexLife.com enough because– surprise!– she’s pregnant…again. In what may be the most poorly acted scene since Farrah pretended to be in a relationship with James Deen before he put it in her butt, Maci and Taylor “discover” Maci is pregnant. Apparently she thought that her five months along baby belly was just a beer gut and is “shocked” to discover that she’s pregnant.

Before we can tackle the topic of Maci starring on the next season of I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, though, we have to first check in with Catelynn and Tyler.

"Well what if we start calling you Candon and Batreesa? Can we talk about you then?"
“Well what if we start calling you Candon and Batreesa? Can we talk about you then?”

Out of the blue, Catelynn gets a phone call from BrandonandTeresa. It’s kind of an odd thing for Teresa to just randomly ring up Cate, so Cate quickly calls her back.

In a voiceover, Cate tells us that, in the years since ‘Teen Mom’ blew up (in addition to Cate and Ty’s heads, of course), BrandonandTeresa haven’t been so keen on broadcasting their daughter, Carly, for MTV ratings. They no longer allow cameras to film Cate and Ty’s scheduled visits with Carly, much to Cate and Ty’s dismay.

"Lawd...Tyler's gonna act like a bratty 10-year-old little girl again over this!"
“Lawd…Tyler’s gonna act like a bratty 10-year-old little girl over this!”

Catelynn gets off the phone with Teresa, who has just told Cate to basically stop telling the world everything that is discussed between them. Who can blame Teresa? She adopted this kid from Cate and Ty, never thinking that nearly a decade later, she’d still be the subject of many a  televised conversation. 

Catelynn says that Teresa doesn’t want to tell Cate something and then have Cate tell the whole world on camera what Teresa just said…which is, of course, exactly what Cate is doing in this scene. Right now, Teresa is sitting there with clenched (perfectly white) teeth, and trying not to smack her TV silly.

Surprisingly, Catelynn responds well, and understands why Teresa wouldn’t want her life (and the life of her family) broadcast for the world to feast on. However, Catelynn is bracing herself for Tyler’s response, because she knows that he’ll act like a completely entitled, self-centered jerk about this, as per usual.

"Ugh...this state smells like poor!"
“Ugh…this state smells like poor!”

Meanwhile, Farrah is slumming it in Omaha for a few days. She’s visiting her mom, Deb, who recently moved back to Nebraska. Deb arrives at Farrah’s hotel room, bearing gifts and that cringe-worthy “Hello, baby!” greeting she insists on delivering to Farrah on every episode.

Debra has a cooler full of delight with her. While many fans assume that Deb’s cooler contains the carved heart of Michael, that’s actually not the case (this time). Apparently, it’s time for Farrah to have her famous backdoor checked out via a colonoscopy. Since Debra is an ol’ pro at having the procedure done, she’s purchased a few beverages that will help Farrah recover.

"I figured you could use a heart, baby!"
“I figured you could use a heart, baby!”

Farrah, of course, acts like a complete crabgoblin for no apparent reason. She totally blows off her mom’s kind gesture and says that she doesn’t need any beverages because her instructions only tell her to keep hydrated, so clearly she doesn’t need anything to drink. Duh, Debra!

Deb says that if Farrah doesn’t jam some Gatorade into her snotty face, she’s going to faint. We are then treated to a tale as old as time: Deb regales us with the story of when she had her colonoscopy. The story she tells will haunt us all for the rest of our days…

"And that, Sophia, is the story of how Grandma's butt exploded!"
“And that, Sophia, is the story of how Grandma’s butt exploded!”

“It started out pretty good, you just have to go to the bathroom,” Debra tells us. “After that, it’s like…your ass explodes! You cannot control anything!”

The picture of Debra running to the toilet, while attempting to remove the one-piece glitter bodysuit she was surely wearing when this incident occurred, screaming “It’s coming! It’s coming!” will never, ever leave me.

Farrah says that after she gets her backdoor flushed out, and deals with the resulting exploding diarrhea, she and Sophia will be heading to Missouri to go visit “Daddy Derek” as well as Derek’s father, Jerry. Deb is eager to get in on the ass-exploding, Missouri road-tripping, but of course, Farrah shuts her down and says that she can’t join in on the fun…or help her control her poop chute.

It's amazing what Amber's 'Teen Mom' checks can buy, no?
It’s amazing what Amber’s ‘Teen Mom’ checks can buy, no?

Speaking of asses, we next head to Indiana to go see what Matt is up to….oh, and Amber. She is showing everyone her giant new engagement ring, which is proudly adorning her clear-glitter-painted cat claws. (Hey, at least Amber doesn’t have her hand pierced anymore! Remember that horrorfest?!)

Amber tells the producers that Matt bought her the new ring to help them get through a rough patch in their relationship. Apparently, Amber spoke to Farrah on the phone, and even Farrah– the woman who thought it would be a good idea to sell plastic molds of her vagina to the masses—thought that Amber was making a bad decision about marrying Matt.

The conversation has made Amber decide to wait on having a wedding, and has also made Matt angry. Damn that Farrah! Now Matt is one step farther from getting his sweaty paws on Amber’s fortune, and to be legally entitled to half of Amber’s trusty couch and Cat Kingdom once their relationship goes kaput.

When you're desperately trying to find a family member who doesn't hate you....
When you’re desperately trying to find a family member who doesn’t hate you….

Later, Matt is out by the lake, sulking, when his “cousin” Michael calls him up. This dude apparently hasn’t seen Matt in about 10 years (or, in Matt terms, six or seven kids ago), but he has been watching Matt on ‘Teen Mom’ and wants to meet his long-lost cousin’s famous new fiance.

He invites Amber and Matt to come to Massachusetts and Matt eagerly accepts.

Even Maci knows this whole charade is ridiculous...
Even Maci knows this whole charade is ridiculous…

Finally, we head to Tennessee to check in with Maci and Taylor. They’re sitting on the couch (Amber and Matt-style) and they call Bentley into the room. They announce that they have something to tell him, and Bentley looks confused. After all, his mom and Taylor have these formal living room meetings when they’re about to tell him they made an “oopsie” baby, and they just had Oopsie Jayde, so it can’t be that again…right?

Bentley is shocked to learn that his mom– a girl who was literally a spokesperson promoting the prevention of unplanned pregnancy– has done got herself knocked up again. He takes the news that he’s going to be a big brother (again) surprisingly well.

“Three kids!” Bentley exclaims. “THREE KIDS?!”

Our thoughts exactly, Bentley!

"Now how did that get there! I swear I never noticed it, y'all! I thought everyone's stomachs moved!"
“Now how did that get there? I swear I never noticed it, y’all! I thought everybody’s stomachs moved!”

The next day, Maci and Taylor are most likely heading out on their first liquor store run of the day when they decide to stop off at an ultrasound place to see how long they have until Baby Oopsie arrives. (Because…remember guys, Maci had nooooo idea she was pregnant!)

