Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar Have Obtained Custody of Homeless Great-Nephew

"Honestly, what's one more kid!?"
“Honestly, what’s one more kid!?”

The Duggar brood is even bigger than we originally thought!

In Touch Weekly broke the story today that the famously large family is growing once again. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who have 19 children of their own, have reportedly taken temporary guardianship of an eight-year-old boy, who has been quietly living at the Duggar compound for months.

In August, the Duggars were awarded temporary guardianship of the boy, who is the son of Michelle’s niece Rachel. They will head back to court in November to see about making the guardianship permanent.

According to In Touch, the boy’s mother is 23 and reportedly homeless. (She had her son when she was an unmarried teen– see what those frontal hugs lead to?!) She is currently on probation after an April arrest for breaking and entering. Eagle-eyed fans of 19 Kids and Counting may have spotted Rachel in the background during the episode about Jill Duggar‘s wedding.

Rachel (center) with her cousins Jill, Jenny and Joy Duggar, and her son.
Rachel (center) with her cousins Jill, Jenny and Joy Duggar, and her son.

The magazine reports that Rachel signed over custody of her son in August 2015 to her mother, Carolyn, who is Michelle’s sister. After Carolyn suffered a stroke in July, though, the boy was taken in by the Duggars. According to In Touch, the Duggars hope to adopt the boy after they receive permanent guardianship.

“Jim Bob and Michelle plan to keep their 20th child off of TV, which means fans of Jill & Jessa: Counting On may never get to meet the new addition to the family,” the magazine reports.

The Ashley is not showing the face of the boy, or making his name public.

To view the court documents released by In Touch Weekly, click here!

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15 Responses

  1. Wow, the mom must have been a really bad parent if the couple who housed a predator was a better choice. Guess money talks here!

  2. So they wouldn’t allow Jill to assist in Anna’s sisters labor and delivery because she had a child out of wedlock (rumor I don’t know if it is fact but I wouldn’t put it past them). But then they take in a “child conceived in sin”. Also too they say that they are not going to reveal him to the public to protect their privacy but then they shove cameras in their own kids faces. The youngest children I am sure that’s all they know.

    1. Anna’s youngest sister, Suzanna (I think is her name) did have a baby out of wedlock. However I don’t think she ever considered Jill for a midwife. I don’t think Jill had started her lessons when she had her baby.

      1. Jenelle's love of her life, wait no fiancé, wait no babydaddy, wait no ex, wait no guy she calls the cops on, wait no enemy! says:

        What the rumor claims is Suzanna asked Jill to assist and be present at the birth cause she knows her. But, the Duggar parents wouldn’t allow her to have anything to do with her cause it “encourages sin”.

        1. Key word *rumor*

          Again, IIRC, and I’m pretty sure I am… Suzanna’s pregnancy PREDATES Jill’s “midwifery training”.

    2. I think that was always just a rumor…. As much as I’m not a duggar fan and hate to defend them. Jill isn’t a real certified midwife now, just a lay midwife, and definately wasn’t even a lay miswife back then. Suze also lived in a different state so I would assume a young twenties girl who wasn’t a certified midwife and lived in a different state wasn’t her first choice to bring her child into the world.

  3. What I don’t understand is why the mother, Rachel, is still homeless. Josh was forgiven for worse crimes but Rachel doesn’t receive help from her family?

    I’m not saying she is a fit parent again when she has a roof over her head, there is probably more going on.
    However, that boy will want to see his biological mom sooner or later, he will care for and worry about her, you can’t break that biological tie and he will want answers later. His mom getting her life together again will benefit the boy too.

    1. Well, at least he will have a nice warm blanket at the Duggars (sarcasm off).
      (When you don’t get that one, Google ‘blanket training Duggar’).

    1. Shit, I thought they just pixelated his face. He actually looks like that?!
      May it be a lesson about frontal hugs for us all.

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