‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Maci Bookout Finally Posts Photos of Son Maverick

"OK...you can see him now!"
“OK…you can see him now!”

It took her almost four months, but Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout has finally released a few full-face photos of her son Maverick and he looks like…well, a baby…

Maci and her fiance, Taylor McKinney, both posted photos of Baby Mav to their social media accounts on Tuesday. Maverick appears to have the same red hair as his older sister, Jayde, and looks a lot like Maci’s oldest son, Bentley, when he was a baby.

“Hi World,” Maci captioned a photo of the baby. “My name is Maverick, and I’m the cutest little guy in the world! Nice to finally meet you!”

She later posted a photo of Maverick wearing University of Tennessee gear, alongside Jayde and Bentley.

Before Tuesday, only a few photos of Maverick had been posted publicly, but his face had been obscured in all of them, causing ‘Teen Mom’ fans to speculate that the baby may have something wrong with him. (Maci claims she did not know she was pregnant until she was at least five months along, and she drank heavily throughout the pregnancy.)

In an interview last month, Maci stated that the reason she and Taylor had not posted photos of Maverick was because they liked “being spiteful and making people wait.”

Baby Maverick will be four months old on September 30. It is not yet known if he will make an appearance on this season of ‘Teen Mom OG.’

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  1. Bentley is so darn adorable!! I’m catching up on Teen Mom right now and he seems like such a sweet kid too!! What a cutie in those overalls. Jayde looks like a little doll as well!! And baby Mav too! But wtf Maci, not sharing the photos sooner out of…spite? LOL share or don’t share, but do it (or don’t) because you want to. Being spiteful is childish.

  2. I wonder if they were hoping for some kind of exclusive first photos deal with some gossip magazine… Or maybe they really are that petty and spiteful.

      1. Since when caring (as in being noisy) about someone’s life means that you love them? I can’t stand those 4 girls, yet I still watch the TV show every week.

  3. Can we talk about how Bentley manages to look cute in the orange-checked overalls?
    You know he gets the ‘good’ designs out of the package of Valentine’s cards carefully selected and earmarked for him. ?

  4. It’s not confirmed yet if the baby will appear on the show?? Really? I think it’s pretty much a given Maci will have him on the show, just as long as MTV keeps paying. Remember when she “quit” the show too?

  5. They like being spiteful and make people wait. What a likable couple they are! Either way, joke is on them. Nobody cares. Babies are a dime a dozen with these 16&P and TM girls.

  6. He looks fine and is super cute. looks more like her. His top lip? What? Maci doesn’t have a big mouth so he got it from her.

  7. Did she finally realize that she isn’t going to get any money for pics cause she isn’t as big of a deal that she thinks she is? Cute kids though thank God he didn’t have any issues from her “I didn’t know I was pregnant” binge drinking.

    1. Won know until he’s older really FAS is not something that manifests in sticking physical deformities. It causes behavioral problems and leaning disabilities.

  8. I saw that picture on Instagram and totally forgot until just now that the world hadn’t seen him yet. Shows just how little we care.

    1. Bentley is super cute and funny. He reminds me of my son when he was that age. My son is going to be 10 next month. They are both only a week a part and they both have a lot of the same things, like the turtles gear and sheets, that Minecraft sword. It’s all kinda cute. As far as Maci thinking she was hurting the world because she didn’t reveal the kid’s face right away, she really needs to come back down to earth. She’s acting like this is Brad and Angelina’s first kid, Shilo.

  9. Maverick kinda looks like a baby Brick from The Middle tv show. (Like the show could use Marick’s baby pic to pass as Brick’s baby pic) Random, I know but that’s the only think that popped in my head after seeing the pic.

  10. Well he doesn’t have any visible signs of fetal alcohol syndrome that I see so there’s that. Guess no magazine would pay her for pics of her third miracle haha when is miracle baby 4 coming? ?

    1. His upper lip looks thin but that might just be genetic. The philtrum is prominent but I’ve worked with FAS individuals who had a distinct one. I hope he doesn’t have it.

      Tune in next January for Maci to discover she’s 5 months pregnant again!

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