They get Maci up on the table, and she’s telling the ultrasound tech that she hasn’t felt any baby movement at all. She says this, of course, while her baby belly is actually moving. Also, Maci’s belly is enormous. The girl is rail-thin, but we are supposed to believe that she didn’t realize that having a ballooning, moving belly meant she was pregnant!? Come ON, MTV! Even someone who goes to school near Leah Messer, where the schools “isn’t well,” would be smart enough to figure this ridiculousness out!

"Are we still pretending that we didn't notice your giant belly, Mom?"
“Are we still pretending that we didn’t notice your giant belly, Mom?”

The ultrasound tech tells Maci that she’s far enough along to know the sex of the baby. She is also told that she is about 21 weeks pregnant, and Taylor does his best to look surprised. Bentley isn’t buying it, of course. He is just staring at Maci’s tummy, wondering why these two knuckleheads are still trying to make this “surprise pregnancy” story line happen.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting to plan a wedding while expecting my third child,” Maci says.

Um…this is ‘Teen Mom.’ That’s actually just par for the course, girl!

Baby talk and awkward music...it's time for a Daddy Derek visit again!
Baby talk and awkward music…it’s time for a Daddy Derek visit again!

Back in Nebraska, Farrah and her colon are doing well, so it’s time to go visit Daddy Derek’s grave. The sad music starts playing, so we know we’re in for yet another scene at the cemetery.

Normally when filming these scenes, MTV makes sure to zoom in real close on whatever face Farrah is sporting at the time to capture all of her tears. This time, though, Farrah appears to be Snapchatting her cemetery visit (as you do). I mean, if you don’t film your visit to your deceased ex-boyfriend’s grave…did it even happen?!

Sophia reaches Derek’s grave and for some reason starts talking like a toddler (even more so than usual). It’s all quite disturbing.

"Oh my gosh...you can't catch 'poor,' can you?"
“Oh my gosh…you can’t catch ‘poor,’ can you?”

Afterward, Sophia and Farrah go out to dinner with Derek’s family. They make awkward small talk. Derek’s stepsister is talking about how her car no longer works but she doesn’t want to replace it. Farrah nods politely, but you can tell she’s having trouble understanding such a “peasant problem.”

In Michigan, Catelynn is still talking on camera about not being able to talk about Teresa on-camera. She tells her friends that she’s worried about pissing off BrandonandTeresa because it could lead to the end of their relationship with Carly.

Butch and Tyler are working on the new house when Cate calls to tell Tyler what Teresa said. Catelynn has barely gotten a sentence out before Tyler instantly gets a “No she did not” stank face look.

“UGH!” he sighs. “This is so annoying!”

"It's like they don't even know that I'm Tyler from 'Teen Mom!'"
“It’s like they don’t even know that I’m Tyler from ‘Teen Mom!'”

It feels like we are just a moment away from Tyler busting out the, “Don’t they know who I am?” line.

Butch, meanwhile, just shakes his head.

When did Tyler become so hard to take? Was it about the time that he started trying to make that “Rider Strong” 1990s wave hairstyle a thing? I dunno…

In Tennessee, Maci and Taylor are shoving food into Baby Oopsie #1, and decide that they will “tell the world” about their latest mistake blessing. Taylor starts by telling his barber (as you do), who can’t believe that this T-shirt-hawking hipster keeps knocking up his baby mama.

Dammmmn, Taylor!” he exclaims.

"UGH! If only there were a way to prevent all these unwanted pregnancies!"
“UGH! If only there were a way to prevent all these unwanted pregnancies!”

Maci also tells her friend about the pregnancy.

“I want someone else to get pregnant so maybe I’ll stop getting pregnant,” she says.

Here’s a novel idea, Maci: Stop using condoms as Bud Light coasters for several years, and then expecting them to prevent pregnancy. Haha! Just kidding…we all know that Maci doesn’t use birth control!

Here’s another idea: Stop getting pregnant. It’s NOT that hard!

“At least everyone will know that we have a great sex life,” Maci adds.

Ew. Also….ew.

"The babies...they just keep coming out of her!"
“The babies…they just keep coming out of her!”

Taylor is showing Baby Oopsie’s sonograms to his gang of bearded brothers. (Seriously, are they all wearing some sort of uniform? All of them are sporting a leather pocket shirt and they both have bushy beards. I won’t be surprised if Baby Oopsie pops out with a full face of hair and a onesie with a leather pocket on it…hey at least Taylor will have somewhere to keep his beer while he holds the baby!)

Next, Maci has to break her big baby news to Ryan, Jen and Larry.  They all gather in the living room, and there’s this strange sexual tension between Maci and Ryan in this scene. (You know you felt it too!) She tells them about the baby, and they are all shocked. Ryan delivers the line of the episode.

Ryan seems strangely turned on by Maci's pregnancy news...
Ryan seems strangely turned on by Maci’s pregnancy news…

“Dang! I thought you was just gettin’ fat!” he tells Maci. Oddly, his comment literally makes Maci’s face light up.

WTF is happening here?

Ryan then compliments his ex.

“You’ll have three kids and you’ll still look good!” he exclaims.

Maci agrees, and says she’s excited because this means that all of her kids will be grown and out of her house by the time she’s 45. There’s then an awkward silence, because everyone realizes that Ryan is in his mid-twenties and still not finished milking Jen and Larry dry. Seriously, Bentley will probably move out on his own before Ryan does.

Over in Indiana, it’s time to put out the MISSING posters. No, Matt hasn’t run off and left Amber broke and pregnant (well…yet). It’s actually Gary‘s eyebrows that are missing!

So...is no one gonna provide an explanation for this or... ?
So…is no one gonna provide an explanation for this or… ?

We are given no explanation and it’s extremely odd, because in the last scene, Gary’s eyebrows here intact (which is more than we can say about his poor recliner, unfortunately. Once Gary’s prized position, the recliner is now in a state of disrepair rivaling Leah Messer‘s house and Jenelle Evans‘ life.)

Meanwhile, Matt and Amber are on their way to Boston. Once they arrive at their hotel, Matt tells Amber all about the people she’ll be meeting the next day. Amber’s feeling uncomfortable, because she feels like maybe bringing a ten-person ‘Teen Mom’ film crew along with her the first time she meets Matt’s family might make things uncomfortable.

“Now I have to meet someone you haven’t seen in 10 years…with cameras?!” she squeals.

"Cameras?! Following me?! What is happening!?"
“Cameras?! Following me?! What is happening!?”

Um…did no one explain to you how this works, Amb? They filmed you in prison, for goodness sakes! Did you really think MTV was going to let you go to a family dinner without a film crew in tow?!

