EXCLUSIVE! “16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Star Millina Kacmar Pregnant– Possibly With Twins

"There may be two in there!"
“I wonder if there are two in there?!”

Yet another girl from 16 and Pregnant has announced that she’s pregnant again!

Millina Kacmar, who starred on the fifth (and most-recent) season of the MTV reality show, tells The Ashley that she is pregnant with her second (and possibly third) child. Millina, who is best remembered as being the “raver girl” from her season, is currently about five weeks pregnant, and has been told that she may be carrying twins! 

“My beta levels are doubled,” she told The Ashley, adding that she will find out in two weeks if it is indeed twins. “At the five-week ultrasound they saw a second tiny dark spot that might have been another baby or a shadow.”

Millina is already the mother of two-and-a-half-year-old Kayden, whose father is Millina’s ex, Trevor Davis. The father of the baby she’s carrying is her fiance, Dylan. The couple became engaged on August 11 and are planning to get married on October 30, 2017.

“We are planning a Harry Potter-themed wedding,” Millina told The Ashley.

One of Millina’s Season 5 cast mates, Autumn Franklin, will be serving as one of the bridesmaids in the wedding.

Millina is the third girl from Season 5 to have another pregnancy. Her cast mate, Summer Rewis, gave birth to her second son in June. Savannah Mooney, who also starred on Season 5, recently announced that she also gave birth to a second child in June, but kept the baby’s birth a secret. She placed the baby for adoption.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Millina’s pregnancy has ended in miscarriage. Click here for more information.

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  1. “We are planning a Harry Potter-themed wedding,” Millina told The Ashley.

    Oh yaaaa!! Perhaps a “Disney Princess” themed baby shower is in the works, too!?


  2. As a nurse I know Beta levels are usually higher with twins, some times the baby does show up at 5 weeks how ever it is just a yolk sack, if there are fraternal twins there COULD BE two yolk sacks.

    1. To be honest (and Im willing to be corrected) I think Millina was the only one who thought that.
      She had a ask account (or whatever they are called) and people were messaging her about Summer being with her boyfriend and she was like “it’s okay I know she gets lonely since I’m so far away” etc. I also only saw Millina speak out publicly about it, not Summer.

    2. I thought so too… But like the other commenter said, it did sort of seen like milina was pushing that and summer never actually commented.

  3. *sigh* I know that their fertility has no impact on mine… but as a 28 year-old, college educated, married women struggling with infertility – this just about kills me. How do they do it? How are they all so damn fertile???

    1. Also, what everyone else said about how there is no damn way you could even have a hint that she might have twins. There is no scientific basis for that.

    2. I feel you on this. I got pregnant at 18 not trying to and my boyfriend’s boss and his wife had been trying for 10 years. I felt so horrible for them in that situation because I knew it was hard for them to see two teenagers not trying or even wanting a baby and we ended up pregnant. I can’t imagine how hard it is in your situation to see these girls like this. Especially jenelle who has been pregnant who knows how many times and doesn’t even take care of her kids. I’m really sorry you’re struggling.

    3. We are kindred in this. 34 years old here. Married. Masters. Lovely home. No “miracle” babies in my future. It’s not fair. We will get our babies some day.

    4. I struggle with this feeling every day. Probably the hardest part of dealing with infertility is the envy. And these girls just keep shooting them out like its no big deal.

    5. I know!! it irrationally irritates me that they are so immature, this one wants a harry potter wedding for goodness sake, and they get pregnant by snapping their fingers…. we try for years and nothing!!

  4. Why do these girls announce pregnancies so early? At 5 weeks pregnant you only just barely got a positive on a home test! The risk of miscarriage at this point is so high. I just don’t get it. I would not even tell my mom at 5 weeks let alone the entire world. I also dont get all these girls getting pregnant again. I was a teen mom and have managed to go 12 and half years without getting pregnant again. It’s really not that hard. Get your life together and make it up to that first kid before you have another.

    Sorry for the rant, I just finished watching the newest teen mom episode…you guys know what that does to a person. 😀

    1. I announced early with both of my kids, I felt like if I went through a miscarriage I’d love the support from friends and family.

  5. What she is saying doesn’t make any sense. High beta levels don’t mean anything so “doubled” makes no sense. And at 5 weeks you couldn’t even see the baby on an ultrasound. They don’t even do first ultrasounds until 7-8 weeks pregnant. So either she has NO idea what she is talking about or is lying.

    Signed, a 2 year fertility patient.

    1. What you are saying isn’t entirely accurate, either. Beta levels on their own mean nothing, but the doubling time of the hcg can be an indicator of multiples. I went through fertility treatments as well. My beta doubling time was 26 hours, which is much higher than average, so they brought me in for an ultrasound. At 4w4d, 2 sacs were clearly visible. At 5w6d, 2 heartbeats were also visible. So, she might just have mis-stated the information. Or she might be making it up.

      1. My fertility doctor found each of my baby’s heart beats with ultrasound at five weeks, so that part might be true.

    2. RN at OB/Gyn practice here- what she is referring to is HCG levels aka “The Pregnancy Hormone”. With a healthy pregnancy, there’s a standard range of HCG levels, which generally double every 72 hours. HCG can be detected in urine (which is what a positive pregnancy test reacts to), as well as by blood, which will give you the exact numbers. When you have a twin pregnancy (since there are two babies), the HCG levels are often higher than what you normally see during a singleton pregnancy. There’s a lot of variation in levels depending on the individual pregnancy, but extremely high levels *are* often an indicator of a multiple pregnancy, so what she is saying absolutely makes sense. It’s in no way a definite, but is absolutely used as an indicator.

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