The next day, Matt and Amber are barreling toward Matt’s cousin’s house (and that promised free dinner!) They arrive, and we are surprised to find out that Matt’s cousin and his wife seem relatively normal, albeit a little too obsessed with ‘Teen Mom.’ Amber is relieved to finally meet someone in Matt’s family.

In Nebraska, Farrah is out to dinner with Deb, Sophia and some girl they allege is Farrah’s cousin. Farrah is talking about how different her life has ended up than what she thought it would be.

You can almost feel the breeze from that verbal bitch-slap!
You can almost feel the breeze from that verbal bitch-slap!

“God had bigger plans for y—-” Deb starts, before being curtly cut off by Farrah.

“I KNOW Mom! Stop interrupting,” she yells, to which Deb just nods and smiles, desperate to stay in Farrah’s “Cool Crew.” She keeps awkwardly trying to clink glasses with Farrah in a painful attempt to cheers to Farrah’s life of buttplugs, bad reality TV and Botox. Farrah, is, of course, horrified.

“Mom!” she screams. “Take it down a notch.”

I gotta go with Farrah on this one, Deb. You may need a tranquilizer.

Meanwhile, Tyler is still working to process the news that BrandonandTeresa are tired of being the poster-children for ‘Teen Mom’ adoption.


“The problem is, this is what I do!” he shouts. “I share my life story!”

He basically tells Butch that BrandonandTeresa can suck it if they think he’s not going to whatever he wants. He doesn’t even care if his actions mean that BrandonandTeresa will cut his and Cate’s contact with Carly off. He’s in the right, he says, so they’re the ones who will have to live with it, not him.

While Tyler is yapping on, Butch looks like he kind of wants to slap some sense into his son (and also like he kinda wants to get some sort of snack treat).

“I will NEVER silence what I have to say and my opinion!” Tyler declares. “That will never happen.”

"I know honey; he embarrasses me too!"
“I know honey; he embarrasses me too!”

Later, Catelynn gets upset that Tyler’s entitled attitude could cause her to lose her relationship with Carly. Tyler doesn’t care; in fact, he seems to think that BrandonandTeresa owe him something.

“I have sacrificed enough for them to have a family!” he says. “I will NOT sacrifice my voice!”

This is basically Tyler’s attempt to deliver the “Teen Mom’ version of “I Have A Dream,” isn’t it? I just….can’t…

In Massachusetts, Amber is touring around the town, looking at Matt’s high school. His cousin tells us that Matt still holds a few school records. (Let me guess….most knocked up girlfriends in a single school year? I kid…kind of…) They also take a whale watching trip and a stroll on the boardwalk, where Amber talks about why she loves Matt.

“All of his crazy exes are coming out with these insane stories!” she says. “It’s just horrible that he’s getting that rap!”

"All my exes...and children...and people from my past are crazy, I tells ya!"
“All my exes…and children…and people from my past are crazy, I tells ya!”

“If tabloids want to pay someone I barely knew for 10 seconds of my life to say bad things about me, congratulations,” Matt says.

Um….? People like your son? Your ex-wives?

Back in Nebraska, Farrah and Deb are taking a stroll down memory lane via photo books. We see pics of a young Farrah being happy and goofy, which is refreshing, because it proves she was at least at one point, a normal human being.

They bust out Farrah’s baby book and read what Debra wrote to Farrah on the day she was born. It actually spurs some real-life emotion from Farrah. It’s almost…creepy. Farrah is crying real tears (not her creepy ugly cry tears) and seems to be having “a moment” with her mother.

Let’s end it there…this episode can’t get any weirder than it already has been….

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109 Responses

  1. I think Farrah lashes out so much at people because she is unhappy with herself, and she has been acting this way for so long it’s just natural. Not an excuse, I’m just trying to understand why she treats so many people terrible. She probably uses anger as a way to protect herself like a coping mechanism. She knows she isn’t liked by…really anyone so she uses it as a shield. Like “I don’t like them anyways and they don’t like me, so I better throw the first jab.”

    It really is a shame she is in so much denial and won’t try to seek any help, it’s a pretty shitty place to be in having no friends, no one to have your back or no one to confide in. Obviously Debra and Michael fit into none of those categories. Mostly I hate seeing a young woman throwing away every chance to be happy and obviously undiagnosed. She obviously has the means to go to therapy, but she has to be able to be honest with herself. And not have it filmed.

    1. Your absolutely right on about Farrah. She needs to be held accountable for her actions. She’s a grown up now and her parents need to stop babying her and others who have the unfortunate job of being around her need to stand up to her and call her out on her abusive behavior. I’m sure MTV would pay for in house treatment like they did Cate. She uses the excuse of Derricks death to act the way she does. The whole family would benefit from professional counseling without t.v. camera’s there filming. I see a very lonely life for Farrah if she doesn’t change her attitude.

  2. I know Im like months late but Im finally watching Season 1 OG and…..I can’t stand Sophia lol. I hate saying that about a kid but I really don’t like her. She is awful. Downright evil. This was my first time seeing how Matt entered the picture. I now see why Amber is trying so hard to make this relationship legit. She was heartbroken when she found out Gary was having a baby and she wants a family again. I’ve been there, really, I have. But I didn’t force a round peg in a square hole like Amber is doing. I see why everyone thinks he’s a creep. He came off instantly as a swarmy, sneaky, freeloader. I couldn’t stop laughing when Amber said he had a “dj” job but hasn’t started it yet and hasn’t gotten paid yet lol. I feel bad that gf is trying to make something work with someone who is using her. I wish she was my friend so I could talk to her. Amber needs advice from women who have been in her shoes. Okay so Im on the Cate and Ty wedding episode now.

  3. Matts cousin’s wife definitely told her husband to give ol matt a call to be on tv…its k i would have done the same thing if i had an in

  4. So, I am rewatching the 16 and pregnant episodes of some of the girls and wow. I watched Maci’s and she is so much different now. Then she was sweet and cute and happy, now she is this entitled pseudo celeb. Farrah, my goodness look how much she has changed. Let’s see, she was pretty, like really pretty, kinda nice to people, respectful to her parents. What the hell happened? Also, it’s heartbreaking how Debra purposely kept Derek out of the picture? Like why? He had a right to know he was expecting a baby so he could prepare for fatherhood. What was the point of icing him out? Ignoring him and changing numbers doesn’t change the fact he was Sophia’s dad. That was awful. Im almost certain Debra is probably glad Derek is dead. What an awful family.

    1. I also just watched Amber and Catelynn’s story. That was pretty sad when Cate and Ty were crying and trying to avoid looking at Carly when she was born. I forgot how intense that scene was.

      Even though Amber is so desperate and delusional regarding the Matt sitch, she is so different than the raging no eyebrow maniac she was on 16 and pregnant

  5. Brandon and Teresa have been overly patient and long suffering with catelyn and especially Tyler, who doesn’t seem to understand that adoption doesn’t mean you send your kid to be raised by another family while you try to retain control over her life. Adoption means that child is now theirs and you gave up your rights to ensure she had the best chance at life.
    My very surprised Brandon and Teresa have allowed them to continue to have contact after so many years. Tyler became unbearable when he developed this entitled attitude he is sporting. He’s rude to Catelyn and he has been Since she was pregnant with Nova. He sabotages her efforts to maintain a healthy weight and he treats her like dirt. It’s sad.

  6. “We are given no explanation as to why Gar looks like he’s heading to school picture day at Chola High. (Odelay!) ” LOL! Also, I’m suprised you didnt mention that someone looked up the year that Matt graduated from the high school he mentioned, and it shows that he’s 49, not 44! He even lies about his age!

    1. His eyebrows are seriously there and gone and back throughout this season lol.

      Makes it pretty obvious that they shoot out of order and then put it together however they want

    2. Phew! I thought something was wrong with my TV upon seeing Gary’s brows! Kudos to him for not askingAmber to draw them back on…

    3. That website constantly gives incorrect information. I looked myself up and it said I graduated NINE years before I actually did. His age is likely the only thing he’s *not* lying about— if you check court records (they are public online in a few states he has charges in), they all have his birthdate on them, which adds up to be how old he actually says he is. Multiple state’s records aren’t going to have the wrong info. Trust court records over a random ‘online reunion’ website.

  7. When I read the first section of the recap for Cate and Tyler I couldn’t help but to think how sad for all the people involved.

    It is sad that Brandon and Teresa can’t say anything to Cate and Ty without it being broadcast on TV and for having to deal with Tyler period. I’m sure his jerky comments about anything they say makes it that much harder to deal with them. (There are other reasons also but I’ll leave it at those two)

    Yes, I even feel for Cate and Ty to an extent (mainly her). Everyone seems to be forgetting most of this stuff is scripted for ratings. When it comes to the other cast it’s easy to say: oh Matt has a “long lost cousin” aka probably a hired MTV cousin, Simon has to be under contract with Farrah, or Maci is obviously staging her scenes she’s a terrible actress. I feel for Cate and Ty because their parts are obviously staged when it comes to talking about Carly. I don’t think they are obsessed over getting her back (not Cate anyway, she knows she made the right choice) she is the only reason they are even relevant on the show. They are the couple who gave their child up for adoption MTV is still playing it up. They have no jobs, aren’t in school, hardly have Nova, and nothing going in their lives; meaning they have zero story line other than their more entertaining parents. No wonder Cate is depressed she is being forced to talk about something she came to terms with long ago. It also seems she also has to deal with Tyler being resentful because he didn’t really seem to want the adoption and now that they have money he probably thinks they could have made it work. I’m sure it is almost like an I told you so moment everyday for her with him.
    Mtv is horrible having Cate talk about something she was literally just asked not to talk about order to create tension in the show for ratings is disrespectful to B&T and the current open adoption. No wonder they want nothing to do with the show; I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t try to close the adoption.

    Shame on MTV for pretty much any and everything when it comes to this show they are a joke. They clearly don’t care about the children’s well beings. Nor do they care about the girls/cast well beings, preventing teen pregnancy, an accurate portrayal of the life of teen moms, or anything other than something to earn them more ratings and more money. Thank you The Ashley for your wonderful recaps and allowing me to read about the people without contributing to the shows ratings.

    P.S. I thought I was the only one who felt the sexual tension between Maci and Ryan but you missed one of the other best parts in that scene. When Larry offers Ryan up to move in with Maci to get him out of their house and Bentley says they can have bunk beds Maci doesn’t say no she just smiles and laughs. I guarantee if Taylor and Maci ever split these two will start hooking up again until their next relationship comes along.

    1. I completely agree. Cate isn’t the best person (she’s lazy etc) but I do think she came to terms with giving Carly up a long time a go, but MTV keeps pushing her to talk about it, that must really hurt. Especially since Tyler is being an asshole about all of it (Can you imagine Cate being cut off from Carly’s life because Tyler thinks he is god?)

      Also, I don’t watch the show but I read the recaps; have we even seen Nova this season already or??? No mentions of her at all in the recaps and that’s fishy af.

      1. Yeah we’ve seen Nova. She’s there. Walking. Cate and Ty do seem to genuinely love her even though Cate sometimes struggles to care for her due to her mental health issues.

  8. Didn’t read comments, but I live in the poorer side of council bluffs (not Omaha like they say) and I live like 12 blocks away from Debs house.poor Farrah is ashamed of her roots, but doesn’t mind showing off her bits lol that family is a bunch of wtf

  9. I feel for Nova.  I don’t know what it is like when the cameras aren’t around but it’s all Carly talk when the cameras are on!
    A decision made when they were 16! why do Brandon and Theresa keep being treated like babysitters?  they are the parents and did not sign up for teen mom. Tyler get a job. I’m surprised how open the adoption has been.
    I used to like Farrah.  In the 16 and pregnant episode she seemed vulnerable. Since plastic surgery it is like she has hardened herself. I think she has had to grow up way too fast. Good on her for hustling and paying her way and taking care of her child. That woman has pride.
    I did defend Amber because the age gap relationship was the reason so many people were talking about her and Matt but now I’ve heard too much about him and he is starting to sound like an alarm signal.
    as for Maci.  Disappearing up her own butt. 

  10. Great recap, as usual, Ashley!

    Is it bad I’m more horrified that Debra is back in Nebraska, about 50ish miles away from me, than anything else that’s happened in this episode? Ew… I was kinda okay with her being in Council Bluffs, the whole disaster was uncomfortably close but they were Iowa’s problem…

    1. They were in their old house. I’m not sure why they call it Nebraska. That’s clearly Counciltucky. When people remember that Farrah is from that cesspool better known as Iowa, it all makes sense.

  11. Oh Maci just stop lying. It’s really insulting.

    Farrah’s segments are always disturbing.

    Matt gave us his usual dose of weekly creepiness. Also LOL at Matt “buying” a new ring for Amber.

    I used to really like Tyler but now I have no respect for him. The fact that he is willing to sacrifice his relationship with Carly to make a “point” is just so…UGH. Just wait until Carly watches this episode when she grows up. Tyler you did not sacrifice anything for Brandon and Theresa, you had no business raising a child at 16 years old in the crappy situation you lived in. You placed her for adoption and thankfully a loving, stable couple adopted her. They did not sign on for Teen Mom, YOU did. Legally you have no rights to that child, they are her parents end of story. They have the right to privacy and you have to respect that! Theresa did not say they couldn’t talk about adoption, she simply requested that their conversations remain private. That’s not an outrageous request. Especially since Brandon and Theresa have been so generous and supportive of their relationship with Carly. They could have requested a closed adoption but didn’t. He is a selfish fool.

    1. Agreed on Tyler, really shows how immature he is. Buddy, life is ALL about sacrifices, especially when it comes to your wife & children. It’s ok he’s frustrated & pissed off, but he thinks these feelings give him the pass to behave like he does….sorry Tyler, but you need to seriously check yourself & grow up because you are wrong, I just hope it’s not too late before you damage any relationship not only with Carly, but her adoptive family too. There is another adopted sibling involved here as well & you need to remember all of this & start changing your attitude real fast.

  12. On topic but crazy late:

    I just watched episode 1 and Maci’s proposal. I was a Maci defender(maybe she showed late, etc? No she totally knew but didn’t want to be pregnant and not engaged again. Even her legs and hips were bigger and she wore a big coat just to hide her bump.

    I also felt really bad for Farrah when she congratulated her. You could tell she was happy for Maci but also sad about being single. Farrah is significantly more likable this season already since she’s acting like a human.

    I’m a patriots fan and matt needs to stop wearing their hat. Scumbag.

    1. up until last nights episode Farrah was likable this season…last nights episode she transformed back into her original spawn of the devil form. She was so pissed at Simon for pretty much nothing and screamed at him, cried, and then proceeded kicked him outta the house lol…as per usual Farrah.

      1. YESSSSS! Farrah is like if PMS were a person. I don’t know if she’s taking something she shouldn’t or not taking something she should but homegirl needs legitimate help. She is so hateful & psycho all the time, I get stressed out watching her scenes. Just when it looked like she was human after all, she has to go be a cunt again & prove us all wrong.

      1. I still don’t think she was as bad as usual. She really should have been more sympathetic when Sophia was sick.

        But she actually had a normal conversation with Simon.

        Guys I think Farrah might secretly be in therapy. Baby steps! Last season, she would have sent him to sleep in the portapotty

  13. Maci- I really hope she did receive prenatal care in her first trimester, it’s so important. I really hope she wasn’t that selfish to let this “I didn’t know” act possibly have an impact on her child’s health. I really have nothing kind to say about her.

    Farrah- is the same as always.

    Amber- it’s not just his exes trash talking it’s his own children which he walked out on. Red flags everywhere. It’s bad enough you want to delay your wedding that’s a sign maybe it isn’t right to marry him at all!

    Cate-take better care of yourself, mentally not just physically, Tyler is abusing you emotionally he has been for years, no one would look down on you for leaving him. I wish she had the confidence and self worth to put him in his place.

    Tyler- you are a selfish immature fool. Its like he thinks if he proves himself to be successful they’ll hand Carly back over to him. Look we have a bigger house, look we have nicer cars, look we have a baby that doesn’t live up to our expectations, we deserve Carly back…. he doesn’t grasp that b&t are her parents. His attitude is that of a 15 year old who knows all, I’m sick of him. I could see b&t cutting off all contact and Carly not caring about ever meeting them in the future.

    1. Honestly, for me it isn’t the fact that she is pregnant again that frustrates me, hell, her kids are by the same man, she loves and takes care of them, and she isn’t crazy (yes, im talking about your Ferret). I get frustrated by the “I had no idea I wuz pragnant” when as a woman you KNOW the symptoms and what it feels like to be pregnant. She is like 10 lbs soaking wet, Im not buying it that she or her boyfriend and family didn’t know. If mtv made me do this and act like I wasn’t pregnant Id tell them no, Im not making myself look stupid like this. I think that’s what’s making people mad, that she is pretending she had no idea when in episode 1 there was a very visible baby bump. Amber is gonna have to learn the hard way, no further comment. Cate and Ty are idiots and I hope their adoption is closed, for the sake of Brandon, Theresa, and their kids. No one owes you a damn thing and B&T needs to show them.

    2. I highly doubt she received pre natal care those first few months since she was drinking alcohol. Pretending not to be pregnant allowed her to keep downing then drinks.

  14. I love how Matt’s accent is more “Bawston” than his cousin who has lived there his whole life.
    I can’t stand Farrah, her mom or the baby voices that they both use. Sophia acts like, and let’s face it, is treated like a 2 year old.

    I’m waiting for the recap from the current episode so I can go on and on about how terrible Farrah is to Simon and how terrible he is back to her. Clearly they don’t even like one another and the way Farrah talks to him is so cringe worthy.

    1. I cringe when I listen to the way Sophia is talked to and treated. She is almost 8 and she herself speaks and acts like someone that’s 3-4 years old. Sophia is emotionally delayed. Her teachers know this too Im sure. Simon is just doing this for the money, he doesn’t care how she is treating him on camera lol. He’s getting paid, his contract with her will end before you know it.

    1. It was one of those places where you can basically just get an ultrasound. We have a few here where I live and they are mainly used for 3D/4D ultrasounds that doctors may not perform. They probably either weren’t able to randomly schedule an ultrasound with their real OB or just needed this clip for the show.

      1. It’s definitely one of those places. I didn’t know they existed until last year when my asshole car overheated and I spent half an eternity in the nearest parking lot waiting for it to cool off. I was parked directly in front of this store. I recognized it immediately as it flashed across my screen and thought, “oh…I guess that’s who goes there. Hm.”

  15. I cannot believe that my comment is about to be pro Farrah but here goes lol…

    -Amber and Matt are absolutely pathetic. The way that Matt was talking all that crap about Farrah calling him out. It was seriously like SHUT UP. Saying that Farrah’s dead to him…I’m pretty sure Farrah doesn’t care. Farrah was just stating facts and Matt couldn’t handle it. He had to be crapping his pants when she was talking to Amber. This was probably the first time that someone Amber actually knew was telling her that she could do better.

    -Deb was on a whole other level of annoying this ENTIRE episode. With the baby talking and the cheersing Farrah, and how she treats Sophia like a toddler, it’s all so disturbing. The way she kisses Farrah’s ass is pitiful, and even Farrah has to tell her it’s too much. The old Deb needs to make an appearance here soon. The one that wouldn’t take any shit from Farrah and spoke in a normal ADULT voice. I have no idea what kind of image she’s trying portray herself having now, but it’s desperate, cringe worthy, and ANNOYING.

    -Tyler needs to shut up and concentrate on his wife and kid. Maybe if he got a job, or did some charity work, he would be able to add that to his story. That way he’ll be able to abide by Brandon and Teresa’s wishes, and he would find something else to “add to his story”. Plus it wouldn’t jeopardize Catelynn’s relationship with them.

    -Not much to say about Maci, other than she’s raising a great kid in Bentley….but at the same time I dunno who she thinks she’s fooling with this whole “I didn’t know I was pregnant” BS.

    1. I agree 100% about Amber etc. Farrah seemed genuinely concerned and wanted to make it known she had no parts with Matt and his ick factor. She seemed to care about Amber’s well being. Debra is on another planet. I can’t stand her. I miss the old Deb that gave Ferret rules to abide by and knocked her fuqing teeth down her throat that time lol. That was lovely btw. They have messed Sophia up royally, Michael too. I sometimes wonder if they put up with her mess because they are afraid of being cut out of Sophia’s life. Tyler as well as Cate both need something to do. Maybe if they worked and did something worthy, they wouldn’t A) have only ONE thing to obsess over (Carly) and B) she wouldn’t be depressed. Kinda hard to not be depressed when you lay on a funky couch all day obsessing over a decision YOU made 8 years ago. Bentley is a cutie pie, always has been. If mtv made them pretend then I will give them a pass.

      1. Bentley is quickly becoming one of my favorites.
        Maybe Larry can bring him to meet up with Butch at a Red Robin after one of the finale episodes so they can all knock back some root beers.
        Actually, throw in Tyler’s mom and you’ve got a decent episode right there.

  16. C&T-I JUST CAN’T! Carly is not your child. You signed over your parental rights when you gave her up for adoption. Brandon and Teresa are not her babysitters, they are her PARENTS! You did what was best for her, but now you have NO say over anything in her life. Her parents are trying to protect her from growing up in the spotlight. Weren’t you both supposed to do something with your life? Maybe if you did something with your life you would not have so much time to dwell on the adoption. It would also help Caitlin not to be forced to talk about it ALL THE TIME…she is seriously depressed and the adoption has to be at least part of it. Caitlin seems to understand her place in Carly’s life, but Tyler is delusional.

    Farrah-You are BATSHIT crazy! Why on her does a healthy 25 year old need a colonoscopy?!?! Guess it is too much backdoor action. Sophia does not act like a 7 year old child. She acts about 4 or 5…baby talk, swatting at people, etc. It is SO SAD that this is her life. She does not stand a chance with her mother.

    Amber-REALLY?!? You have refused to listen to any of the warnings about Matt. If Matt takes advantage of you and steals all of your money, you deserve it!

    Maci-You and Taylor need to take some acting classes. You clearly knew you were pregnant…poor baby Bud Light.

    1. your entire comment had me cracking up! Although I think you’re a little off with the age of Sophia’s behavior…I see 2 or 3 year old, there are 4 and 5 year olds more mature than that little girl! Half the time she can’t even put together a full sentence! But freal, first thing I thought when Farrah said she needed a colonoscopy was James Deen must’ve really torn some stuff up in there, because unless she has like crohn’s or some sort of colorectal disease, no 25 year old should be getting a colonoscopy.

      1. Yes! Sophia is more so like a preschooler, ages 3-4 Id say. Her whole demeanor is very immature for someone 7 almost 8. She behaved like the 4 years old I used to teach. If I didn’t know who Soph was, Id think she was 5 or a tall 4 year old. It’s sad that her social emotional development is so delayed like this. That behavior last night was not of a 7-8 year old. A 7 year old is much more expressive and wouldn’t have been swatting and carrying on like that. The cycle is continuing.

        1. Sophia is too big to be having a tantrum that colossal, and the way that Farrah and Deb handled it was equally as bad. It’s scary and disturbing that they see absolutely nothing wrong with the way that Sophia is being raised. Letting her 7 year old sleep in until 11 o’clock in the morning and then proceeding to call her “stupid” and a “heathen”, because she’s acting the way that they’ve enabled her to act since birth is pretty horrendous. And the crazy thing is there is nothing anyone can do.

  17. It’s awful when Debra talks about Derek, she literally barely conceals her glee that he is dead and out of Farrahs life, and is always so resentful anytime his family is involved, it’s sickening to watch really.

    Tyler. I don’t know what to say. Carly is not Catelynn and Tylers child. She is Brandon and Theresas. He can’t seem to comprehend that at all. Biology does not make you a parent to that child, especially if you then decide to place the child for adoption. He acts like they should be so grateful and that they should allow Carly (“his” child) to be shown on screen. Well he can’t sign the permission forms for that, doesn’t that tell him all he needs to know?!

    Contrary to popular belief (based on his instagram followers) B&T were lined up to be the parents and THEN Cate and Ty put forward for 16&P. They also had no idea at that point that there would be a Teen Mom, and then how big that would become. I’m not surprised they stopped appearing on the show, plenty of young naïve fans telling them that regardless of the adoption order that Carly isn’t their child (an extremely hurtful comment for all 3 parties) and Tylers increasing entitled attitude towards Carly. Hopefully he realises what he is saying before it is too late, but if it’s not beneficial for Brandon, Theresa and Carly to have Cate & Ty in their lives, then they don’t deserve a place in them.

    1. In season 2 when we finally learned on camera that Derek was in fact dead and not “not in Sophia’s life” as Farrah/Mtv put it, Debra showed absolutely no sympathy for that guys death. She always had an “oh well, that happens.” look whenever Farrah cried over Derek. That’s completely fuqed up to be honest. He was someones son, brother, uncle, family, friend. Honestly, I think Farrah harbors a lot of guilt over how she treated him prior to his death. Yes they had drama but what teenage relationship doesn’t? Then Debra made her cut off all contact with him, it’s shown on her 1st episode we meet her that she ignores his call, and then he dies before anything can be resolved. I think she did love Derek and he loved her. Would they ended up married? Who knows, Id say no, based on how young they were and how she is a lunatic but who knows. That’s something we will never know. I think she romanticizes the relationship and tries to block out the negative parts because she feels guilt that they were on the rocks when he died. In that sense, I do feel bad for her if that is the case. I still think she is mentally ill and has a list of disorders but I also think she needs to see a REAL grief counselor regarding Derek, not that lady who blows smoke up her a$$ telling her how great she is as a person.

      1. I agree with you 100%. Although Farrah is as PSYCHO as they come, the way that her mother made her cut off Derek and then his untimely death, that had to effect her in a really bad way. You can tell she still feels guilty for the way she was forced to treat him. Deb pretty much forbid her from seeing him when she was pregnant, and there’s still a lot of resentment there. Deb has never seemed to really console her about it either. It seems like Deb wants to pretend like Derek never existed. It’s almost like she’s still pissed at him for getting Farrah pregnant so young. I also agree with your statement about how Farrah romanticizes the relationship. I think apart of that is also because she hasn’t really had a relationship since Derek (I still hold firm that Simon is under contract with her), and she wants Sophia to have this knight in shining armor image of her father, which is fine. That entire situation is just bad.

        1. I totally agree about Farrah.

          She’s clearly mentally ill. Her parents are messes and Farrah is messed up largely because of how they raised her. I do believe that there’s hope for her if she decides she really wants to change and gets real therapy.

          Right now she just focuses on needing to feel better than everyone to boost her confidence. It’s a shame because I was actually really sympathetic towards her when she was first on the show. But now that she decided to treat everyone so poorly, that sympathy is just about gone now.

          I’m not sure Simon is paid to appear, I think he might do it for publicity.

          1. oh I just mean that Farrah pays Simon to pretend to be her boyfriend. I truly believe that he is/was under contract with her. The way that she demeans him on national TV, calls him names and how he just takes her verbal abuse…she’s gotta be paying him. You notice how he never complements her, never tells her he loves her, she hasn’t met anyone in his family and they’ve been “together” for over a year, ect….I don’t think they’re actually together, and she’s just paying him off so she’s not the only single one on teen mom. I mean the girl is so desperate that she bought her own engagement ring…I’m guess Simon was like that’s not apart of our contract. I’m out!

        2. Oh there is definitely resentment there, but I don’t think we will see that being addressed. How can there not be? You and your bf are on the outs and your parents tell you to cut him off and then he dies! That would fuq me up bad. One episode she was reading some stuff he wrote to her/about her and it was the typical teenage stuff we say to our bf/gf and she began crying. That actually made me tear up because that must be awful to lose someone like that suddenly, regardless of being on the outs. It’s obvious they loved each other. I used
          to feel bad for both Farrah and Soph that he was gone. That her daughter will never know her dad, that Farrah was gonna be raising her without a dad around all while grieving. For months, maybe even a full year, Mtv wouldn’t address his death, Farrah was told to refer to him as “not around”. She really had my sympathy then. Farrah is extremely difficult to root for now but here’s hoping..

    2. Agree completely! I actually think Teresa and Brandon should pretty much closed the adoption and just stick to sending pictures once or twice a year no phone calls and certainly no visits. For their own safety. There are too many crazy fans of the show out there that would probably get in their faces if they see him out in public and stick up for Tyler and Catelynn. Getting a written update in a couple pictures a few times a year is enough for those two they have way abused the privilege of being able to show their lives on TV they’ve never really respected Teresa and Brandon’s wishes so why would they start now? Especially Tyler, he is so over the top angry it’s ridiculous.

  18. I look forward to the comments ALMOST as much as the recaps ☺️
    I’m just about over Tyler. Seriously, someone slap him already.
    Farrah is a terrible person. Even when she’s trying to act like she’s decent, she’s terrible. Sure her mom is annoying AF, but she probably has some legitimate mental health issues or is on medication that make her hard to deal with. She’s annoying, but everyone’s mom gets annoying. Farrah is just a sh*tty person. I can’t take the way she speaks to her mother or just to people in general. What makes her think she is so much better than every other person she has contact with!?
    Thanks for these awesome recaps, they make my morning coffee so much more entertaining!! ☺️

    1. Ten seconds, that is all the time Matt needed to get women pregnant? Aw, poor Amber, he is definitely not worth it.

  19. Tyler needs to come out of the closet now. He’s so incredibly selfish and inconsiderate of Cate. She feels she can do no better then this twit.

    I feel something terribly traumatic happened to Farrah. She seems stuck in the time period from when it happened. Debra does all this appeasing to make up for what happened.

    Maci can’t remain single. She’s been with a guy since the show started. What happened to that other guy she was going to move away with and didn’t care how Ryan felt. I hope she gets her tubes tied, since she’s so “shocked” when she gets pregnant.

    1. I agree about Farrah. She did mention something during the earlier seasons about how she was left alone all of the time as a young kid. Personally, I think she was molested by someone, someone close. I just have that feeling. People who knew them before the show said the family was “creepy” and “weird”. Interesting words to use for a family. Whatever the case is, Farrah REALLY needs to be seen by a real therapist off tv. I mean she was always unbearable between season 2 on up but when she got that plastic surgery it was like a switch flipped, a crazy switch. Farrah was pretty likeable in the first season, I liked her a lot then. I hate how she talks to her parents and I hope it’s not how she really is in real life. Has anyone in Derek’s family spoken out on her the last few years since Stormie was blocked from ever seeing Sophia?

  20. hahahaa!! Oh Ashley! I just died laughing like a loon over the “Chola High! (Odelay!)” comment re: Gary the Hutt’s eyebrows. I wonder if he has thought about asking Ambi[en] to draw some on for him…

    1. I know! Me too! 🙂 I was feeling a little sad here sending my daughter off to first grade and I sat down on the couch when I got home and started reading the Ashley and I got to that comment I literally laughed out loud. I needed that 🙂

      1. Awww, my son starts 4th tomorrow. Of course he doesn’t want to go and is dreading it. Typical boy. Good Luck with everything this year.

  21. I almost didn’t mind Farrah in this episode! Don’t get me wrong, she’s still insane, but she seemed more human this one.
    Cate and Tyler …. Jeepers… They used to be my favourite but it’s definitely like this has all gone to his head… He used to be so humble and caring and now he’s so selfish. He has no rights to Carly at all. Brandon and Teresa do not owe him a thing. Not even in the slightest. It’s like the past few years of speaking about how great and selfless they were to put Carly up for adoption gave him a god complex. They screwed up. Brandon and Teresa are good people who I’m guessing couldn’t have their own children, which doesn’t demean them at all, and they had a heart to love this child and Carly is fully theirs in every way. They’re far bigger people than Tyler will be any day…. He’s gonna get levelled so hard … Which totally sucks cuz I was rooting for them

    1. Farrah actually has been better this season. She’s still a bitch of course but she doesn’t seem as insane as she was. I think the big fight she had with Larry might have something to do with her better attitude.

    2. Ok, I definitely take my last comment back. I saw last night’s episode where Farrah calls her daughter “stupid” and has a tremendous bitch fit over Simon walking on her rug. She’s the same old Farrah we all know and hate. Mtv obviously gave me false hope that she was a semi-changed person from watching the first 3 episodes this season.

      1. ha! yea she had me fooled for a little while there too lol….last night’s episode it was like somebody threw water on Farrah, fed her after midnight and she transformed into this gremlin from hell. She was on a war path and didn’t care who or what got in her way. She had a field day with everybody, starting with Sophia and ending with Simon’s suitcase on the driveway.

  22. Isn’t it kind of obvious that at this point Matt doesn’t want Amber to meet any of his family because they know his dirty secrets and he doesn’t want them to slip out? I mean, even his age is a lie and I guarantee his mom would set that straight and would probably be a reliable source of info seeing as how she is his mom.

      1. Yes, he told Amber he’s 44, but he’s 49. In the episode he mentioned the high school he went to and somebody looked up which year he graduated. And posted in on Twitter, of course. Poor Matt, everyone’s out to get him! *sarcasm off*

        1. oh wow! I didn’t realize he even lied about his age! what HASN’T he lied about?? It’s seriously lie after lie after lie…and I bet you are right…if Amber were to ever meet his mother, she would probably let out alllllll of his dirty secrets….but even then I don’t think Amber would care because that’s his “past”.

    1. Oh man I seriously didn’t think he could get anymore pathetic! Thanks for that tidbit about his age! I hadn’t caught on yet.

  23. I have so many questions. Farrah needs a colonoscopy ALREADY?? (Isn’t she, like, 25?) I’ll be getting one at 50, but, damn. And why is poor Derek buried on the side of the road???? Is that his actual grave, or just a memorial marker?

    So. Many. Questions!

    1. Actually sometimes you have to have colonoscopies at a young age. I’m 24 and have them every 12-18 months because I have Crohn’s disease.
      Obviously don’t know if Farah has any issues with IBS or IBD but it’s possible it’s a health thing.

    2. If you have gastro problems they do Colonoscopies. You seriously can’t google that? lol.

      I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2012 and had to have one…not too uncommon.

      She also said in that episode “i’ll just have to change my diet.”

      I seriously question some of you….a simply google search would tell you this.

      1. Are you new to the site? This isn’t for “googling facts”…..its for asking pointless questions and stating silly observations about reality “stars”. All in good fun. And for our own (sick and twisted) entertainment. Maybe that makes us all terrible people…..but whatevs……

        1. Exactly, @ ThatMomPerson. Obviously a site with ‘Snark’ in its own description is going to be about, well, exactly that. Google takes all the fun out of it.

          Anyway, sorry to anyone who has to have colonoscopies early in life, because that sucks. It will not, however, dissuade me from snarking on backdoor Farrah. (Ahem.)

          1. I’ve had quite a few “down votes” for that comment. I guess not everyone wants to admit how terrible we are for loving this all so much. ?
            Seriously though….it’s all in good fun…I’m just a sarcastic @sshole. Please no one take offense.

    3. I have a (mild, fortunately) case of ulcerative colitis and I had three between 16-23. (Then figured ‘screw it’ because it was like I needed a colonoscopy every time I went in). It’s somewhat more common than you’d think.

  24. Tyler is officially delusional. He did NOT “sacrifice” ANYTHING for Brandon and Teresa! He and Caitlyn PLACED Carly for adoption because they DECIDED not to KEEP HER. That’s his version of Janelle telling Jace “they took you from me because I didn’t have a house for you to live in.” Dead wrong. His self-righteous, entitled, and bratty behavior isn’t helping Caitlyn’s condition one bit. Smdh

    1. And F “we did not want to raise her in this situation” (this meaning living with April and Butch). They just liked getting high-high-high and stoooned too much, plus, lying on bed or on the couch. (Remember Cate’s behavior towards April when April told her to get of her butt and clean up her stuff and actually show her some respect?) Cate & Ty were arrested because they both got caught using drugs in the same week they placed Carly.

      1. Yes, now that you mention it I do remember! Everyone’s true colors always show. How awful of them to place all that blame on Butch and April, and now that I think we can all agree they are much better grandparents AND parents to them, what is their excuse?! Wait til that mtv money runs out…they’ll be one more micro pig from bankruptcy! Oh that’s the new episode ? I’m getting ahead of myself here!

  25. The whole Maxi story line here is so horribly faked. If you TRULY were surprised by a pregnancy that late you would rush your ass to an OB and see if the baby was okay. You wouldn’t go to one of these boutique ultrasound places. And I just can’t with her belly moving as she says she hasn’t felt anything. Maci you suck.

    1. Why are they bothering with lying? I don’t understand why Maci and MTV are bothering with this charade.

      All of these people are pretty despicable. If they would just be honest then viewers would have more sympathy for them.

  26. Maci and Ryan still have tons of chemistry. It’s obvious she wishes they were still together

    Tyler really thinks being on teen mom makes him a god. I can’t stand that lazy, entitled jerk. He acts like teen mom is a work of art lol

    1. Maci just wants a man she can manipulate. She had that with Ryan. She was in her glory then til she met her next:victim”. She really has him under her thumb. Bad acting skills on Maci’ s part with the “surprise ” pregnancy deal.

    2. I understand the chemistry between Maci and Ryan. Everything I see my ex husband it’s the same way but just because we have a mutual attraction doesn’t mean I could ever be with him. He’s just like Ryan. A jobless, lazy lose who lives with his parents. I can see how she still gets the feels but knows he is a crappy person that would never be capable of a healthy relationship.

  27. Anybody else notice that Amber’s ring looks suspiciously like Maci’s? And she got it AFTER Maci’s engagement? Amber just gets lamer and lamer. Ugh

  28. Tyler is the worst. So unbelievably selfish and immature. I sincerely hope Brandon and Teresa cut them off, because the way they are being treated is absolutely disrespectful. Have some goddamn respect for the people that are lovingly raising your kid! And catelynn certainly doesn’t get a pass either. If you don’t speak up, you’re condoning it and I have absolutely no sympathy for that.

  29. Best recap of the season (so far)!

    There is no decent way for Matt to spin the truth. Anyone with a shred of decency would admit it, own up to it, and start taking the steps to ameliorate the damage. But then….decent people don’t abandon a litter of kids sooooo..

        1. No clue but I don’t really like to speculate about sexuality.

          But I also hate the jump to gay or straight. Bisexual is a real thing

        2. I don’t like to speculate either, but logically speaking I think probably not (in regards to be being full on gay). People have way less reasons to be closeted nowadays, let alone marry a woman if they prefer the opposite sex. The only nugget of truth to that may be that he’s somewhere in the middle of the Kinsey scale, but hasn’t wanted to announce any fluidity because it isn’t necessary for the public to know since he’s been with Caitlin for forever. I think for anyone in the public eye who’s being suspected for being closeted when they’re with a straight partner that these are the only logical options; times have changed and beards really aren’t as needed (unless maybe you are in a Duggar-like family).

          1. Very well put! Some people seem to think he’s a flaming homosexual (from whAt I’ve read) but I agree with you that I get a somewhere in the middle vibe from him. Heck, maybe not even gay, just some feminine qualities at times. I was just curious to see what you all thought about that. His attitude has changed so much over the years he hardly seems like the same person anymore.

  30. Beautiful recap as always. As far as Cate and Ty, I can’t with them. It’s as if they want B&T to babysit Carly for the next 18 years while they figure out whether they want to be counselors, teachers, chefs, basketball players, mimes, actors, whatever. What did Dawn the adoption lady tell them about adoption? Not much I guess. B&T were not saying they don’t want the situation talked about, they were saying they don’t want private conversations repeated to 10 million people every week. Which is understandable. Maybe if they got off that funky a$$ couch and worked or went to school everyday, they wouldn’t still be solely harping on an adoption they did almost 8 yeats ago! They are obsessed with Carly. This family deserves privacy and anonymity at this point. I bet they regret going through this process with this white trash union.

  31. If Tyler is so willing to selfishly sacrifice his and Cait’s relationship with Carly than he doesn’t deserve to be in her life!

    And what the heck did Deb mean by, “God has bigger plans” for Farrah than for her to stay in Nebraska?? It sounds like she’s saying a higher power wanted Derrick to die so Farrah could be a porn star.

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